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Drama King - "...Ang sarap, I like working with people like them...iyong passion nila, yung enthusiasm nila in acting in what they’re acting is very contagious especially sa katulad ko I’d been in the business for so long and I needed to be rejuvenated,” de Leon added. De Leon added that it's unfair to all the good young actors to be tagged as "the next Christopher de Leon". “That’s not fair for them. I mean they have their own talent, magic, identity. Their careers will not be like mine but one thing I'm proud of is I’ve worked with the best directors in Philippine Cinema - Eddie Romero, Jerry de Leon the master, Ishmael Bernal, Lino Brocka, Mike de Leon...I don’t know about them,” he explains..." - Reyna Buan-Deveza, ABS-CBN News, 09/05/2008 (READ MORE)

Politics - "...The actors are very ano, e, very...well, one is we are influential, yes. We are all known. But not all actors can be that, but it’s… we also deal with more people often, with the fans. So, we just extend that a little. And then you reach out to the people, ask people what they need, and [eventually] help in your own small way...You learn more, you learn a lot. Aside from the people, aside from the needs of the people, you learn more about the law. You study about the law, you learn about the process, how to preside over meetings, learn how to make a resolution, ordinance. And that’s fun, that’s fun…it’s really fun! I mean, it’s a different horizon. At the same time, you deal with people - magaling kami diyan!" natatawang sabi ni Boyet...It [just] rubbed in when they offered me. And then there’s what you call a… political bug that rubs on you. You look for it. I don’t know what it is. It’s more of ‘Will I win?’ It’s more of a challenge." Handa raw ang loob ng aktor sa mga posibleng mangyari sa muli niyang pagtakbo. “Hopefully, if God willing...If this doesn’t push through, it’s okay. But since they’re ready, I might as well grab it… take the opportunity." Ang kasalukuyang kongresista ng second district ng Batangas ay si Hermilando “Dodo" Mandanas, na tumalo kay Boyet noong 2007 elections...." - Abby Mendoza, PEP (READ MORE)

Spirituality - "...Then came the "bump on the head," as he put it, and appropriately enough, it was reinforced by an invitation to take a three-day spiritual retreat in Baguio. It was May 1988, and it was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Suddenly he was a happy person, reported the organizers of the retreat. Suddenly he liked the feeling of being an altar boy all over again. Without going to a hospital, without having to be rehabilitated in a drug center, Christopher de Leon withdrew from drugs. "I got the strength from Him. If you have been on drugs, you would know you can't fight drugs without God...Somebody's touching me to tell our people we should go back to spirituality," Boyet said, and when he beamed, he could have passed for a fallen but lovable angel who's trying to fit on a new pair of wings..." - Julie Y. Daza, Manila Standard, Feb 12, 1989 (READ MORE)

Sandy Andolong - "...What is striking about Sandy is that she took me for what I am, for who I am. She took everything. When I was doing drugs, she understood. When I was recovering, she was there. Before, she caught me with somebody else. There was a breakup but she took me back. She accepted me as I am, and that is important..." - Stef Juan, People Asia Magazine, MAY 11, 2006 (READ MORE)

Nora Aunor - "...“At first it was awkward,” said Boyet, who is teamed up with the Superstar on TV5’s “Sa Ngalan ng Ina.” “But we warmed up to each other right away. It’s a plus factor that our son Ian is with us in the series, which is more like a movie because of the grandiose production.” What makes it different from all the teleseryes he has done? “I portray a crippled man. So the whole time I’m in a wheelchair. It’s not easy to act when you’re confined to sitting down. It limits the way you can express yourself. So since it’s a first for me, it’s something worth watching, aside from my long overdue onscreen reunion with Guy.” Didn’t his wife, Sandy Andolong, have apprehensions about his team-up with Ate Guy? “I have her all-out support. She knows it’s a once-in-a-lifetime project that I should not pass up.” But there are some movies of his which he would rather forget. “When I chance upon some of my old films on TV, gusto ko sunugin lahat ng kopya ng pelikula na ’yon,” he said, laughing. “But that’s part of the process. All actors have good and bad projects.” Boyet’s eyes lit up when he talked about his grandson. “I am a doting grandpa. Since my son and his wife are in the United States, kami ni Sandy ang nag-aalaga ng apo namin. It seems like he will follow in my footsteps because even at a young age marunong na umarte na a la action star.” The award-winning actor is playing his lolo role to a hilt..." - Dolly Anne Carvajal, Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 27, 2011 (READ MORE)

Christopher de Leon and Vilma Santos

  • Mano po III: My love (2004) - Christopher de Leon played Michael, the ex-lover of Lilia, Vilma Santos. - read more
  • Dekada '70 (2002) - Christopher de Leon played Julian, the chauvinistic head of the Bartolome family while Vilma Santos played his wife, Amanda. - read more
  • Bugso (2002) TV Movie - Christopher de Leon directed this film for television, while Vilma Santos lead the cast. - read more
  • Hanggang ngayon ika'y minamahal (1997) - Christopher de Leon played the irresponsible and disorganized Leo, while Vilma Santos played his wife, Margot. - read more
  • Nag-iisang bituin (1994) - Christopher de Leon played the bother of learning-disabled person Miggy (Aga Muhlach), while Vilma Santos played his wife. - read more
  • The Dolzura Cortez Story (1993) - Christopher de Leon played the ex-lover of Dolzura, while Vilma Santos played the title role. - read more
  • Ipagpatawad mo (1991) - Christopher de Leon played an unaccepting father of an autistic child, Atty Mike Esquivel, while Vilma Santos played the caring mother, Celina. - read more
  • Imortal (1989) - Christopher de Leon played several reincanations as the lover of Vilma Santos. - read more
  • Minsan pa nating hagkan ang nakaraan (1983) - Christopher de Leon played the architect Rod, the lover of married woman, Helen, played by Vilma Santos. - read more
  • Broken Marriage (1983) - Christopher de Leon played Rene, the newpaper reporter while Vilma Santos played his career minded wife, Ellen. - read more
  • Paano ba ang mangarap? (1983) - Christopher de Leon played dutiful son Eric, while Vilma Santos played his naive wife, Lisa. - read more
  • Haplos (1982) - Christopher de Leon played Al, the engineer who falls in love with two woman, one is a social worker, the other is a ghost. Vilma Santos played Cristy, the family planning social worker. - read more
  • Sinasamba kita (1982) - Christopher de Leon played rich executive Jerry, while Vilma Santos played Divina, his powerful business rival. - read more
  • Relasyon (1982) - Christopher de Leon played the chauvinistic Emil, while Vilma Santos played Marilou, his mistress. - read more
  • Pakawalan mo ako (1981) - Christopher de Leon played the public defender Freddie Villasenor, while Vilma Santos played the accussed murderer, Ana. - read more
  • Karma (1981) - Cameo Role - Christopher de Leon played the newly reincarnated lover of Vilma Santos in the end part of the movie. - read more
  • Magkaribal (1979) - Christopher de Leon played Eric Guerrero, the man behind the rivalry childhood friends, Vilma Santos and Alma Moreno. - read more
  • Pinay, American Style (1979) - Christopher de Leon played workoholic Fil-Am, Chris, while Vilma Santos played the Filipino illegal alien, Paula Xavier, PX. - read more
  • Gusto kita mahal ko siya (1979) - Christopher de Leon played the other lover of Vilma Santos, the other was Romeo Vasquez. - read more
  • Ikaw ay akin (1978) - Christopher de Leon played the conflicting and comfused Rex Aguilar, while Vilma Santos played Sandra, the rival of Tere played by Nora Aunor. - read more
  • Disco Fever (1976) - Christopher de Leon played the other lover of Vilma Santos, the other one was Victor Cocoy Laurel. - read more
  • Mga mata ni Angelita (1978) Cameo Role - Christopher de Leon played the "lover" rod, while Vilma Santos played the "worried wife" in this multi-casted film. - read more
  • Nakawin natin ang bawat sandali (1978) - Christopher de Leon played married man Bejamin, while Vilma Santos played Angela, his mistress. - read more
  • Masarap, masakit ang umibig (1977) - Christopher de Leon played the adopted and responsible son, Alonzo and Mat Ranillo III, played the carefree son, Alvaro, both falls to the ambitious Estella, Vilma Santos. - read more
  • Tag-ulan sa tag-araw (1975) - Christopher de Leon played Rod, unwed father of the unborn child of Nanette (Vilma Santos). - read more

