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Higit Ngayon Ang Reponsibilites ni Vi

Ngayong masasabing kay Vi lahat nakatutok ang mga mata ng mga taong nagbabasa sa local showbiz world. At marahil gayon din ang mga nasa labas nito...ang kanyang hindi mabilang na fans at ang mga movie public. Pagka't bukod sa pagiging isang aktress, isa na ring movie producer si Vi. Nakikiramdam ang mga naturan kung mahusay niyang magampanan ang dalawang papel na ito ngayon. Bilang aktres, ang paglabas ni Vi sa Mga Rosas Sa Putikan, na isang movie production ng kanyang kompanya ay isa ring puntos ng interes para sa mga naturan. Pagka't dito'y maiiba sa dating uring role ang ginagampanan ni Vi. Magsisilbing tunay na hamon sa career niya. Dito kasi'y gagawa si Vi ng mga eksenang hindi niya ginagawa-gawa sa pelikula. Sa Mga Rosas mababatid kong maiibigan ng movie public at ng mga fans niya in particular ang gagawin niya o hindi. Kung ipagpapatuloy niya ito o hindi, kaya ang mahalagang katanungang malikha tungkol dito ay "tanggapin kaya ang pagbabago" (na marami ring nagsasabing pagpapaunlad sa kanyang career na panahon na niyang gawin( ng kanyang image?" Ang isa pang interesadong malaman ng publiko'y ang tungkol sa unang movie production niya, ang Mga Rosas Sa Putikan nga.

Hindi kaila kasi sa mga ito na maraming pumapasok sa movie making business na sa unang produksiyon pa lang ay bagsak na agad. Hindi kasi kumuwela ito. Bagama't nakakahigit mang malaki ang nagsasabing ki-click ang Mga Rosas, kahit paano'y naroon pa rin ang katanungang, "Mag-click kaya ang first movie productions nina Vi!" Ngunit ang katanungang ganito'y pangkaraniwan sa showbiz. People in and out of the showbiz world will always wonder if a movie will be a hit or not in the box office. Kaya't higit ngayong marahil ang responsibilities ni Vi hindi lang sa kanyang sarili kungdi sa kanya ring fans, the movie public, sa mga mahal niya sa buhay, sa mga kaibigan, at sa local showbiz industry. Wala nang hangarin si Vi sa pagiging aktres n'ya. She has more than proven herself in this. Ngunit, masasabing mayroon din naman. Pagka't sa pagpasok niya sa movie productions, hindi niya dapat payagang mabawasan ang ningning ng kanyang nakakasilaw na katayuan bilang isang artista. She owes this much to her countless followers. At bilang aktres ay nararapat niya ring ibuhos ang kanyang lahat sa unang produksiyon niya kung saan siya rin ang pangunahing bituin. - Cleo Cruz, Darna, No. 304, 30 Aug 1974

Cleo Cruz, Vilma Santos' publicist in the early part of her movie career, Vi normally calls her, "Mommy" or Mommy Cleo. Now retired from entertainment journalism, Cleo Cruz is reportedly now living in the United States. She referred Vi's followers in many of her columns and articles as "Luvs." - RV

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Influential Women in the Philippines

The role of women in the Philippines is explained based on the context of Filipino culture, standards, and mindsets. The Philippines is described to be a nation of strong women, who directly and indirectly run the family unit, businesses, government agencies and haciendas. Although they generally define themselves in the milieu of a masculine dominated post-colonial Asian Catholic society, Filipino women live in a culture that is focused on the community, with the family as the main unit of society. It is in this framework of Philippine hierarchical structure, class differences, religious justifications, and living in a globally developing nation wherein Filipino women struggle for respect. Compared to other parts of Southeast Asia, women in Philippine society have always enjoyed a greater share of legal equality.

Filipino women and Philippine Politics - Despite the introduction of an American-based school system and the transformation of Filipino women into educated and professional members of Philippine society, their participation in Philippine politics was slow. This was primarily because engagement in politics is considered "dirty," and due to the traditional concept that holds that women cannot take positions higher than their husbands. But this idea introduced by colonization that Filipino women historically and traditionally belonged in the home, the church, or the convent, is also changing. A recent study revealed that there is a re-emergence of the empowerment of Filipino women through the political process, just as they were prior to the arrival of the ancient conquerors from Spain. Philippine women are rediscovering their strengths "even if they are not [directly engaged] in the electoral process." Filipino women had been successful in implementing policies by becoming executive staff members, advisers to politicians, and as advocates within non-governmental organizations.

Modern-day Filipinas are making strides in electoral politics by initiating more female-oriented programs. They are performing well as leaders, although generally, Filipino women still often earn political seats by having fathers and husbands who are politically connected, a "dynasty system" that hinders other Filipino women from joining the electoral process. Other factors that prevent full-engagement of other well-qualified Filipinas from the Philippine political scene are the expense in politics and the importance of the family name. Participation of Filipino women in Philippine politics was encouraged during the Beijing Declaration in 1995 at the United Nations' Fourth World Conference on Women. In February 2005, however, a United Nations review on the progress of Philippine women and their role in politics revealed that despite "an increase in the quality of female politicians, there was not enough increase in" the number of women participants in government activities. From 1992 to 2001, Filipino women had been elected as local chief executives, functioning as mayors, governors, and captains of villages. One influential factor contributing to the increasing number of female politicians, is the elevation of Corazon Aquino and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as Philippine women Presidents.

Contributions to Philippine Society - Promotion of a female-inclined agenda that is beneficial to the whole of Filipino society - instead of being "specifically geared toward the well-being of Filipino women" - had been the priority of female leaders. These empowered women focused on the needs of their constituents in general, including agricultural and employment issues. In particular, they created child-friendly communities that are equipped with adequate daycare facilities and nutritional provisions. They established provincial offices for women and raised funding for these projects. At the national level of Philippine society, women leaders made progressive changes which benefited Philippine women. Corazon Aquino's 1987 executive order, known as the Family Code. Aquino's Family Code "eliminated gender bias in adultery cases and introduced annulment into a country that did not permit civil divorces." Another code in 1991 suggested the creation of "sectoral representation in local councils" and the "creation of special seats" such as a representative for women and a representative for workers. However, despite of a non-implementation setback of this 1991 code, a 1992 bill was passed that allowed women to enter military academies and other male-dominated organizations. The 1992 bill also enabled Filipino women to establish credit and own land without the consent of a father or husband. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

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The Star For Many More Reasons

Last month, we discussed leading female stars’ “career arcs” with some show biz colleagues and most of us agreed that Vilma Santos has had the most interesting and instructive career to date — and her future prospects could be even more remarkable! We have other outstanding female stars who’ve won all sorts of awards, essayed a great variety of roles with distinction, and enjoyed a nationwide influence beyond their show biz context.

Major Crises – But, Vilma has done more, gone further and weathered major crises besides, so she’s in a category all her own. See if you agree: Vilma started her career as a child star, and this made her grow up in a hurry. Unlike many other child talents who stop getting offers at the onset of adolescence, Vilma kept right on working in front of the TV-movie cameras, all the way to pang-kilig teenybopper roles, her precocious love team with Edgar Mortiz, and young-adult roles. Financial reverses pulled her down momentarily, but Vilma fought back and paid her debts, eliciting the admiration of entertainment industry leaders, who were surprised and gratified to see that the “cute” star had true grit going for her, as well. Then came another challenge that threatened her career’s continuing upward trajectory: Vilma had been acting her heart out in her starrers, but she always seemed to end up second-best to Nora Aunor when it came to awards. As a result, Vilma took a hard look at her options, and decided to concentrate on relatively daring roles that Nora felt incapable of doing full justice to.

Challenging Roles – This meant that Vilma would go for challenging roles like the tragic stripper in “Burlesk Queen,” the demented lead in “Dama de Noche,” and the modern, conflicted wife in “Relasyon!” Happily, Vilma’s daring gamble worked: Viewers didn’t feel that she had “cheapened” herself. Many awards came her way, and the industry finally saw Nora and Vilma as co-equal queens, not only of the box office, but also of movie awards competitions. Later, Vilma’s thespic stock went up even further when she played an activist nun in “Sister Stella L.” Not only did the difficult role stretch Vilma’s limits, but it also made her “relevant” in terms of social issues, as “Minsa’y Isang Gamu-Gamo” had earlier done for Nora. This new sensitivity to extra-show biz concerns peaked when Vilma married rising politician, Ralph Recto. Soon, she herself ran for office, and served Lipa City well as its mayor for nine formative and affirmative years. Her constituents’ approval of her tenure invited her to dream bigger in political terms, and she ended up in a hard-fought campaign that made her the governor of Batangas province. Sure, Vilma’s focus on politics for the past decades has limited her show biz involvement, but her colleagues have supported her in her new endeavor, because she has proven that some stars can do more than entertain.

Female TV-movie Luminary – Yes, male stars like Fernando Poe Jr. and Joseph Estrada have done the same, but it’s gratifying to see that a female TV-movie luminary like Vilma can also serve the nation. To date, Vilma’s political posts have been local and provincial in nature, but her recent triumph at the polls has made some “queenmakers” dream of next pointing her toward running for a national position — as senator, or even higher! At the moment, this sounds like a fantasy, but stranger things have been known to happen in this country, where show biz and politics are — very comfortable bedfellows!

Tandem – It’s interesting to note that, some years ago, we saw the Ralph-Vilma tandem eventually contesting the top post in the land with Kiko-Sharon, Mar-Korina, or other, yet-unheralded politics-and-show biz pairings. — And now? Will it be Vilma-Ralph, instead? In any case, Vilma has been scrupulously learning her political lessons, so she could decide to take the “big step” without waiting for another decade to elapse. Adding to her confidence is the fact that, although she’s rarely seen on the big and small screen these days, she remains a popular star and her movies have continued to hit it big at the box office — evincing a popularity that she can make full use of in a national election. So, will she, or won’t she? Whatever the future holds, Vilma is our leading female TV-movie luminary to date — and the Star for All Seasons is now also the Star for Many More Reasons! - Inquirer, 08/18/2007 (READ MORE)

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Purihin Ang Ngalan Mo Vilma (Repost)

Kahit ano ang sabihin ng kabilang kampo as they always claim na matindi pa rin ang kasikatan ng kanilang iniidolong aktres, aminin man o hindi, ang kainitan ng kasikatan at patuloy na pamamayagpag sa pelikula at telebisyon ni Ate Vi sa ngayon ay tumatagal na ng apat na dekada ay malinaw na katotohanan. Sabihin na nilang sikat ang fading Sufferstar, pero gaano ba kahaba ang itinakbo ng kanyang naghingalong career?

Nagsimula si Ate Vi bilang isang child star sa pelikulang Trudis Liit at the age of 9. Noong nagkamit siya ng FAMAS Best Child Actress sa naturang pelikula, marami ang nagsabing nakatagpo na naman ang Sampaguita Pictures ng isang child wonder sa kagaya ni Tessie Agana. Lalong tumingkad ang angking kagandahan ni Ate Vi noong nagdalaga na siya at nagpatuloy bilang teenage star. Taong 1969, at the age of 14, nagsimula ang bagong pahina sa buhay at career niya. At that time, sumisikat naman ang isang singing star na si Nora Aunor na naging karibal as movie queen noong dekada '70. One incontrovertible fact then is that Nora is number one at si Ate Vi ay second lang in terms of popularity. Of course, at this point, that no longer applies because the tables have been turned. Hanggang ngayon ay mabango pa rin ang career ni Ate Vi while Nora, with no major films or TV shows up her sleeve for years. Hindi matatawaran ang galing bilang aktres ni Ate Vi kayan naman iginawad ang FAMAS ang Best Actress Award sa pelikulang Dame de Noche. At nagsimulang magpakitang-gilas sa takilya on her own noong 1973 nang itampok sa Takbo, Vilma Dali at sinundan ng Hatinggabi Na Vilma na pawang big box-office hits. Mid 1973, ginawa ni Ate Vi ang Lipad, Darna Lipad which became her biggest hit then. Ginawa din niya ang Dyesabel. By that time, nagsimula na si Ate Vi na tawagin as Takilya Queen, dahil lahat nga ng mga pelikula niya ay kumita. Siya rin ang unang-unang itinanghal na Box-Office Queen at inakyat sa Hall of Fame matapos ang limang taong sunud-sunod na siya ang nagwagi bilang Box-Office Queen.

