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Sixteen (LYRICS)

Original song sang by Vilma Santos

Kissing on the park

Hanging on the forth

Holding hand in hand

Down the avenue

Strolling down the lane

A castle in the air

A Kissin’ or lovin’

A kissing’ or lovin’

A kissing all night long

They said I’m only Sweet Sixteen

I’ve never been Kiss

I’ve never been loved

And all I want is Candy

Ice Cream teddy bear Lollipop

Riding on the sun

A lot of things we do

Whispering to my ears

I love you so

Strolling down the lane

A castle in the air

A Kissin’ or lovin’

A kissing’ or lovin’

A kissing all night long

Kissing on the park

Hanging on the forth

Holding hand in hand

Down the avenue

Strolling down the lane

A castle in the air

A Kissin’ or lovin’

A kissing’ or lovin’

A kissing all night long


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Woman for all seasons

Relasyon is part of the legendary collaboration between the late National Artist for Film Ishmael Bernal and movie queen Vilma Santos.

The film, which is the first of the so-called Bernal-Santos trilogy (that includes Broken Marriage and Pahiram ng Isang Umaga), earned Santos all the Best Actress trophies in 1982 — FAMAS; Gawad Urian; Film Academy of the Philippines; Catholic Mass Media Awardsthe very first grand slam feat for this category in Philippine entertainment history.

She defeated Nora Aunor's high-wattage performance as Elsa, in another Bernal opus, in the heavily favored film production of Himala.

In Relasyon, Santos was both amusing and amazing as the contemporary incarnation of the beloved one, the querida. Critics and audiences, to this day, cannot seem to forget the very realistic death scene of Christopher de Leon as Emil that clocked more than one minute, taken in one continuous shot (no cuts), wherein Vilma's Marilou was hysterically superlative.

Others (including this writer) found Santos’s exceptional acting evident in three memorable instances. The first is when she informs Emil of her pregnancy. Vilma's face is almost pure, beaming at her lover affectionately, as she sends him off to work. Secondly, at Christmas Eve with girlfriends, she seems to be losing it, crying and laughing at the same time, enumerating how mistresses don't celebrate special occasions, and prior to the credits, Marilou gives her love nest one more lingering gaze, eyes filled with acceptance and resignation on the fate of her affair.

Since the grand slam victory, spin masters gave her the tag “Star for All Seasons,” a creative counterpart to Aunor's “Superstar” label.

She had other grand slam winnings after Relasyon, as Dolzura Cortez in The Dolzura Cortez Story, the AIDS-stricken sex worker; as Lea, the modern-day mother of two kids from different fathers, and as Amanda Bartolome, in Dekada ‘70, the mother coping with the turbulent 1970s and the harsh realities that growing children face.

The world of Philippine showbiz remains colorful and exciting as long as Vilma Santos’s supremacy continues.

Of late, she has been in the news again. With Aunor’s much-hyped TV comeback, Noranians are proclaiming hosannas for the superstar and, as expected, the "rivalry" between the two is brewing anew.

"That rivalry that I have with her, matagal na 'yun," says Santos. "I think, especially in the world of Philippine entertainment, universally accepted na yung if there is a Vilma, then Nora is immediately part of the equation. However, that so-called competition, matagal na ‘yun. Those were the days when we were still 37," she laughs. "What's important is that we are both working, we have very exciting projects and that the public, especially our fans, continue to support us."

Always an actress - "Acting will always be in my blood," articulates the actress. "I consider myself fortunate because I have already achieved all the things that an artist would want to achieve in his or her career."

Ate Vi elaborates: "When I was younger, I had done my dream roles — gumanap na ako bilang Darna at Dyesebel. These are the roles that young stars dream of now. Kahit papaano, napagdaanan ko na 'yan. I was able to make good and relevant films like Sister Stella L, ‘yung mga ginawa ko with direk Ishma (Ishmael Bernal), ‘yung Relasyon, Broken Marriage. Na-experience ko rin to become a box-office queen once in my life."

Fans are looking forward to her latest movie project. "This October, my movie with Kim Chiu begins; shooting na kami," Santos happily reports. "Since once in two years lang ako gumagawa ng pelikula, pinipili ko na kung ano 'yung gusto ko at may maibibigay akong bago."

With Chito Roño as its director, The Healing (tentative title) is a film about the lives of people who believe in the power of alternative medicines and witchcraft.

What drives her passions? Queen Vi smiles. "It's because I am inspired. I have my family with me, giving me all the inspiration and the adrenaline to work harder and be inspired. I am now the mother of the province of Batangas, and so far, so good. I've been serving Batangas for 14 years now. But the most important thing at this point in time is that I want my family to be healthy. Kayamanan na 'yun."

Always a public servant - Aside from the project with Kim, the Star for All Seasons is at the forefront of the Bear Brand Powdered Milk's Laki Sa Gatas Nutrition Education Advocacy.

The Laki Sa Gatas Advocacy is now on its fifth year. The company behind the brand visits 5,000 public schools nationwide yearly, providing school children with milk so that they acquire the habit of milk drinking. It reaches out to more than 2.5 million mothers and children via interactive information campaign.

"I believe that health is number one," she pronounces. "That's why my priority programs are geared toward health. Before, education used to be my top priority, but I soon realized, how can our students learn if they are not healthy? How can they become competitive if they do not get the proper nutrition?

"That is why in Batangas, I am initiating programs for the rehabilitation of hospitals, for the promotion of health cards and various nutrition programs," Santos adds.

Always a mom - Any conversation with Santos will not be complete without talking about her eldest son, Luis Manzano. The young Manzano has announced his interest to run for the Lipa City mayor's seat.

"I can't stop him from the doing what he wants," Ate Vi says. "I told him it's not easy to be a public servant, it's not easy to sacrifice all the things he has right now. I told him that if he's really serious in entering, he must really have the heart for it, and that his life would not be the same.

"I would like to believe that I have set a good example," she muses. "He grew up seeing how I work. When he was young I used to bring him with me on important occasions. I think that was an eye-opener for him, so in case he's going to try politics he already has the foundation. If that is what he really wants, I'll support him."

With regard to his son's love life, Santos quips, "As a mother, I'll just be here to support him. I am here not to meddle or not to impose on anything when it comes to his love life."

Vilma Santos-Recto clearly knows what is important to her — a blissful family, an exhilarating acting career, a progressive province. She is a queen in many ways and a woman in every way. - Alwin M. Ignacio, Tribune (READ MORE)

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“I hate you…dirty…you’re dirty! I hate youuuu!…huwag n’yo nang mabangit-bangit ang pangalan nyan! Kinasusuklaman ko siya!..ngayon ko lang nakita ang kapangitan ng buhay ang akala ko masaya’t maganda na ang daigdig..” - Tere

Basic Information: Direction: Tony Cayado; Adapted screenplay: Medy Tarnate; Original screenplay: German Moreno; Cast: Vilma Santos, Nora Aunor, Tirso Cruz III, Edgar Mortiz, Ike Lozada, German Moreno, Raul Aragon, Bella Flores, Etang Discher, Tony Cayado, Evelyn Bonifacio, Tina Lapuz, Arlene Bautista, Angge; Original Music: Medy Tarnate; Cinematography: Felipe Santiago; Sound: Flaviano Villareal; Theme Song: "Young Love" sung by Vilma Santos, Nora Aunor, Tirso Cruz III, Edgar Mortiz; Producer: Jose Vera Perez

Plot Description: Both Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III joined a singing contest and won. With a support from friends, Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz they became lovers.