Christopher de Leon (born October 31, 1956 in Manila) is a Filipino film actor and politician. De Leon appeared on the gag show Going Bananas and has appeared in over 120 films since the early 1970s. On July 1, 2010, he was sworn into office as the board member of the 2nd district of Batangas. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

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How To Identify A Vilmanian

Tutoo ka, very high tech na ngayon ang mga fans. Dati nakukuntento na tayo sa pagpunta punta sa mga television station, magbasa ng mga movie magazines at photo pictures nga ating idol sa mga bangketa at bumili ng mga sampaguita para isabit natin sa ating mga idol pero ngayon nakukuha nating mag-communicate sa chat line ng internet, text sa cell phones at various e-groups ng Yahoo! Imagine all of over the globe nakakapagchika-chika at nakakapag-share ng info about our beloved Ate Vi! Sa ilang taon na ring namang pagkabuo ng ating gawi at nakapag-adopt na tayo sa teknolohiya ay kasabay rin ng mga sandali kung saan hindi natin malaman ang tutoong identity ng kausap natin. Katulad ko nakilala n’yo ako nang una bilang si Marcus Peter Lee. Huwag n’yo na akong tanungin kung saan ko nakuha ang name na iyan. Mahabang kuwento. Actually, some of you may still call me by this name. Sa confusion na naging resulta, my apology. Kasi kahit na sino puedeng maging kahit na sino sa hiwaga ng internet! At kasabay nito marami rin tayong na-encounter na mga impostor! Yup, mga nagpapanggap na mga Vilmanians. Mabuti na lang at malakas ang ating radar. Nakukuha nating kilatisin ang mga sumusulpot sa ating tahimik na e-group at nakakalaman natin kung sino ang may itim na dugo na kung tawagin natin ay kampon ng kadiliman! hahahaha! Ang tanong paano ba nating malalaman kung ang isang tao ay isang Vilmanian? Heto ang ilang mga puntos…

Panyo – Hindi niya alam na mahalaga sa mga Vilmanian ang panyo. Tulad ng ating idolo nakagawian na ng mga Vilmanians ang makita si Ate Vi na may dalang panyo na terno sa kanyang damit kung kaya karamihan sa mga Vilmanian ay may dalang panyo lalo na kapag lumalabas ng bahay. So kapag nalaman mo na ang impostor ay walang paki kung tumatagaktak na ang pawis niya at nag-comment na bakit ba laging may dalang panyo si Ate Vi, tiyak na itim ang dugo nito. Hindi ito tunay na Vilmanian!

Expression – Hindi niya alam ang expression na “heaven!” Ito ang paboritong expression ni Ate Vi kahit magpahanggang ngayon. Signature expression niya ito. Kaya naman pati ang mga Vilmanians kapag nakikita si Ate Vi ang madalas banggitin ng lahat ay “Heaven!” sabay tawa ng malakas. So, kapag ang impostor ay hindi nabanggit man lang ang salitang ito sa kahit na anong conversation, mag-doubt ka na na siya ay may dugo ng kadiliman! Another test: “I love you Lucky!” kapag ang kaharap mo ay hindi alam kung anong ibig sabihin ng “I Love You Lucky!” na comment tiyak na true blooded impostor ito at walang alam sa pagiging isang Vilmanian. Lately alam ng lahat ang expression na “I accept the Challenge!” kapag ang kaharap mo ay nagtanong na “what challenge???” mag-doubt ka na na hindi yan royal blood (Vilmanian)!

“Kilo-kilotmetrong Movie dialouge!” – Hindi niya alam o kabisado ang mga kilo-kilometrong line sa mga movie ni Ate Vi. I-test mo siya kung alam niya ang mga lines na: “para kang karinderyang bukas sa lahat ng gustong kumain!”; “para akong manok takbo ng takbo pero wala namang ulo!”; “kung hindi mo ako kayang respetuhen bilang isang kaibigan respetohin mo na lang ako bilang isang tao”; “kung hindi tayo kikilos ngayon kelan pa?”; tanungin mo kung anong title ng mga pelikula hango ang mga lines na iyan. Kapag ang alam niya ay mga short line lang na “hayup” or “my brother is not a pig” tiyak na may dugong kadiliman ang impostor na iyan. Mahalagang malaman mo na ang tunay na Vilmanian ay magaling ang memorya sa mga movie lines ni Ate Vi. Ang iba nga memoryado bawat kataga bawat salita tulad ni Franco Gabriel at Wonder Sam! Kapag ang impostor ay nautal-utal at na-shock sa mga memoryadong lines na binigkas mo sa kanyang harapan tiyak na hindi Vilmanian yan!

Style and Manners – Hindi lang ang pagka-peminista ang namana ng mga Vilmanians kay Ate Vi kundi pati na rin ang kanyang personal style at manners. Ang mga Vilmanians ay nanatiling updated sa fashions. Hindi tayo napapahuli kung anong trends mapa-hairstyle o damit. Tulad ng ating idol alam rin natin kung ano ang tamang damit sa tamang okasyon. Kungbaga kung pupunta tayo sa beach at maliligo dala-dala nating ang ating swimming attire. Hindi tayo balot na balot na parang suman kung mag-swimming! Kasabay ng tamang pananamit ay ang ating manners. Kapag nakikipag-usap ang mga Vilmanians tulad ni Ate Vi ay lagi tayong nakakapag-bigay ng mga salita na hindi bastos. Wala ang mapag-kunwaring “po” at “opo” pero hindi nangangahulugang wala ang respeto kapag may kausap tayo. Naruon ang pagbibigay ng mga comento na matalino. Kapag ang inaakal mong impostor ay nagcommento ng wala sa tamang pag-iisip at pabalang-balang kasabay nito ang pananamit na walang style at parang galing sa palengke tiyak na may bahid ng dugo ng kadiliman yan!

Information – Tanungin mo kung anong horoscope ni Ate Vi. Anong pangalan ng mga kapatid ni Ate Vi. Ilang silang magkakapatid. Ilang taong gulang na si Ate Vi at saan sila nakatira nuong bata pa si Ate Vi at hindi pa artista! Kapag ang impostor ay nag-isip ng matagal at napanga-nga ang bunganga tiyak na may dugo ng kadiliman ang iyong kaharap!

Love life – Isa sa pinakamakulay na bahagi ng pagiging Vilmanian ng isang tao ay ang pagpapahalaga sa naging buhay pag-ibig ni Ate Vi. Hindi niya ito ikinahihiya bagkus ikinararangal niya dahil marami siyang natutunan sa buhay dahil rito. Tanungin mo kung sino sino ang naging boyfriend ni Ate Vi. Kapag ang impostor ay hindi alam kung sino ang tunay na naging boyfriend ni Ate Vi at kung sino ang nakapareha lang niya sa pelikula tiyak na hindi ito tunay na royal blood (Vilmanian) ito bagkus ito ay may dugo ng kadiliman!

”Now” – Isa sa karakter ng isang Vilmanian ay lagi itong nagpapahalaga kung ano ang ngayon. Kung baga magandang alalahanin ang nakaraan pero mag mahalaga kung ano ang ngayon. Kung kaya naman ang buhay ng isang Vilmanian marahil ay laging positive. Hindi tayo nabubuhay sa nakaraan. Ang nakaraan ay nakaraan wala na tayong magagawa sa nakalipas maganda man o pangit. Iyan ang pag-iisip na itinanim sa atin ni Ate Vi. Kaya kapag ang kaharap mo ay nag-umpisang maglintaya tungkol sa nakaraang dekada lalo na ang dekada sitenta at nagumpisang magsalita na “I wish it is still the 70s” Tiyak na may bahid ang kalooban nito ng dugong kadiliman. Wala namang masama na magnostalgia paminsan-minsan ngunit kapag ang bukang bibig nito ay ang panahong nakaraan tiyak na may halong dugong kadiliman ang impostor na ito!

Dancer – Isa sa pinaka-trade mark ng pagigigng Vilmanian ay ang hilig ng karamihan sa pagsasayaw kaysa pagkangta. Hindi nangangahulugan na hindi mahilig kumanta si Ate Vi katunayan maraming kanta ang identified sa kanya. Tulad ng Bato sa Buhangin, Isipin Mong basta’t Mahal Kita, at iba pa. Katunayan pa rin si Ate Vi ay may signature songs (Sweet Sixteen at Bobby Bobby Bobby among others) kumpara sa mga kanta ng karibal niya na pawang hindi niya signature songs kundi mga version nya lang. Halimbawa ang Handog na lagi niyang kinakanta ay hindi siya ang original at nagpatanyag nito. Kung ang pagkanta man ang porte ng sa kabila ang pagsayaw naman ang forte ni Ate Vi at kung ang kaharap mo ay walang alam sa mga big production number ni Ate Vi tiyak na hindi royal blood (Vilmanian) kundi isang impostor na may dugo ng kadiliman!