Si Ate Vi ang unang-unang naka-grandslam sa taunang pagbibigay ng Best Actress award noong 1982 sa pelikulang Relasyon. Kahit nga naiakyat na siya sa HALL of FAME bilang Best Actress sa FAMAS, siya din ang unang aktres na nagtamo ng kanilang Circle of Excellence. Si Ate Vi rin ang kauna-unahang aktres na napagsabay ang popularidad sa pelikula at telebisyon. Kumita ang lahat ng kanyang pelikula at sa telebisyon, walang nakapagpataob sa rating's game ng "VILMA". Kaya nga siya ang tinaguriang Star for All Seasons and Reasons. Hindi kasi lumilipas ang kanyang panahon. Sa ganang popularidad, o kakayahang maging box-office attraction ay hindi pa rin mapapataob si Ate Vi hanggang ngayon. Kailanman ay hindi nanganib sa takilya ang kanyang mga pelikula.

In terms of definition, ang titulong taglay ni Ate Vi ay nangangahulugang na namumukod-tangi, pangunahin at walang kamatayan. Siya ang pinaka super ehemplo ng isang glamorous star. Anupanga't patuloy na nagsasabog ng kanyang halimuyak at kasikatan ang Vilma Santos sa langit-langitan ng Pelikulang Pilipino at maituturing na the longest-reigning movie-queen sa bansa. 42 years na siya sa lokal na aliwan and her career still continues to go strong. No one but no one has duplicated Vilma's achievement. Sa kaso ni Ate Vi, kung tutuusin ay hindi niya kailangan ang anumang klase ng titulo. Hindi kakulangan ang walang nakakabit na title sa kanyang pangalan simula pa noong nahirang siyang natatanging batang aktres sa pamosong pelikulang Trudis Liit.

Purihin at Sambahin, ang Ngalan Mo, Vilma! Isa kang huwaran!Marapat lang na ipagkaloob sa 'yo ang most coveted National Artist Award at Ramon Magsaysay Award. Akala ba ninyo natitigil si Ate Vi sa kanyang winning streak? Hindi, huh. - Willie Fernandez, V Magazine, 2005 Global Vilmanians

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Excerpt from "Leche: A Novel"

Brown vs Fair - "...Alone once again in waiting shed, littered with fliers for the upcoming election like "V is for Victory, so vote for Vi." As in Vilma Santos, known for her dramatic roles, mestiza complexion, and TV commercials endorsing Eskinol skin-care products. Vince will deny it now, but he was once a Vilmanian, meaning he was part of the multitude of hopelessly devoted diehard true-blue-'til-death-do-us-part fans who didn't live a single day without thanking the Lord for bringing into their rich or wretched existence Vilma santos. Aka Star for All Seasons. Expect to see a horde of Vilmanians camping outside theaters days before her movie premieres. To buy or the entire issue wherever she graces the cover of a magazine. To make her records go platinum in a week. To go on pilgrimages to Manila and stand outside the gate of her home on her birthday. To hold a novena when she's up for an acting award. And to pore over their scrapbooks whenever they come down with Vilma-itis. Vince had such a scrapbook. Scribbled on its front comver, in his first-grade penmanship, was: Ate Vi & Me. In it were articles and pictures that he cut out from magazines with the precision of surgeon and pasted onto the pages. A piece of memorabilia that, because there was no room in his suitcase and box, his grandfather had asked him to leave behind, along with his collection of komiks, books, and Charlie Chaplin movie posters. He agreed, thinking he would return soon.

While, Vince, like half the country, was a bona fide Vilmanian; the other half were Noranian, like Jing and Alvin. As in Nora Aunor, Vilma's showbiz rival for the past two decades, though the two superstars claim to be very good friends ("We're as close as wall-to-wall carpeting." - Vilma). Whereas Vilma is mestiza, which means she can enter through the front door of Pinoywood without getting stopped or mistaken for a maid, Nora, on the other hand, is petite, olive-skinned, barely speaks English, prefers to converse in Tagalog, and is likely to be mistaken for a nanny or a squatter. As a young girl in the province of Camarines Sur, Nora helped her poor parents by peddling water in train stations. Her impoverished existence came to an abrupt end when she entered the country's amateur singing contest. She sang a Barbra Streisand chart-topper, "People," and from then on, Nora (who also goes by "Ate Guy") became one of the luckiest Filipeoples in the world. Except Nora wasn't just lucky; she was talented. Her eyes could evoke a thousand and one emotions - she could tear your heart with one look - and her singing voice catapulted her to overnight stardom, breaking rules and records in Pinoywood, where whiteness was - and still is - used to judge one's beauty and talent and determine the number of digits in contracts. Like Vilma, she too broke box-office records, in movies such as Atsay and Bona, where she usually played an underdog, the maid, the poor girl, the maide, the provincial, the maid, the pariah, the maid, the lesbian, the maid.

Gazing at the flier of his former idol Vilma, Vince listens to the voice of his childhood and remembers the endless Nora-Vilma catfight with his siblings. "So? Ate Vi dances better than Ate Guy," Vince said, response to Alvin's, "At least Ate Guy's boyfriend isn't fat." "So what? Ate Vi is Darna," Vince retorted. It was Vilma as Darna who made Vince believe that heroes on the screen were as real as the lights that made them. In the open-air cinema of San Vicente, underneath the stars and seated right beside his grandfather, Vince watched his childhood idol bring her komikbook heroine to life. When she wasn't championing good over evil, Darna was Narda, a provincial lass who got her superhuman powers from a while stone that fell out of the sky. Inscribed on the stone was "Darna," which she yelled out whenever she needed to fight her enemies, like the snake-coiffed Valentina, who turned people into stone. Vince read about them in the komiks and watched the film adaptations in the open-air cinema, as well as on TV. He'd even feigned illness in school ("Ma'am, I think I have tapeworms!") just so he could go home and watch Isputnik Versus Darna on Sine Sa Siete (Movies on Channel Seven). And today, here she is, Vince's childhood screen idol, running for a mayoral seat in the province of Lipa, Batangas, where, in the sixties, the Virgin Mary had appeared through a rain of roses. "Nora can't dance to save her left foot, but she sings like an angel," Jing told Vince. "But Vilma can't sing for shit." It was true. Vilma couldn't tell the difference between sharps and flats, do from fa, mi from la, like ninety-nice percent of the movie stars in Pinoywood who insists on staging concerts in big arenas and releasing one album after another, relying on their tone-deaf fans to turn them gold or platinum. Alvin describe Vilma's singing most accurately, "She sounds like Astrud Gilberto on morphine...." - R. Zamora Linmark, Excerpt from the novel, "Leche" (READ MORE)

Other Books:

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Movie Queen and Vilmanians Magazines

Star-worship - "...The komiks of the 1970s reflected the general view of the Filipinos to Philippine movie stars. The late 1960s decade saw the emergence of the star-studio system-wherein movie stars were groomed to become studio assets. The drive to publicize the groomed stars (like Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos, Tirso Cruz III, and Edgar Mortiz) made sure that even komiks-magazines carried their photos and gossip stories. Some publishers even came up with komiks-magazines that bordered on the star-worship, with titles like Superstar Nora Aunor Movie Entertainment Magazine, Movie Queen Vilma Santos Showbiz Magazine and Topstar PIP Movie Entertainment Magazine. These komiks (and other similar titles) turned the komiks pages mostly into photo albums of stars and gossip columns, which may have attracted a following from young fans, but alienated the more mature komiks readers. The young fans, of course, were mostly high school and university students who were spending a large portion of their allowance collecting these fan komiks-magazines. In general, parents became concerned about this and forbade the reading of komiks, contributing to the general view that komiks had no educational value...." - Antonio S. Velasquez, komiklopedia (READ MORE)

Movie Queen Vilma Santos Showbiz Magazine - " an entertainment komiks magazine published by Gold Star Publishing Corporation. First released in 1970 with Mar F. Cornes as Editor, this magazine contained showbiz news, articles, moviestars pin-ups, movie ads and illustrated short stories of different genres. Its title was named after Vilma Santos, a motion picture star who was then very popular. When Martial rule was imposed in 1972, its title was changed into ”Movie Queen Showbiz Magazine...." - Antonio S. Velasquez, komiklopedia (READ MORE)

Die Hard Vilmanians Magazine - " an entertainment comics magazine published by ACR Publications. Its maiden issue came out in 1971 with Angel C. Reyes as Managing Editor and Phil. Ver. Posadas as Editor. The title of the magazine was named after Vilma Santos’ die hard fans or followers..." - Antonio S. Velasquez, komiklopedia (READ MORE)

Paper Doll - "...Written by Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz, Illustrated by Rudy Nebres, Kislap Magasin, 1974-1975..." - Antonio S. Velasquez, komiklopedia (READ MORE)

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Pablo S. Gomez and Vilma Santos

Golden Age - "...Pablo is the last of the great komiks-writers from the Golden Age of Philippine Komiks, an era when komiks writing reached its pinnacle because of Gomez' and his contemporaries (Clodualdo del Mundo, Francisco Coching, Mars Ravelo, and Tony Velasquez)writings. Gomez' more famous komiks-nobelas were Kurdapya, Eva Fonda, Pitong Gatang, MN, Kamay ni Hilda, Recuerdo, Susanang Daldal, Taong Buwaya, Batang Bangkusay, Pagbabalik ng Lawin, and of course, Kampanerang Kuba. "I was writing for as long as I can remember it", he smiles. "Komiks writing comes naturally for me, its just like a normal thing to do everyday, just like eating" In 1963, when Ace Publications closed down due to labor strike, Gomez started his own publications company, the PSG Publications. It published such titles as United Komiks, Continental Komiks, Universal Komiks, Kidlat Komiks, and Planet Komiks. His publications company started the careers of many great komiks artists and writers like Alex Nino and Carlo J. Caparas, to name a few. For a time, PSG became the biggest rival of GASI, until Pablo was forced to close the company due to the slump in the komiks business because of Martial Law. Yet, he never stopped writing. He has hundreds of stories and scripts still unpublished to this day, all of them he kept stored in his steel file cabinet, or on top of his table, or under his oval bed (which was a gift by his friend Ms. Susan Roces). Up to now, Pablo never gets tired of writing, and everytime I visit him in his home, I usually find him in front of his vintage typewriter creating new stories and plots for the younger generation of komiks readers. One can only wonder at the sheer force of his imagination and the vastness of his knowledge. Indeed, like his craft, Pablo is ageless, and like his greatest works, he is immortal..." - Dennis Villegas, PilipinoKomiks, 07 December 2005 (READ MORE)

Proofreader - "...Gomez started as a radio announcer over DZRH in 1946. Later, he became a stage impressario, touring the entire archipelago. In 1949, he entered an utterly new and altered world: the world of letters. The publication of a prose story started him off, “Ang Baliw sa Libingang Luma”, followed later by a komiks short story, “Putol na Kamay”. The reading public then had interesting glimpses of superb examples of the craft of Pablo S. Gomez. Nevertheless, these were not stories that catapulted him to prominence. But these were enough to land him a job with the Ace Publications as proofreader. After a year, he moved on to become editor of Hiwaga Komiks, at the same time writing for Pilipino Komiks, Tagalog Klasiks and Espesyal Komiks. “Apat na Taga”, his first komiks novel, was such an instant hit that Sampaguita Pictures turned it into a movie. Mars Ravelo was the leading innovator of the era that everyone – including Gomez himself – was haunted by the former’s success. “MN”, “Recuerdo”, “Kurdapya” and “Susanang Daldal” were all calculated to give Ravelo a run for his money..." - Komiklopedia The Philippine Komiks Encyclopedia (READ MORE)

Action Writer - "...Gomez also headed PSG Publishing House, which published titles like United Komiks, Universal Komiks, Kidlat Komiks, Continental Komiks, and Planet Komiks in the 1960s and ‘70s. He was also screenwriter for a number of films starring the late King of Philippine Cinema, Fernando Poe Jr., including Eseng ng Tondo, Probinsyano, Kahit Konting Pagtingin, Sta. Quiteria, Kalibre 45 and Mahal San Ka Nanggaling Kagabi? “I became an action writer for FPJ,” Gomez wrote back in 2004, in an article which appeared in the Film Academy of the Philippines website. “I wrote more than a hundred movies for him.” Gomez was also known for helming the ABS-CBN fantasy television series Wansapanataym and Kampanerang Kuba. In one of his last interviews, Gomez pointed out the irony that komiks were “enjoying a revival on television, the same medium that killed it.” These include some of his own works, such as Petrang Kabayo which is currently on its third movie version, and Juanita Banana which ABS-CBN is producing as a TV show. ABS-CBN is also set to bring Gomez’s Mutya to TV later in 2011..." - Fidelis Angela Tan, The POC, 03 January 2011 (READ MORE)