Film Reviews: Taong 1970. Gumawa si Vilma Santos ng dalawamput isang pelikula na puro musicals. Isa lamang ang nagawa niyang drama (Sapagkat Sila’y Aming Mga Anak). Nakakapagtaka dahil hindi naman siya singer. Marahil ito ay dahil sa love team nila ni Edgar Mortiz at ito ang “trend” ng panahong ito. Pito-pito kung gumawa sila ng pelikula ng panahong iyon kung baga dalawang pelikula ang pinapalabas nila sa loob ng isang buwan. Isa na rito ang pelikula ng Sampaguita Pictures, ang “Young Love” na tinampukan ni Nora Aunor, Tirso Cruz III, Vilma Santos at Edgar Mortiz. Mapupuna na ang pelikulang ito ay bida si Nora at Tirso at supporting lamang si Vilma at Edgar. Mula sa istorya ni German Moreno at screenplay ni Medy Tarnate ang “Young Love” ay puno ng nakakalokang sitwasyon at napakababaw ng mga eksena at diyalogo. Ang director nito’y si Tony Cayado. At ang mga sayaw ay sa ilalim ng choreography ni Lito Calzado. Hindi natin alam kung bakit tinawag na “Young Love” ang pelikula samantalang hindi naman ito tungkol sa pag-iibigan ng mga kabataan rito kundi tungkol sa singing contest na sinalihan nina Ditas Aunor (Nora Aunor) at Joey Cruz (Tirso Cruz III). Naging tabla ang resulta ng singing contest at ginawa silang mga mainstay singers ng television show. Matapos ng contest ay makikitang naghahabulan na si Ditas at Joey sa may mga puno ng niyog at makikitang nagliligawan rin sina Tere (Vilma Santos) at Buboy (Edgar Mortiz) sabay kanta ang apat ng “Young Love.” Sa tutoo lang ito lang ang eksena kung saan maririnig na kumakanta rin si Vilma at nakipagsabayan siya kay Nora. Sa tuwing papasok sa eksena si Bella Flores ay tili ito ng tili at laging sinisigawan si Ditas which was very typical ng mga contrabida nuong panahong ito and very irritating. Narito rin si Etang Discher na isang ulyanin na lola ni Tirso at Vilma. Pilit nitong pinapapunta si Tirso sa Australia pero laging niloloko nito ang matanda at sinasabing natapos na pala ang isang taon at nakabalik na raw ito mula Australia. Tapos nito’y makikita si Ike Lozada na kumakanta sa harap ng mga batang lansangan. Samantala si Bella Flores ay nakipagayos kay Tom Junes (Raul Aragon) upang sabotahin mismo nito ang show ng kanyang sariling pamangkin. Makikita ang nakakalokang sex scene ng dalawa. At ang sumunod na eksena ay ang drama scene ni Ate Vi. Dahil marahil sa walang eksena si Ate Vi na kumakanta ay binigyan siya ng sariling eksena at katapat ito ng maraming eksena ni Nora na kumakanta. Ito ay nang mahuli ni Ate Vi niya si Tom Junes at Bella Flores na nagse-sex. Takbo ito habang umiiyak. Makikita na dumating ito sa sariling bahay at sa kuwarto nito’y pinagsisira niya ang pictures ni Tom Junes kasama ng album nito. Devoted fan pala siya ni Tom Junes. Cut! Tapos na ang eksena ni Ate Vi. Pasok ang mga musical numbers, kanta ng ilang beses si Nora, Tirso, Edgar and Ike Lozada. Meron ding dance numbers, pero wala si Ate Vi sa mga dance numbers na ito. And then it’s the end. Napapakamot ako sa ulo.

Nakakaloka talaga. Makikitang hindi pinag-isipan ang istorya nito. Ginawa nilang i-showcase ang pagiging singer ni Nora Aunor. Kadalasan ang mga kanta niya ay mga version ng mga English popular cover songs at hindi original Filipino songs. Tulad ng “I Believe” at marami pang iba. Kung tutuusin ito ang trend nuon, ang mga kantang galing sa amerika. So much of the fact that lahat ng mga drum beaters ni Nora ay sinisigaw ang kanyang pagiging isang ulirang Filipina dahil sa kanyang pisikal na itsura. Pero mukha ka ngang dalagang Filipina pero pagbuka naman ng bunganga mo eh lumalabas mga kantang banyaga anong klaseng dalagang Filipina yan? Sa sobrang inpluensiya ng mga banyagang kanta ng kalagitnaan ng dekada 70 ay nagkaroon ng rebelyon sa ere ng mga radyo. Nauso ang Original Pilipino Music o OPM bilang sagot sa musikang dayuhan. Sumulpot ang mga musikerong Juan DeLaCruz, Hotdog, Cinderella, VST & Co., Sampaguita, Freddy Aguilar, Coritha, Mike Hanopol, at marami pang iba na ang mga kanta ay tagalog at pawang komposisyon ng mga Pilipino. Ang mga kanta ni Nora ay puro mga English kontradiksyon ng mga sinisigaw ng fans niya na isang imahen ng Filipino si Nora. Kung ang itsura man niya ay pilipinang-pilipina ang mga kinakanta naman niya ay – puro kanta ng dayuhan. Ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit wala siyang masasabing signature song dahil puro version niya lamang ang mga kantang ni-record ng panahong iyon. Samatala si Vilma Santos na hindi singer ay nagkaroon ng kanyang sariling signature songs bagamat English ang mga lyrics ng mga ito, original Filipino composition naman ang mga ito tulad ng “Bobby Bobby Bobby” at “Sixteen.” Kasabay nito’y ni-record din niya ang mga tagalog songs na “Isipin Mong bastat mahal kita,” “Bato sa buhangin,” at “Palong-palo.” Nang kalagitanaan ng dekada 70 ay kapunapuna na kaunti na lamang ang mga pelikulang kantahan at hindi na kumikita ang mga ito kung kaya mapupuna na nag-umpisa nang gumawa ng matitinong pelikula kapwa sina Nora Aunor at Vilma Santos.

Ang “Young Love” ay isang halimbawa ng pelikulang gawa ng unang bahagi ng dekada 70. Mabilisang gawa. Mababaw ng istorya at hitik ng mga musical numbers. Mayroon mga nakakatawang eksena tulad ng pagkanta sa mga burulan ng patay basta magkaroon lang ng eksena ng kantahan. Tutoo ito, may mga eksena na nagkakantahan sa ilalim ng punong kahoy. Mga sayawan, habulan, at ligawan sa mga beach at kahuyan. Nag-click ito sa mga tao nang unang bahagi ng dekada sitentat ngunit sinawaan rin ang mga tao at nang dumating na ang huling bahagi ng dekada ay nagbago ito. Dito dumating ang panahon na nagbago na ang imahen ni Vilma Santos at nag-umpisa na itong ungusan ang walang kawawaang pagkanta ni Nora sa mga basurang pelikula niya. Ang “Young Love” ay puno ng walang kawawaang musical numbers ni Nora Aunor. Puno rin ito ng mga eksenang nakakaloka na kahit na ang batang paslit ay magkakamot ng ulo at sasabihin ang “huh?” Kung hindi mo hahahanapin ang matinong istorya at ang hangad mo lang ay makita kung gaano kagaling kumanta si Nora Aunor kahit pa sa burulan ng patay tiyak na mage-enjoy ka sa pelikulang ito dahil maraming eksena rito si Nora na kumakanta ng walang kawawaang kantang dayuhan. - RV, V magazine, 2007

"...The loveteam of Edgar Mortiz and Vilma Santos endured a stiff competition from teeny bopper love team of Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III and came up with equal success with string of hit films during the musical era of the 70s. Together they did forgettable but commercial hits and also some hints of the years to come to Vilma Santos’ long career. The most notable one: Dama De Noche. Total Number of films with Vilma Santos – 25 (Young Love, Teenage Jamboree, Songs and Lovers, Renee Rose, My Pledge of Love, Mga Batang Bangketa, Love Is for the Two of Us, I Love You Honey, From the Bottom of My Heart, Baby Vi, Love Letters, The Wonderful World of Music, The Sensations, The Young Idols, Sweethearts, Sixteen, Leron-Leron Sinta, Edgar Love Vilma, Don’t Ever Say Goodbye, Dama de Noche, Anak ng Aswang, Because You Are Mine, Kampanerang Kuba, Kasalanan Kaya, Karugtong ang Kahapon..." - RV (READ MORE)

"...By late 1969, movie producers had been tapping a Vilma Santos-Edgar Mortiz love team. Edgar was a Tawag ng Tanghalan winner. They started to be together in the movies, My Darling Eddie (1969) and The Jukebox King (1969)...In 1970, the love team of Vilma Santos and Edgar "Bobot" Mortiz was officially launched in the movie Young Love, together with the another popular love team during that time, Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III. The Vi and Bot love team went on to do 14 more movies in 1970—The Young Idols, Songs and Lovers, Sweethearts, Sixteen, Love Letters, Love is for the Two of Us, Mga Batang Bangketa, My Pledge of Love, Renee Rose, Baby Vi, Because You Are Mine, Edgar Loves Vilma, From the Bottom of My Heart, and I Love You Honey. All did well at the box-office..." - Rommel R. Llanes (READ MORE)

"...Walang makapaniwala na magiging gayon kalakas takilya sina Nora at Tirso. Nagimbal ang mga taga-pelikula. Bakit daw gayon kalaki ang kinikita ng unang dalawang pelikula nina Nora at Tirso? Tsamba lamang daw kaya iyon o biglang nagbago ng panlasa ng mga manonood? Hindi tsamba. Ang mga sumunod pang pelikula nina Nora at Tirso ay mas malaki ang kinita. Daang-libo ang kinita ng "Teenage Excapades" at "Halina, Neneng Ko." Itinambal ng Towers si Nora sa iba pang kabataang artista, malaki rin ang kinita. Katunayan na malaki ang hukbo ng mga tagahanga ni Nora. Sinubok naman ng Barangay Productions na itambal si Tirso kay Gemma Suzara, hindi gaanong kinagat ng mga fans. Nag-produce ng pelikula ang mag-anak na Cruz, pinagsama sina Ricky Belmonte at Tirso sa "Ricky na, Tirso Pa" isinama naman sa magpinsan si Pilar Pilapil. Tinapatan ng Tower ng isang pelikula ni Nora ang pelikula ng mga Cruz. Resulta: mas maraming nanood sa pelikula ni Nora. Ano ang ibig sabihin nito? Gusto ng mga fans na maging magkatambal sina Nora at Tirso. Sinagot ng VP Pictures ang kahilingang ito sa pamamagitan ng "Young Love." Bukod kina Tirso at Nora ay isinaman pa ang mga young ones na sina Vilma Santos at Edgar Mortiz. Patok sa takilya!..." - Romy Galang, Pilipino Magazine, 18 February 1970 (READ MORE)