Professionalism – Another traits na pagiging isang Vilmanian ay ang professionalism. Nasa laging tamang oras at laging handa. Isa sa mga katangian kung bakit magpahanggang ngayon mahal na mahal ng mga producer si Ate Vi dahil hindi ito nagiging cause ng delay ng production. Walang prima-donna attitude si Ate Vi kung kaya naman maging ang mga Vilmanians ay katulad niya. Kung kaya naman ang mga big companies like Star Cinema ay laging ini-imbitahan ang mga Vilmanians na umattend ng kanilang mga premmiere nights. Paano kapag sumuporta ang mga Vilmanians todo-todo. Kapag ang kaharap mo ay puro dada at kulang sa gawa tiyak na may halong dugo ng kadiliman ito. Hindi ito royal blood (Vilmanian)!

Humility – Kahit ano pa ang narating ni Ate Vi ay nanatili itong mapag-kumbaba at laging tumatanaw ng utang na loob. Hindi siya “ingrata” kaya wala siyang pelikulang ganyan! Hahahaha! At tulad ni Ate Vi ang mga tagahanga niya ay naging katulad rin niya laging mapagkumbaba at hindi mayabang. Kapag ang kaharap mo ay parang isang bagyo sa pagmamayabang na daig pa ang may ipo-ipo tiyak na may kadudadudang ito ay may dugo ng kadiliman! - RV

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Unforgettable Movie Lines

Can we forget these dialogues? All of these lines are embedded in our memories. In it were the unforgettable performances in unforgettable films.

PAHIRAM NG ISANG UMAGA: “Irene…Di ko kaya ang walong buwan! Kung mamatay rin lang ako…mamatay na ako ngayon o bukas o sa linggo pero hindi ko kaya ang walong buwan!”
“Irene, ayoko ng mahabang burol kung maari kinabukasan rin ipalibing mo na ako.”
“Ayoko ko pang mamatay…paano si Chad?…hahanapin ako ng anak ko, hindi siya sanay ng wala ako…Ariel…gusto ko pang mabuhay, kahit ilang araw lang, kahit konting oras lang, kahit isang umaga lang…”
“Ariel maliwanag na ba?…anong kulay ng langit?…at ang dagat?…ang mga mangingisda nandiyan na ba?…Ariel…ang ganda ng mundo!…ang sarap mabuhay!”

IKAW AY AKIN: “Rex,,,anong gagawin mo? Ako anong gagawin ko? Ako baa ng nagpapagulo sa otherwise your perfect world?…sure? Rex ang problem ako hindi lang ako eh…si Teresita rin,,,nasasaktan ko na siya…anong gagawin ko iwasan kita eh de ako naman ang nasaktan? Shit! Bakit? Ewan…nahihiya nako kay Teresita at saka sa’yo eh!…Rex huwag mong sabihin yan, naiintindihan mo ba ako? I need your presence more than anything else. Sabi nila liberated woman raw ako, front lang, kalog raw, front din…alam mo namang kulang-kulang ako eh sinabi ko na sayo nun pa…ninenerbiyos ako kapag hindi kita kasama eh, baka dapuan ako ng kung ano diyan, bery-bery, typoid fever! Pakiramdam ko safe lang ako kapag nariyan ka eh…pag wala ka,huh, nagwawala ako parang manok takbo ng takbo wala namang ulo!…Rex, anong gagawin mo?”

DAHIL MAHAL KITA THE DOLZURA CORTEZ STORY: “Hindi ako naniniwala…Putang…anong karapatan mong sabihin sa akin yan?! Diyos ka ba?! Ikaw ba na nagbigay ng buhay sa akin?! Sino ka ba?…Akala mo alam n’yo nang lahat ayoko nito! Akala mo alam n’yong lahat hah..Ayoko nito…ayoko nito..ayoko pang mamatay!…anong mangyayari sa mga anak ko…mga putang ina n’yo…ayoko nito!”

LANGISIS AT TUBIG: “Labanan natin siya…pupunta ako sa kanya, makikiusap, kung kailangang lumuhod, gagawin ko…isang linggo sa kanya, isang linggo sa akin…kung ayaw niya, anim na araw sa kanya, isang araw sa akin, kung ayaw pa rin niya lahat na ng araw ay sa kanya na…Bobby you gave me hope, you make me a wife, you showed me love when theres only hatred, ginawa mo ako kung ano ako ngayon, babae, ano pang hihilingin ko?”

SAAN NAGTATAGO ANG PAGIBIG: “…Si Val! Si Val! Si Val! Si Val na walang malay?! Si Val na ang tanging kasalanan ay naging anak ng mommy mo sa ibang lalaki! At nitong nasira na ang kanyang pagiisip…ay alam n’yo bang si Val pa rin ang pinanagot nila sa isang responsibilidad na dapat sana’y ikaw Rick ang nanagot!…ayan ang magaling n’yong apo, itanong n’yo sa kanya kung sinong ama ng batang binigyan ng pangalan ni Val!”

PINAY AMERICAN STYLE: “I’m PX, short for Paula Xavier, I’m a Filipina…kyontiii…I can understand Tagalog but I’m having a hard time speaking it…actually, I’m not hungry…but on the second thought, why not?”
“one-fourth Japanese, one-fourth Chinese, one-fourth Indonisian, one-fourth Filipino but I was born in Hongkong…you see my mom was a tourist in Hongkong when she met my Japanese father, my Chinese father, my Indonisian father and my Filipino father!”

TAGOS NG DUGO: “Di ko sinasadya! Di ko sinasadya!!!!”

PAKAWALAN MO AKO: “Kukunin ko ang bayad ng halik! May sukli ka pa!”
“Puta! Sige ituloy n’yo! Sabihin n’yo! Hindi lang naman kayo ang ang unang nagparatang sa akin ng ganyan. Puta! Puta! Puta! Putang-ina n’yong lahat! Putang-ina n’yong lahat! Sige! Sabihin n’yo! Isigaw n’yo! Kung sa inyo lang ay malinis ang aking konsensiya!”

SINUNGALING MONG PUSO: “hayup! Hayup!…Baboy! Mamatay kang kasama ng mga baboy mo!”
“Nababaliw ka na noh…puro kabaliwan yang nasa isip mo…hindi Jason, meron iba tayong dapat nating sundin…meron iba! Gamitin natin ang sinasabi ng isip natin, ang ipinararamdam ng kaluluwa natin, yun! Dahil madalas yun ang nagsasabi ng tama, yun ang nagsasabi ng nararapat nating gawin hindi ang puso…hindi ang puso Jason, hindi ang sinungaling mong puso…huwag kang padadala, ililgaw ka niyan…ililigaw ka dahil marunong manglinlang ang puso dahil alam ko ang tama huwag kang magpapadala…huwag kang magpapadala, hindi mababago ang katotohanang mali ang ginagawa natin, mali…”

GING: “Pagmasdan n’yo ako…ako po’y ulilang lubos…inaapi at hinahamak…kung hindi n’yo po kahahabagan ay nasaan ang katarungan?!”

KARMA: “Ganuon naman pala eh, de alam mo na may asawa na ako…bitiwan mo ako…alright wise guy, gypsy pala ako nun hah…sinabi mo rin mahilig ako sa music, dancing, siguro may favourite song ako, huwag nang yung napakalayong kahapon, baka hindi mo mabasa eh, yun na lang natapos na kahapon, twenty, twenty five years ago…ano kayang favourite song ko?”

SINASAMBA KITA: “For godsake, Nora! Magkaroon ka nga ng sarili mong identity!”
“Imposible namang lumaki ang tingin ko sa taong tinutulungan ko lang!..kungsabagay magkaiba tayo ng ina…bakit kaya pinatulan ni papa ang iyong inay?…hindi ko siya iniinsulto sinasabi ko lang sayo ang totoo…magkaiba tayong dalawa…hindi mo ako matutularan at hindi kita tutularan. Nora, ang hindi mo maabot huwag mong pagplitan abutin, wala ka pang pakpak kaya huwag ka pang lumipad ng ubod ng taas!”