Best Friend - "...Ever since she started acting and appearing in movies made by Sampaguita Studios, Susan Roces hasn't changed her style since this was stipulated in the contract she signed that she maintain her pageboy hairstyle. Suan and I became the best of friends and eventhough she got married to FPJ, we still have kept in touch and have been friends ever since. When Susan and ronnie got married, she gave all her personal belongings to me. She gave me her round bed, cabinert, dresser and other things. Many of Susan's friends were offering to buy these from her while others were asking for them, but she chose to give all of them to me. "I know that you are my friend and you always take good care of the things I give to you, " Susan told me. Every year when I celebrate my birthday, Susan would visit my home, look in my room and see if the things she gave me years ago are still there. I told her "I will never have them replaced, the things you gave me." She replied that she was thankful that she didn't go wrong in choosing me to take care of her treasured possessions." Susan also loves to eat food and she would join us whenever we would invite her to go out to Muntinlupa, attend a stage show or partake of the delicious food offered to us at a fiesta. Both of us would take the jeepney whenever we would go shopping at Divisoria and people there would not even recognize her. Once you become Susan's friend, she never forget you because for her, a friend is always a friend. She is always there when you need her help and she never forgets to greet you a happy birthday during your special day. Whe you get sick or hospitalized because of an accident, Susan is always the first by your side, ready to give you help when you need something..." - Pablo S. Gomez, Philippine Free Press, 03 January 2004 (READ MORE)

Pablo S. Gomez and Vilma Santos
  • Mga Batang Bangketa (1970) - Directed by Armando De Guzman and from the original story and screenplay of Pablo S. Gomez, Mga Batang Bangketa was one of the early films of teen stars Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz.
  • Ding Dong (1970) - Tirso Cruz III played the title role while Vi was his leading lady. The film was directed by Mar S. Torres from the original story and screenplay of Pablo S. Gomez.
  • Kamay na Gumagapang (1974) - Directed by Tony Cayado and Mauro Bautista adapted screenplay from Pablo S. Gomez original story. Kamay na Gumagapang was first serialized in Pilipino Komiks, a Filipino local comic-magazine. The film featured Vilma Santos with 70s' singing star, Romeo Miranda as her leaing man.
  • Kampanerang na Kuba (1974) - From the original comic story of Pablo S. Gomez, Kampanerang Kuba was similar to Hunchback of Notre Damme but the gender. The film was directed by Nilo Saez who also credited as one of the scriptwriter who adapted the comic material of Gomez. The other one was Jose Flores Sibal. Vi was in the title role opposite Edgar Mortiz. Celia Rodriguez and Dindo Fernando played supporting roles.
  • Asawa Ko Huwag Mong Agawin (1987) - Pablo S. Gomez' original novel titled "Paano Ba Sasabihing Paalam Na" was adapted by Jose Javier Reyes and Jake Cocadiz and directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza. The film featured Vilma Santos and Amalia Fuentez.
  • Ikaw ang mahal ko (1996) - Fernando Poe Jr. and Vilma Santos last film together before his untimely demise in 2004. Gomez wrote the script.

Pablo S. Gomez is one of the top komiks writers in the Philippines. He is also a movie scriptwriter and director. His most popular works include Kurdapya, Petrang Kabayo, among others. Born in Sampaloc, Manila on 25 January 1931, he is the son of Olimpio Gomez and Pacita Salonga. He studied at Legarda Elementary School, Jose Abad Santos High School, National Teachers' College and Ateneo de Manila University...It was in the 50th FAMAS Awards in 2001 that he was given the Dr. Jose Perez Memorial Award for Journalism. On 26 December 2010, Gomez died due to cardiac and pulmonary arrest. He was 79 years old. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

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Gusto Ko Munang Huminto sa Pag-aartista!

Walang duda na sa mga youngstars natin ay si Vilma Santos ang pinakaabala. Sabi nga sa lenguwahe ng pelikula ay kaliwa't kanan ang kanyang ginagawa. Sa kasalukuyan ay magkasabay niyang ginagawa ang mga pelikulang King Khayam And I ng Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Production at Basta't Isipin Mong Mahal Kita ng FGORSJ Productions. Sa una ay katambal niya si Mayor Joseph Estrada, ito ang kauna-unahang nilang pagtatambal. At sa pangalawa ay katambal naman niya ang kauna-unahang Grandmaster sa chess sa Pilipinas at sa buong Asya na si Eugene Torre. Bukod sa mga pelikulang ito ay may nakatakda pa siyang gawin sa ibang produksiyon. Sabi nga ni Mommy Santos, ang masipag at mabait na ina ni Vilma: "Si Vi ay naka-book na hanggang Marso ng susunod na taon." Si Vilma ay tao lamang. May katawan, puso at damdamin. At ang katawan ng tao ay tulad din naman ng makina na kailangan ang pahinga. Pahinga? Nangangahulugan ito ng pansamantalang paghinto ni Vilma sa pelikula. Nang minsang makausap namin si Vi sa kanilang magandang tahanan sa Bel-Air, Makati, Rizal ay nabanggit niya ang hangad na kailangan niyang pahinga. "Gusto ko munang huminto sa paggawa ng pelikula," nakangiti niyang wika.

"Bakit? Mag-aasawa ka na ba?" tanong ng sumusulat nito. "Naku, hindi!" Bigla ang kanyang sagot at medyo namilog ang kanyang magagandang mata. "Gusto ko lang magpahinga." mabilis na dugtong ni Vi. "Kasi tingnan ninyo naman. Halos araw-araw na lang e trabaho. Kung wala ako sa set ng pelikula ay nasa set naman ako ng telebisyon. Nagti-taping. Kung wala namang taping e nasa radyo. At kung wala namang radyo eh balik uli sa pelikula." Huminto saglit si Vi. Hinugot ang isang napakalalim na buntong hininga sa mayaman niyang dibdib. "Pero kahit na medyo pagod ako e enjoy naman ako sa aking gawain." nakangiting wika ni Vi. Ang pahinga ay nasa isip na rin ng kanyang Mommy. At ito ay nasabi na niyang minsan sa amin. Ayon kay Mommy Santos, pagkatapos ni Vi ng kanyang mga gawain ay magbabakasyon "kami sa Hongkong. At kung may panahon pa eh baka magtuloy na kami sa Europe." "Pero bago ako magbakasyon e kailangan tapusin ko muna ang aking mga obligasyon dito. Lalo na ang aking pelikula nang sa ganoon e may maiwanan akong pansamantala sa aking mga fans. Alam mo na. Mahal ko yata ang aking mga fans." Nakangiti si Vi habang sinasabi niya ito. Kaya pagkatapos ng King Khayam And I at Basta't Isipin Mong Mahal Kita ay malamang na umalis si Vilma at ang kanyang Mommy upang magbakasyon sa Hongkong at Europa. - Nonoy T. Sofranes, Love Story Illustrated Weekly Magazine, No. 162, 01 Nov 1973

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OPM Jukebox Hits - Original Artists

Songs - Artists
  • 01 Rain - Boy Mondragon
  • 02 Bakit Ako Mahihiya - Didith Reyes
  • 03 Mr. Lonely - Victor Woods
  • 04 My Pledge of Love - Edgar Mortiz
  • 05 Sixteen - Vilma Santos
  • 06 Mardy - Eddie Peregrina
  • 07 Forbidden - Norma Ledesma
  • 08 I Am A Soldier - Lew Soratorio
  • 09 You Don't Own Me - Jeanne Young
  • 10 Dearest One - Lord Soriano
  • 11 Mother Of Mine - Florence Aguilar
  • 12 Faithful Love (Instrumental) - Cezar Manalili on Guitar
  • 13 Baleleng - Max Surban
  • 14 I'm Sorry - Neddie Decena
  • 15 Love Me Now And Forever - Romeo Miranda
  • 16 Pangako - Flippers
  • 17 Kawawang , Cowboy - Fred Panopio
  • 18 Butsekik - Yoyoy Villame (Amazon)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ang Pinakamahirap na Pelikula ni Vilma!

Sa paggawa ng pelikula, kung maringgan man ng pagdaing si Vilma Santos ay bihirang-bihira. Nangyayari lang ito kung ipagpalagay nating siya'y may dinaramdam, hapong-hapo at talagang hindi na makaya ng katawang humarap sa kamera kahit ibigin niya. Gayon man, kung nagkataong napakahalaga ng eksena at kinakailangang gawin niya, kahit anong sama ng pakiramdam niya'y humaharap siya sa kamera. At sa pagtungo niya sa set o location, lagi siyang nasa oras. Kung maatraso ma'y saglit lang. Ganyan ka-professional si Vilma Santos. Ngunit sa Lipad, Darna, Lipad ay dumaraing siya. Hindi sa hindi siya enjoy gawin ito. Ang tutoo'y sa pelikulang ito lang siya na-involved. Ibig na niyang matapos na ito't makita ang pinagpaguran niya. Talaga palang mahirap gumawa ng costume picture. Lalo pa't kung tulad nito! Una, ang naging suliranin namin ay ang Darna Costume ko. Kasi, kinakailangang maging maliksi ang kilos ko bilang Darna, kaya kailangang alisin na ang padding. Kaso nga, lilitaw naman ang malaking bahagi ng aking katawan. Mabuti na lang at sumang-ayon ang aking fans.

"Pangalawa, nag-aalala ako sa mga eksenang bakbakan namin nina Gloria Romero, Celia Rodriguez, Liza Lorena. Kasi, baka masaktan ko sila nang di sinasadya. "Ang pangatlo ay ang likas na pagkatakot mga ahas. Kasi, may bahagi roong tungkol sa Babaing Ahas, si Valentina. Dito, laging kinakailangan ang ahas sa mga eksena. Mga sari-saring ahas. Maliliit at malalaki. At makamandag! "Ang pinakamahirap sa lahat ay ang pagsu-shooting. Kailangan naming tapusin ito anuman ang mangyari. Kaya nasasagap ko ang lamig ng gabi at init ng araw. At ang suot ko nga'y labas ang malaking bahagi ng katawa! At alam n'yo namang kailan lang ay na-ospital ako dahil sa respiratory defects! Ito ang mga daing ni Vilma Santos sa pinakamahirap niyang pelikula, ang Lipad, Darna, Lipad. Ngunit mahihinuha naman ninyo na ang pagdaing niya'y parang palalambing lang. Dinaraan pa nga niyang lahat sa biro. Pagka't ang tutoo, mahal na mahal niya ang pelikulang ito. Dahil ito nga ang pinaka-mahirap. At sa isang artista, kung alin ang pinakamahirap ay siya namang pinakamasarap! - Cleo Cruz, Love Story Illustrated Weekly Magazine, No. 78, 23 Mar 1973

Cleo Cruz, Vilma Santos' publicist in the early part of her movie career, Vi normally calls her, "Mommy" or Mommy Cleo. Now retired from entertainment journalism, Cleo Cruz is reportedly now living in the United States. She referred Vi's followers in many of her columns and articles as "Luvs." - RV

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Remembering Chichay

The “Queen” - "...This movie was in tribute of the staff and crew behind the movies produced by Sampaguita Pictures. They were played by Dolphy, Panchito, Chichay and other actors and actresses of the said film outfit. The title was about a popularity contest in the studio where some of the said staff and crew were the candidates. Here, the King of Comedy played a janitor named “Julio Antukin” who became involved in most of the hilarious situations in the movie studio premises like throwing the pin of the grenade instead of the grenade, when he replaced a bit player, at the site where a movie director, played by Ading Fernando, was standing giving instructions about a scene. Another one was when he was assigned in the sound room where his clumsiness in the operation of its equipment caused the switching of the male and the female voices of its contract stars, played by Jose Mari Gonzales and Liberty Ilagan, in a musical number scene. In the end, he redeemed himself, when he was able to help the studio from being robbed by a gang of criminals which made him the “King” while Chichay was the “Queen”. Vilma Santos appeared in this movie as Dolphy’s younger kid sister..." - Melcore’s CinePlex Blog (READ MORE)

