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Anita Linda and Vilma Santos

Best Performances - "...Her most memorable films at Premiere, however, were in the early ’50s with master director Gerry de Leon in Sisa where she won the Maria Clara (FAMAS) Best Actress Award and Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo which also gave her a FAMAS Best Actress nomination the following year. There was no stopping her. In the ’70s she won a FAMAS Best Supporting award for Brocka’s Tatlo Dalawa Isa, while being nominated in the URIAN for Jaguar. In 1982 she was given the Natatanging Gawad Urian ng Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino. She was further noticed in the ’80s and ’90s in Mike de Leon’s Sister Stella L., Chito Roño’s Itanong mo sa Buwan, Brocka’s Gumapang ka sa Lusak, William Pascual’s Takaw Tukso which gave her a Gawad Urian Best Supporting trophy, and Mario O’Hara’s Ang Babae sa Bubungang Lata of 1998 where she won Best Supporting Actress from both Star Awards and FAMAS, and set a record as the oldest actress to ever win a FAMAS at age 74. Ten years later, although active in significant support roles, Anita was given what its director Adolfo Alix Jr. calls his tribute to a screen legend in the indie film Adela which opened the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival In 2008. The film essayed the loneliness of a woman celebrating her 80th birthday alone when her children fail to visit her. This gave Anita the Best Performance award from the Young Critic’s Circle, and Best Actress at Cinemanila’s Southeast Asian section. Recently, Anita was given the ENPRESS Lino Brocka Lifetime Achievement Award..." - Bibsy M. Carballo (READ MORE)

Sisa - "...Anita Linda is the recipient of several acting awards, among them, Best Actress of the Maria Clara Awards in 1951 for Gerardo de Leon’s Sisa, where she played the title role, which she considers her most challenging and memorable. “Of course when I made Sisa…Sisa, the crazy woman, in our Noli Me Tangere written by Jose Rizal is a role I can’t forget. It’s my first award – the Maria Clara award…it’s very intense…Sisa in our history represents the Philippines itself (because) Sisa was …being maltreated by the Spanish…She represents the country itself, ‘yung kanyang pinagdaanan (what she had gone through). Iyon ang feeling ko (That was how I felt).” She again won critical acclaim in the role she played for director Lino Brocka’s Tinimbang Ka Nguni’t Kulang (You Were Weighed But Found Wanting) 1974; Tatlo, Dalawa, Isa (Three, Two, One), 1974; and Jaguar 1979, the first Filipino film to compete at the Cannes Film Festival. Other leading films she had appeared in the 80s and 90s included Mike de Leon’s Sister Stella L., 1984; William Pascual’s Takaw Tukso (Flirting with Tempation), 1986; Chito Rono’s Itanong Mo sa Buwan (Ask the Moon), 1988; Brocka’s Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak (A Dirty Affair) 1990; and Mario O’Hara’s Ang Babae Sa Bubungang Lata (Woman on a Tin Roof)1998...." - Mila Astorga-Garcia (READ MORE)

Anita Linda (born Alice Lake; November 23, 1924) is a two-time FAMAS award-winning and Gawad Urian award-winning Filipino film actress. A romantic lead in her youth, she later gained critical acclaim for her portrayals in maternal or elderly roles. At the age of 74, she became the oldest actress to ever win a FAMAS award, when she was named Best Supporting Actress for Ang Babae sa Bubungang Lata. In 2008, at age 83, she was named Best Actress in the 10th Cinemanila International Film Festival (Southeast Asia Film Competition) for her portrayal of the titular character in Adela. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Anita Linda and Vilma Santos

14 films, spanning three decades, Anita Linda has become a regular staple in several important films of Vilma Santos' long stellar career. The most notable were the award winning Bernal and De Leon films.