PALIMOS NG PAG- IBIG: “Para kang karinderyang bukas sa lahat ng gustong kumain.”
“Mahal Kita at yan ay di ko kayang maihati sa iba. Pero kung ganitong niloloko mo lang ako kaya kitang palitan kahit sampung Lalaki!”

YOUNG LOVE: “I hate you…dirty…you’re dirty! I hate youuuu!…huwag n’yo nang mabangit-bangit ang pangalan nyan! Kinasusuklaman ko siya!..ngayon ko lang nakita ang kapangitan ng buhay ang akala ko masaya’t maganda na ang daigdig..”

SISTER STELLA L: “Ako ay kristyano, higit sa lahat ako ay tao. Kung nandito lamang si kristo sa ibabaw ng lupa alam kong kasama ko siya sa pakikipaglaban.”
“Kung walang kikilos sino ang kikilos, Kung hindi ngayon Kailan pa… Katarungan para kay Ka Dencio!”

ADULTERY: AIDA MACARAEG: “Huwag mo nang itanong. Baka mas masakit kung malaman natin ang sagot.”

ASAWA KO HUWAG MONG AGAWIN: “No woman can seduce a happy husband.”

YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW: “I refuse to dignify your question. Unang-una hindi ka nagtatanong, Nagbibintang ka.”
“Ang asawa ang karugtong ng buhay, kasiping sa kama.”

ANAK: “Sana tuwing umiinom ka ng alak…habang hinihitit mo ang sigarilyo mo at habang nilulustay mo ang perang pinapadala ko! Sana maisip mo rin kung ilang pagkain ang tiniis kong hindi kainin para lang makapagpadala ako ng malaking pera rito. Sana habang nakahiga ka diyan sa kutson mo, natutulog, maisip mo rin kung ilang taon akong natulog mag-isa nabang nangungulila ako sa yakap ng mga mahal ko. Sana maisip mo kahit kaunti kung gaano kasakit sa akin ang mag-alaga ng mga batang hindi ko kaanoano samantalang kayo, kayong mga anak ko hindi ko man lang maalagaan. Alam mo ba kung gaano kasakit iyon sa isang ina? Alam mo bang gaano kasakit iyon? Kung hindi mo ako kayang ituring bilang isang ina. Respetuhin mo man lang ako bilang isang tao. Yung lang Carla…yun man lang.”
“Hindi ako nagpakahirap sa Hongkong para lang mauwi tayo sa Ganito. At ang mga kasama mo mga mukhang ADDICT.” “Bakit pag ang lalake ang nagbigay ng damit, pagkain sasabihin ng mga tao “Aba mabuti siyang ama” pero pag ang babae, kasama na pati pusot kaluluwa hindi pa rin sapat.”

T-BIRD AT AKO: “Sira ka ba? Babae ka, babae ako!”
“Putik nga ito! kahit ganito ako, nagsisimba ako kahit paano, ang sabi ng nasa itaas, ang sala sa lamig, sala sa Init iniluluwa ng langit, isinusuka ng diyos!”
“Ano ba naman ito, katawan lang ito…konting tubig konting sabon wala na…tapusin na natin ang kaso, pagkatapos sabihin mo kung kalian, saan…darating ako, ang katawan ko!”
“Hindi naman ako ipokrita, kung tomboy ka bakla ka, ok lang sa akin yon…pareho rin yon eh, tao rin yon, kung saan sila maligaya duon sila…huwag nating pakialamanan. Alam mo kung nuong una sinabi na niya sa akin kung ano siya, hindi na kami nagkaganito eh, akala ko kaseh tutoong tao siya…”

PAANO BA ANG MANGARAP: “Dinaya n’yo ako! Saan n’yo dinala ang anak ko?.. Hindi mo alam…Sinungaling!… Kasabwat ka ng ina mo! Alam ko matagal n’yo nang plano ito!… Dinaya n’yo ako! Mga Traydor Kayo! Traydor kayong lahat!… Wala akong pakialam! Ibalik mo sa akin si Jun Jun! Ibalik mo sa akin ang anak ko! Ibalik mo sa akin si Jun Jun! Ibalik mo sa akin…”

BURLESK QUEEN: “Kung Inutil kayo, Di Inutil kayo. Wala naman tayong magagawa kung yan ang gusto ng Diyos para sa inyo.”

BATA, BATA PAANO KA GINAWA: “Sister nain-love ka na ba. Hindi yong Love kay Kristo ha, yong love na may sex. Wala akong Ginagawang mali!”
“Namputang Itlog yan, gawing mong manok!”

MANO PO 3: MY LOVE: “Pinuntahan n’yo ako rito para awayin?…silang dalawa,,,mahal ko silang dalawa, bago ko pa man naging boyfriend si Michael, naging asawa si Paul, magkakasama na kami, kaya mahal ko silang dalawa, mahirap bang intindihin ‘yon?…walang batas na nagsasabing bawal magmahal ng dalawa….”
“Aalis ka rin ba, Judith? Naiintindihan mo ba kung para saan yung ginawa nila?…sanay akong tinatalikuran at iniiwanan. Alam mo bang yan ang istorya ng buhay ko.”

RELASYON: “Emil, Emil, Diyos ko anong gagawin ko? Emil! Mommy Patay na si Emil.”
“Ang hirap dito sa relasyon natin, puro ikaw ang nasusunod, kung saan tayo pupunta, kung anong oras tayo aalis, kung anong kakainin natin, kung anong isusuot ko sa lahat ng oras, ako naman sunod ng sunod parang torpeng tango ng tango yes master yes master!”
“Ano ba ako rito istatwa? Eh dinadaan daanan mo na lang ako ah, ni-hindi mo na ako kinakausap hindi mo na ako binabati hindi mo na ako hinahalikan ah…namputsang buhay ‘to. Ako ba may nagawa akong kasalanan hah? Dahil ang alam ko sa relationship, give and take. Pero etong atin, iba eh! Ako give ng give ikaw take ng take! Ilang taon na ba tayong nagsasama? Oo, binigyan mo nga ako ng singsing nuong umpisa natin, pero pagkatapos nuon ano? Wala na! Ni-siopao hindi mo ako binigyan eh dumating ka sa bahay na ito ni butong pakwan hindi mo ako napasalubungan sa akin eh kaya kung tiisin lahat pero sobra na eh…hindi naman malaki hinihingi ko sayo eh konti lang… alam ko kerida lang ako…pero pahingi naman ng konting pagmamahal…kung ayaw mo ng pagmamahal, atleast konsiderasyon man lang. Kung di mo kayang mahalin bilang isang tunay na asawa, de mahalin mo ako bilang isang kaibigan, Kung ayaw mo pa rin nun bigyan mo na lang ako ng respeto bilang isang tao hindi yung dadaan daanan mo lang sa harapan na para kang walang nakikita!"

ALYAS BABY TSINA: “Kung ano ang kinatatayuan ko, Yon ang teritoryo ko.”

BROKEN MARRIAGE: “May mga anak ako, Nagtratrabaho ako, Nag-aaral ako tapos lagi pa kaming nag-aaway na mag-asawa. So tense, Minsan gusto ko ng tumalon sa bintana.”
“Bakit nababawasan din naman ang pagkatao ko kapag sinisigawan mo ako.”
”Nawawala din naman ang pagkababae ko pag sinisigawan mo ako ah! Huwag mo kong duduruin.”
“Ang marriage trinatrabaho yan…twenty four hours…”

GAANO KADALAS ANG MINSAN: “If he goes, you go, if he dies…dalawa na kayong nawala sa buhay ko.”

DEKADA 70: “Buong buhay ko yan na lang lagi ang sinasabi nila sa akin…wala kang magagawa eto ang gusto ng asawa mo…wala kang magagawa eto ang kapalaran mo…wala kang magagaw dahil dapat…putris naman, dapat hindi ganuo…tapos sasabihin ng daddy n’yo hindi lang ang anak ko ang pinatay hindi lang ang anak ko ang dinukot…lolo akong nanggigigil, lalo akong nagagalit dahil kung nanay ka talaga, hindi ka lang dapat nanganganak kundi naiapaglaban mo rin ang anak mo dapat kaya mong pumatay para sa anak mo…gusto ko lang malaman bakit nila pinatay ang anak ko…hindi masamang tao ang anak ko, kahit sa oras na ito humarap ako sa diyos kahit sa dimonyo hindi masamang tao ang anak ko…hindi masamang tao ang anak ko!”
“You could stop being proud of me! Nagsawa na ako sa ganuon, gusto ko naman ngayon ako mismo just for a change, maging proud sa sarili ko!”