Pamosong Komedyante - “…Samantala sa entablado naman ng mga eskuwelahan at sa mga syudad, ipinalabas din ang dulang New Yorker in Tondo, isang komedya tungkol sa isang balikbayan na mas Amerikano pa kaysa Amerikano pero kayumanggi naman. Nauso rin sa radyo ang komedya tulad ng Sebya Mahal Kita na pinalabasan nina Sylvia Guerrero at Eddie San Jose. Ang iba pang pamosong mga komedyante ay sina Oscar Obligacion, Chichay at Aruray atbp…Sa larangan ng pelikula, si Ai-Ai pa rin ang bida sa mga komedya, na marahil ay namana ang kanyang pagiging komedyante sa mga “greats” tulad ni Chichay at Aruray na sumikat noong mga 50′s at hanggang 60′s. Bandang 70′s o 80′s ginawang katatawanan ang isang artista na sobra ang dunong daw…” - Wilhelmina S. Orozco (READ MORE)

Patsy vs Chichay - "...Her best episode in Wanted: Boarders in the old ABS-CBN Channel 4 was when Chichay guested in the show. Chichay had a daughter, singer Geraldine, and Patsy could never pronounce the girl's name correctly (she kept saying Gungadine). From the start, there was already animosity between Patsy and Chichay. It turned out that Chichay was the ex-girlfriend of Patsy's husband, Pugo, and it was a riot in the show. That episode was a landmark on Philippine TV because there supposedly was a feud between Chichay and Patsy off-screen. Nobody ever knew if this was true or just a joke between them and no one knew the exact reason why they were feuding in the first place. The public waited for the answer when Patsy was featured as guest in the Joy Virata-Robert Jaworski talk show Celebrity in 1978 on Channel 4 (then already a government studio). Unfortunately, when Ms. Virata asked that question, Patsy evaded it by merely answering: "It's a military secret." The year after, Patsy died and buried along with her mortal remains was the mystery about her supposed feud with Chichay. But at the funeral, there was only one celebrity who went, Chichay...." - Butch Francisco, The greatest comedians of all time (Third of a series), Philstar, Aug 19 2006 (READ MORE)

Toothless Miss - "...During her absence, something "that I couldn't figure out till now" occurred. When she returned, a new Chichay was born: the toothless Miss. By conservative estimate, Chichay has to date 120 photoplays to her credit, the most decisive and memorable of which is Buhay Pilipino, a movie she made with Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran in 1951 because it gave birth to the masungit and tsismosa aunt-image that Chichay is now well-known for. She has a CAT Award (for Best TV Actress of 1967) to attest to her acting ability. Chichay the person is a far cry from Chichay the jester. whenever she is free from commitments (which is very seldom), she stays at home and reads her favorite fun magazines: 1001 Jokes, Mad and Taurus. She is fond of cats. She has not seen any movie for the past five years, even her own films. Her favorite comedienne is Lucille Ball. Fifty years old last January 21, Chichay professes she has a deep-seated devotion to show business: "I want to laugh away the rest of my life..." - Ricardo F. Lo, Sunday Times Variety, April 27 1969 (READ MORE)

Chichay (born Amparo R. Custodio; January 21, 1918 – May 31, 1993) was a Filipino comedienne. Her short and stocky stature, scratchy voice and prematurely aged appearance allowed her to portray grandmothers while only in her thirties. She was born in Tondo, Manila, the daughter of a ship steward, Jose Pacifico Custodio and Maria Robles of Bulacan. In 1945, she married Hercules Saenz Moya of Iloilo. She entered showbusiness as a teen, joining the "Samahang Antonieta" as a singer with her sister Iluminada. She also appeared as a chorus line dancer at the bodabil shows of Katy de la Cruz. Soon a regular at the bodabil circuit, she received her stage name "Chichay" from Atang de la Rama. The name was a corruption of the Japanese word "Chiisai", meaning "short", in reference to Chichay's own short height and she got famous for her toothless appearance but in reality she still got 2 molars left...Chichay remained a contract star with Sampaguita Pictures for almost two decades. After her stint with Sampaguita, she remained in demand as a character actress, often in comic roles. In 1972, she was nominated for a FAMAS Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Bilanguang Puso. She was active in film until her death in 1993. Among her last roles was as Lola Basyang in the 1986 Regal Films fantasy movie, Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Chichay and Vilma Santos
  • 1980 - Yakapin Mo 'ko, Lalaking Matapang - Chichay played the grandmother to Vilma Santos, Lito Lapid is Vi's leading man.
  • 1974 - Happy Days Are Here Again - A collection of film segments of the big three - LVN Films, Premiere Productions and Sampaguita Pictures, Chichay was in Fred Montilla's segment playing the titular role, "Bondying" while Vilma Santos, now a teen idol, was in the musical segments with her fellow teenstars, Edgar Mortiz, Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III.
  • 1963 - King and Queen for a Day - Still a childactor, Vilma Santos played supporting to lead stars, Dolphy and Chichay.

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Golden Ging (Videos and Music)

Released Date: 20 January 1964

Basic Information: Directed: Cirio H. Santiago, Teodorico C. Santos; Story: Mars Ravelo; Screenplay: Teodorico C. Santos; Cast: Vilma Santos, Jose Padilla Jr., Olivia Cenizal, Carol Varga, Ramon D’Salva, Aruray, Etang Discher, Georgie Quizon, Ponga, Jose Garcia, Paquito Salcedo, Eva Montes, Marvin Molina, Pol Todd; Executive producer: Adela Santiago; Cinematography: Lito Padrino; Film Editing: Demetrio De Santos; Production Design: Bert Amazar; Theme Songs: “Ulila” composed by Levi Celerio, performed by Vilma Santos

Plot Description: Ging is a poignant story of a poor gifted girl, trying to make both ends meet by singing and dancing in crowded streets and cafeterias. - Komiklopedia (READ MORE)

Special Film: Ging (1964)

“...Ging (1964) was directed by Cirio Santiago and Teodorico Santos. Although it was made in the old-fashioned way of making films (the flashback scenes in particular), the material used here is timeless – especially since there are more street children in our midst now more than ever. As far as the showbiz scene is concerned, there are still a lot of heartless impresarios today exploiting young talents in the business. But what really made “Ging” a delight to watch was the performance of the very young Vilma Santos. Even at the early age, it was clear that she was already brimming with talent. Vilma, apparently, was born into this world to perform, entertain and make people happy. She was utterly convincing in the dramatic scenes and thoroughly graceful in her musical numbers. Listang-lista – as we’d say in the vernacular. Even then, she was already living up to her showbiz title of “Star for All Seasons” because her performance in “Ging” is not only brilliant, but timeless as well..." - Butch Francisco, People’s Journal 04 March 1999 (READ MORE)

Source: gobitz69

FAIR USE NOTICE (NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE): This site contains copyrighted materials the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to preserve the film legacies of actress, Vilma Santos, and to make her career information available to future generations. We believe this is NOT an infringement of any such copyrighted materials as in accordance to the the fair dealing clauses of both the Canadian and U.S. Copyright legislation, both of which allows users to engage in certain activities relating to research, private study, criticism, review, or news reporting. We are making an exerted effort to mention the source of the material, along with the name of the author, performer, maker, or broadcaster for the dealing to be fair, again in accordance with the allowable clauses. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

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Araw-araw, Alive ang Bahay nina Vi

Naku, Mommy! Totoong nakakapagod! Pero happy naman ako. Iyan ang sabi ni Vi nang minsang magcomment ako tungkol sa sitwasyon nila ngayon ni sa bahay na nilipatan sa Bel Air, Makati. Buhat nang malipat kasi sila roon, araw-araw ay lagi silang may bisita. Parang laging may party roon, bagama't wala ng usual trappings ng isang party. Its just that the house never seems to sleep. Ano't nagkagayon ngayon kina Vi? -Well, baka sabi nila'y free to accept visitors na ako, -biro ni Vi. Biro lang sa ganang kay Vi. But many are saying that, that is the reason nga. Wala na silang inaalala ngayon. Light-hearted na silang nakakapasyal doon. Ang mga bumibisita ngayon kay Vi ay mga kaibigan nito. Ilan na'y sina Manny de Leon, Zaldy Zshornack, Ike Lozada, Divina Valencia, Annabelle Rama at marami pang colleagues niya sa showbiz. Siyempre, may ilan ding chess ang pakay. Tulad ni Jojit Paredes at ni Les McCoy. Ang dalawang ito'y higit na malimit ang pagdalaw kay Vi. Ang Americano, basta't may pagkakataon, kahit sa Clark Field siya magmumula, ay hindi sagabal at dadalaw kay Vi. Marami na ring movie press people na dumalaw kay Vi. And boy! Always fun sila basta't naruon. Nagi-stay in pa. Nagsu-swimming, nakikupagkuwntuhan, etc. And they are always weelcomed.

Tulad nang nasabi ni Vi, happy naman siya't pinapasyalan siya ng kayang friends. Kahit pagod sa trabaho, very accomodating siya. Love ko ang mga tao. Lalo na't mga kaibigan ko. Anumang pagod ko'y nawawala kung makapiling ko sila. Of course, hula rin nami'y ang ibang nagpapasyal doon, bukod sa pagdalaw kay Vi, ay para magusyoso rin ang bahay na nilipatan nito. Ang always, hanga sila sa bahay. Ganda kasi, malaki pa. At mababait ang mga taong nakatira roon. Very hospitable. Ganyang talaga ang Santos family saan man sila mapadako. But kung alive man lagi ang Santos household doon, hindi naman madalas. Happy vibrations lang ang mapupuna. Laging bright ang atmosphere. Lalo na't kung naroon sina Vi at Mama Santos. Natutuwa naman ako't nakikita kong masaya ngayon si Vi. Di mo ba napapansing lagi siyang lively ngayon? Parang wala nang problema. Madalas ko ngang tinutukan ng: Aba, kumare! Nagagalak nga ako't nasisiyahan sila sa pagdalaw sa amin. At sa ganang akin, they always welcome here. Mga kaibigan namin sila. Yep, luvs! Halos araw-araw nga'y may bisita sina Vi sa Bel Air. Kasi, it is a happy place. It is not a house, it is a home. - Cleo Cruz, Bulaklak, No. 164, 21 Aug 1974

Cleo Cruz, Vilma Santos' publicist in the early part of her movie career, Vi normally calls her, "Mommy" or Mommy Cleo. Now retired from entertainment journalism, Cleo Cruz is reportedly now living in the United States. She referred Vi's followers in many of her columns and articles as "Luvs." - RV

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Vilma Santos: The Big Girl With a Big Heart!

She was not to thrive on controversies. 'Yan si Vilma Santos. Dala ito marahil ng kanyang napakaagang pagkakapasok sa paga-artista. Gayon pa man she has not been spared with some. Near-clashes with issues affecting her standing in the field of entertainment ay dumarating din sa kanya. Sa paminsan-minsang pagkanti sa kanyang enviable na katayuan bilang artista, unconclusive para sabihin nating she does it with dahilang di na niya kailangan. She does not have to crade issues for reasons na wala naman siyang dapat ipaliwanang sa ibang mga puna sa kanya. Having maintained her "sweet image" personality sa kanyang mga followers and foes alike, isang napakalaking achievement ito para sa isang artistang naging katungali sa larangan ng popularidad ang isang kinikilalang very formidable showbiz supergirl. Much too busy before the camera, tutoong napakahirap magkaroon ng pagkakataong makapanayam siya within ultimate gusto. But we have always been broadminded about such perchance happenings. Kahit na between "breaks," ni hindi namin siya ginambala. Knowing fully well the gruelling eksena na katatapos lang niyang harapin, its but fair na kinakailangan niya ang magpahinga, though momentarily.

However we came upon a beautiful idea kahit na di namin siya masyadong nakakuwentuhan. Her showbiz life was an open book. Di kailangan ang manaliksik. Appraisal was well at hand, Gayunman, we sidetracked to dwell on mere heresays. Facts ang maing pinagbabasihan, mostly emanating from people close to her al gayon din sa mga taong naging asiwa sa kanyang pagiging that popular. It is an accepted tenet na kapag ang isang tao ay naging successful sa kanyang hanapbuhay, the natural trend ay ang pagiging usual target ng mga puna...nakasisira ang otherwise. In her little more than a decade of involvement with showbiz, isang bagay ang naging very obvious sa kanya. Ang vigorous growth niya sa pagiging artista didn't flourish through controversy. However, she has had near-clashes with some. To mention some of those 'drop-in-the-bucket' napag-uusapan, napagtapunan namin ng pansin ang kanyang closeness sa kanyang reel and real ka-loveteam na si Edgar Mortiz. Ang dalawa raw are more than just mag-ka-loveteam. That they have been married daw in some off-Philippine shore. Ang nasabing rumor however died a natural death. On its own, din na kailangan pang ikaila ito by either Vi or Bot kung totoo which it is not.