Sister Stella L (1984) - "...Sa pagkamatay ni Ninoy, ang napagbuhusan namin ng panahon nina Mike at Ding ay isang documentary na pinamagatang Signos at ang pelikulang Sister Stella L. Isang kanta mula sa binabalak na Brechtian zarzuela ang ginamit na isa sa mga theme songs ng Sister Stella L: ang “Aling Pag-ibig Pa,” na binigyang-tinig ni Pat Castillo sa pelikula at sa plaka. Nang ipalabas ang Sister Stella L. sa 1984 Venice International Film Festival, ang pamagat nito ay Sangandaan (Incroci sa Italyano, Crossroad sa Ingles). Pinagtiyap na sa unang storyline ay Sister Corazon de Jesus ang pangalan ni Sister Stella L. Ang nasa isip ko noon ay hindi si Corazon Aquino, kundi ang Sagrado Corazon de Jesus..." - Pete Lacaba (READ MORE)

Adultery (Aida Macaraeg Case No. 7892) (1984) - "...Vilma Santos' restrained acting in Adultery: Aida Macaraeg 7892 was due to Brocka's expert direction. We wish he did the same thing to Tolentino and Bonneive in this film. But then, Maging Aking Ka Lamang is a big box-office success. Brocka probably feels that it's high time he gives the masses what they want. And on this score, Brocka succeeds enormously..." - Luciano E. Soriano, Manila Standard, May 19, 1987 (READ MORE)

T-Bird at Ako (1982) - "...The direction is tight and masterful. Although one always gets reminded in a Zialcita film of sequences from foreign films, there is a minimum of unmotivated blocking in this film. Each sequence contributes to the whole film (if there is copying, in other words, and I do think there is in this film, the copying is not done simply to be cute or clever, but in accordance with the logical requirements of the plot). The performances, as expected of a Zialcita film, are excellent. Aunor is more effective as the confused lesbian, primarily because Santos is not able to get the rough and ready quality of low-class hospitality girls. Tommy Abuel is terrific in his role as the patient suitor. Fernando is given too little space to develop his character, but what he has, he makes good use of..." - Isagani Cruz (READ MORE)

Hiwalay (1981) - "...Dagdag pa ni Vilma, “Pero isa rin sa pinakapaborito ko is Dindo Fernando. Si Dindo, na yumao noong 1987, ay nakapareha ni Vilma sa mga pelikulang gaya ng Langis at Tubig (1980), Hiwalay (1981), T-Bird At Ako (1982), Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan (1982), Baby Tsina (1984), at Muling Buksan Ang Puso (1985)..." - Rico Jr (READ MORE)

Ang Galing-Galing Mo Mrs. Jones (1980) - "...Ang Galing Galing Mo Mrs. Jones (August 29, 1980) ng HPS Film Productions ang nagtampok kina Vi, Al Tantay, Mark Gil, Richard Romualdez, Anna Gonzales, Vic Silayan, Josephine Manuel, Anita Linda, Rodolfo Boy Garcia, Tintoy at Pepot sa panulat ni Toto Belano, iskrip ni Ruben Rustia at direksiyon ni Cirio H. Santiago..." - Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

Good Morning, Sunshine (1980) - "...Every aspect of a Bernal film may not always be successfully realized, but his weakness is outshine by his strengths. In every film, he seems to be ready to try something new, whether it be a theme, conflict, character or scene. He is also out of the few major local directors to have covered the broadest range of film genres and theme with varying levels of success, from the historical drama, like the Bonifacio episode in the unreleased multi-million peso omnibus Lahing Pilipino (1976), to the disco musical Good Morning Sunshine (1980) and the personal, experimental films Nunal sa Tubig and Himala..." - Mario A. Hernando (READ MORE)