LIPAD DARNA LIPAD: “Ding, ang bato dali….DARNA!”

KAPAG LANGIT ANG HUMATOL: “Akin pa rin ang huling halakhak akin Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA”

REGALO: “Bakit ang mga anak pag nawalan ng magulang ang tawag sa kanila ulila, ang magasawa kapag nawala ang asawa nila ang tawag sa kanila balo…bakit kapag ang isang ina nawalan ng anak walang tawag sa kanila?” - V magazine, 2006

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Family Life in the 70s

Ate Vi’s family life in the 70s Nostalgia ang theme natin for this issue. So, I will write about Ate Vi noong October 1970. After staying in an apartment sa may Bambang, Tondo, Manila and later sa isa uling apartment sa La Loma, QC, nakabili na si Ate Vi ng bahay sa isang bagong subdivision sa Quezon City rin. Isang katamtamang laki ng bungalow sa may Cenacle Drive ng Arfel Subdivision ang bagong bahay ni Ate Vi. Simplicity at elegance ang masasabing keynote ng bagong bahay na ito. May tatlong bedroom na pawang carpeted and all covered by wallpapers, which was the fad then. Incidentally, the said bedrooms ay pulos air-conditioned ding lahat. Carpeted din ang loob ng kanilang living room na kumpleto ng mga makabagong furniture. Adjacent to the living room is the dining room with a fabulous dining set good for 12 person. Dalawa ang kusina. The dirty kitchen is situated at the back of the house while the main kitchen is connected to the servant’s quarter. Kumpleto rin ang nasabing dalawang kitchen ng modern equipments.

At the back of the house ay ang isang maluwang na terrace na sadyang pinagawa ni Ate Vi para sa kanyang mga fans. Sa may bandang gate ay ang wide at cemented driveway na siyang tinitigilan ng kanilang dalawang kotse. Ang landscaping ng buong bahay ay simple lang ang pagkakagawa yet very fascinating naman to everyone’s eyes. Sa may gilid ng bahay ay may grotto rin na palaging inaalayan ni Ate Vi ng bulaklak. Katabi ng bahay ni Edgar Mortiz. After Arfel, tumira si Ate Vi sa Bel-Air Subd, Makati, then sa Dasmarinas Village sa Makati rin. She also had a house sa Monterey Hills Subd. sa Marikina. Ang alam ko hindi niya tinirhan ang bahay niya sa Monterey, although dito siya nag-celebrate ng kanyang 20th birthday. For practical reasons, dahil na nga sa sobrang laki ng bahay sa Dasmarinas Vill., they decided to sell it at bumili sila ng isang mas maliit na bahay sa Magallanes Village, also in Makati, although hindi rin naman maliit ang bahay sa Magallanes, it has 5 bedrooms at may basement at swimming pool pa ito. Dito nagtagal si Ate Vi, until she bought the house where she is staying until now sa Green Meadows sa QC. Curious lang ako, ano na kaya ang itsura ng unang bahay ni Ate Vi ngayon? Sino kaya ang nakatira doon ngayon? Siguro, it will take another issue for that. Meanwhile, let us enjoy how it looked like to live in the ‘70s. - Eric Nadurata, V Magazine 2007

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Basic Information: Directed: Armando De Guzman; Story: Quentin De Guia; Screenplay: Natalie De Guzman; Cast: Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz, Snooky Serna, Arnold Gamboa, Beth Manlongat, Tweeny, Von Serna, Armando De Guzman Jr., Tony Ferrer, Boots Anson-Roa, Lourdes Medel; Original Music: Danny Subido; Cinematography: Fortunato Bernardo; Film poster courtesy of Video48

Plot Description: No Available Data

Film Achievement: Best Musical Picture - 1971 The Manila Film Festival; One of three films Vilma Santos and Tony Ferrer did together, one was Wonderful World of Music and the other one was Darna and The Giants where Vilma played Darna and Tony as Tony Falcon, Agent X-44 (ala-James Bond). Sapagka't is also one of Vilma films with Boots Anson Roa, the others, "The Wonderful World of Music" and "Mano Po III: My Love."

Film Reviews: "...She continued her singing stints with an album most Vilmanians seems to forget, All I See Is You carried the folk song, Ati Cu Pung Sing-sing and Wonderful world of Music. The later song became a title of a musical film that paired Vilma with Edgar and co-starred with Snooky, Tony Ferrer, and Boots Anson Roa. The demand for Vi & Bot's recordings increased and Willears produced Sweetheart, perhaps a confirmation album of the real score between the two young teen stars. Out of 25 films Vilma and Edgar made in 1970, both Sweethearts and Sixteen stands out as two of their certified hits both as films and recorded albums..." - RV (READ MORE)

"...Songwriter George Canseco won the Manila Film Festival best movie theme category for his work in the movie "Kapantay ay Langit," produced by Virgo..."The Wonderful World of Music," produced by Tagalog Ilang-Ilang, was judged best musical in the Manila Film Festival. The picture stars, Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz, both artist of Wilear's..." - Oskar Salazar, Billboard Magazine, 24 July 1971 (READ MORE)


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The Sweet Voice of Vilma Santos (repost)

When Vilma Santos released her first album in 1969 under Willears Record, no one expected that her vinyl record would sell 500,000 units making it the company’s surprise record-breaking album of that year. The signature song, “Sixteen” became the most played single of that year proving that Vilma Santos can be as phenomenal as her closest rival and the more established singer, Nora Aunor. The young Vilma won a Golden Record Award for her debut album that comprised of 16 English songs including four original songs composed and arranged by Dannie Subido.

Prior to her debut album, Vilma Santos’ first stint in singing was in her earlier film, 1964′s Ging. She played a child singing sensation opposite drama staple, Olivia Cenizal. Her career continued with string of dramatic roles and when the musical trends started in late 60s her career aspiration become limited mainly because everyone expected young stars to sing well. She admitted her limited range as singer and concentrated with her promising acting talents and dancing. When Vi found commercial success with Edgar Mortiz as her love team, she occasionally sings with him. Their fans did not mind Vilma’s soft thin voice. Actually, Vilma’s sweet tone blends well with Edgar’s balladeer pipes. The success of Vi & Bot love team was evident with numerous films and it was only a matter of time that the idea of having Vilma have her own album came in 1969. There was a market and demand for Vilma’s very own long-playing vinyl. William Leary, Vilma’s manager asked musical director Dannie Subido to gather songs that will suit Vilma’s limited range. It was reported that Subido find the project challenging.

They have to find songs that are light but will still give Vilma’s fans enjoyment. They decided to make it fun and sort of child like. They also wanted to make sure that the songs reflect Vilma’s current state of mind, that of a growing teenager. Sort of like early Britney, “no longer a child not yet a woman.” Her promotional interview clearly confirmed some of the issues teenagers are experiencing during this time. Body image, sex education, adulthood, friendship, and dating are some of the topics the album tackled which are topics that are still relevant today. “…as a singer…gosh…I feel a funny thing inside every time na naiisip kong, I was not a born singer. But every time I hear my records play, I couldn’t help but kid myself that I was made after all.” She commented when asked to evaluate herself as singer. What she really meant by that line, “I made it” is that by making her record a success no one cannot say that she cannot be sell records. This success proves that she can be a successful singer like her closest rival, Nora.

Listening to “Sixteen” – Vilma’s first album was pure fun and still very relevant today. Consist of twelve songs six on each side. The vinyl record on side A starts with its carrying single, Sixteen. Composed by Dannie Subido, Sixteen talks about “making out” in the park. This might alarm some of the religious zealots in the 70s but Ate Vi’s wholesome sweet voice makes the song wholesome and child like. The hidden sex – “making out” – kissing and hugging in public place – message of the song would probably the reason why “Sixteen” became the favorites of teenagers. The song catapulted Vilma’s signature song. A feat that even her closest rival, Nora Aunor can’t replicated (Nora Aunor despite successful singing career lacked a signature song). Remember this is the hippie era and the start of the feminist movement. A clear reason why “Sixteen” was a major hit with the free love carefree young generation of this era. The next songs, Dry your Eyes and Bring Back Your Love both arranged by Dannie Subido are love songs that boils down to frustration of a girl in love. Followed by a turned around in terms of mood with Vi’s version of a Bacharach composition, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, a funny but out of place song. One of the two final songs on side A, came as a surprise. “When The Clock Strikes One” was an original composition of Robert Medina and like “Sixteen” was about “making out” – kissing and hugging but this time its more fun because of its unusual up-tempo mood that’s actually more like a hip-hop song.