They look it as just one of those laughing matters among showbiz people. Now the talk has taken its own course, to oblivion. Action speaks louder than words, at naipakita nina Vilma na with a slight dash of denial, they have proved themselves capable of being burdened with the untruth. Time justified it for them. At kamakailan lamang ay nagkaroon ng issue ang kanyang pagsusuot ng very "unsweet" attire sa kanyang latest vehicle na "Lipad, Darna, Lipad." Nagkaroon ng divided concern ang iba't ibang panig na nakapaligid kay Vilma. Dapat daw ba niyang tanggapin itong role na ito? Ang if so, kailangan daw ba niyang magsuot ng tights o hindi? Trifling matter possibly, but definitely, ikinabahala ng marami. However, this issue has been resolved upon. Sinusulat namin ito'y nasa finishing touches na ang "Lipad..." Realism has been injected sa kapasiyahan na rin Vilma. She didn't wear tights nor body-fits. Naging acceptable na rin sa kanyang mga fans ang inaakala nilang taamang desisyon ng kanilang idol. Vilma on the other hand is one girl na di man lang namin nakitang unsmiling. She had a ready smile for everyone. Winsome in everyway, very enjoyable to talk with ang young actress na ito.

Recently, nagkaroon siya ng kaunting problems with a certain press release. However it has been threshed out even before it has magnified itself into harmful proportions. Nuong huli namin siyang nakaharap sa shooting ng "Lipad..." sa mismong El Dorado Subdivision sa Antipolo, kapuna-puna ang kasipagan ni Vilma. And she can take risks too. Immeasurable ang kanyang industry at dedikasyon sa kanyang propesyon. Di niya alintana ang pagod. Sa kabila ng matinding pagod sa panayang shooting, she finds time to smilingly greet her many well-wishers who flocks daily to the set. We wonder not. Kung naipaparis man si Vilma kay Susan Roces sa ngayon. Vilma can well be placed as having started her career at an earlieer age while Susan had started hers at a blooming age. However, the comparison ends there. Susan had maintained her sweet stature as Vilma had up to now. Vilma definitely has a long, long way to travel sa kanyang career. Marami pang trivalities ang kanyang harapin. At kailangang maging handa siya. Knowing Vi, we are sure she can pass at with flying colors. For one Vilma never has panicked sa harap ng mga problema. Hindi niya kailanman maging ugali na takasan ang ano mang problema. She faces them squarely. - Tito Nards, Kislap, No. 273, 22 Mar 1973

Tito Nards is a Filipino movie reporter, writer, columnist who were part of Vilma Santos' circle of movie supporter in the early part of her film career. Although he was not identified fully with Vilma Santos, he regularly reports about the latest Vilma Santos news. His weekly colum and articles, mostly written in Tagalog were published by Mars Ravelo magazine, an illustrated comics-magazine. - RV</>

Friday, January 17, 2014

Money and Vilma Santos

Have you ever stop to wonder kung paanong ginagasta ni Vilma Santos ang "limpak-limpak" na salaping kinikita niya? Marami ang nagsasabi na 'talagang masuerte ang batang yang si Vi. Kahit na ano ang hilingin niya ay kayang bilhin...Sunod-sunod ang pelikula na halos P100,000 per picture ang bayad sa kanya...hindi naman mahilig sa night clubbing! Kayang kayang magbuhay reina n'yan!" Kung iisipin nga ang inaakalang kitang ito ni Vilma, ay madaling isipin ang ganito. Kumikita, hinahangaan, pinupupog ng fans, at minamahal ng maraming kabinataan, pambihira na nga ang suerteng pamoso ngayon kay Vi. Puede na ngang magbuhay reina, ngunit sabi ng kanyang family, "Vi is a professional sa kanyang gawain, ngunit isa lamang siyang karaniwang tao sa loob ng tahanan. Kapatid lamang naman siya. Marahil kung tatratuhin namin siyang parang reina, ay siya ang ma-iiwas sa amin at siya pa ang maiirita!" Sa mga pakikipanayam noon kay Vilma ay napatunayan ang ganitong attitude niya. The only time na mistulang reina ang trato kay Vi ay tuwing matutulog ito. Lahat sila ay sinisikap na huwag siyang magambala sapagkat batid nilang pagod na pagod siya at mahalagang mahalaga na siya ay makapagpahinga nang husto.

Batid nilang napakademanding ng career ni Vi, na walang oras na iginigalang basta't kailangang tapusin ang pelikula, at si Vilma, kalimitan na kahit na may sakit ay sinisikap na tapusin ang sariling commitment. Sa sandaling mabatid na ready na siya o gising na, mistulang central park ang silid niya sapagkat doon nakikilumpon ang mga kapatid na kung tulog siya ay sa silid naman ng mga parents nila naglilipon. Hindi na yata mauubusan ng balitaan, tanungan, at biruang magkakapatid, at si Edgar Mortiz na tumutungo rin doon kapaga batid na gising na si Vi o nakikibantay kapag tulog ito. That's right, Vilma Santos is just big sister to Maritess, 14, Winnie, 11 and Sonny, 8 and plain younger sister to Emmelyn, Vi's older sister. At ganito rin siya sa gastusan. Si Vi, tulad ng mga kapatid ay ang allowance lamang niya ang ginagasta. Binibigyan siya ng P200 a week ng ina, ng kalimitan ay binabahagi pa rin sa mga kapatid tulad nang magtopnotcher si Maritess sa klase. Binigyan niya ito ng P20.00 bilang premyo. Dito ay kinukuha pa rin niya ang pambile nang ilang damit at di dahil sa pinagdadamutan ina kundi Vi does not ask. Pinaghuhusto ang kanyang allowance. Magrebelde kaya si Vi sa ganitong pasunod ng mga magulong, gayong mapagmamalaki naman niyang siya ang kumikita na rin tulad ng father at mother?

Minsan ay tuwang tuwa na ikinuwento ni G. Amado Santos na father ni Vi, napakasuwerte raw nilang mag-asawa. Imagine raw ng minsan ay masayang masaya na umuwi si Vi kasama ng ina, buhat sa pamimili. "Ay nadaya ko si Mama! Siya ang nagbayad ng blouse na ito. Ang sweet sweet po naman ng mama ko!" at walang higit na pinupopog ng halik ang ina. Nangiti lamang...silang mag-asawa sa pagsasalimuot ay sana manatiling gayong kabait ang anak nila. Kung tutuusin ay sa kinikita ni Vi ay kahit ano kaya niyang bilhin, ngunit higit siyang maligaya na mapabilang sa mga mahal na kapatid. Tutungo roon at siyang bumubili. Batid nilang dahil sa pelikula kailangang ni Vi ng pambihirang mga damit at kagamitan. Lahat nang ito ay ipinauubaya ni Vi sa ina. Parang siyang-siya siya that there is somebody else to take care of things for her, someone who had known her all her life. And because she respects her mother's business accumen, Vi and Mrs Santos used to sit up nights, making plans and later on making it up with the rest of the members of the family. Hanggang sa mga sandaling ito, hindi pa nagre-resign o nagre-retire si Mr. Santos sa kanyang gawain sa isang booking office. Sa kanyang pakiwari, itinuturing pa hanggang ngayon ni Vi na isang privilege na ang mapabilang sa kanyang mga kapatid at mapamahal sa mga ito.

Isa na ring kaligayahan niyang isipin na siya ay pinagagastusan ng kanyang parents. Lahat ng kinikita ni Vi ay pino-program ng kanyang mga parents. Namimili sila ng lupa, noong nagsisimula siya (mga 9 na taon gulang) namili na rin ng bahay at ang balak pa rin pumasok sa isang negosyo na malaki ang maitutulong sa suliranin ng tourism sa bansa, ang pagpapatayo ng gusaling puedeng makatawag sa housing problems sa ngayon. At sa mga Santoses, mula pa kay siyang nagpasiya nito...may kabuhayan silang lahat, may bahagi sa kanilang pinagsikapan, sapagkat sila ang family who lives and loves together...lahat ay galak sa kasiyahan sa mga tagumpay ni Vi sapagkat itinuturing nilang kanilang tagumpay rin tio at si Vi naman ay walang atubili ng pagtanggap ng kanilang mga tulong at kalinga. Vi knows what money can do for their family but it has not yet occured to her what it can do for her only! Vi has never been placed in a position na inisip niyang siya ang workhorse...because she now makes the decisions. The whole household is made to revolve around her and the demands of her profession, without losing sight at the idea that she is a member of a whole and not the whole thing. Father and mother are the principal personalities in the vortex and Vi is just another daughter, able to make full use of her profession. And this is what makes life beautiful for Vi, being fullfilled as a professional and yet remaining a daughter of a family, "belonging" to someone, that "sense of belonging" providing her the security so essential to people in her profession. - TSS Magazine, No. 169, 08 Feb 1974

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Mga "Kakuwanan" ni Vil sa Bahay

Dalagang-dalaga na si Vi. Dyan. Maging sa kilos ay hindi na sugar n spice in everythin' nice. Deliciously adult na. Ngunit, seems na hindi niya completely ma-shake-off ang teenage kakuwanan niya. Kahit anong pilit niya, they always come back. Kaya't sa kanila, madalas ay napapakamot na lang ng ulo ang mga kasambahay niya. For instance, kung minsa'y magigising si Vi ng ala-5 ng umaga (What an unholy hour!). Ang gagawin pupunta sa kusina at maghahanap na kung ano ang puwede niyang lutuin. (Yup, luvs, yes read right.) O kundin man magluluto, basta't mag-iimbento siya ng putahe. Tulad ng minsan, Mommy, kabukas-bukas ko ng refrigerator, I saw mga naging mansanas, papaya, avocado. Sabi ko kay Marie (Balbacui) na ilabas lahat. Maya-maya, hiniwa-hiwa na namin ang fruits. 'Tapos pinakuha ko ang mayonaise, leche condensada. Siya. Pinaghalo-halo ko na! Then ibinalik ko sa refrigerator. After one hour, sabi ko'y tamang-tama nang kainin. Tinikman ko, aba'y may nalasa ba naman akong mapait-pait. Alam mo bang ano iyon? 'Yun pala, hindi natalupan ang avocado! Patay! Speaking of the refrigerator, kahit na si Vi ang nagbukas nito, pagdating niya mula sa trabaho, bago siya matulog at basta nasa bahay siya every now and then ay ginagawa niya ito. Wala namang purpose. Basta't sisilip lang sa loob!

