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Remembering Eddie Peregrina 1/2

Coin-operated Machine - “…During the early 60’s, a singer’s popularity was practically determined by the jukebox, a coin-operated machine that can play specially selected songs from self-contained media. It was a period when fans dropped 20 centavos in a jukebox to listen to Timi Yuro’s “Crazy” or Matt Monro’s “Walk Away” and “Before You Go.” Of course, Eddie’s songs like “Together Again,” “Two Lovely Flowers,” “Mardy” and “I Do Love You” were such national anthems and outdid their foreign counterparts not only in the jukebox market but also on the airwaves, in restaurants and well…the local cabarets…” - Gypsy Baldovino (READ MORE)

Car Accident - “...Eddie Peregrina was another OPM (Original Pilipino Music) legend. While he sang with The Blinkers in Japan, he also became the first jukebox king in his homeland where Filipinos thronged around the coin-operated machines to drop 20 centavos to listen to their favorite singing idol. With the band, Eddie Peregrina gave us memorable hits like Blue Eyes and Together Again. During his prime, Eddie Pergrina was also doing TV (like the popular The Eddie-Nora Show) and acted in movies with leading ladies (like Vilma Santos, Espie Fabon, Nora Aunor). Eddie died from a car accident at the age of 32 in 1977. He was survived by his wife, Lyn, and two daughters, Edlyn and Michelle. He left a legacy of evergreen songs like Alaala ay ikaw and Nabubuhay ako dahil sa’yo…” - Questing Bandstand (READ MORE)

True Connoisseur of "Bakya" - “…If you don’t even get one answer right, you are, if not a foreigner, either a hopeless bourgeois or an incurable egghead. But if you guess that (a) “Mardy” is an Eddie Peregrina top tune and the title of one of his movies; (b) Orasyon na naman is the standard opening line of Johnny de Leon’s afternoon radio program, Lundagin Mo, Baby; (c) Nora Cabaltera Villamayor is the real name of Nora Aunor; (d) Pilyo, nguni’t clean fun is the slogan of Pogi; Ricky Na, Tirso Pa is the movie that brings together for the first time those real-life first cousins, Ricky Belmonte and Tirso Cruz III, congratulations: you are true connoisseur of bakya…” - Pete Lacaba (READ MORE)

Eddie Peregrina and Vilma Santos' Films
  • May hangganan ang pag-ibig (1970) - Directed by Fely Crisostomo, written by Joey Luna and Eddie Perigrina co-starred with Vilma Santos, Romy Mallari, and Millie Mercado (READ MORE)
  • Mother Song (1970) - Directed by Jose De Villa, written by Ernesto ‘Baby’ Nauda, Eddie Peregrina co-starred with Vilma Santos, Rosa Mia, Patria Plata, and Joseph de Cordova. (READ MORE)
  • Songs and Lovers (1970) - Directed: A. Gregorio; Story: Felipe Baron, Henry Cuino; Screenplay: Felipe Baron, Henry Cuino; Cast: Eddie Perigrina, Alona Alegre, Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz, Esperanza Fabon, Fred Panopio, Thelma Kennedy, Romy Mallari, The Blinkers, and Pauline Sevilla. (READ MORE)
  • I Do Love You (1970) - Directed and written by Consuelo P. Rosario, Eddie Perigrina co-starred with Vilma Santos, Esperanza Fabon, Bebong Osorio, Perla Adea, Rebecca Rocha, Ben David, Mary Walter, Betty Mendez, Tommy Angeles, Jose Padilla Jr., Joey Alvarez, Dolly Favorito, Nick Aladdin, Armando De Guzman, Edgar Orda, Romy Mallari, and the Bunkers. (READ MORE)
  • My Darling Eddie (1969) - Directed and written by Consuelo P. Osorio, Eddie Peregrina co-starred with Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz, Esperanza Fabon, Bebong Osorio, Mildred Ortega, Joe Alvarez, Dolly Favorito, Nick Aladdin, Mary Walter, Ben David, Patria Plata, and Priscilla Ramirez. (READ MORE)
  • Mardy (1969) - Directed and written by Consuelo P. Osorio, Eddie Peregrina co-starred with Vilma Santos, Esperanza Fabon, Bebong Osorio, Perla Adea, Joe Alvarez, Dolly Favorito, Nick Aladdin, Ben David, Betty Mendez, Tommy Angeles, Danilo Jurado, Danny Boy (READ MORE)
  • The Jukebox King (1969) - Directed and written by Consuelo P. Osorio, Eddie Peregrina co-starred with Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz, Esperanza Fabon, Bebong Osorio, Mildred Ortega, Joe Alvarez, Nick Aladdin, Dolly Favorito, Ben David, Tommy Angeles, Metring David, Dely Villanueva, Perla Adea, Armando De Guzman Jr., and Eduardo Padilla. (READ MORE)

Eddie Villavicencio Peregrina (11 November 1944 – 30 April 1977), better known as Eddie Peregrina, was a singer and leading matinee idol of the 1970s. Dubbed as "the Original Jukebox King," he was most famous for hit songs such as What Am I Living For, Together Again, Two Lovely Flowers and Mardy, among others. He died at the age of 32 after a freak car accident in EDSA...eregrina's popularity was high, particularly among masses. Jukebox, the coin-operated machine which plays selected music, was said to have attained much popularity as well because of continuous requests of Peregrina's songs. His fame surge even more among the Filipino masses when he became movie star, cast with the leading ladies of the 1970s, including Esperanza Fabon and Nora Aunor, with whom he had a TV show entitled The Eddie-Nora Show on Channel 9 in the 1960s. Among his movies included Mardy, Memories of Our Dreams with Esperanza Fabon. He co-starred with his wife Lyn Salazarin in Batul of Mactan in 1974. He was also the leading man in Dito sa Aking Puso (1970) with Nora Aunor and with Vilma Santos in Mardy. Most of his films were produced by JBC Productions, which invariably paired him with Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz, Esperanza Fabon, and directed by Bebong Osorio. When not busy attending show business commitments, he managed his own business, including Edviper Records and the Pervil Photo Studio...Eddie's Mustang car collided with a trailer truck in EDSA Shaw underpass in 1977. He died a month and a week later (April 30, 1977) at the age of 32 at Polymedic Hospital due to internal hemorrhage. His early and tragic death shocked his millions of fans nationwide. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

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