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Everything About Her (Videos) 3/3

Plot Description - Powerful but ill-stricken business woman, Vivian Rabaya (Vilma Santos) navigates her complicated relationship with her caregiver, Jaica Domingo (Angel Locsin) and her estranged son, Albert Mitra (Xian Lim) in this story about acceptance, love and forgiveness. - IMDB (READ MORE)

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Everything About Her (Videos) 2/3

Plot Description - Powerful but ill-stricken business woman, Vivian Rabaya (Vilma Santos) navigates her complicated relationship with her caregiver, Jaica Domingo (Angel Locsin) and her estranged son, Albert Mitra (Xian Lim) in this story about acceptance, love and forgiveness. - IMDB (READ MORE)

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Everything About Her (Videos) 1/3

Plot Description - Powerful but ill-stricken business woman, Vivian Rabaya (Vilma Santos) navigates her complicated relationship with her caregiver, Jaica Domingo (Angel Locsin) and her estranged son, Albert Mitra (Xian Lim) in this story about acceptance, love and forgiveness. - IMDB (READ MORE)

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Everything About Her (2016)

Pag nagkakamali ba ang nanay, di mo na siya nanay? Pag binigo ka niya, nababawasan ba ang pagkananay niya? Nanay pa rin kami. Nanay niya pa rin ako.” - Vivian Rabaya

Di mo naman sinabing impakta ang potah!” - Jaica Domingo

Basic Information - Direction: Joyce Bernal; Screenplay: Irene Villamor; Story: Mia Concio; Cast: Vilma Santos, Angel Locsin, Xian Lim, Michael De Mesa, Nonie Buencamino, Khalil Ramos, Devon Seron, Alexa Ilacad, Jana Agoncillo, Vangie Labalan, Buboy Villar, Niña Dolino, Dante Ponce, Bart Guingona, Sharmaine Buencamino; Executive Producers: Malou N. Santos, Charo Santos-Concio; Production Company: Star Cinema; Official music video of the movie ‘Everything About Her’ titled ‘Something I Need,’ performed by Piolo Pascual and Morissette, Arranged by Paulo Zarate, Mixed and Mastered by Dante Tañedo; Original Song from band, One Republic; Music Production by Jonathan Manalo; Language: Tagalog, English; Release Date: 27 January 2016; Country: Philippines; Also Known As: All of My Life

Plot Description - Powerful but ill-stricken business woman, Vivian Rabaya (Vilma Santos) navigates her complicated relationship with her caregiver, Jaica Domingo (Angel Locsin) and her estranged son, Albert Mitra (Xian Lim) in this story about acceptance, love and forgiveness. - IMDB (READ MORE)

Film Achievement - The film earned ₱15 million on its first day of release; As of February 5, 2016 the film has earned ₱100 million; The film is graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) and is rated PG (Parental Guidance) by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (Wikipedia); All-Time U.S. and Canada Box Office - Weekend of Feb. 12, 2016 -Feb. 14, 2016 Weekend Gross #32 $245,000; Cumulative Gross for two weeks: $1,248,700 (59,474,956.65 Philippine Peso); # of Theaters: 50 (NY Times); Star Cinema's most heartwarming movie of the season, "Everything About Her," has already earned P208M worldwide since it opened in cinemas. Star Cinema Ad Prom director Roxy Liquigan posted the good news via his Twitter account last February 16. (Star Cinema ABS-CBN)

Film Reviews - "...Please note that there may be other services under each category that you may be aware of. We recommend that this list be a starting off point to a more comprehensive search for services. The Housing Help Resource Tool Kit’s Housing Stability section has been updated to include these news resources as well. The story is simply told thus giving it a natural flow. The direction makes the film appealing for both millennials and non-millennials alike. You are almost tempted to wish and hope the film would end ala-Ishmael Bernal or ala-Lino Brocka. But Direk Bernal is into her own generation and knows her present audiences at the palm of her hand. Some dramatic scenes actually ended up funny but the actors were so versatile you end up laughing and in tears at the same time. Indeed, the performances of both lead actors and supporting cast were so compelling you felt almost everyone in the cast deserved an acting award. The surprise actor in the cast was Xian Lim who delivered not just a focused performance but a highly stirring one. His hospital scene with Vilma Santos was a stand-out one could hear people quietly sobbing behind me. Angel Locsin has no match as a supporting actress, the part of Nonie Buencamino (as the padre de familia) has all the hallmark of a good actor and the part of Shamaine Centenera Buencamino and Vangie Labalan (no matter how brief) registered with layers of pathos. Most of all, this could be Vilma Santos’ best performance to date. The transition of her character from corporate mogul to repentant mother revealed the true artist in her. The musical scoring blended with the story but my favorite part is the household scenes with the character of Vilma Santos noting the significance of the chandelier in the living room with a movement from Mozart’s Symphony No. 25 in the background. The grandness of the music matched the leading character’s grand ambition. It is also gratifying to find classical music find its way in a family drama..." - Pablo A. Tariman, Arts News Service, 6 February 2016 (READ MORE)