At si Vi basta't kumakain lalo na kung naka-kamay, panay ang back sa mga daliri niya. Para bang ang lahat ng kinakai'y licking' good. At sa pagdila niya sa mga daliri, laging kalingkingan ang inuuna. It is always that way. At si Vi, basta't ganado sa kinakain, kausapin mo nang kausapin, no pansin ka. Para bang ang concentration niya'y nasa pagkaing lahat. Lalo na't kung butong pagkuwan. Nakakaubos siya nito ng isang supot. Kulay suka na ang labi, arya pa rin ng kukot ng butong pakuwan. Let's say naman na mula 10 piyem hanggang alas-3 ng umaga'y nakatulog na si Vi. Babangon iyan, magso-shorts at skipper at lalabas ng bahay, maglalakad na sa paligid-ligid ng kanilang bahay. After one hour, uwi siya uli, suot uli ng pajama at bagsak uli sa kama. Maya-maya, tulog na. Parang walang anumang ginawa. May gabi pa si Vi na laging inaabangan ng mga kasama sa bahay na gawin niya. At kung hindi gawin nito, dissapointed sila. Iyon bang bago umalis, lahat ng salamin ay daraanan at sisilip doon. Hindi para manalamin lang. Basta't naging habit na niya iyon. Oh yes, luvs. Palagay nating sinumpong si Vi na magluto (o mag-concot ng anumang makakain...niya), at magma-manjong o magbibinggo o anuman ang ilang kasambahay niya, ipatatanong kung gusto ng mga itong matikman ang kanyang lulutuin. At pag hindi pinansin ang pagtatanong niya ay siya...pag nakaluto na siya at saka the group voice their desire na sampolin ang niluto ni Vi...sorry na lang. Hindi na sila patitikman. Iirapan pa niya ang grupo. Dalaga na nga si Vi. Ngunit, hindi pa rin niya maiwawaksi ang ilang teenage kakuwanan niya. Maybe, that's why she looks as young as always. - Cleo Cruz, Bulaklak, No. 164, 21 Aug 1974

Cleo Cruz, Vilma Santos' publicist in the early part of her movie career, Vi normally calls her, "Mommy" or Mommy Cleo. Now retired from entertainment journalism, Cleo Cruz is reportedly now living in the United States. She referred Vi's followers in many of her columns and articles as "Luvs." - RV

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Collection of Brief Articles 2/2

1973 FAMAS - "...Halos mangilid ang luha sa kanyang mga mata nang tanggapin niya ang kanyang FAMAS Awards. Sa wakas ay nagtamo rin ng karangalan at pagkilala ang kanyang pagsisikap at kakayahan. Baguhan pa lamang si Nick Romano sa pelikula at iyon ay ang una niyang nomination at nakamit din niya ang kanranagalan best bilang supporting actor nang gabing iyon. Kung naruwa man si Joseph Estrada sa inaning karangalan ng kapatid niya nang gabing iyon ay ganoon din si Tony Ferrer sa kapatid niyang si Nick Romano. Most applauded si Marrissa Delgado nang gabing iyon dahilan sa noong nakaraang taon ay siya ang nagkamit ng FAMAS award for best supporting actress at ngayon ay siya na naman na nagpapatunay lamang na talaganag karapatdapat siya sa karangalang natamo niya last year. Hindi mailarawan ang kagalakan niya ng gabing iyon. Umiiyak siya't naliligayahan nang siya mismo ang tumanggap ng tangan niyang trophy na ang buong akala niya'y ibibigay niya sa bagong awardee. Dalawa ang best Actress ng gabing iyon. Nangangahulugang kapuwa mabigat ang labanan at walang itulak kabigin kina Boots Anson Roa at Vilma Santos kaya minabuti ng inampalan na bigyan kapwa ng best actress award sina Boots at Vilma..." - WikipediaAruy Tapusan Komiks Magasin, No. 32, 19 Hunyo 1973

"Nagwala" na rin si Vi! - "...Wll now, everybody clap your hands! "Nagwala na rin si Vilma Santos, something we never expected from her, and something that never happened to her in the 15 years she's been in show business. The reigning box office queen has always been criticized for being the perfect movie queen: cool, poised, well-behaved, aloof, mysterious. Never did she ever forget this, and how many times did we see her smile even when she was in pain, how many times did she look happy even when she was broken-hearted. It was only when the door to her room is shut down she take off this mask. Its only when the rest of the world is kept out by that door that she allows herself to breathe, act and live like a preson. People said she came straight our of a plastic factory, for no matter how many needles were stuck into her, she still came out a well-posed, well-mannered young miss. Someone who does not even say "aray." Well, not anymore. Sometimes last week, Vil lost her cool. Napilitan na ring magmura, napilitan na ring mambato ng baso. Tao rin pala si Vi. The occassion was Vi's discovery that her favorite director Celso Ad Castillo was shooting another films, Ang Dalagang Pinagtaksilang ng Panahon right in Majayjay, Laguna where Pagputi ng Uwak, Pagitim ng Tagak has been shooting on ang off since Nov. '76. It seems that Vi was not aware of the other picture. It was only when Vi with Cleo Cruz and a couple of friends dropped by the house where they were shooting did she find out that a completely different set of unit and crew were shooting another movie under the same director. Siyempre pa, away! Vi's been a bit peeved over the fact that Celso can't seem to finish Pagputi ng Uwak, Pagitim ng Tagak. This particular project begun exactly 14 months ago at that time, the one who caused all the trouble was Vilma herself. How many times did Celso wait for his leading lady to arrive, only to be told later on that she couldn't come? Bembol Roco, Vi's leading man in Pagputi ng Uwak... on the other hand, has this dissenchantment with Celso..." - Douglas C. Quijano, Klassiks Romantic Magasin, 07 April 1978

"Pag di gumawa ng retraksyon si Vilma, hindi ko tatapusin ang Pagputi ng Uwak!" - Celso Ad Castillo - "...Isang kalmadong Celso Ad. Castillo ang nakausap namin nang gabing iyon sa kanyang opisina. Kagagaling niya sa Majayjay , Laguna kung saan kinukunan ang Pagputi ng Uwak, Pagitim ng Tagak ng VS Films. Ang dahilan kaya lumuwas si Direk ay dahil sa isang lathalaing lumabas sa isang malaganap na pahayagan na binibintangan siya na diumano'y nagsisiyuting siya ng ibang pelikula ng ginagamit niya ang unit, ang mga tauhan, ang caterer at ang oras ng VS Films. "I don't mind controversies. I don't mind ciriticims but I do mind very much kung sasabihin nilang I am free-loading sa pelikula nila." ito ang may kapaitang wika ni Direk Celso Ad Castillo. Kailan ba sinimulan ni Direk Celso Ad Castillo ang Pagputi ng Uwak, Pagitim ng Tagak at bakit natigil ito? "Oktubre 1976 nang umpisahan ko ang pelikulang iyan," simual ni Direk Castillo. "Natigil ang pagsisiyuting noon dahil hindi sumisipot sa set si Vilma Santos. "Pagkatapos ng Burlesk Queen ay sinabi ko na sa sarili ko na I'm trough with her (Vilma's) prima donna attitude. Pero pinakiusapan niya akong ipagpatuloy namin ang Pagputi... at ginarantuhan niya akong siguradong darating siya sa set. "So I resumed shooting ng Pagputi...noong Jan 26 nang taong ito despite many offers na dumating sa akin. Tulad ng pelikula kina Armida Siguion-Reyna at Alona Alegre. I assumed that everything would be alright. That Vilma Santos would apprear on the set sa Majayjay, Laguna nga. "Pero dalawang linggo na akong nagsisiyuting, wala pang Vilma akong nakikita. Sa Kalahatian ng ikalawang linggo ay dumating siya, pero dadalawang araw ang itinigil niya roon at nagbalik siya sa Maynila upang mag-guest sa programa ni Joe Quirino sa telebisyon. "Si Bembol, na siyang leading man dito, ay laging naroon. Gayunman ay hindi siya makukunan pagka't ang natitirang mga eksena ay kailangan si Vilma. Tapos na ang ibang eksenang hindi kailangan ang presence ni Vilma. Dumating uli si Vilma at bigla namang nawala si Bembol Roco without my knowledge. At nanng mabalki si Bembol nagulat ako nang makita kong ahit na ahit ang kanyang ulo. Nagpakalbo siya nang si ako kinonsulta o pinasabihan kaya! Paano ang gagawin ko sa continuity..." - O. B. Pangilinan, Klassiks Romantic Magasin, 07 April 1978

Mga Hirap ni Vi... "...Nang ginagawa ni Vilma ang "Lipad, Darna, Lipad" nasabi niyang marahil iyon na ang pinakamahirap at challenging pic niyang nagawa. Kasi, dito'y nabilad siya nang husto sa init ng araw. Nalubog pa sa Putik. Alam naman ninyo ang balat ng top superstar...manipis, maputi, at sensitive. Tinubuan siya tuloy ng skin rashes. Sa Lipad, muntik na ring magkaroon ng nervous collapse si Vi. Dahil sa pakikipaglaban niya sa maliit na sawa. Heaven knows na gaano na lang ang takot ni Vi sa tulad nito and other slimy, crawling things. And so, akala nga ni Vi ay ang Lipad na ang pinakamahirap niyang pic na nagawa. But she was wrong, pagka't sa Dyesebel ay lalong nabilad siya rito sa init ng araw, nababad pa siya nang todo sa tubig. Ang God, ang difficulties niya sa paglipat-lipat sa sets. Paano siya makakakilos e naka-buntot siya? At matatandaan pa ba niyo na ilang ulit naospital ang top superstar pagka't nanganib na mapulmonya? Kaya, minsan pa'y nasabi ni Vi na ang Dyesebel na ang pinakamahirap na pic niyang nagawa. Ngunit sa paggawa niya ng Anak ng Asuwang para sa Roma Films, tambak na hirap na naman ang inabot niya. Masasasabi hindi naman gaano marahil. Pagka't dito'y hindi naman naka-costume ang superstar di tulad sa Lipad at Dyesebel..." - Cleo Cruz, Bulaklak, No. 94, 03 Sep 1974

Anong Sey N'yo sa Vi & Bot Part III? - "...Na-shocked ang mga interviewers. Halos hindi makapaniwala sa kanilang napanood that evening sa "Ayan Eh" over TeleNINE. Edgar Mortiz guesting sa programa ni Vilma Santos! Sa panahong supposedly ay "they separate one from the other"? O baka naman daw isang replay lang ito of an old "Ayan Eh?" Pero NO! Kasi nga there's the "Let's Do The Salsa" bits of Lea Productions. It's TRUE then, na muling nagkaroon ng buhay ang "pinakamatatag" (?) na Vi and Bot, Ah, Love? Nagkaroon na naman "pupunasan ng pawis, paayosayosan ng buhok" ni Bobot kay Vi sa kanilang pagduduweto. If Vi was but acting, ewan namin Maniwala ba si Bobot na muling umaaligid...with all those pakita ni Vi? Acting lang naman ;yon eh, and for the sake of our fans!...well...the poser ay itong supposedly ay may kaugnayan sa pelikulang "Lets Do The Salsa" ni Vi ang said presentation. Yep na naman nga ang young ones na ma-involved sa said movie, but nasaan naman sina Ronnie Henares, Walter Navarro at Rolly Quizon? Nag-iisnaban ba kasi'y naroroon ang original an king sa puso ni Vilma! Well, putting more strenght sa paniniwala namaing muling magkakaroon ng buhay ang Vi and Bot tandem, instant guest for that certain program nina Tony Santos Sr., at Eddie Ilagan. Kumpleto ang tropa, ika nga...huwag lang mabubulilyaso! Nakita ba n'yo kung papaano niyakap ni Direk Santos si Vi? Very apparent ang kasiyahan ni Direk and that wide smile on Eddie's face? Iisa ang banta...Vi and Bot, Part III! And to top it all, sa closing portion ng show, may reminder pa si Vi na siya'y gaganti na naman sa "People" ni Bot. Tit-for-tat, tat-for-tit extendedly could only mean one pagkahabahaba man ng prosisyon, kung masiksik, matalima...este, saan ba ako nabunggo? Akala ko'y sa simbahan, ay mali!..." - Tito Nards, Kislap, No. 393, 25 Mar 1976

Nagbunga Ang Pagsisikap: Pang-apat sa survey ang show nina Vilma-Edgar - "...Masayang-masaya ang buong cast ng Vi & Bot TV Show sa ika-pitong regular taping nila...Ang dahilan ay may lumabas buhat sa KBS na ang kanilang show ay pumang-apat na sa ginawang survey para sa TV show. Lilimang ulit pa lamang sumasahimpapawid ang Vi & Bot sa Channel 9 ay nag-rate kaagad ng maganda. Ang katuwaan ay higit kina Vilma Santos at Edgar Mortiz, gayundin si Director Tony Santos, na masugid ang hangarin na higit na mapaganda ang show na ito. Ang Vi & Bot ay mapapanood tuwing araw ng Martes mula ika-pito ng gabi hanggang ika-walo. Every week ay may iba-ibang episode ang kanilang ipinamamalas sa lahat ng mga televiewer, kasama na rito ang pinakatampok na sayaw ni Vilma. Everyweek din ay may special guest sila na kilalang showbiz personality. Laging maagang gumarating ang dalawa sa tuwing mayroong taping kapag araw ng biyernes. Hindi tumatanggi sina Vilma at Edgar sa anumang bagay na ipaganap sa kanila ni Director Santos, basta't sa ikagaganda ng show. Maging ang mga crew ng KBS na kasama nila sa paglalamay sa taping ay napupuri ang dalawa sa pagka-propesyonal. At ngayong nasa pang-apat na ang Vi & Bot ay walang tanging hangarin ang mga nagsisiganap rito at si director Santos, kundi lalong mapagbuti ang bawat pagtatanghal nila..." - Berting C. Paz, Sixteen Magazine, No. 112, 29 Dec 1972

