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Special Film: King Khayam and I (1974)

King Khayam’s search for another wife brought him the escapee, Princess Gracia. She doesn’t want to be wed to a man, she doesn’t love so she left her kingdom and ended up in King Kayam’s kingdom. They met and fell in love. (READ MORE)

Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada (born Jose Marcelo Ejercito on April 19, 1937) was the 13th President of the Philippines, serving from 1998 until 2001. Estrada was the first person in the Post-EDSA era to be elected both to the presidency and vice-presidency. Estrada gained popularity as a film actor, playing the lead role in over 100 films in an acting career spanning 33 years. He used his popularity as an actor to make gains in politics, serving as mayor of San Juan for seventeen years, as Senator for one term, then as Vice President of the Philippines under the administration of President Fidel V. Ramos. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Stereotyping of homosexuals

Here's a reaction from RV of Canada about the Piolo-Sam gay issue: “We want to comment on the statement of Piolo and Sam that being gay will damaged their reputation. Is there such statistics or study about this argument? Last time I checked even mainstream Hollywood produced a number of gay films that stars big bankable actors like Jake Gyllenhal and Heath Ledger in "Brokeback Mountain" or "Desperate Housewives" star, Felicity Hoffman in Transamerica. Locally, Rustom Padilla’s career got resurrected after his dramatic coming out in Pinoy Big Brother. He followed this up with a string of successful films which included "Zsa Zsa Zaturnah" and "Happy Hearts." Even young actors nowadays don’t even hesitate to accept gay roles. Recent memorable roles were that of Dennis Trillo in "Aishite Imasu 1941: Mahal Kita," Eric Quizon in "Markova," "Comfort Women" and Nathan Lopez Jr. in Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros. All of the above examples are a proof that gay roles don’t have negative career outcomes. If an actor is an openly gay this doesn’t mean failure.

In local scene Rustom Padilla’s career went on the upside after his coming out. Boy Abunda’s sexuality is a common knowledge and his career as a television hosts remains successful. In Hollywood, Lance Bass, the member of the music group In Sync, came out untarnished after he published an autobiographical book on his being gay. Another admitted gay, Neil Patrick Harris, the Doogie Howser star’s career is on the rise again with a new sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. Not to mention, Rosie O’Donnell and Ellen DeGeneres, both lesbians, who added extra drama into daytime television recently. O’Donnell with her departure from the View and Degeneres with her defiant support of her writers of her show as the writer’s strikes continue. Overall, I must say, if someone is gay nowadays, it’s an added edge! You’re officially included in the “IN” crowd. So all these comments about damaging one’s career is so baseless and so 70s! Their lawyer, Joji Alonzo, also said: “Earlier, Piolo went to the bathroom and Sam had to go the bathroom. We told him [Sam] to stay. Baka the next write-up is that you’re having sex in the bathroom. There’s paranoia already and that is very sad.”

This comment is totally out of line. Their lawyer is insinuating here that gay men normally commit sexual acts in public wash rooms. These kinds of comments are not acceptable particularly coming from their lawyer. This way of thinking is not paranoia, this is stereotyping of gays. Piolo also said: “We are suing because our dignity and integrity have been assailed…She has disrespected us as colleagues and as human beings and the only way left to restore this respect is through the courts of law. We do not know why she concocted such a blatant lie… And so, with humility in our hearts and faith in God’s divine justice, we now leave it for the courts to decide.” This last comment is quite dramatic. Only a very religious person would give such a righteous comment. Like a Latter Day Saints outreach worker? Perhaps. I can feel the negative message here. Like being gay is so bad. Evil. When someone calls you a fag, what would you do? What would you feel? If you’re Tom Cruise, what would you do if someone accused you of being gay? I came across an article about Mr. Cruise being featured in a gay magazine in the 80s. It was reported that Mr. Cruise bought all the remaining copies in existence of that old magazine. Btw, he didn’t sue anyone. He just let go.

Jodie Foster is rumored to be gay. She was featured in an article in Out Magazine about so called famous gay out actors in Hollywood together with Anderson Cooper. Both Foster and Anderson didn’t sue Out. I guess it’s only in the Philippines where actors like Piolo and Sam still feel so offended and they have to do something about it to stop the jokes and gossiping. I also disagree with their blatant stereotyping and negative view of gays. They may not directly say this but, just like the article that was written by Solis, they implied negatively that being GAY is something so bad. Piolo and Sam may think that they have been disrespected and yes, they do have the right to defend themselves, but their comments and action are also disrespectful to so many of their gay fans. Fans who like myself buy their musics and films. Fans who write about them in their daily blogs. Fans who collect theirs photos and articles. Both Piolo and Sam must learn to respect their fans before they earn the respect that they are seeking. We are aware that both are born again Christians. I wonder what would be their views about homosexuality. Would they consider me and hundered of their fans sinners? In conclusion, being gay is not a negative thing. It can NOT damage someone’s career. Not all gay men are George Michael! We don’t all go to public washrooms to have sex! Stereotyping of homosexuals must stop. Respect is given to those who respect other human beings. Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby have hundreds of gay fans. They all deserve respect too.” - Mario Bautista, People Journal, November 21 2007 (READ MORE)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Special Film: Happy Days Are Here Again (1974)