Amorseko Kumakabit Kumakapit (1978) - "...Ang first anniversary presentation ng Diamond Films na Amorseko Kumakabit Kumakapit (April 13, 1978) ay pinangunahan nina Vi, George Estregan, Ernie Garcia, Rez Cortez, Beth Bautista, Cloyd Robinson, Dick Israel, Laila Dee, Brenda del Rio, Anita Linda, Angie Ferro, Mary Walter at Odette Khan sa panulat at iskrip ni Ruben Arthur Nicdao at direksiyon ni Maria Saret..." - Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

Kampus (1978) - "...Suzette (Vilma Santos) thinks she’s liberated woman who doesn’t believe in marriage matrimony while his boyfriend, Norman keeps on proposing the sacredness of marriage vow. These are two conflicting beliefs of two students undoubtedly in love with each other. Their relationship was put to a test when Suzette met Manny (Matt) who happens to be in accordance with what she thinks she believes in. A campus experiment for Suzette and she was the first to be affected by it. Will she swallow that so called principle and be merry with the one she truly loves?..." - Kabayan Central (READ MORE)

Nakawin natin ang bawat sandali (1978) - "...It has a uniformly good performance by the cast which includes Baby Delgado, Roel Vergel de Dios, Anita Linda, Jose Villafranca and the two leads Christopher de Leon and especially Vilma Santos who has done a surprisingly intelligent and affecting character portrayal. Not since Eddie Romero’s Sinong Kapiling, Sinong Kasiping? (1977) have we seen characters who think, behave and react to problems and situations like mature, sensitive and intelligent people. The characters do give way to occasional hysterical outbursts, but they somehow wake up to their senses before they completely forget themselves. And they are people in believable situations with real problems and genuine emotions. When they talk, they are seldom silly and when they are silly, they are aware of it. But even when they are silly or trite, they are never unsympathetic..." - Jojo Devera (READ MORE)

Masarap, masakit ang umibig (1977) - "...Elwood Perez and Vilma Santos colloborated in seven films. The first one was the trilogy that he co-directed with two other director, Borlaza and Gosiengfiao (these three are the most underrated and under appreciated directors in the Philippines), the remake of Mars Ravelo comic super hero, Darna in Lipad Darna Lipad. The film was a record-breaking hit Box-office Film. They follow this up with a more mature projects as Vilma started to switched her image from sweet to a mature versatile actress, pairing her with Christopher DeLeon in five films starting with Masarap Masakit Ang Umibig in 1977. The Perez-Santos-DeLeon team produced seven blockbuster hits that gave Vilma two FAMAS best actress awards that secured her elevation to FAMAS highest honour, the FAMAS Hall of Fame award. She won in 1979 for Pakawalan Mo Ako and 1988 for Ibulong Mo Sa Diyos..." - RV (READ MORE)

Dalawang pugad, isang ibon (1977) - "...Bernal, testing the tensions of triangular love (for geometry books, one of his characters wittily says) for some time now, plunges deeper into character analysis and metaphorizing… In Lumayo, Lumapit ang Umaga, the triangle was unevenly explored: the first love was sketchily drawn. Dalawang Pugad, Isang become a choice for a more stable relationship. Walang Katapusang Tag-araw was a strange reverse of characters for two women and an unusual development of love into hatred and hatred into love, where therefore the triangle was essentially illusions. Ikaw ay Akin finally sets an interlocked triangle on its bases and looks at it (from all 3 angles) squarely in the face..." - Petronila Cleto (READ MORE)

Dugo at Pag-ibig sa Kapirasong Lupa (1975) - "...A Must for the Filipino History Students and for everyone who wants to awaken the innate nationalism in them. These series of stories depicting the fight of the Filipinos against colonialism of Spain, Japan and even their fellow Filipinos abusing the power in the government. A seemingly serious film but spiced with the star-studded cast like Fernando Poe Jr., Ramon Revilla, Joseph Estrada, Nora Aunor, Dante Rivero, Eddie Garcia, Vic Vargas, Goerge Estregan and the other all time favorite artists. This movie even highlighted the comparison between the love of country and the other kind of love we offer to our family and to our beloved as the story featured love stories in the midst of tragic and bloody war happening in our society..." - Kabayan Central (READ MORE)