Vilma Santos "Young Star of 1972" - "...Batay sa dami ng pelikulang ginampanan sa buong taon, muli na namang nanguna si Vilma Santos. Si Vilma, kung inyong natatandaan, ay nanguna rin nuong 1970, batay sa dami ng pelikulang nagampanan. Siya'y may 25 pelikula sa naturang taon. Sa kabuuan, narito ang kumpletong talaan ng mga pelikulang ginampanan ng mga young stars nong 1972 - 1. Vilma Santos - 14 (na pelikula); 2. Eva Linda - 13; 3. Jay Ilagan - 9; Roderick Paulate - 9; Nora Aunor - 7; Tirso Cruz III - 7; Desiree Destreza - 7; Edgar Mortiz - 7; Florence Aguilar - 6; Frankie Navaja Jr. - 6; Robin Aristorenas - 6; Barbara Monteiro - 6; Nympha Bonifacio - 6. Ang mga pamagat ng mga pelikulang kani-kanilang ginampanan ay ang mga sumusunod: Vilma Santos: Aloha My Love; Don't Ever Say Goodbye; Dulce Corazon; Inspirations; My Little Darling; Remembrance; Sweet Sweet Love; Ang Kundoktora; Vilma, Takbo, Dali; Dama de Noche; 3 Mukha ni Rosa Vilma; Dalagang Nayon; Hatinggabi na Vilma; at Leron Leron Sinta..." - Boy Alejandro Silverio, Pogi Magazine, No. 97, 08 Jan 1973

Vilma Tutulong Kay Nora sa NMH! - "Gusto kong makagaw ng mga bagay na makatuturan, Lalung-lalo na sa mga kilusang may magandang layunin at nauukol sa Charity. Love is giving and giving is love. Sa aking mga tagumpay ay nais kong pasalamatan ang lahat, sapagkat kung hindi sa ginagawa nilang pagtangkilik sa aking mga pelikula'y paano ko masasabing sarili ko ang tagumpay? Hindi tayo maaaring kumilos o magtagumpay nang nag-iisa. Siyempre, katulong natin ang ating mga kapwa tao. Walang sinumang nag-tagumpay o nakagawa ng magandang bagay na hindi kasama at katulong ang kanyang kapwa." Ito ang pasimulang pahayag sa amin ni Vilma nang kapanayamin namin kamakailan. Noong Hulyo 27, matapos bumoto sa referendum, sinagot ni Vilma ang pagtulong sa isang kilusang may kinalaman sa Charity. Bukod dito, nagtatanghal din sina Vilma at Edgar bilang pagtulong sa National Mental Hospital. Tutulungan namin dito si Nora. At kahit sino pang artistang may project, tutulong kami, basta sa kapakanan ng kawang gawa." Ayon pa rin kay Vilma hindi lamang siya ang dapat magkaroon ng ganitong adhikain kundi lahat din ng mga bituin sa pelikula. Kung maari ay makahati sila sa magandang simulaing ito. "Utang namin ang mga tagumpay na ito sa aming mga manonood. Kung hindi sa kanila, maaaring wala kami sa aming mga kinalalagyan ngayon, kaya tama lamang na kami'y makatulong din sa mga paraang alam naming kaya naming gampanan. At alam kong ito'y matutupad, pagkat ngayon pa'y nakikita ko na ang maraming artistang tumutulong sa kawanggawa. Sana'y magpatuloy ito at sana rin ay makatulong naman ang iba pang artista sa pelikula. Sa pagtatagumpay ng mga simulaing ito, ilan ang tiyak...maraming kulang-palad ang aming matutulungan, gayundin makatutulong ito sa pag-unlad ng ating pelikula at magkakaroon tayo ng magandang lipunan!" - Ric S. Aquino, Love Story Illustrated Weekly Magazine, No. 100, 24 Aug 1973

Superstar na si Vi - "...Tulad ng dati, humble pa rin si Vilma Santos. Hindi pa rin niya maamin na siya'y isa nang superstar. Sa katunayan kapag sinabi mo sa kanyang sikat na sikat na siya ay iiling lamang si Vi at magalang na magwiwikang "hindi ho naman." Talagang superstar na si Vilma Santos pagkatapos patunayan ng kanyang mga pelikulang Dara, Lipad, Darna at Dyesebel. Biruin ninyo, nangitanghal ang Lipad Darna Lipad ay kasabay ng pelikula nina Joseph Estrada at Nora Aunor subalit mahigpit na pakikipagtunggali ang nasabing pelikula. Sa nakaraang Pista ng Pelikulang Tagalog, ang pelikula ni Vilma na Dyesebel ay sumunod naman sa lakas ng kita ng pelikula nina Fernando Poe, Jr at Joseph Estrada. Iyan ay pagpapatunay lamang na superstar na si Vilma Santos. Napakaraming pelikulang gagampanan ngayon si Vilma Santos. Isa na sa ginagawa niya ngayon ay ang Anak ng Asuwang para sa Roma Films. Sa pelikulang ito na pinamamahalaan ni Romy Susara, si Vilma ay gumaganap bilang anak ni Gloria Romero. Hindi batid ni Vi na ang kanyang ina ay isang vampira at asuwang. Kaya lamang niya natuklasan ang katotohanan ay nang mapatay ng mga tao ang kanyang ina datapuwa't matapos iyong mailibing at masaksihan ng kanyang mga mata ay muli niyang nakita na kanyang inana buhay na buhay. Iyong pala, kampon ng kadiliman..." - Arnel Arcega, Movie Queen Magazine, No. 70

Ang Recording at si Vi - Basta't araw ng Huwebes, makakapasa kayong nasa Cinema Audio si Vilma Santos at nagsasaplaka ng kanyang pinakabagong awitin para sa Vicor. Ito ang araw ng inilalaan niya sa recording upang sa gayon ay mapabilis ang pagtatapos ng kanyang unang plakang LP para sa Vicor, ang Sing Vilma Sing. Ilang mga awitin na lamang ang dapat niyang maisaplaka. Natutuwa naman si Vilma sapagka't halos karamihan sa kanyang mga inaawit ay katugon ng kanyang panlasa. "Mahusay talagang pumili ng mga selection si Kuya Orly. Alam niya ang mga kantang babagay sa akin at iyong mga hindi. Isa lamang sa mga selection na kinalugdan ni Vilma ay ang "Tweedle Dee." "Okay sa akin ito sapagka't mabilis at madaling tandaan. Isa pa, paborito ko na ang awiting ito kahit noon pa man." Kung hindi nagre-recording si Vilma, lubha siyang abala sa kanyang mga assignments sa pelikula. Marami siyang alok na tinatanggap at masusi niyang pinag-aaralan kung alin ang dapat tanggapin. Malapit ng matapos ang Wonder Vi at Anak ng Asuwang. Isusunod na niya ang pelikulang pagtatambalan nila ni Meng Fei. Anupa't mapa-recording at mapa-pelikula, mawiwikang superstar ngang talaga si Vilma Santos.- Movie Queen Magazine, No. 70

Vilma Santos in June's Metro - "This June, join us as Metro tags along with our cover girl, the legendary Vilma Santos, the star for all seasons, who has found a second calling as the mayor of Lipa City. Metro follows her from her City Hall Offices to the ABS-CBN studios for the press conference of her latest blockbuster film, "Anak..." - Philippine Daily Inquirer, 17 Oct 2004 (READ MORE)

Ronnie, Vi team up for the first time - Two newly-proclaimed box office champions of Philippine movie star in FPJ Productions' upcoming 13th anniversary presentations, "Batya't Palu Palo," a situation comedy about a rich heiress who disguises as a lowly washerwoman in order to find out for herself the true meaning of love. Delineating the lead roles are Fernando Poe, Jr. and Vilma Santos who star for the first together. Now being filmed among the lush greens of Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac, "Batya't Palu Palo" hopes to make people forget the humdrum activities of this world. A wholesome family entertainment, the flick will have Ronnie step down from his throne as the country's number one action star to the down-to-earth role of Berting, an hacienda hand who works in Vilma's big landed estates, but who, nevertheless, catches the attention of the young, rich and quite spoiled Estella. Directed by ace megman Pablo Santiago, "Batya't Palu Palo" is scripted by Fred Navarro, based on a story by Ronwaldo Reyes. - FPJ Da King (READ MORE)

Wilear's Top Company in Philippine Awards - The third annual presentation of the Awit Awards was held at the Manila Hotel with Senator Doy Laurel of the Philippine Congress as guest of honor and principal speaker. The sponsoring group was the Philippine Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (PARAS). The event criticized in the local circle because of its unpopular results and deglamourized presentation, gave posthumous awards of merit to Frankie Martin, a juror last year, and Santiago Suarez, one of Filipino musical stalwarts. The founder of the Awit Awards, Billboard correspondent Oskar Salazar, was also honored. Wilear's Records scored heavily in the awards this year. The foreign division was permanently scrapped. Two major companies, Villar Records and Dyna Products, Inc. did not submit nominations this year. The 1970 winners are: Female Singer (English) - Nora Aunor (Alpha); Male Singer (English) - Eddie Mesa (Grandeur); Female Singer (Vernacular) - Amapola (Lapulapu); Male Singer (Vernacular) - Armando Ramos (Wilear's). Most Promising Female Singer - Eva Vivar (Alpha); Most Promising Male Singer (tie) - Boy Mondragon (Vicor) and Jonathan Potenciano (D'Swan); Record Company of the Year - Wilear's Records; Song of the Year - "Forever Loving You" by Bert Dominic (Billboard); Best Single - "Sixteen" by Vilma Santos (Wilear's); Vocal Group (Vernacular) - D'Big 3 Sullivans (Vicor); Vocal Group (English) - Reycard Duet (Alpha); Instrumental Recording - "Philippine Rondalla" by the Philippine Rondalla (Wilear's); Original Movie Music Theme - Soundtrack of "Wanted: Perfect Mother" by Danny Subido (Neon); Special Recording - "Philippine Rondalla" (Wilear's); Instrumental - Eric Dimson (Vicor); Instrumental Group - Pandacan Original Brass Band (Wilear's); Musical Arranger - Doming Amarillo; Lyricist (Vernacular) - Philip Maninang; Lyricist (English) - Danny Subido; Composer (English) - Robert Dominic; Album Liner Notes (LP & Mini) - "Baby Vi" (Wilear's); Album Cover (LP) - "I'm Sorry My Love" (Vicor); Mini-Album - "Something Stupid" by (Wilear's); Album - "Phenomenal Nora Aunor" by Nora Aunor (Alpha). Other Awardees (receiving plaques): Best Recording Studio - Cinema-Audio, Inc.; Best Recording Engineers - Ric Santos (Cinema-Audio, Inc.) and Best Pressing Plant - Home Industries Dev. Corp. Given citations for their support were Tower Productions, stations DZTM and DZTR and Gloria Sevilla, a film producer. - Billboard Magazine, International News Reports, 14 August 1971 (READ MORE)

Local Artists Score in Manila Listing - The July tabulations of the Philippine Record Dealers' Association, listing the top artsts of the month in the point of sales, only lists two foreign artists, Elvis Presley and Petula Clark. Alpha artist, Nora Aunor, clinches the top spot. She holds the record of the only local artist who won the Awit Awards as best female singer in three consecutive years. Aunor is the highest-paid recording artst, film star, and also radio-tv-stage personality. The top ten artsts: Aunor (Alpha), Tirso Cruz III (Dyna), Presley, Sylvia La Torre (Villar), Victor Wood (Vicor), Clark, Ric Manrique (Villar), Eva Vivar (Alpha) and Mabuhay Singers (Villar). The association also released listings by categories, the top three in each local female (English) - Aunor, Vivar and Vilma Santos (Wilear's); Local male singer (English) - Cruz, Wood and Darius Razon (Alpha); Groups = Mabuhay Singers, D'Big Sullivan (Alpha-Vicor) and Ambivalent Crowd (Vicor); Instrumental: Relly Coloma (Villar), Amormio Cillan, Jr (Dyna) and Eric Dimson (Vicor). - Billboard Magazine, International News Reports, 14 August 1971 (READ MORE)