“…In 1974, the Big 3 studios of the 50s, LVN Pictures, Sampaguita Pictures and Premiere Productions reproduced a full-length movie showcasing a compilation of the musical comedies produced by the three studios. It was a painstaking job for the researchers since most of the best musicals produced by the three studios were either lost or destroyed. At the start of the project, director Lamberto V. Avellana was supposed to direct the film but eventually replaced by Cirio Santiago after so many changes in the project including the script. He ended up as consultant of the movie. The film was Happy Days Are Here Again, with brief narrations by movie stars like Gloria Romero, Nida Blanca, Susan Roces, Leopoldo Salcedo, Jaime de la Rosa, Eddie Gutierrez, Tirso Cruz III, Pugo, German Moreno and Ike Lozada…” - Pelikula Atbp (READ MORE)

Source: Ganito Sila Noon

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's now Doctor Vi

Yesterday, we attended the taping of Homeboy wherein si Ate Vi was the sole guest ni Mr. Boy Abunda. It was a fun Episode, with a band playing ate Vi’s songs like Sixteen, My Boy Lollipop and others, after each commercial gaps. May mga surprise guests din like the Big Brothers evictees and Luis Manzano. According to Mr. Boy the said episode will be aired on Monday, Nov. 21. So, please watch out for it. On Friday, Nov. 18, naka-sked ang last shooting day ni ate Vi for MMK.

When we asked her about it she jokingly said, "I have to squeeze that into my schedule, kung hindi baka sa 2008 pa ito maipalabas." sabay tawa. Looks like may isa na namang big award na maibibigay kay ate Vi, hindi ko lang muna sabihin until everything is final. I already asked her about this, pero true to her humble self, hindi pa nagcomment si ate Vi. I will post it here as soon as I get the confirmation. Please continue voting sa Yes Magazine, last time i check wala na ang tally for the "others" category. We have to vote more for ate Vi. Thanks sa lahat for cooperating.

Honorary Doctorate - I know that you’ve read about this already, pero dahil request ng mahal kong kaibigan na si Franco, I will try to write about it. Yesterday, Nov. 10, Mayor Vi or ate Vi for most of us, was confered with the Honorary Doctorate in Humanities by the Lipa City Colleges. Tama nga si kaibigang Mar, It’s really raining as far as awards and recognitions kay ate Vi! And mind you, hindi basta-basta recognitions! Hindi lahat ng tao na nabibigyan ng ganitong recognition. In fact, sa mundo ng showbiz, iilan ang nabigyan nito.

Recently, Ms. Rosa Rosal was confered a similar recognition by FEU. Aside from her, wala na yata akong matandaan na nabigyan rin. This recognition from the Lipa City Colleges, is just the beginning. Alam ko, marami pang ibang colleges and universities ang susunod, dahil talaga naman deserving si ate Vi. Pero what is an Honorary Doctorate or Doctor Honoris Causa? I’ve surf the net is this is what I got: read on.

Honorary Doctorate or doctor honoris causa - The rank of honorary doctorate or doctor honoris causa is an honorific title granted by an exceptional procedure. Originally a university would confer the dignity of doctor honoris causa in order to distinguish a learned person whose knowledge and wisdom were considered exemplary, but also, in return, to pride itself for having recognized and "recruited" among its faculty such an outstanding person. Formerly universities have given some more picturesque titles than doctor honoris causa, like doctor or professor angelicus, eximius, mirabilis, subtilis, illuminatus...

The conferring of an honorary doctorate or doctor honoris causa still follows, sometimes, an old protocol (formerly in Latin). Nowadays the attribution of an honorary title such as doctor honoris causa can mean recognizing and distinguishing an outstanding person who contributed notably to his or her field of expertise, higher education or a specific institution simultaneously honoring the recipient and the institution rewarding or encouraging past or future donations.

Most regulations insist on the moral qualities of the honorary doctorate recipient. Another significant criterion for the nomination of a doctor honoris causa is the recognition by his peers. Doctors honoris causa can be seen in all the fields of knowledge, such as arts and letters, exact sciences, social or human sciences, philosophy etc.

Honorary distinctions can be of varied levels, the most appreciated one being, of course, that of honorary doctor (doctor honoris causa), although the one of outstanding professor (professor emeritus) is not looked down upon by teachers whose own university would not dare to grant them an honorary doctorate, at least as long as they are active.