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Celso Ad Castillo's Vilma Santos Films

"...Mr. Castillo, who directed more than 60 movies including “Asedillo” in 1971 and “Burlesk Queen” in 1977, died in his home in Siniloan, Laguna. In 2007, Mr. Castillo was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer. Born in Siniloan in Sept. 12, 1943, Mr. Castillo is the son of lawyer Dominador Ad Castillo and Marta Adolfo. He graduated in 1964 from the Manuel L. Quezon University with a degree in English Literature. Mr. Castillo started as a writer for a komiks magazine, until he was commissioned to write a script for a spoof of the British superspy James Bond in 1965. He directed his first movie, Misyong Mapanganib in 1966. But it was the film Asedillo in 1971 that made Mr. Castillo popular. Based on the story of a Filipino rebel of the 1920s who was hunted down as a bandit by the American colonial government, the movie gave its lead actor, Fernando Poe, Jr. his second Best Actor trophy from the Film Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS)...Before he died, he has just launched his tell-all book Celso Ad Castillo: An Autobiography and His Craft..." - Jeffrey O. Valisno (READ MORE)

Castillo gave Vilma Santos her first mature role in Burlesk Queen resulting with her first local film festival best actress award. He also directed Pagputi Ng Uwak Pagitim Ng Tagak where Vilma Santos starred and produced. The film received several best picture awards and was considered one of Castillo’s best works. - RV (READ MORE)

Tag-ulan sa tag-araw (1975) - "...The two main characters, Christopher Deleon and Vilma Santos obviously carried the film with surprising maturity. Considering this was their first team-up and both were very young. In 1975, both were still in transitions, from teenybopper stars of the musical era to serious actors. Christopher Deleon’s performance was quite impressive as the apologetic Rod, except for some scenes where you can see his nostril moves, he gave a very affecting performance. Vilma Santos equally balance the equation with a touching show of emotions that we seldom see in her early films that are mostly musicals, fantasy or comedies. Three scenes stand out. First was in the bus where she confronted her “Kuya Rod” to not to give-up on their relationship. Second when her parents caught them in the balcony. She begs them to stop beating up her “Kuya Rod.” And then finally, the driving to the abortion clinic scene, she cried her heart out begging them to stop and cried for help to her “Kuya Rod,” who was running behind and trying very hard to stop the car. Celso Ad Castillo successfully gave us a very moving film. Even with the very annoying number of voice-over scenes, scenes that you will hear the two main characters talks but you will see them not opening their mouth, the film has so many good qualities that you will forgive these flaws. We probably attributed these flaws to the style of many films in the 60s and 70s..." - RV (READ MORE)

Burlesk Queen (1977) - "...Burlesk Queen is much more than a gripping commercial melodrama. It is also a scathing commentary on the sarcastic sexual politics that has become the atmosphere of Philippine society: of hardworking women and the good-for-nothing men they serve (in other words, a patriarchal society gone awry). It is also a fervent reminder of the redemptive and equalizing power of art, which is the reason why it will always be a threat to those who hold power. Multi-faceted, committedly acted, and very well-directed, Burlesk Queen, I opine, is an unsung masterpiece." - Francis Cruz (READ MORE)

Pagputi ng uwak, Pag-itim ng tagak (1978) - "...Celso Ad. Castillo’s Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak (When the Crow Turns White, When the Heron Turns Black) injects political overtones into its story, about a poor young man (Bembol Roco) who, when abandoned by his upper-class lover (Vilma Santos), joins the Hukbalahap rebels. Ad. Castillo in this film demonstrates an amazing visual language–not flashy, but quietly, lyrically brilliant. He also demonstrates a more masterful grasp of music and song than possibly any other Filipino director–the film is a model on how to use kundimans, ballads, pop songs to differentiate social classes, to satirize and comment on the narrative action.” - Noel Vera (READ MORE)

Celso Ad. Castillo began directing films mid-60′s at an early age, but he has since then gained reputation for many other aspects of the craft particularly scriptwriting and acting. In the Filipino movie industry, he holds the unique repuation of being controversial, trendsetter,enfant terrible and messiah of Philippine cinema, and his track record justifies it: he introduced artistry and commercialism in sex films (nympha) when the two were considered incompatible, and introduced sex in artistic projects ( Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa/The Most Beautiful Animal on Earth)when moralistic repression was in vogue. An unfortunate and unfair consequence of the controversy is the recognition due him as one of the finest film commentators on the Philippine social scene, with a visual fluency unmatched by any other contemporary filipino film director. - Celso Ad Castillo Web-site (READ MORE)


Sa history ng pelikulang lokal, sadyang namumukod-tangi si VILMA SANTOS dahil hindi lang sa larangan ng pag-arte siya nagtagumpay kundi pati na rin sa pulitika. Pagkatapos ng siyam na taong paglilingkod bilang mayor ng Lipa City, tinanghal naman siyang governor ng buong lalawigan ng Batangas. Nagsimula si Ate Vi bilang child actress noong 1963 sa pelikulang Tudis Liit ng Sampaguita Pictures nang siya ay siyam na taong gulang lamang. Nakipagtagisan siya ng talino sa dalawang batikang aktres nang panahong iyon, sina Gloria Romero at Lolita Rodriguez. Naging positibo ang reception ng publiko kay Ate Vi kaya naman nagkasunod-sunod ang movies niya as a child actress. Sa kanyang makumpletong filmography, makikita ninyong walang patlang ang paggawa ni Ate Vi ng pelikula. Hindi siya nagaya sa ibang child stars na sa transition from childhood to adolescence ay nawala sa eksena at tuluyang nagretiro, o kaya'y bumalik na lang noong teenager na sila. Noong naging 16 years old si Ate Vi in 1970, she became a teen idol and made a staggering total of 27 movies for one year alone. Malayung-malayo nga sa mga artista ngayon na isa o dalawang pelikula lang ang nagagawa taun-taon. She was truly in demand then! And to think may regular TV show pa siya at that time sa ABS CBN, ang D' Senations na later on ay isinapelikula rin.

HINDI MADALING GAWIN - Ang assignment namin dito ay itala ang ten best films na nagawa ni Ate Vi at, sa totoo lang, hindi madaling gawin ito dahil nga napakarami niyang nagawang magagandang pelikula through the years. As a child star, pinakagusto namin ang kanyang Ging sa Premiere Productions. Street urchin siya ritong anak ng lumpong si Olivia Cenizal na natuklasan sa movies at sumikat bilang child star. Sa teenage phase ng kanyang career, ang most memorable movies niya for us ay ang Renee Rose (gumanap siya bilang isang sikat na artistang may mahigpit na stage mother, played by Lilia Dizon, at dahil dito ay nalaktawan niya ang kanyang kabataan and she often behaves like a child), Inspiration (directed by the late Ishmael Bernal, this is a well-written teen romance at ang nakatambal niya ay ang yumaong Jay Ilagan), Takbo, Vilma, Dali (this is and effective suspense-thriller directed by the late Joey Gosiengfaiao and Vilma played a witness to a crime na hinahabol ng killer), Dama de Noche (dito niya napanalunan ang first Famas best actress award niya and she is totally convincing in a dual role bilang magkapatid na kambal na ang isa ay mabait at ang isa ay baliw), Lipad, Darna, Lipad (this is her first Darna movie, a trilogy na naging blockbuster hit and established her as a top box office actress), Nakakahiya? (this is about a scandalous May-December romance na ang kapareha niya ay ang nasirang Eddie Rodriguez na pwede na niyang maging ama, naging big hit ito kaya nagkaroon pa ng sequel na Hindi Nakakahiya), at Tag-ulan Sa Tag-araw (directed by Celso Ad Castillo, ang first movie nila ni Christopher de Leon tungkol sa magpinsang-buo na umibig sa isa't isa).

Natitiyak naming kayo ay may sariling paborito sa mga pelikulang ginawa ni Ate Vi. Tiyak na marami ring may gusto sa Pagputi Ng Uwak, Pag-itim Ng Tagak (a love story about a rebel, Bembol Roco, and a violinist, Ate Vi, na siya mismo ang nag-produce sa kanyang VS Films at dinirek ni Celso Ad Castillo), Rubia Servios (dito siya unang dinirek ni Lino Brocka and she played a rape victim who later gets to kill her rapist, Philipp Salvador), Tagos Ng Dugo (isa siyang serial killer dito, directed by Maryo J. de los Reyes), Kapag Langit Ang Humatol (a well-told komiks melodrama directed by Laurice Guillen), Anak (she played an OFW na may gap sa anak niyang si Claudine Barretto, directed by Rory Quintos), Bata-Bata Paano Ka Ginawa? (adapted from Lualhati Bautista's award-winning novel, she played a liberal single mother who asserts herself, directed by Chito Roño) and Dekada '70 (again adapted from a Lualhati Bautista novel and directed by Chito Roño, tungkol ito sa isang ina noong panahon ng martial lwa).