National Artist - "Recent headlines have been filled with news about different groups or personalities championing Comedy King Dolphy, Superstar Nora Aunor and Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos as National Artists for Film. All three are deserving candidates because they have enjoyed long and successful careers, achieved a remarkable body of work, contributed to popular culture and are much admired by their peers and the public, traits that define what a National Artist is..." - Stars Studio Magazine (READ MORE)

Film Premiere Draws 28 Philippines Record Artists - Twenty-eight of the Philippines' young recording artists singing in English presented one song at the gala premiere night of the locally produced film "Haydee" at the Rizal Theater in suburban Makati. The impressive convergence was a first in the Philippine entertainment history, local producers and artists gave all-out cooperation. Proceeds of the "Haydee" premiere were earmarked for the 1970 Awit Awards, the Philippine's versions of the U.S. Grammys. Five record companies wre represented in the two-hour on-stage attraction, Alpha Recording System, D'Swan Recording System, Vicor Recording, Villar Records, and Wilear's Records. The Alpha artists were Eve Vivar, Baby Alcaraz, Geraldine and Jay Ilagan. The D'Swan artsts were Ernie Garcia, Jonathan Potenciano, Linda Alcid, and Eddie Peregrina. Singer pianist Baby de Jesus guested under the label. The Vicor artists were Eric Dimson, Boy Mondragon, Freddie Esguerra, Sony Cortez, Millie Mercado, Victor Wood, Perla Adea, and Tirso Cruz III. Villar was represented by Roggie Nieto. The Wilear's artists were Alice Cerrudo, Raul Aragon, Raquel Montessa, Elizabeth Ledesma, Romy Mallari, Esperanza Fabon, Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz and Ed Finlan. The back-up group was the Blinkers. - Oskar Salazar, Billboard, 06 June 1970 (READ MORE)

Burlesk Queen - "...Film critic Rafael Ma. Guerrero, in fact, picked out his best Tagalog films of all time from that era alone. "I have my own orientation in film criticism," Guerrero clarifies. "Because we're Third World, to me a film is, first of all, a social document, then an educational tool, and third, an aesthetic experience. If I have to name three important Tagalog movies of all time based on these criteria, they would have to be Brocka's "Maynila sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag" - actually, I can name four - Castillo's "Burlesk Queen," Romero's "Aguila," Gallaga's "Oro Plata Mata..." - Rafael Ma. Guerrero (READ MORE)

Vilma Santos stars in TV-Film Projects - When many of the country's top dramatic stars started to act in the major networks' TV soaps, people wondered when Vilma Santos would follow suit. After all, with the stellar likes of Nora Aunor, Eddie Garcia, Lorna Tolentino and Richard Gomez headlining them, local soap opera have become the biggest craze on weeknight television, upstaging even last season's top favorites, the game and quiz shows. Ofcourse, Vilma didn't have to jump onto the soaps' bandwagon (bathtub on wheels?). After all, for the past few years, she has generally made herself scarce on the big and small screens to pay more attention to her work as mayor of Lipa City, and to her family, but her popularity hasn't really suffered due to her lack of visibility. So, she could have stayed away from TV and just starred in a landmark film every two years, as has been her want for some entertainment seasons now. But when the acting bug bites, even veteran stars like Vilma feel the need to rackle new acting challenges. Especially since she was offered a TV soap of her own, with top talents also onboard to make sure that it would end up as the drama show to beat on the local TV screen. Trouble was, soaps take three days per week to shoot, and Vilma couldn't get away from her duties for that long a stretch each week. So, she had to say no to the soap, but she's agreed to do a weekly TV "dramedy" for ABS-CBN. This is still a very good deal for the veteran actress' loyal followers. And, in a sense, it makes her comeback vehicle on TV different from Nora and Lorna's, because she won't be limited to just one basic situation, and can thus have more chances to show off different aspects of her thespic persona. We hope that Vilma's new TV starrer will start telecasting before the end of the year, because it would complement her big year-ender movie, "Dekada '70," a shoo-in as an official entry in this year's Metro Manila Film Festival, which is set to unreel during the Christmas season. That one-two, TV-movie punch would generate maximum audience impact and excitement, and make even younger viewers want to see for themselves what this renewed fuss over Vilma Santos is all about. And, chances are, they'll like what they see, Vilma may already be in her late 40s, but she's kept herself looking, thinking and feeling relatively young, and is still quite optimistic and dynamic. She insn't called the Star for All Seasons for nothing, alfter all. Especially in "Dekada '70," where she has scenes set two or three decades back, so she has to be credible as a woman in her 30s. But with the help of director Chito Rono's topnotch production team, she should be able to pull it off. The end result of all this should be renewed popularity for Vilma, despite the fact that her acting career is no longer her top priority. If younger viewers end up discovering the actress' stronger points, which her followers have known all along, 2002 could end up, quite unexpectedly, as one of Vilma's best years yet. - Nestor U. Torre, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 02 Nov 2002 (READ MORE)

Nobo Bono Jr. - "...There is a scramble among record companies to sign "Tawag Ng Tanghalan" national champion Nobo Bono Jr. The singer is contracted with the Talent Center of ABS-CBN which acts as his agent and personal manager. Bono is appearing weekly with Wilear's artists Edgar Mortiz and Vilma Santos in the new live TV series titled "The Young Ones" on Channel 2..." - Oskar Salazar, Billboard, 08 Aug 1970 (READ MORE)

Keeping and Maintaining an Image, Negotiating for Change - "...Creating an image is easier than keeping and maintaining it. For oftentimes and soon enough, the talent rebels. A love team required to display affection toward each other in public soon shows true sentiments:one of both are in love with (an)other partner(s). For instance, Angelu de Leon exchanged sweet nothings with Bobby Andrews on- and off-screen for public consumption; for personal conception, however, she chose Joko Diaz, a junior action star from her mother studio, Viva Filma, and who, like other action heroes, needed no regular love interest. With her premarital teen pregnancy, the sweet image her studio wanter her to project collapsed, as did her love team with Andrews and, nearly, their respective careers. Thereafter, to salvage her name from early anonymity, and since her Viva handlers believed that she was still their prized possession and best bet for stardom, Viva's image-builder tried to reinvent de Leon rather frantically, as a sweet bold star-cum-dramatic actress, via Joel Lamangan's "Bulaklak ng Maynila;" as well as a liberated young woman of the new millennium, via Jose Javier Reyes's "Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin," where she appeared with Diether Ocampo. De Leon's chopsuey imaginary did not last long. After a second pregnancy that resulted from a similarly indiscreet liason with another man, her studio finally gave up and downgraded her to character support roles for younger upstarts and hopefuls, as in the early-evening soap, Gil Tejada, Jr."s "Sana ay Ikaw na Nga," on GMA 7. A handful of other scenarios have continued to unfold, most significant of which is the attempt to negotiate a change of image.

If ever a local star had successfully managed to alter her screen image, it was Vilma Santos. She started out as a child star and became a teen star in romantic musicals, the other half of the love team with Edgar Mortiz. A poor second to Nora Aunor for many years when the latter, who like Santos was initially the other half of another teenage love team with Tirso Cruz III, turned serious actor and started winning awards and critics' recognition, Santos made a drastic, crucial decision to show more flesh onscreen when she agreed to tackle the title role in Celso Ad. Castillo's "Burlesk Queen." Fortunately, the public warmly accepted her new image and the critics took a second, hard look at her subsequent performances. From then on, she made a string of successful portrayals of variety of adult roles: mistress, prostitute, ex-convict, psycho killer -many of them kontrabida or antihero roles. In his article "Vilma Reads Her Fans," Cesar D. Orsal, a local cinema observer and cultural studies scholar, analyzed the Vilma Santos exception in hindsight: "Feeling the cultural pulse of the society in the late 1970s, [Santos] took advantage of her growing liberalization of the Filipino audience. Her instincts proved her right. She made movies which she felt would not only cater to the expectations of her fans but to the changing community as well. In the early 1980s, different ideologies were affecting the Filipino audience, which redefined the image of role models. [Santos] for her part fostered the rise of career women, who, imbued with self-awareness, illustrate what Jackie Stacey observe: "The star gazes up the classical ideal of herself, becoming too, a spectator, examining herself represented through someone else's imagination" (Star Gazing 34). She likewise took on the new representations of women, which she claims to have recognized in herself, and which, at the sme time, affected her female fans. (54-55)" Santos took a big risk, though, when she played the role of a politicized nun in Mike de Leon's film of social realism, "Sister Stella L." But then, for the "Star for All Seasons," variety worked, something which not even Nora Aunor, her archrival to preeminence among the female actors in local cinema from the 1970s to the 90s, cold claim..." - Johven Velasco, Joel David, Huwaran/hulmahan Atbp: The Film Writings of Johven Velasco (READ MORE)

Makibaka, Huwag Matako (fight and fear not) - "...Having ostensibly limited its agenda to censorship, the FTA rally was in fact supposed to be a party. Consider the following account of the lighthearted atmosphere at Liwasang Bonifacio: They were a sight to behold. [The aging acreen star] Anita Linda sat serenely on the pavement, unmindful of the two o'clock sun, [young actors] Philip Salvador and Bembol Roco keeping her handsome company. Peque Gallaga waved long locks and a tiny flag. No one remembered to get a rally permit, but someone remembered to bring the balloons...Then they saw that people at the far end had no idea what was going on up front. "Shouldn't we use walkie-talkies and radios?" someone asked, but someone else shrieked: "But suppose the police answered on the other line?" There was so much democracy, it was a wonder anything monved...By the time Lino [Brocka's] turn to speak came, the megaphone had lost its batteries. Did it matter? He simply shouted himself hoarse railing at the gods about the freedoms they promised to wrest back. Then [singer] Nonoy Zuniga sang about a bird struggling to be free, everybody joined in, and somebody finally remembered to release the balloons. At rally's end, they were all 500 of them rather pleased with themselves. They had never done anything like this in show biz, and now that they'd pulled it off, nothing could dampen their spirits, not even the fact that moviedom's current box office queen, Vilma Santos, came way after pack up."

...resurrected, albeit haphazardly, the stubboleths of the first quarter storm. Protesters chanted "Makibaka, Huwag Matako (fight and fear not)," even singing the protest song that was associated with the people's demonstration against the 1978 National Assembly elections. The upshot of the rally was that Marcos withdrew E.O. 868. An optimistic Brocka stated in an interview: "For me, that's a start. Kahit papaano, nakikinig na rin; kahit papaano, may nagagawa (somehow, they're finally listening; somehow, things can be done)." Emboldened by their first victory, the FTA movement expanded to become the Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP), which would soon align itself with the wide-spread multi-sectoral opposition to the Marcos regime. Brocka was named chairman, with the celebrated journalist and screenwriter Jose F. Lacaba (Jaguar) as secretary-general. The fight against censorship, though still a cornerstone of the movement's political platform, was now broadened to encompass the political, economic and social concerns portrayed by Brocka and his fellow filmmakers in their films..." - Talitha Espiritu, Revisiting the Marcos Regime: Dictatorship, the Media and the Cultural... (READ MORE)

Film censorship in the Philippines - "...One of the most controversial scenes in Philippine cinema that went under the Censor's knife is Vilma Santos' 17-minute dance of death in Celso Ad. Castillo's 1977 MMFf entry, "Burlesk Queen." The penultimate scene was finally reduced to about seven minutes, but that didn't stand in the way of the film's winning 11 of the 14 awards at stake aside from running away as the festival's top grosser..." - Regulo J. Baritugo, Manila Standard, 25 Dec 1987 (READ MORE)

International Talent Directory - "...Vilma Santos (Vocalist), Wilear's Records: The Sensations (LP); Sweet Sweet Vilma (LP). PA: Cebu City, Iloilo City, Olongapo City. TV: Edgar Loves Vilma, Oh My Love, The Sensations. Films: Angelica, Love Letters, My Pledge of Love, Our Love Affair, The Sensations, The Wonderful World of Music. Awards: Loveteam of the Year, Queen of Philippine Movies. PM: William C. Leary..." - Billboard Magazine, December 25, 1971 (READ MORE)

The Young Stars - Sweet na naman ngayon sa isa't isa sina Vilma Santos at Edgar. Sinasabing nagkasundo ang dalawa nitong nakaraang pasko. - Mercy Lejarde, Love Story Illustrated Weekly Magazine, No. 174, 24 Jan 1975


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