Side B of Sixteen was pure fun too. - Three songs that stands out were the original compositions of Dannie Subido, “Sometimes,” “It is Wonderful to be In Love” and “Then Along Came You Edgar.” The lyrics of these songs are simple and obviously catered to the massive followers of the Edgar – Vilma love team. Before Britney Spears came up with her hit song, “Sometimes,” Vilma has her own song titled “Sometimes.” Both Britney and Vilma’s songs are about teenage love confusion. It’s a Wonderful To Be in Love is self-explanatory, yes Ate Vi is in love and she expressed it nicely in this song. The up-tempo and simple lyrics of this song makes it more like a children rhyme song except that it’s about almost “adult-kind” of love. The puppy love theme of the album continued with an uplifting song, well at least for the Vi and Bot fans with “Then Along Came You, Edgar.” This song confirmed Vi’s puppy love to the dark and handsome but not so tall cutie-pie, Edgar Mortiz. Once again, Dannie Subido’s arrangement and lyrics are simple but playful, a perfect fit to Ate Vi’s sweet range.

The success of Sixteen can be attributed to the playfulness and simplicity of the song selections. It suited the sweetness and purity of Vilma’s almost child like voice. The album earned Vilma her first golden record award and a remarkable signature song, “Sixteen.” The album established her as a successful recording artist. If I will compare her to today’s list of contemporary artists, I will compare Vilma to the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and Madonna. Jennifer, Britney, and Madonna has thin but sweet voices just like Vilma. Like Vilma, these pop superstars have to work hard to achieve almost perfect products that their fans loved. Like Vilma, the three pop stars are great dancers which they all used to the max in their choreographed production numbers. The reluctant singer came out on top. Vilma Santos’ debut album made history. Sixteen made Vilma Santos a remarkable singer. Here’s Sixteen’s song lyrics:

They said I’m only Sweet Sixteen
I’ve never been Kiss
I’ve never been loved
And all I want is Candy
Ice Cream teddy bear Lollipop
Riding on the sun
A lot of things we do
Whispering to my ears
I love you so
Strolling down the lane
A castle in the air
A Kissin’ or lovin’
A kissing’ or lovin’

A kissing all night long
Kissing on the park
Hanging on the forth
Holding hand in hand
Down the avenue
Strolling down the lane
A castle in the air
A Kissin’ or lovin’
A kissing’ or lovin’
A kissing all night long

After Sixteen - The success of Sixteen brings out another facet of Vilma Santos’ talent. Everyone knows that she is a good actress and a wonderful dancer but nobody expects that she will be able to succeed as a singer. At the early stage of her young career, the rivalry between her and a more established singer, Nora Aunor was lapse sided because Aunor was the number one singer in town. The success of Sixteen brings about an even playing field between the two young stars. Vilma’s record-breaking sales positioned her career into high gear. She continued to act in several musical films and at the same time recorded fun-filled songs. To her critics, Vilma’s recording success were attributed to pure luck. And so, to prove them wrong, Vilma’s manager smartly plotted follow-up recordings. Not only did Vilma record her follow-up album, she recorded a string of mini-LPs. Mini-LPs are shorter version of the big vinyl record with two songs on each side. She ventured into Tagalog songs, recording six songs that include instants hits like Isipin Mong Basta’t Mahal Kita, a theme song to a film she did opposite Filipino chess grand master, Eugene Torre; Palong-Palo, where she received a golden record award in 1974 and an up-tempo opm, Tok-Tok Palatok, another theme song from one of her comedy film with the same title opposite Jojit Paredes. Vi and Bot also released two mini-LPs, “Something Stupid,” a song that they regularly sings at their TV show, D’Sensations and “Christmas Tiding,” a collection of famous holiday songs like Silver Bells and Vilma’s now famous version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Mommy Kissing Santa Claus that’s been circulating in the internet in recent years. In addition, Vilma recorded Baby Vi, another mini-LP. She also shared equal billing with Edgar Mortiz, Esperanza Fabon, Ed Finlan, Hilda Koronel, and Sahlee Quizon in a Christmas compilation album titled, Christmas Carols.

Willears Records continued Vilma’s recording projects with two albums, Sweethearts and Aloha My Love both featured her with off and on screen love partner, Edgar Mortiz. The company who introduced the resurgent singer, Vilma in Sixteen followed up her solo success with Sweet, Vilma, Sweet, a much more ambitious offering with Vilma doing popular cover songs. Songs that are mostly identified with more established singers, like Nora Aunor. It is worth noting that during the peak of the musical genre in the early 70s, the musical films relied heavily on foreign influence. Maybe this was the reason why Vilma’s rival Nora Aunor doesn’t have a signature song. Recorded songs are mostly versions of the foreign recordings. Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Connie Francis, Neil Sedaka are the usual suspects. Instead of original simple composition, Willears selected songs like Mama, Sad Movies, and Our Day Will Come and let Vilma create her own version. The result was a disappointment not because Vilma didn’t work hard for the project but because it lacks the originality of her first album. Vilma’s thin voice also didn’t help.

But despite this visible contrast to her first album, Sweet Vilma Sweet was a successful follow-up. She continued her singing stints with an album most Vilmanians seems to forget, All I See Is You carried the folk song, Ati Cu Pung Sing-sing and Wonderful world of Music. The later song became a title of a musical film that paired Vilma with Edgar and co-starred with Snooky, Tony Ferrer, and Boots Anson Roa. The demand for Vi & Bot’s recordings increased and Willears produced Sweetheart, perhaps a confirmation album of the real score between the two young teen stars. Out of 25 films Vilma and Edgar made in 1970, both Sweethearts and Sixteen stands out as two of their certified hits both as films and recorded albums. By 1972, Vicor Music Corporation took over Vilma’s singing career and smartly went back to the original fun-loving carefree theme that suited Vilma’s voice and made her a successful recording artist. With the guidance of Orly Ilacad, Vilma recorded original compositions that were light hearted, up-tempo and simple. Sing Vilma Sing arrived at the radio airwaves with the carrying single, “Bobby Bobby Bobby.” Despite the declaration of Martial law in 1972, the album became another instant hit. Also, Vilma and Edgar recorded their third album together, a follow-up with the hit, The Sensations. Aloha My Love came afterwards which also became a film and appropriately shoot entirely in Hawaii. Aloha was artistically packaged and contained Hawaiian and popular cover English songs like All Alone Am I and Eternally.

Unfortunately, all good things must end. By 1973, Vilma made her move. After almost one hundred films with Edgar Mortiz, she decided, it was time to venture out of the love team and test the water as solo star. This move also signaled the end of her singing career. At the same time, the musical genre started to subside as more turmoil politically spreads around the country. The bomba films exploded in mainstream local cinemas in mid 70s. Movie theatre owners illegally inserts porn clips in the middle of film. It was so popular back then that even the first Manila International Film Festival organized by former first lady, Imelda Romualdez Marcos allowed the bomba or sexy films to be shown during the midnight time slots of the festival. The bomba period created a long line up of respectable sexy actress like Elizabeth Oropeza, Daria Ramirez, and Chanda Romero. Even former beauty queen, Gloria Diaz ventured into the sexy film. The emergence of sexy or “bold” films as what they referred to by local film buff challenged the now solo superstar, Vilma Santos.

Tagalog Ilang Ilang production transformed her into an action super hero as the new Darna, Philippines version of Wonder Woman. Lipad Darna Lipad (Fly Darna Fly) defeated entertainment giants Fernando Poe Jr and Joseph Estrada, both have films being shown at the same time and the usual bomba films. A very long line-up snake down the streets of Claro M. Recto Avenue’s Cinerama theatre. It was recorded that Tagalog Ilang Ilang Production distributed Darna dolls and Coka-Cola bottles to the massive patrons during the film showing. Lipad Darna Lipad became the most successful Darna film ever. It broke box office records and solidified Vilma’s clout as the new box office queen of Philippine movies. Vilma’s stature as the most bankable artist of that time validated her decision to leave her love team with Edgar Mortiz and the singing stints to her closest rival, Nora Aunor. She became more adventurous and accepted roles that showcase her versatility. And this move cemented her position as the actress to watch, the actress on top of her game.