OUR PERSONAL CHOICES - Para sa amin, ang aming personal choices are the following:

1. SISTER STELLA L (1984) Mula kay Mother Lily Monteverde ng Regal Films, ito ang most socially relevant film na ginawa ni Ate Vi, masterfully directed by Mike de Leon, written by Ricky Lee. Hinakot nito ang karamihan sa tropeo ng Urian Awards for that year, including best picture, best actress for Ate Vi, best actor for Jay Ilagan, best supporting actress for Laurice Guillen, and best supporting actor for Tony Santos, Sr. Si Vilma ang gumaganap bilang title-roler, isang apolitical nun na ang dating boyfirend ay naging isang journalist (Jay) na tumutulong sa mga inaaping manggagawa sa pangunguna ng labor leader na si Ka Dencio (Tony). Ang kapwa niya madreng si Sister Stella B. (Laurice) ang nagpakita sa kanya kung paano sila magiging mas makabuluhan by serving the people's struggle for social justice. Ipinakita ritong dapat tayong makisangkot sa mga suliranin ng lipunan para magkaroon ng mabuting pagbabago sa sistema. Hindi pwedeng neutral ka lang na ayaw ma-involve. Kahit na nga member ka ng religious community, dapat ding makisangkot ka sa socio-political affairs. Ang talumpati ni Ate Vi nang maging militanteng madre na siya pagkatapos mapatay si Ka Dencio ("Kung 'di tayo kikilos, sino'ngkikilos? Kung 'di ngayon, kailan pa?") ay talaga namang nakakaantig ng damdamin.

2. IKAW AY AKIN (1978) - Member kami ng Urian Awards nung '78 at ang pelikulang ito, produced by Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions, ang siyang ipinaglaban namin para manalo ng best picture. Hindi ito sinang-ayunan ng karamihan sa mga kapwa namin Manunuri dahil mas pinili nila ang Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim Ng Tagak, dahil may elemento raw ng kaapihan ng magsasaka at ng reporma sa lupa. (Ang tanging consolation ng Ikaw Ay Akin ay nanalo si Christopher de Leon ng kanyang first Urian best actor award.) Years later, some of the Manunuri members who voted for Pagputi told us they regretted the decision dahil obvious namang Ikaw Ay Akin ang pelikula na talagang withstood the test of time, written by Jose Carreon and directed by Ishmael Bernal. Wala itong pretensiyon na nagpapa-socially relevant but it deals so effectively on the matter of how human beings and relantionships can at once be simple and complex. Malayo nga ito sa usual love triangle flicks na puno ng melodramang iyakan, although Christopher as Rex is also turn between Vilma Santos as Sandra, a kooky and neurotic artist designer, and Nora Aunor as Tere, an orchid expert. Ang mga salimuot ng menage-a-trois na ito ay sensitively laid out para makita ng viewer ang sakit at ligaya , at dusa at saya na dinaraanan ng bawa't tauhan. Sa ending, nothing is really resolved. Basta nagtitinginan lang sina Nora at Vilma sa isa't isa nang walang dialogue for five minutes. This is a very daring move, lalo na't ang local viewers ay yung tipong gustong matiyak kung kanino ba talaga napunta si Boyet, kay Vi o kay Guy? Pero si Bernal ay walang pakialam with fulfilling viewer expectations. Basta ang gusto niya ay mailarawan niya ang mensahe ng movie.: that no one can totally, absolutely, fully own another human being. The best thing is to understand ang pangangailangan ng isang tao at mahalin mo ito according to his limitations. Sabi nga ni Boyet kay Guy: "Kailangan ako ni Sandra hindi lang sa pisikal kundi sa emosyonal din, tulad ng pangangailangan ko sa 'yo. Sa kanya, nagkakaroon ako ng gamit. Kailangan ko kayong dalawa para mabuo ako." Sabi naman niya kay Vi: "Si Tere, tinanggap nang hindi niya ako maaangkin nang buong-buo. Kung sasabihin mong nakuha mo ako ng buong buo ang isang bagay, kulang pa rin." Grabe rin ang galing ng acting dito ni Vi sa tagpong inilantad niya ang kanyang sarili as an insecure woman: "Sabi nila, liberated ako, front lang. Kalong daw, front din. Alam mo namang kulang-kulang ako. 'Pag wala ka, magkakalat ako. Para akong manok, takbo nang takbo, wala namang ulo!"

3. DALAWANG PUGAD, ISANG IBON (1977) - A commercial and artistic success written and directed by Ishmael Bernal, love triangle movie rin ito that banked on the real life romance then of its lead stars, Vilma and Romeo Vasquez. Si Vilma ay si Terry, na iniwanan ng kanyang immature boyfriend (Mat Ranillo III at sumama sa isang lalaking may asawa (Romeo) sa kabila ng pagtutol ng mga magulang niya. Pwede itong naging mediocre romantic melodrama pero nagtagumpay si Bernal na i-elevate ito to art by giving us mature, sensitive characters who, like most of us, are looking for meaningful personal relationships. Tinalakay sa movie (in a very sutle manner) ang legal and moral implications ng adultery o pakikiapid ng isang dalaga sa isang married man, lalo na nga't society shuns such sinful relationships. Ang relasyon nina Vilma at Romeo ay reflected sa relasyon ng iba pang mga tauhan sa movie, tulad ng sa mother ni Vilma (Anita Linda) at ng ama niyang nagtataksil din (Fred Montilla), sa lola ni Vi (Mary Walter),sa first boyfriend niya (Mat) at sa babaeng may gusto rito (Ann Villegas) at kapatid nitong pokpok (Laila Dee), at sa misis ni Romeo (Anna Gonzales) na ayaw siyang pakawalan kahit hindi naman sila magkasundo. Kung may pelikula si Ate Vi na nasasabik kaming panoorin uli, ito 'yon. Kaya lang, wala na yatang existing copy ito at nakasama sa movies produced by Lea Productions na nasunog o nasira sa baha. What a big waste. Sayang talaga.

4. RELASYON (1982) - Ito ay isa pang pelikula ni Ishmael Bernal sa Regal Films na tumatalakay sa subject ng adultery from the point of view of the other woman, si Marilou (Vilma), ang mistress ni Christopher de Leon na pinaglilingkuran siya ng buong puso: pinaglalaba siya, binibigyan ng beer at inaalagan pa ang anak niya mula sa legal wife niya. Ipinakita rin sa feministic movie na aito ang pagka-chauvinist ng mga lalaking Pinoy. Gusto'y sila lagi ang masusunod at ni ayaw makakausap ng ibang lalaki ang babae nila, tulad ng aversion ni Christopher kay Jimi Melendez sa kuwento, at pati na rin sa kaibigang bading ni Ate Vi na si Manny Castañeda. Tinalakay rin sa movie ang subject ng kawalan ng divorce sa Pilipinas, dahil kung may diborsiyo raw ditom sana ay pinakasalan na ni Boyet si Vi. Narito sa pelikulang ito, which scored for Ate Vi her first grand slam as best actress, ang famous death scene ni Boyet na namimilipit sa sakit habang inirereklamo ang masakit niyang ulo at tarantang-taranta naman si Ate Vi na hindi malaman ang gagawin. Tuhog ang kuha sa mahabang eksenang ito and the acting is really great kaya dito pa lang ay sulit na ang panonood ninyo.

5. BROKEN MARRIAGE (1983) - Nagwagi rin ng Urian best actress award si Ate Vi para sa acting niya sa pelikulang ito na muli ay produced ng Regal Films. As the title implies, tungkol ito sa isang nasirang marriage. Si Vi ay si Ellen, isang TV production executive, at si Boyet ay si Rene, isang newspaper reporter. Pagkatapos ng sampung taong pagsasama, kinakalawang na ang relasyon nila bilang mag-asawa. Dahil lagi na lang silang nag-aaway, umalis si Rene mula sa tahanan nila at si Ellen ay naging single parent sa dalawa nilang anak. Nang manakawang ang bahay nila, lumipat si Ellen at mga anak nila sa bahay ng nanay niya. Nang mabugbog si Rene ng mga tauhan ng isang politiko dahil sa expose niya, napilitan siyang muling pumisan kina Ellen at dito rin muling nabuo ang pagsasama nila bilang mag-asawa, resulting into a reconciliation. May dalawang mahabang arias dito si Ate Vi na talagang lutang na lutang ang kahusayan niya. Una'y ang monologue niya sa piling ng mga kaibigan na pinagtatapatan niyang bagot a bagot na siya sa buhay. Susunod ay sa eksena niya with Boyet na sinasabi niyang hindi sila magkakabalikan nang dahil lang sa mga bata. Hindi rin malilimutan ang unang confrontation scene nila sa movie na natural na natural ang away nila bilang mag-asawang na-alienate na ang loob sa isa't isa.