Vilma Veinte Nueve (1975) - "...Adapted from comics, Vilma Veinte-Nueve (1974-1975) was written by Cris R. Marcelino and illustrated by Vir G. Flores for Aliwan Komiks..." - Komiklopedia (READ MORE)

KIng Khayam and I (1974) - "...The film started promising with funny scenes of Joseph Estrada facing his people seeking his advice or help. One was when a man presented his new product, a flying magic carpet but when the carpet didnt fly, Estrada suggested a lighter weight rider. Then veteran actress and much younger, Mary Walter in a cameo role, brought her just bought magic lamp. She complained to the king that the seller fooled her to buy the lamp and wanted a refund. She then caress the lamp and the gennie came out but instead of the expected giant gennie, a midget dwarf came out. Then from this moment the film went downhill. A singing bird, a transexual Ike Lozada being auctioned, Rod Navarro’s over the top villain antics, all failed to sustained our attention. The weak storyline did not help. Patterned with the Hollywood film, King Kayam & I’s only saving grace was the acting of its lead stars. Joseph Estrada’s precense was commanding and convincing as the playboy king and Vilma’s charming innocense despite the sexy dance number at the end complimented Joseph’s macho image..." - RV (READ MORE)

Because You Are Mine (1973) - "...By late 1969, movie producers had been tapping a Vilma Santos-Edgar Mortiz love team. Edgar was a Tawag ng Tanghalan winner. They started to be together in the movies, My Darling Eddie (1969) and The Jukebox King (1969)…In 1970, the love team of Vilma Santos and Edgar “Bobot” Mortiz was officially launched in the movie Young Love, together with the another popular love team during that time, Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III. The Vi and Bot love team went on to do 14 more movies in 1970—The Young Idols, Songs and Lovers, Sweethearts, Sixteen, Love Letters, Love is for the Two of Us, Mga Batang Bangketa, My Pledge of Love, Renee Rose, Baby Vi, Because You Are Mine, Edgar Loves Vilma, From the Bottom of My Heart, and I Love You Honey. All did well at the box-office..." - Rommel R. Llanes (READ MORE)

Ito ang Pilipino (1966) - "...In 1966, Estrada was “just” an actor portraying a bandit fighting the Spaniards, led by Eddie Garcia. Directed by Cesar “Chat” Gallardo, an important scene in the film featured the late Vic Silayan telling the young Estrada that he would be the country’s next president-to which, Estrada’s character answered in disbelief, saying it was impossible, because he could neither read nor write! Prophetically, the historical film presaged the actor’s political career. Who would have known that he’d become the 13th president of the Philippines?! At the screening, Estrada’s leading lady, Barbara Perez, who was first seen in 195’6′s “Chabacano,” was in the audience to watch the “lost” film revived by the Society of Filipino Archivists for Film (SOFIA). The actress shares: “Back then, I kept getting in and out show biz, especially when I had to give birth!..." - Rica Arevalo (READ MORE)

Naligaw na anghel (1964) - "...Ang kaunaunahang Teleserye o Telenobela sa Television ng ABS CBN Channel 3 ay pinagbidahan ni Vilma, ito ay ang Larawan ng Pagibig. Dinirek ni Jose Miranda Cruz at mga artista din dito sina Eva Darren, Willie Sotelo, at Rosita Noble. Si Vilma ay 11 years old pa lang dito. Pagkatapos ng taping ng Larawan ng Pagibig, lagare naman si Vi sa kanyang Radio Drama program sa DZRH ang Naligaw na Anghel, kasama nya sina Maggie de la Riva at si Anita Linda na gumanap na ina ni Vilma. Ang T.V. show at Radio drama program ni Vi ay tumagal sa ere ng 3 years..." - Jojo V. Lim (READ MORE)


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