"...Given that she plays a character that teeters towards caricature, Santos is tasked to humanize Vivian, which she does with astounding ease. She manifests a quiet understanding of the character, depicting the role of an uncomplicated woman without the histrionics that one often sees from comediennes who are required to portray dramatic roles and the discomfort that one often observes from serious thespians who are forced to be uncharacteristically comical. Locsin provides Santos more than ample support. She is charismatic and amiable but not to the point of patronizing a character that is written to champion the diligence of the working class, or in this film’s case, the members of the nursing profession. Their scenes together are mostly golden, with the two actresses effortlessly earning chuckles or tears from their innate understanding of their characters ludicrous situations. Lim plays the angst-ridden man-child well enough. The role only requires him to brood and be emotionally impenetrable. Unfortunately, when the story requires him to be softer, he persists to play the stoic son, squandering the opportunity to maximize a role that explores various spectrums of an adult who is still haunted by his childhood. Lim is simply unable to grant his character depth beyond calculated gestures, welling eyes and fumbled lines...It is a film that does not necessarily earn its fairy tale conclusion, but its efforts in allowing its audience to bask in feel-good escapism is not completely wrong. In the end, it deserves its rainbow, even though the rains that precede it is blanketed in all the conveniences formula affords. Bernal has the sense to treat all the tropes with levity, inflicting comedy when necessary, and then toning everything down when the story steers towards seriousness. This balancing act is commendable, as it results in a film that is initially silly and whimsical, but essentially heartfelt where it counts..." - Oggs Cruz, Rappler, 29 January 2016 (READ MORE)

Larger-Than-Life Portrayals - "...Vilma Santos’ latest starrer, “Everything About Her,” is a worthy addition to her pantheon of exceptional screen portrayals. Right from the get-go, she affirms her versatility by playing a “new” character for her, a powerful and abrasive property magnate who reduces her victims to quivering masses of protoplasm....the production’s thespic crown firmly rests on Vilma’s head, due to her daringly strong character choice and ability to come up with a suitable larger-than-life portrayal, despite her slight and light physical frame. Even more compellingly, Vilma is able to dig really deep and summon up the especially strong emotions needed to make her inordinately powerful character believable—while still being able to shift naturally and depict her at her most vulnerable. Finally, “Everything About Her” is a revelatory change of pace and tone for its director, Joyce Bernal, who’s usually identified with more light-hearted and “cheeky” film fare. Her adeptness at humor leavens this film’s tragic scenes, while not diluting them—a tough directorial feat to pull off! It’s a testament to Bernal’s maturing skills that she’s able to do it—and, in the process, show us a bracingly new facet and prism to her directorial scope and oeuvre..." - Nestor U. Torre, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 13 February 2016 (READ MORE)

Generous to Co-stars - "...Vilma Santos diehards will not be disappointed as Ate Vi handles her role with much understanding. At first, the character is almost caricaturish, with people she interviews shown breaking down or throwing up after talking to her. But Ate Vi knows how to humanize her Vivian with little knowing nuances here and there. Even in her heaviest dramatic scenes, she shows an intrinsic understanding of Vivian by not resorting to histrionics. Hindi na niya dinadrama pa ang mga dramang eksena, even in that scene where Angel is expecting to be fired and she just says quietly: ‘Kunin mo ang putanginang gamot ko.’ And she is so generous to her co-stars in their scenes together, allowing them to shine on their own, especially to Xian Lim in that hospital scene where he delivers a long aria of how much he hates his mother. Honestly, we were feeling uncomfortable for Xian on how he’d handle that scene of a son haunted by an unhappy childhood, but in all fairness to him, he manages to acquit himself quite well. Since this is a production of Star Cinema, you can expect a feel good happy ending. There is the obligatory fairy tale romance between the caregiver and her boss’ son. In photos, they’re even shown being wed and having a baby. Needless, as far as we’re concerned but, hey, the movie has to be very family friendly. So give escapism a chance. We’re sure Director Joyce Bernal was told to treat it all with levity. And that’s exactly what she did. If you want a more serious film about a dying woman, watch Ate Vi’s similarly themed classic film directed by the other Bernal..." - Mario Escobar Bautista, Journal, 12 February 2016 (READ MORE)

Credit to Make-up Artists - "...That is where I found out from E.R. Tagle that the movie “Everything About Her” was showing at a nearby cinema house. He was all praises for it, so I told him that any movie starring Ms Vilma Santos was worth watching. I am happy to catch a few on TV. The following day, I had to drag myself out of bed, fearlessly cross our busy street, risking life and limb to see the movie. It wasn’t the last full show; it was only 12:15 noontime, and the movie was just starting. But already we had to rise for the Philippine National Anthem. I told our “street facilitators” from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (“The joy of being useful,” Opinion, 1/29/16) that anyone who can sing our national anthem and not choke up with emotions rising from their breasts and leaving a lump in their throats do not love their country enough. They agreed with me, but I have my doubts about the last sentence—about dying for my country. Well, if push comes to shove, maybe. As expected, the movie was excellent despite a few things, but the main thing was I enjoyed the movie, was fully entertained even if more than half of it had tears rolling down my cheeks and, to top it all, I didn’t have any tissues with me. I must say, the cinematography was something to rave about; the acting was superb, the leading man was handsome as he should be, and the two leading ladies’ acting skills were flawless. Some credit must go to the makeup artist whose skilled hands transformed Ms Vilma’s character into a tough and uncompromising business person. I regretted it had to end, and I stayed for the credits to find out who performed the theme song and to give a chance for the crowd in the ladies’ room to clear..." - Shirley Wilson de las Alas, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 16 February 2016 (READ MORE)