6. SAAN NAGTATAGO ANG PAG-IBIG (1987) - Sa aming talaang ito, ito lamang ang pelikula ni Ate Vi na hinango sa isang nobelang komiks. This was shown in the same year as Tagos ng Dugo (na siayang nagpanalo sa kanya ng isa pang Famas best actress award), pero hindi namin naibigan ang performance niya rito as it was so palpably engineered, pati ang ibang movements niya na ang nakikita mo sa likuran niya ay ang instructions na bigay ng direktor kung ano ang gagawin niya. That year, ang choice namin for best actress ay si Lorna Tolentino sa anti-heroin role niya in Maging Akin Ka Laman ni Lino Brocka. But we will alwyas love Saan Nagtatago Ang Pag-ibig, na dinerek ni Eddie Garcia, dahil may kakaibang tama ito sa puso. Sa kuwrnto, si Vilma ay nabuntis ni Ricky Davao pero hindi siay mapakasalan nito dahil sa mamanahin mula sa kanilang dominanteng lola, the late Alicia Vergel, na inaapi-api pati ang ina ni Ricky, si Gloria Romero, who gives a great performance. Ang ginawa ni Ricky a kinumbinsi si Vilma na pakasal sa kanyang kapatid na retarded, si Val, played by Tonton Gutierrez, para aito ang magbigay ng pangalan sa magiging supling niya. Pumayag si Ate Vi at doon na nga siya natira sa malaking bahay ng pamilya nina Ricky at Tonton. Dahil doon, mababago ang takbo nga buhay ng pamilyang ito dahil si Vilma ang magsisilbing agent of change who will defy the matriach taht is Alicia Vergel. Mabubunyag din kung pano nagkaroon ng pinsala si Tontion sa utak. Maraming madamdaming eksena sa pelikula na talagang titimo sa inyong puso. Sa ending, there is justice dahil nagkamit ng karampatang parusa ang mga nagkasala.

7. PAHIRAM NG ISANG UMAGA (1989) -Namatay si Ate Vi sa pelikulang ito sa papel niya bilang Juliet, isang advertising executive na dinapuan ng cancer, but the film, produced by Regal Films, written by Jose Javier Reyes and directed by Ishmael Bernal, is really more a celebration of life. Pagkatapos malaman ni Juliet na may taning na ang buhay niya, ginugol niya ang mga natitira niyang araw para ilagay sa ayos ang kanyang buhay. Nakipagkasundo siya sa kanyang estranged husband (Gabby Concepcion) na may iba nang asawa (Zsa Zsa Padilla) at inihabilin dito ang anak nila (Billy Joe Crawford). Maraming simbolo and motifs ng buhay at kamatayang ginamit din ang expressionist painter na si Ariel (Eric Quizon) ina an impressive performance) para ipakita ang parallelisms between life and art. In one scene, tinalakay pati ang origins ng art when prehistoric men made drawings on caves na kahit primitive ay they continue to exist until this day. people may die, but art will live on. Ironically, si Ariel ay isang tormented soul who wants to kill himself. Pero iniligtas siya ni Juliet, a dying woman na hindi na maililigtas ang sarili niyang buhay. The grand death scene of Juliet on the beach habang nakasuot siya ng puting night gown haang nagbubukang-liwayway, sa 'di kalayuan ay isa sa mga 'di-malilimutang paglalarawan ng buhay at kamatayan na maing napanood sa pinilakang tabing.

8. HAHAMAKIN ANG LAHAT (1990) - Produced by Regal Films, dinirek ito ni Lino Brocka and we honestly believe na very much underrated ito. Ang tanging award na pinanalunan nito ay best supporting actress award for Snooky Serna (na very deserving). Nirepaso nga namin ang aming listahang ito at napansin naming ito lang ang movie ni Ate Vi na dinirek ni Brocka which is included in our list. Mas marami kaming isinaling pelikula ni Ate Vi na dinirek ni Bernal. Actually, may iba pang ginawang movies si Ate Vi with the legendary director, tulad ng nabanggit na rin naming Rubia Servios (kunsaan tinalo siya ni Ate Guy as best actress for Atsay in the 1978 Metro Manila Film Festival) at ang Adultery: Aida Macaraeg with Philipp Salvador and the late Mario Montenegro. Pero para sa amin, this is Ate Vi's best Brocka movie and one of her best and most demanding roles sa mga nagampanan na niya. Vilma plays an anti-heroin, si Sylvia, isang bida-kontabida. Asawa siya ng isang gahamang mayor (Eric Quizon), na piangtataksilan siya. Nang muli niyang makatagpo ang una niyang pag-ibig, si Rene (Gabby Concepcion) ay pinagsikapan niyang makuhang muli ang pagtingin nito kahit kasal na rin ito sa ibang babae (Snooky). Sa kanya nga patungkol ang titulo ng movie dahil hahamakin niya ang lahat maagaw lang muli ang dati niyang pag-ibig. Dati, akala niya, magiging maligaya siya sa mga materyal na bagay at pati ang mahirap niyang ina (Perla Bautista) ay nagawa niyang itakwil. Nguni't natanto niyang wala sa pera o sa kapangyarihan ang tunay na kaligayahan kundi nasa tunay na pag-ibig. Ang hindi niya alam, paghahangad niyang maibalik ang nakaraan ay hahantong lamang sa isang malagim na trahedya. Sadyang mapanghamon ang role ni Ate Vi rito na tuso, matapang, sinungaling at manggagamit ng kapwa tao. Mapupuri mo nga siya dahil hindi siya natatakot kumuha ng ganitong klase ng roles (gaya rin ng role niya sa Sinasamba Kita) na pwedeng maka-alienate sa kanyang fans. She's definitely more adventurous as an actress. Kaso ang nakalaban niya that year ay si Nora Aunor who played a more sympathetic role bilang inang nagpakasakait alang-alang sa ikabubuti ng anak sa Andrea, Paano Ba Ang Maging Isang Ina? kaya mahuhulaan na ninyo kung sino ang nagwagi ng best actress awards for the year.

9. BURLESK QUEEN (1977) - Humakot ng lahat ng tropeo sa 1977 Metro Manila Film Festival, tribute ito sa stage shows noong '50s. Sinulat ni Mauro Gia Samonte at dinirek ni Celso Ad Castillo, dito unang nagpa-sexy si Ate Vi at talagang big blockbuster ito. Kuwento ito ng isang batambatang burlesque dancer noong 1950s, played by Ate Vi. Nagsimula siya bilang alalay ng isang reigning burlesque queen, si Rosemarie Gil, na kabit ang maton na si roldan Aquino. Nang iwana ni Roldan si Rosemarie, naglasing ito at ayaw nang sumayaw kaya si Vilma ang isinalang bilang kapalit niya sa entablado. Maiinit ang naging pagtanggap ng mga lalaking manonood kay Vilma, pero ang maprinsipyong ama niyang lumpo (Leopoldo Salcedo) ay tutol sa ginagawa niya. Dahil naghihirap sila, nasunod din ang gusto ni Vilma na maging burlesk dancer. Nagpatiwakal ang ama niya dahil dito. Umibig naman si Vilma sa isang iresponsableng lalaki na nakipag-live in dito, si Rollie Quizon, na isa palang mama's boy at hindi sanay sa hirap kaya nilayasan din siya. Ang climax ng movie ay ang may sampung minutong pagsasayaw ni Vilma sa entablado hanggang duguin siya. Buntis pala siya at gusto niya talagang malaglag ang dinadala niya. Maganda ang maraming elemento sa movie, malian sa production design na 1950s ang setting pero hindi maingat kaya maraming detalye na pang-19702 ang kasama rito. Very memorable din dito si Jonee Gamboa sa papel ng stage impresario an siyang nagsasatining ng mga opinyon ng writer at direktot na pinupuna ang hypocrisy ng mga moralista, tulad ng pagtatanong niya kung anong uri ng show ang dapat ibigay sa masang Pinoy na hindi kayang magbayad ng pang-mayaman at kulturadong shows tulad ng operang Merry Widow. Sayang at wala na rin daw existing copy ng pelikulang ito.