Remarkable History – As a singer, Vilma’s thin voice didn’t stop her to become a successful singer. Her hard work paid off and earned her a piece of history. The reluctant singer recorded strings of solo albums that created her signature songs, “Sixteen” and “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.” Signature songs that enlisted her together with famous singers like Imelda Papin (Bakit), Eva Eugenio (Tukso), Claire DeLaFuente (Sayang), Sharon Cuneta (Mr. DJ), Didith Reyes (Nananabik), Aiza Siguerra (Pagdating Ng Panahon), Freddie Aguilar (Anak), Florante (Handog), and Gary Valenciano (Di Na Natuto). Her sweet and child like voice reflected the innocence of her original up-tempo songs that tackles teenage issues like dating, sexual education, body images, and adulthood. Teenage issues that are still remarkably relevant today. - RV; Credits: Album texts and Photos: Nar Santander, Eric Nadurata; Additional photos: Rene Maximo

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1977 - 1984 Seven Golden Years

From 1977 to 1984, Vilma Santos made 55 films, a very productive seven years, full of commercial success and several critical accolades.

13 Acting trophies - 11 Best Actress, 2 Best Picture (Film Producer)
  • 1977 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress – Burlesk Queen
  • 1978 Gawad Urian Best Picture – Pagputi ng Uwak Pagitim ng Tagak
  • 1978 FAMAS Best Picture – Pagputi ng Uwak Pagitim ng Tagak
  • 1981 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress – Karma
  • 1981 Cebu City Film Festival Best Actress – Karma
  • 1981 FAMAS Best Actress – Pakawalan Mo Ako
  • 1982 FAMAS Best Actress – Relasyon
  • 1982 Gawad Urian Best Actress – Relasyon
  • 1982 FAP Best Actress – Relasyon
  • 1982 CMMA Best Actress – Relasyon
  • 1982 RPN 9 Lets Talk Movies Best Actress – Body of Work
  • 1983 Gawad Urian Best Actress – Broken Marriage
  • 1984 Gawad Urian Best Actress – Sister Stella L.


Six films, highlights: Burlesk Queen and Dalawang Pugad, Isang Ibon signaled her image transformation.

Burlesk Queen - " official Entry to the 1978 Festival del film Locarno (Switzerland) ...swept the awards in that year’s MMFF, resulting in a controversy that led to the wholesale return of trophies. In spite of the scandal, “Burlesk” is still regarded by critics as the “quintessential” Filipino film. “Hinamon ni Brocka si Tinio ng suntukan (Lino Brocka dared Rolando Tinio to a fight),” Celso remembers. “Tinio, who was the head of the jury, heralded “Burlesk as the most beautiful Filipino film” past, present and future.” Vi’s turnaround: Adding fuel to the fire, ?Burlesk? had stunned moviegoers because it unveiled a new Vilma Santos?from ingénue to wanton woman. Vilma says of “Burlesk?” – “It marked a transition in my career. Working with Celso Kid is a privilege. He’s a genius.” With good humor, Vilma recalls a “quarrel” on the set of “Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak,” which she produced in 1978. “It took so long to finish. I lost money on that. But we’re still friends.” Burlesk and Pagputi brought a lot of honor to me..." (READ MORE)

Dalawang Pugad, Isang Ibon - "...Bernal recieved his first Gawad Urian best director award...Anita Linda and Mary Walter played mother and grandmother to Vilma..." (READ MORE)

Masarap, Masakit ang Umibig - " entry to the 1981 ASEAN Film Festival in Sydney Australia and Asia-Pacific Film Festival in Taipei Taiwan...the film earned Mat Ranillo III the 1978 FAMAS best supporting actor award..." (READ MORE)

Pulot-gata, Pwede Kaya? - "...Directed by and casted Vi with Romeo Vasquez, Suzanne Gonzalez, Rodolfo Boy Garcia, Tange, Ruel Vernal, Tita De Villa, Paraluman..." (READ MORE)

Susan Kelly, Edad 20 - "...Directed by Maria Saret and casted Vi with Dante Rivero and Anthony Alonzo..." (READ MORE)

Apoy sa Ibabaw Apoy sa Ilalim (cameo role) - "...Produced by VS Films, no information available except that the Vilma Santos’ birthday celebration was added as bonus feature of the film...." (READ MORE)


Fourteen films, highlights: Lino Brocka's Rubia Servios and Celso Castillo's Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak; at least one film per month; films with Nora Aunor, Ikaw ay Akin, Pinagbuklod ng Pag-ibig and Huwag Hamakin Hostess (Vi in came role).

Huwag Hamakin Hostess (cameo role)

Mga mata ni Angelita (came role) - "...Julie Vega was only 10 years old when she was launched to full stardom in the 1978 movie, “Mga mata ni Angelita.” ...She appeared in previous movie outings as Darling Postigo. The young Vega was ably supported by an all super star casted headed by the King of Philippine Movies, Fernando Poe, Jr. (in the role of Conrado, the ex-convict) and Comedy King Dolphy (as Tacio, the taho vendor). Also appearing in cameo roles...Vilma Santos ( as a worried wife)..." (READ MORE)

Amorseko: Kumakabit, Kumakapit - "...Directed by Maria Saret and casted Vi with George Estregan, Ernie Garcia, Rez Cortez, and Beth Bautista..." (READ MORE)

Bakit Kailangan Kita? - "...Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza and casted Vi with Romeo Vasquez, Vilma Santos, Maan Hontiveros, Laurice Guillen, Romeo Enriquiz, Mary Walter...Leah Navarro's “Kailangan Kita” was used as the film's theme song .." (READ MORE)

Kampus - "...Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza and casted Vi with Bembol Roco, Mat Ranillo III, Allan Valenzuela, Liza Lorena, Anita Linda, Lito Lapid..." (READ MORE)

Disco Fever - "...Directed by Al Quinn and casted Vi with Christopher De Leon, Victor Laurel, Rio Locsin..." (READ MORE)

Ikaw ay Akin - "...Nora and Vilma were nominated for their roles in the 1978 Gawad Urian but lost, their leading man Christopher de Leon won the best actor..." (READ MORE)

Nakawin Natin ang Bawat Sandali - "...Directed by Elwood Perez and casted Vi with Christopher De Leon, Baby Delgado, Roel Vergel de Dios..." (READ MORE)

Pag-ibig ko sa iyo lang Ibibigay - "...Directed by Nilo Saez and casted Vi with Romeo Vasquez, Perla Bautista, Romy Diaz...Flippers' “Pag-ibig ko sayo ko lang ibibigay” was used as the film's theme song..." (READ MORE)

Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak - "...Vilma's own VS films won both the 1978 FAMAS and Gawad Urian best picture awards..." (READ MORE)

Pinagbuklod ng Pag-ibig - "...Directed by Leonardo L Garcia and casted Vi with Romeo Vasquez, Nora Aunor, Tirso Cruz III, Romnick Sarmenta..." (READ MORE)

Promo Girl - "...Directed by Joey Gosiengfiao and casted Vi with Ricky Belmonte, Roel Vergel de Dios, Bembol Rocco, Eddie Gutierrez..." (READ MORE)

Rubia Servios - " may not win her the 1978 Metro Manila Film Festival: Best Performer award but Rubia Servios end up as a record breaking earner of the festival..." (READ MORE)

Simula ng Walang Katapusan - "...Directed by Luis Enriquez and casted Vi with Eddie Rodriguez, Carmen Soriano, Lito Anzures, Rio Locsin, Ruben Rustria..." (READ MORE)


Eight films, highlights: movies with film giants: Dolphy in Buhay Artista, Ngayon; Charito Solis in Modelong Tanso.