In agreement with the rules of the Université Multiculturelle Internationale, Epictetus College concedes an honorary master’s degree (magister honoris causa) or an honorary doctorate (doctor honoris causa) according to two essential criteria the personal merit of the nominee the recognition by his peers

The rank of doctor is recognized in the same way whether it has been obtained on a purely honorary basis or otherwise, it is designated by simply writing Dr. before the name, just as at one time a postgraduate doctorate, a university doctorate and a state doctorate coexisted in France with only one common designation for any of the three. Ang galing, ano? Hindi ba dapat tayo talagang maging happy dahil vilmanian tayo? ;-) So, from now on, will it be Dr. Vilma Santos-Recto na, instead of Ate Vi? Oh, well, life is beautiful. - Eric Nadurata, V Magazine, No. 5 2005 (READ MORE)

Update - Dr. Vilma Santos-Recto received her second Doctorate degree on November of 2009, this time from the University of North Eastern Philippines in Iriga City, Camarines Sur. Then on April this year, Dr. Vi received her third honorary degree from Batangas State University. - RV

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vilma and Niño’s Comparative Point of View

Darna at Ding” starring Vilma Santos Niño Muhlach was shown in 1980. This is Vilma Santos’ 4th and last Darna movie. Vilma was in good company with the child superstar Nino Muhlach as her brother sidekick "Ding." The super team zoomed in out of the screen with bravura. Humor is mixed with fantasy, magic and the duo’s thrilling encounter with ingenious villains who wants to rule the world adds excitement to this last Vilma’s Darna. Among their wicked adversaries was Marissa Delgado as the evil German scientist who summons cadavers from their graves to carry out her grisly plans. An impressive roster of big name stars in cameo roles completed the cast. The movie also stars Celia Rodriguez as Lei Ming the evil witch, Veronica Jones as the hawk woman and Max Alvarado as the giant. Niño Muhlach was the only "Ding" who shared title role and equal billing with the main bida - "Darna", simply because he was the child wonder of the 70’s mid ’80’s. Most of the child superstars of local movies were girls like Tessie Agana, Snooky Serna, Aiza Seguerra and Onin broke that tradition.

They were the child stars who made movie hits one after another, with the plots of their movies revolving around them. They were swamped with movie offers and became busy doing projects one after another. Ate Vi was also considered as a popular child star during the 60’s, she made hits like Trudis Liit, Ging etc and even received her first FAMAS award at a tender age. But as a child star, Ate Vi cannot be compared to Niño. Nino can carry a movie all by himself, while Ate Vi, though she made title role movies which also made good at the box-office, made and accepted a lot of supporting roles as a child star like the role as the young Imee Marcos in “Iginuhit ng Tadhana or the daughter of Eddie Rodriguez and Lolita Rodriguez in "Hindi Nahahati ang Langit."

As one writer said: Nagrigodon si Vilma as daughter sa triangle nina Eddie Rodriguez, Lolita Rodriguez and Marlene Dauden. Their triangle was a big hit then and Ate Vi almost always acted as daughter to one of them. Niño, on the other hand, maintained his lead role character as a child wonder, if not bida it should be an equal role to the bida like a movie with FPJ or Dolphy and yes with Ate Vi as Ding in the title role. Unfortunately, Niño was not as blessed as Ate Vi, who was able to transcend from child star roles to teen lead roles with ease and success.

When Niño reached the awkward age, box-office receipts of his movies were not as good. He had no choice but to accept second or third lead roles like his movie with Aga Pops (Oks na Oks Pakner) in the 80’s, and worst, made an almost extra role in the Judy Ann-Mickey Arroyo movie "Mahal Kita Maging Sino Ka Pa". Table turned and he became the supporting star of his cousin Aga who used to be his extra during the ’70s. In fairness, Niño became a business icon though he did not reach the stature of his cousin’s (Aga) success as an actor, the former is very much satisfied with his earnings right now, he was the youngest investor at the age of nine when he own a building in San Juan named after him, the El Niño Apartelle. He also owns and manages a bakery that makes delicious ensaymada that melts in the mouth. He is now enjoying the fruit of his labor.

The famous child actress Vilma Santos grew up as a beautiful young star and was able to maintain popularity from the ’70’s up to the present. Her title "Star for all Seasons" fits her well because among her contemporaries, she is the only one who stays on top. She can choose the roles that she wants, and is still deluge with movie offers complete with top billing and huge talent fee, that even the likes of Claudine or Judy Ann can only hope for. And why not? She is the Queen! And she deserves nothing less! She is considered the Box Office Queen of all time. Blessings continued to pour for Vilma, from film awards to public service recognitions.

She is also the only actor to have crossed over from showbiz to politics and was graded satisfactorily. And like what Mar Garces, our famous house writed said, "you ain’t see nothing yet, the best is yet to come." What do they have in common (Vilma and Niño)? They are both considered as among the richest celebrities in local industry. In wrapping up, we can say that Niño started as a child wonder ended up as a successful businessman; he is now accepting small roles. Vilma Santos on the other hand, continues to shine her star and is considered as the longest reigning Queenstar of all time. To you Darna at Ding. Fly high! - Franco Gabriel, V Magazine 2009 No. 5 (READ MORE)


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