10. DOLZURA CORTEZ STORY: DAHIL MAHAL KITA (1993) - Ito ang unang pelikulang lokal na nagsiwalat tungkol sa sakit na AIDS at filmbio ito ng kuna-unahang Pilipino na umaming may AIDS siya, si olzura Cortez, na ang kuwento ay nalathala sa dyaryo. Sinulat ni Ricky Lee, dinirek ni Laurice Guillen at produced ng Octo Arts Films, bida-kontrabida rin ang papel ni Ate Vi rito in the title role. Hindi siya yung usual heroine na walang bahid-dungis at inaapi. Dito, isa siyang makasalanang babae na nagbili ng katawan, nagkaroon ng affairs sa maraming lalaki, hanggang sa dapuan nga siya ng dreaded sickness called AIDS. Muli ngang naka-grand slam si Ate Vi sa role niya sa pelikulang ito. The same year, meron ding nagawang movie si Ate Guy, ang Inay na dinirek ng yumaong Artemio Marquez, pero hindi man lang siya naging nominee para sa pagkakaganap niya roon. That year, dalawang movies ang nagawa ni Ate Vi. Ang isa pa ang ang action-dramang Ikaw Lang ni Chito Roño, na in fairness ay mahusay rin siya sa papel ng battered wife ng baliw na si Cesar Montano an naging bank robber kasama si Ronnie Ricketts. Pero sa Dolzura Cortez nga pinarangalan si Ate Vi dahil talaga namang very convincing ang pagkakaganap niya bilang isang babaeng lumaban sa buhay alang-alang sa kanyang pamilya, nguni't sa kasamaang-palad ay iginupo ng isang sakit na walang lunas. Malusog na malusog si Ate Vi nang gawin niya ang pelikulang ito, pero very convincing siya sa paglalarawan ng isang babaeng may malubhang sakit at malapit nang bawian ng buhay. Dahil nga sa pelikulang ito, nagkaroon ng higit na kamulatan ang publiko ungkol sa sakit na AIDS.

BEST MOVIE IS YET TO COME - Kung magdagdag kami ng isa pang Ate Vi movie sa aming listahan, it will be another work of Laurice Guillen, ang Ipagpatawad Mo, where Ate Vi played the mother of an autistic boy na ipinaglaban ang anak niya kahit may kapansanan ito. At dahil aktibo pa rin si Ate Vi at may bagong movie na nakatakdang gawin sa Star Cinema, hindi pa tapos ang pagsulat sa history niya bilang isang actress. Kahait gobernadora na siya ang Batangas, lalabas pa rin daw siya sa movies every now and then. Who knows? Baka he really, really best movie is yet to come habang mas nagmamature siya, like fine wine, bilang isang actress for all seasons. - Mario Bautista, Hi! Magazine Dec 2007

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Basic Information: Directed: Yang Shih Chin, Danny Ochoa; Screenplay: Yang Shih Chin; Cast: Meng Fei, Vilma Santos, Philip Gamboa; Cinematography: Ho Huk Wai, Remigio Young

Plot Description: "Directed by Danny Ochoa and Ching-Yang Chen (stars - Phillip Gamboa, Vilma Santos and Meng Fei). When a poor wretch to his heir apparent of a large fortune, he finds himself in a web of intrigue. Nothing is what it seems when he receives the key to bring him to his wealth. Criminals sit on his heels and when he seeks help from justice appears to be corrupt. He will do everything possible and literally have to fight for his inheritance." - Movie Meter (READ MORE)

Film Achievement: For international release (released as "Wild Whirlwind").

Film Review: "...Balikan naman natin ang taong 1974. Labingdalawa ang pelikulang nagawa ni ate Vi sa taong ito. Lahat ay tumabo sa takilya at nagpatatag ng kanyang Box Office Queen Title. Sa labingdalawang pelikulang ginawa ni ate Vi, ang balikan natin ay ang Twin Fists for Justice. Dito ay nakatambal niya ang Hong Kong Martial Arts Superstar na si Meng Fei. March 1974, ng dumating si Ate Vi mula sa 9 na araw na pananatili sa Hong Kong kaugnay ng dubbing para sa pelikula. At mula roon, 3 malalaking alok ang tinanggap niya mula sa iba't ibang HK producers. Narito ang mga offer kay ate Vi: Isang Vilma-Meng Fei-Shoji Karada (Isang Japanese superstar) starrer na kukunan nang buong buo sa Okinawa. Ito ay coproduction venture ng Bell Films at ni Shoji Karada. Isang action film na kukunan sa Vietnam mula naman kay Mr. Francis Lee ng HK at isang Vietnamese producer. Isang pelikulang kukunan sa Taiwan na ipo-produce naman nina Mr. Chen Yeng at Mr. Robert Jeffrey. Alam na natin ang nagging kapalaran ng mga movie offers na ito. Dahil sa pagiging biggest actress ng bansa ay hindi na siya nagkaroon pa ng panahon para lumabas ng bansa at gawin ang mga ito. Pero kung sakali at nagawa ni Ate Vi ang mga movie na ito, marahil ay matagal na siyang tinitingala bilang isang international actress. Balikan natin ang Twin Fist for Justice.

Bago isinagawa ang actual dubbing, sinubok muna ang boses ni Ate Vi. Nang makapasa, saka itinuro sa kanya ang diction at enunciation ng British English. Habang sinasanay siya, ipinakikita sa kanya ang kabuuan ng pelikula na nakadub na sa Mandarin. Magkakaroon kasi ito ng 2 versions, isang English at isang Mandarin. Ang Mandarin version ang itatanghal sa Hong Kong at ang English version naman ang siyang magiging panginternational release. Ang Mandarin version ay binago ang pamagat, ginawa itong Wild Whirlwind. Bukod sa pagbabago ng pamagat, ang pelikula ay mayroon ding iba’t ibang lay-out. Para sa Pilipinas, sa layout ay mas malaki ang larawan ni Meng Fei at una ang pangalan ni Ate Vi, pero sa Hong Kong at international version, mas malaki ang larawan ni Ate Vi at una naman ang pangalan ni Meng Fei. Ayon sa producer nito na si Mr. Dy, una itong ipinalabas sa Bangkok, Malaysia at Indonesia at naging isang malaking hit dahil kilalang-kilala na raw si Ate Vi sa mga nasabing bansa because of her "Darna" films. Isa pang trivia: alam nyo ba na sa pelikulang ito unang nagsuot si Ate Vi ng bathing suit? Tama. Nagsuot nga si Ate Vi ng bathing suit sa pelikulang ito sa isang eksena sa swimming pool, ng sumunod na taon 1975, isang bikini naman ang kanyang isinuot sa pelikulang Nakakahiya?" - Eric Nadurata, V Magazine Nos. 12 (READ MORE)

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Special Film: Sisa (1951)

"...The film Sisa has a hypnotic grip on viewers. Anita Linda is simply amazing in an award-winning performance as the crazed title character. The story-telling is tight and well-paced. However, the climactic ending seems rushed. It is basically a CliffsNotes summary of the latter part of Noli Me Tangere. The sudden change in pace left me wondering whether some parts are still missing. Is there a director's cut somewhere? The digitalized copy of the film is not in good condition. The images are chopped in the right and bottom sides. The audio is not clear enough and sometimes muffled. I had a hard time deciphering the name of Sisa’s husband. I’m not even sure if it is really Pedring. It sounds like Peding or Peping. I’m still thankful, though, that I saw one of the best works of National Artist for Film, Gerardo de Leon. This film was definitely the highlight of the UP Diliman run of Cinemalaya 2008. I hope Cinemalaya 2011 has a section for films about Jose Rizal, his works, and his characters. Will we finally see a copy of Gerardo de Leon’s El Filibusterismo? The epic film was scheduled for screening decades ago but the screening was unfortunately scrapped. Is a print really existing or should we just be contented playing the film in our minds?..." - Nel, The Persistence of Vision (READ MORE)

Anita Linda (born Alice Lake; born November 23, 1924) was a two-time FAMAS award-winning and Gawad Urian award-winning Filipino film actress. A romantic lead in her youth, she later gained critical acclaim for her portrayals in maternal or elderly roles. At the age of 74, she became the oldest actress to ever win a FAMAS award, when she was named Best Supporting Actress for Ang Babae sa Bubungang Lata. In 2008, at age 83, she was named Best Actress in the 10th Cinemanila International Film Festival (Southeast Asia Film Competition) for her portrayal of the titular character in Adela. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Anita Linda and Vilma Santos - 14 films, spanning three decades, Anita Linda has become a regular staple in several important films of Vilma Santos’ long stellar career. The most notable were the award wioning Bernal and De Leon films. (READ MORE)

FAIR USE NOTICE (NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE): This site contains copyrighted materials the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to preserve the film legacies of actress, Vilma Santos, and to make her career information available to future generations. We believe this is NOT an infringement of any such copyrighted materials as in accordance to the the fair dealing clauses of both the Canadian and U.S. Copyright legislation, both of which allows users to engage in certain activities relating to research, private study, criticism, review, or news reporting. We are making an exerted effort to mention the source of the material, along with the name of the author, performer, maker, or broadcaster for the dealing to be fair, again in accordance with the allowable clauses. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Die Hard Vilmanians Magazine