Buhay Artista, Ngayon - "...Directed by Frank Gray Jr. and casted Vi with Dolphy, Panchito, Babalu, Cachupoy, Bayani Casimiro, Georgie Quizon, Ellen Esguerra, Moody Diaz, Odette Khan, German Moreno, Ike Lozada, Florante, Joe Quirino..." (READ MORE)

Coed - "...Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza and casted Vi with Jay Ilagan, Celia Rodriguez, Allan Valenzuela, Jun Soler, Angge..." (READ MORE)

Halik sa Kamay, Halik sa Paa - "...Directed by Luis Enriquez and casted Vi with Ronald Corveau, Eddie Rodriguez, Rosemarie Gil, Roderick Paulate, Angie Ferro, Aurora Salve...produced by Vilma Santos' VS Films..." (READ MORE)

Magkaribal - "...Directed by Elwood Perez and casted Vi with Christopher De Leon, Alma Moreno ..." (READ MORE)

Modelong Tanso - "...Directed by Cirio H. Santiago and casted Vi with Charito Solis, Winnie Santos..." (READ MORE)

Pinay, American Style - "...Directed by Elwood Perez and casted Vi with Christopher De Leon, Bembol Roco, Cocoy Laurel, Rosa Mia...Theme Song, “Pinay” performed by Florante..." (READ MORE)

Rock, Baby, Rock - "...Directed by Oscar Miranda and casted Vi with Junior, Rolly Quizon, Leah Navarro, Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon..." (READ MORE)

Swing it, Baby - "...Directed by Al Quinn and casted Vi with Romeo Vasquez, Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, Amy Austria, V.S.T. & Company, Mike Monserrat, Walter Navarro...Theme Songs, “I-swing mo ako” performed by Sharon Cuneta..." (READ MORE)


Nine films, highlights: resurrected her Darna role for the last time; bolder stripper roles in Mrs Jones and Miss X.

Ang Galing-galing Mo, Mrs. Jones - "...Directed by Cirio H. Santiago and casted Vi with Al Tantay, Mark Gil, Vic Salayan, Anita Linda .." (READ MORE)

Darna at Ding - "...Directed by J. Erastheo Navoa and Cloyd Robinson and casted Vi with Niño Muhlach, Celia Rodriguez, Marissa Delgado, Veronica Jones, Rez Cortez, Ike Lozada, German Moreno, Al Tantay, Donna Villa..." (READ MORE)

Good Morning, Sunshine - "...Directed by Ishmael Bernal and casted Vi with Junior, Lloyd Samartino, Sheryl Cruz, Debraliz, Anita Linda, Liza Lorena..." (READ MORE)

Gusto Ko Siya, Mahal Kita - "...Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza and casted Vi with Romeo Vasquez, Christopher De Leon, Maila Gumila..." (READ MORE)

Langis at Tubig - "...Directed by Danny Zialcita and featured Vi with Dindo Fernando, Ronaldo Valdez, Amy Austria, Vic Silayan...theme song, “Langis At Tubig” performed by Sharon Cuneta..." (READ MORE)

Miss X - "...Directed by Gil Portes and casted Vi with Mark Gil...theme song, “Dito Ba?” performed by Kuh shot in the red district of Amsterdam..." (READ MORE)

Romansa - "...Romansa (1980) was the first film of two tha Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos films did together (the other one was Palimos ng Pag-ibig (1986)..." (READ MORE)

Yakapin Mo Ako, Lalaking Matapang - "...Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza and casted Vi with Lito Lapid, Chichay, Angie Ferro, Lucita Soriano, Rez Cortez, German Moreno...theme song performed by Lirio Vital..." (READ MORE)

Candy Vilma Santos in a cameo role.


Four films, highlights: box office hits - Karma and Pakawalan Mo Ako; Karma, an entry to the 1981 Metro Manila Film Festival earned Vilma the festival's best actress award.

Pakawalan Mo Ako - "...Vilma Santos won the 1981 FAMAS Best Actress..." (READ MORE)

Hiwalay - "...Directed by Romy Suzara and casted Vi with Dindo Fernando, Eddie Rodriguez, Celia Rodriguez, Anita Linda ..." (READ MORE)

Karma - "...Vilma Santos won the 1981 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress..." (READ MORE)

Ex-Wife - "...Directed by Eddie Rodriguez and casted Vi with Beth Bautista, Raul Aragon, Michael de Mesa, Eddie Garcia, Liz Alindogan, Wendy villarica, Rosemarie Gil..." (READ MORE)


Six films, highlights: Record-breaking hits: Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan? and Sinasamba Kita. Earned rave reviews for her performance in Relasyon; last year's Pakawalan Mo Ako earned Vilma her second FAMAS best actress (after Dama De Noche in 1972).

Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan? - "...Gaano kadalas ang Minsan grossed 7.3 Million in its few days run in Metro Manila in 1982 out grossing “Sinasamba Kita” for Philippine movies’ all-time box office tally. With inflation and currency rate in consideration that will be around 95 million. But that's not the only exciting thing about these film. It was the only film that Vilma Santos and Hilda Koronel did while atleast when Hilda was still at her peak..." (READ MORE)

Haplos - "...Directed by Antonio Jose Perez and casted Vi with Christopher De Leon, Rio Locsin, Delia Razon, Eddie Infante...theme song, “Haplos” performed by Eva Eugenio..." (READ MORE)

Never Ever Say Goodbye - "...Directed by Gil M. Portes and casted Vi with Nonoy Zuniga, Ian Veneracion...theme song, “Never Ever Say Goodbye” performed by Nonoy Zuniga..." (READ MORE)

Relasyon - "...The very first “Grand Slam” for Best Actress in Philippine Entertainment history..." (READ MORE)

Sinasamba Kita - "...They started with 38 theatres, by the weekend (they added more) and became 41 theatres...After 6 days, the film earned P5,207,416.00. After a week’s time, almost P6 million..." (READ MORE)

T-Bird at Ako - "...Directed by Danny Zialcita and casted Vi with Nora Aunor, Dindo Fernando, Tommy Abuel, Anita Linda, Liza Lorena, Rustica Carpio...theme song, “Hiwaga ng Pag-ibig” performed by Nora Aunor..." (READ MORE)


Four films, highlights: box office hits - Minsan Pa Nating Hagkan Ang Nakaraan and Paano Ba Ang Mangarap; received grandslam best actress from previous year's Relasyon (Winning four best actress from FAMAS, Gawad Urian, CMMA and FAP).

Ayaw Kong Maging Kerida - "...Directed by Leonardo L. Garcia and casted Vi with Romeo Vasquez, Carmi Martin, Norma Blancaflor..." (READ MORE)

Broken Marriage - "...Vilma Santos won the 1983 Gawad Urian best actress, her second consecutive awards from the local critics..." (READ MORE)

Minsan pa Natin Hagkan Ang Nakaraan - "...Directed by Marilou Diaz Abaya and casted Vi with Christopher De Leon, Eddie Garcia...theme song, “Minsan Pa Nating Hagkan Ang Nakaraan” performed by Basil Valdez..." (READ MORE)

Paano Ba ang Mangarap? - "...Directed by Eddie Garcia and casted Vi with Christopher Deleon, Amy Austria, Jay Ilagan, Peral Bautista, Armida Siguion Reyna, Vic Silayan...theme song, “Paano Ba Ang Mangarap?” performed by Basil Valdez..." (READ MORE)


Four films, highlights: films with Brocka, Diaz-Abaya, de Leon in one year; received second consecutive Gawad Urian for last year's Broken Marriage.

Adultery - "...Directed by Lino Brocka and casted Vi with Phillip Salvador, Tita De Villa, Alvin Enriquez, Anita Linda, Mario Montenegro, Deborah Sun..." (READ MORE)

Alyas Baby Tsina - "...Directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya and casted Vi with Phillip Salvador, Dindo Fernando, Cecille Castillo, Chanda Romero, Johnny Delgado, Caridad Sanchez, Maria Isabel Lopez, Dexter Doria, Mary Walter, Vangie Labalan, Harlene Bautista..." (READ MORE)

Sister Stella L. - "...Vilma Santos won the 1984 Gawad Urian:best actress...the Philippines’ entry to 1985 Venice International Film Festival...Sister Stella L. was one of 25 Filipino films shown in New York from July 31 to August 1999, organized by the Film Society of Lincoln Center..." (READ MORE)

Charot - "...Vilma Santos in cameo role..." (READ MORE)

11 Acting Nominations
  • 1977 FAMAS Best Actress Nomination – Burlesk Queen
  • 1977 Gawad Urian Best Actress Nomination – Burlesk Queen
  • 1978 FAMAS Best Actress Nomination – Pagputi ng Uwak Pagitim ng Tagak
  • 1978 Gawad Urian Best Actress Nomination – Ikaw ay Akin
  • 1979 FAMAS Best Actress Nomination – Halik sa Kamay Halik sa Paa
  • 1980 FAMAS Best Actress Nomination – Langis at Tubig
  • 1983 FAP Best Actress Nomination – Broken Marriage
  • 1983 FAMAS Best Actress Nomination – Broken Marriage
  • 1984 FAP Best Actress Nomination – Sister Stella L.
  • 1984 PMPC – Star for Movies Best Actress Nomination – Alyas Baby Tsina
  • 1984 PMPC – Star for Movies Best Actress Nomination – Sister Stella L.


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