"...True enough, they were most enthusiastic but kind of controlled with their adulation when Ate Vi came with her Girl Friday Aida Fandialan in tow. Anyway, when the famed actress had the chance to talk with her adoring fans, she was most nostalgic as she went down memory lane of her memorable encounters with them. According to her, she had this fan who would come almost on a daily basis at her governor’s office in Batangas and never complained even if Ate Vi could not attend to her or keep her entertained. The actress-politician also cited this aging fan who’d carry blown-up photos of the Star for All Season with all the dedication in the world during her VIP days, content to see her idol perform. She also expressed being truly touched by the filial devotion of this fan who was with her almost from the very beginning of her illustrious showbiz career and was just staying with her family in a modest rented apartment in La Loma. The mere fact that he got along famously with her late dad was something that Ate Vi would always remember with fondness. “And I’m glad that he’s still with me today!” she says apparently overwhelmed by a myriad of emotions. Ate Vi also remembered a fan who was already in her early 80s and yet she never failed to come whenever she asked her to. At this point, Ate Vi also singled out a fan who has remained unattached and never gotten married, but has religiously brought her kakanins from Biñan, Laguna. Indeed, the Star for All Seasons is obviously equipped with an elephantine memory who never forgets any good deed done or kindness she’s been most generously showered with..." - Peter Ledesma (READ MORE)

Becoming Gloria Romero "Vilma Santos' loyal fans were so happy about her latest acting award at the Urian awards (for her performance in "Dekada '70") that they turned out in full force at her "reunion" celebration at Bakahan at Manukan on P Guevarra st. in San Juan. Movie scribes with a soft spot in their hearts for Vi also showed up, making the evening a riotous success. In the midst fo all the fun and frolic, Vilma was able to sit with us for a spell, and breathlessly brought us up to date on what's been happening to her these past months, as well as gave us a peek into her future prospects. First off, she's appreciative of the trophies that she's gotten for her intense but controlled performance in "Dekada '70," for which she swept the competition...In the past, she used to think of retiring from the big and small screens, to concentrate on public service and urban management. Now, however, she's sure that she'll continue to act "until I become a gransmother - Gloria Romero." This is a welcome development on the local film scene, which is notorious for its fetish for youth, and its bias against age and experience. With Gloria and now Vilma showing the way, our moviegoers can be educated to value veteran talents over callow starlets, so performances on the big screen can mature and deepenn through time. The future? Vilma wants to make one film a yar, and is looking for challenging plots and characters. In politics, Vilma debunks rumors that she's going to run for senator next year. In fact, she refuses to think of politics at all, preferring instead to concentrate on her work as mayor of Lipa City. But, if voters there want her to run for another term, Our sense is that they won't have a hard time persuading her..." - Nestor U. Torre, Philippine Daily Inquirer, May 31, 2003 (READ MORE)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Anita Linda and Vilma Santos

Best Performances - "...Her most memorable films at Premiere, however, were in the early ’50s with master director Gerry de Leon in Sisa where she won the Maria Clara (FAMAS) Best Actress Award and Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo which also gave her a FAMAS Best Actress nomination the following year. There was no stopping her. In the ’70s she won a FAMAS Best Supporting award for Brocka’s Tatlo Dalawa Isa, while being nominated in the URIAN for Jaguar. In 1982 she was given the Natatanging Gawad Urian ng Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino. She was further noticed in the ’80s and ’90s in Mike de Leon’s Sister Stella L., Chito Roño’s Itanong mo sa Buwan, Brocka’s Gumapang ka sa Lusak, William Pascual’s Takaw Tukso which gave her a Gawad Urian Best Supporting trophy, and Mario O’Hara’s Ang Babae sa Bubungang Lata of 1998 where she won Best Supporting Actress from both Star Awards and FAMAS, and set a record as the oldest actress to ever win a FAMAS at age 74. Ten years later, although active in significant support roles, Anita was given what its director Adolfo Alix Jr. calls his tribute to a screen legend in the indie film Adela which opened the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival In 2008. The film essayed the loneliness of a woman celebrating her 80th birthday alone when her children fail to visit her. This gave Anita the Best Performance award from the Young Critic’s Circle, and Best Actress at Cinemanila’s Southeast Asian section. Recently, Anita was given the ENPRESS Lino Brocka Lifetime Achievement Award..." - Bibsy M. Carballo (READ MORE)

Sisa - "...Anita Linda is the recipient of several acting awards, among them, Best Actress of the Maria Clara Awards in 1951 for Gerardo de Leon’s Sisa, where she played the title role, which she considers her most challenging and memorable. “Of course when I made Sisa…Sisa, the crazy woman, in our Noli Me Tangere written by Jose Rizal is a role I can’t forget. It’s my first award – the Maria Clara award…it’s very intense…Sisa in our history represents the Philippines itself (because) Sisa was …being maltreated by the Spanish…She represents the country itself, ‘yung kanyang pinagdaanan (what she had gone through). Iyon ang feeling ko (That was how I felt).” She again won critical acclaim in the role she played for director Lino Brocka’s Tinimbang Ka Nguni’t Kulang (You Were Weighed But Found Wanting) 1974; Tatlo, Dalawa, Isa (Three, Two, One), 1974; and Jaguar 1979, the first Filipino film to compete at the Cannes Film Festival. Other leading films she had appeared in the 80s and 90s included Mike de Leon’s Sister Stella L., 1984; William Pascual’s Takaw Tukso (Flirting with Tempation), 1986; Chito Rono’s Itanong Mo sa Buwan (Ask the Moon), 1988; Brocka’s Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak (A Dirty Affair) 1990; and Mario O’Hara’s Ang Babae Sa Bubungang Lata (Woman on a Tin Roof)1998...." - Mila Astorga-Garcia (READ MORE)

Anita Linda (born Alice Lake; November 23, 1924) is a two-time FAMAS award-winning and Gawad Urian award-winning Filipino film actress. A romantic lead in her youth, she later gained critical acclaim for her portrayals in maternal or elderly roles. At the age of 74, she became the oldest actress to ever win a FAMAS award, when she was named Best Supporting Actress for Ang Babae sa Bubungang Lata. In 2008, at age 83, she was named Best Actress in the 10th Cinemanila International Film Festival (Southeast Asia Film Competition) for her portrayal of the titular character in Adela. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Anita Linda and Vilma Santos

14 films, spanning three decades, Anita Linda has become a regular staple in several important films of Vilma Santos' long stellar career. The most notable were the award winning Bernal and De Leon films.

Sister Stella L (1984) - "...Sa pagkamatay ni Ninoy, ang napagbuhusan namin ng panahon nina Mike at Ding ay isang documentary na pinamagatang Signos at ang pelikulang Sister Stella L. Isang kanta mula sa binabalak na Brechtian zarzuela ang ginamit na isa sa mga theme songs ng Sister Stella L: ang “Aling Pag-ibig Pa,” na binigyang-tinig ni Pat Castillo sa pelikula at sa plaka. Nang ipalabas ang Sister Stella L. sa 1984 Venice International Film Festival, ang pamagat nito ay Sangandaan (Incroci sa Italyano, Crossroad sa Ingles). Pinagtiyap na sa unang storyline ay Sister Corazon de Jesus ang pangalan ni Sister Stella L. Ang nasa isip ko noon ay hindi si Corazon Aquino, kundi ang Sagrado Corazon de Jesus..." - Pete Lacaba (READ MORE)

Adultery (Aida Macaraeg Case No. 7892) (1984) - "...Vilma Santos' restrained acting in Adultery: Aida Macaraeg 7892 was due to Brocka's expert direction. We wish he did the same thing to Tolentino and Bonneive in this film. But then, Maging Aking Ka Lamang is a big box-office success. Brocka probably feels that it's high time he gives the masses what they want. And on this score, Brocka succeeds enormously..." - Luciano E. Soriano, Manila Standard, May 19, 1987 (READ MORE)

T-Bird at Ako (1982) - "...The direction is tight and masterful. Although one always gets reminded in a Zialcita film of sequences from foreign films, there is a minimum of unmotivated blocking in this film. Each sequence contributes to the whole film (if there is copying, in other words, and I do think there is in this film, the copying is not done simply to be cute or clever, but in accordance with the logical requirements of the plot). The performances, as expected of a Zialcita film, are excellent. Aunor is more effective as the confused lesbian, primarily because Santos is not able to get the rough and ready quality of low-class hospitality girls. Tommy Abuel is terrific in his role as the patient suitor. Fernando is given too little space to develop his character, but what he has, he makes good use of..." - Isagani Cruz (READ MORE)

Hiwalay (1981) - "...Dagdag pa ni Vilma, “Pero isa rin sa pinakapaborito ko is Dindo Fernando. Si Dindo, na yumao noong 1987, ay nakapareha ni Vilma sa mga pelikulang gaya ng Langis at Tubig (1980), Hiwalay (1981), T-Bird At Ako (1982), Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan (1982), Baby Tsina (1984), at Muling Buksan Ang Puso (1985)..." - Rico Jr (READ MORE)

Ang Galing-Galing Mo Mrs. Jones (1980) - "...Ang Galing Galing Mo Mrs. Jones (August 29, 1980) ng HPS Film Productions ang nagtampok kina Vi, Al Tantay, Mark Gil, Richard Romualdez, Anna Gonzales, Vic Silayan, Josephine Manuel, Anita Linda, Rodolfo Boy Garcia, Tintoy at Pepot sa panulat ni Toto Belano, iskrip ni Ruben Rustia at direksiyon ni Cirio H. Santiago..." - Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

Good Morning, Sunshine (1980) - "...Every aspect of a Bernal film may not always be successfully realized, but his weakness is outshine by his strengths. In every film, he seems to be ready to try something new, whether it be a theme, conflict, character or scene. He is also out of the few major local directors to have covered the broadest range of film genres and theme with varying levels of success, from the historical drama, like the Bonifacio episode in the unreleased multi-million peso omnibus Lahing Pilipino (1976), to the disco musical Good Morning Sunshine (1980) and the personal, experimental films Nunal sa Tubig and Himala..." - Mario A. Hernando (READ MORE)

Amorseko Kumakabit Kumakapit (1978) - "...Ang first anniversary presentation ng Diamond Films na Amorseko Kumakabit Kumakapit (April 13, 1978) ay pinangunahan nina Vi, George Estregan, Ernie Garcia, Rez Cortez, Beth Bautista, Cloyd Robinson, Dick Israel, Laila Dee, Brenda del Rio, Anita Linda, Angie Ferro, Mary Walter at Odette Khan sa panulat at iskrip ni Ruben Arthur Nicdao at direksiyon ni Maria Saret..." - Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

Kampus (1978) - "...Suzette (Vilma Santos) thinks she’s liberated woman who doesn’t believe in marriage matrimony while his boyfriend, Norman keeps on proposing the sacredness of marriage vow. These are two conflicting beliefs of two students undoubtedly in love with each other. Their relationship was put to a test when Suzette met Manny (Matt) who happens to be in accordance with what she thinks she believes in. A campus experiment for Suzette and she was the first to be affected by it. Will she swallow that so called principle and be merry with the one she truly loves?..." - Kabayan Central (READ MORE)

Nakawin natin ang bawat sandali (1978) - "...It has a uniformly good performance by the cast which includes Baby Delgado, Roel Vergel de Dios, Anita Linda, Jose Villafranca and the two leads Christopher de Leon and especially Vilma Santos who has done a surprisingly intelligent and affecting character portrayal. Not since Eddie Romero’s Sinong Kapiling, Sinong Kasiping? (1977) have we seen characters who think, behave and react to problems and situations like mature, sensitive and intelligent people. The characters do give way to occasional hysterical outbursts, but they somehow wake up to their senses before they completely forget themselves. And they are people in believable situations with real problems and genuine emotions. When they talk, they are seldom silly and when they are silly, they are aware of it. But even when they are silly or trite, they are never unsympathetic..." - Jojo Devera (READ MORE)

Masarap, masakit ang umibig (1977) - "...Elwood Perez and Vilma Santos colloborated in seven films. The first one was the trilogy that he co-directed with two other director, Borlaza and Gosiengfiao (these three are the most underrated and under appreciated directors in the Philippines), the remake of Mars Ravelo comic super hero, Darna in Lipad Darna Lipad. The film was a record-breaking hit Box-office Film. They follow this up with a more mature projects as Vilma started to switched her image from sweet to a mature versatile actress, pairing her with Christopher DeLeon in five films starting with Masarap Masakit Ang Umibig in 1977. The Perez-Santos-DeLeon team produced seven blockbuster hits that gave Vilma two FAMAS best actress awards that secured her elevation to FAMAS highest honour, the FAMAS Hall of Fame award. She won in 1979 for Pakawalan Mo Ako and 1988 for Ibulong Mo Sa Diyos..." - RV (READ MORE)

Dalawang pugad, isang ibon (1977) - "...Bernal, testing the tensions of triangular love (for geometry books, one of his characters wittily says) for some time now, plunges deeper into character analysis and metaphorizing… In Lumayo, Lumapit ang Umaga, the triangle was unevenly explored: the first love was sketchily drawn. Dalawang Pugad, Isang become a choice for a more stable relationship. Walang Katapusang Tag-araw was a strange reverse of characters for two women and an unusual development of love into hatred and hatred into love, where therefore the triangle was essentially illusions. Ikaw ay Akin finally sets an interlocked triangle on its bases and looks at it (from all 3 angles) squarely in the face..." - Petronila Cleto (READ MORE)

Dugo at Pag-ibig sa Kapirasong Lupa (1975) - "...A Must for the Filipino History Students and for everyone who wants to awaken the innate nationalism in them. These series of stories depicting the fight of the Filipinos against colonialism of Spain, Japan and even their fellow Filipinos abusing the power in the government. A seemingly serious film but spiced with the star-studded cast like Fernando Poe Jr., Ramon Revilla, Joseph Estrada, Nora Aunor, Dante Rivero, Eddie Garcia, Vic Vargas, Goerge Estregan and the other all time favorite artists. This movie even highlighted the comparison between the love of country and the other kind of love we offer to our family and to our beloved as the story featured love stories in the midst of tragic and bloody war happening in our society..." - Kabayan Central (READ MORE)

Vilma Veinte Nueve (1975) - "...Adapted from comics, Vilma Veinte-Nueve (1974-1975) was written by Cris R. Marcelino and illustrated by Vir G. Flores for Aliwan Komiks..." - Komiklopedia (READ MORE)

KIng Khayam and I (1974) - "...The film started promising with funny scenes of Joseph Estrada facing his people seeking his advice or help. One was when a man presented his new product, a flying magic carpet but when the carpet didnt fly, Estrada suggested a lighter weight rider. Then veteran actress and much younger, Mary Walter in a cameo role, brought her just bought magic lamp. She complained to the king that the seller fooled her to buy the lamp and wanted a refund. She then caress the lamp and the gennie came out but instead of the expected giant gennie, a midget dwarf came out. Then from this moment the film went downhill. A singing bird, a transexual Ike Lozada being auctioned, Rod Navarro’s over the top villain antics, all failed to sustained our attention. The weak storyline did not help. Patterned with the Hollywood film, King Kayam & I’s only saving grace was the acting of its lead stars. Joseph Estrada’s precense was commanding and convincing as the playboy king and Vilma’s charming innocense despite the sexy dance number at the end complimented Joseph’s macho image..." - RV (READ MORE)

Because You Are Mine (1973) - "...By late 1969, movie producers had been tapping a Vilma Santos-Edgar Mortiz love team. Edgar was a Tawag ng Tanghalan winner. They started to be together in the movies, My Darling Eddie (1969) and The Jukebox King (1969)…In 1970, the love team of Vilma Santos and Edgar “Bobot” Mortiz was officially launched in the movie Young Love, together with the another popular love team during that time, Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III. The Vi and Bot love team went on to do 14 more movies in 1970—The Young Idols, Songs and Lovers, Sweethearts, Sixteen, Love Letters, Love is for the Two of Us, Mga Batang Bangketa, My Pledge of Love, Renee Rose, Baby Vi, Because You Are Mine, Edgar Loves Vilma, From the Bottom of My Heart, and I Love You Honey. All did well at the box-office..." - Rommel R. Llanes (READ MORE)

Ito ang Pilipino (1966) - "...In 1966, Estrada was “just” an actor portraying a bandit fighting the Spaniards, led by Eddie Garcia. Directed by Cesar “Chat” Gallardo, an important scene in the film featured the late Vic Silayan telling the young Estrada that he would be the country’s next president-to which, Estrada’s character answered in disbelief, saying it was impossible, because he could neither read nor write! Prophetically, the historical film presaged the actor’s political career. Who would have known that he’d become the 13th president of the Philippines?! At the screening, Estrada’s leading lady, Barbara Perez, who was first seen in 195’6′s “Chabacano,” was in the audience to watch the “lost” film revived by the Society of Filipino Archivists for Film (SOFIA). The actress shares: “Back then, I kept getting in and out show biz, especially when I had to give birth!..." - Rica Arevalo (READ MORE)

Naligaw na anghel (1964) - "...Ang kaunaunahang Teleserye o Telenobela sa Television ng ABS CBN Channel 3 ay pinagbidahan ni Vilma, ito ay ang Larawan ng Pagibig. Dinirek ni Jose Miranda Cruz at mga artista din dito sina Eva Darren, Willie Sotelo, at Rosita Noble. Si Vilma ay 11 years old pa lang dito. Pagkatapos ng taping ng Larawan ng Pagibig, lagare naman si Vi sa kanyang Radio Drama program sa DZRH ang Naligaw na Anghel, kasama nya sina Maggie de la Riva at si Anita Linda na gumanap na ina ni Vilma. Ang T.V. show at Radio drama program ni Vi ay tumagal sa ere ng 3 years..." - Jojo V. Lim (READ MORE)


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