Pinakamahusay na aktres ng bansa sa kasalukuyang panahon - "...Mahusay si Vilma Santos sa kanyang papel bilang pangunahing tauhan ng pelikula. Sino pa bang kukuwestiyon sa kanyang husay bilang aktres? Wala na. Maituturing mo siya talagang pinakamahusay na aktres ng bansa lalo na sa kasalukuyang panahon. Every inch, every scene napakahusay. Dahil sa husay ng kanyang performance, mahirap malimutan ang pelikula at maaaring siya na uli ang best actress ng 2016. Makatuturan ang pagbabalik ni Vilma sa napakatalino niyang desisyong piling-pili ang uri ng ginagawa niyang pelikula. Mas effective sa akin si Xian Lim. Mahusay! Nauunawaan niya ang role niya. Sumabay talaga siya kay Vilma Santos na generously ay sinuportahan siya. Sa lahat ng eksena nila, nilalamon ni xian si Angel ng buung-buo. Napakasinsero umarte dito ni Xian na kita mong bawat bitiw niya ng emosyon ay galing sa puso...Sa kabuuan, typical Star Cinema pa rin ang pelikula. Maganda na sana pero dahil kailangang bigyan ng resolusyon lahat sa ending, pilit na pilit; very unrealistic; pumangit lang tuloy ang dulo. Ganda na sanang sa party na nag-end ang movie habang nagsasalita si Vivian (Vilma) at may hope na tatagal pa ang buhay niya. Bakit kailangan pang ipakita thru collage photos na kinasal at naging mag-asawa sina angel at xian?! Yuck! Ok na sana kahit wala silang romantic angle tatayo ang pelikula. To beginwith, mukhang tiyahing tibo ni Xian si Angel. Pero dahil Star Cinema nga ito, kailangang babuyin ng ganun ang ending ng pelikula na sinasabi nilang pang masa, na sa tutuo lang, iniinsulto nila di lang ang masa kundi ang mga manonood na nasa matinong pag-iisip..." - Ronaldo C. Carballo, Facebook, 08 February 2016 (READ MORE)

Symbolism of the Chandelier - "...The cinematic devices and motifs the film employs to drive its narrative have given it much advantage. Particularly noteworthy is the symbolism of the chandelier that Vilma is shown to gaze at in one of the many heartfelt moments of quiet drama the film boasts of. The convulsion scene is carried out in a single take that only an actress of Vilma’s caliber could ever pull off with much aplomb. Vilma proves her comic mettle and efficacy in at least two scenes. One is the long shot of an open field with her voice heard clarifying with her staff the exact number of executive people she is about to have an exclusive meeting with. Another is the one upstairs at her residence as she confronts Angel’s character with the latter’s wrongly sent phone text referring to Vilma’s character as a creature from hell and a whore..." - Nonoy L. Lauzon, Young Critics Circle Film Desk, 08 February 2016 (READ MORE)

Mozart’s Symphony No. 25 - "...Indeed, the performances of both lead actors and supporting cast were so compelling you felt almost everyone in the cast deserved an acting award. The surprise actor in the cast was Xian Lim who delivered not just a focused performance but a highly stirring one. His hospital scene with Vilma Santos was a stand-out one could hear people quietly sobbing behind me. Angel Locsin has no match as a supporting actress, the part of Nonie Buencamino (as the padre de familia) has all the hallmark of a good actor and the part of Shamaine Centenera Buencamino and Vangie Labalan (no matter how brief) registered with layers of pathos. Most of all, this could be Vilma Santos’ best performance todate. The transition of her character from corporate mogul to repentant mother revealed the true artist in her. The musical scoring blended with the story but my favorite part is the household scenes with the character of Vilma Santos noting the significance of the chandelier in the living room with a movement from Mozart’s Symphony No. 25 in the background. The grandness of the music matched the leading character’s grand ambition. It is also gratifying to find classical music find its way in a family drama..." - Pablo A. Tariman, Arts News Service, 06 February 2016 (READ MORE)

Iconic Maternal Roles - "...Everything About Her has good and bad parts. This can probably be said about most Star Cinema movies — as the fulfillment of formula has made these qualities distinguishable, knowing where it goes well and where it nose-dives — but with Vilma Santos and Joyce Bernal, the desire to endorse it, and make a good case for it despite its inevitable shortcomings, is strong. It is convincing at first, from the start when the characters and conflicts are established and all the way through the piling up of challenges for both female characters. But in an effort to close it with something remarkable and leave the audience with warmth, it decides to be generic and resort to platitudes that dilute the inspired moments, in turn weakening what could have been a moving depiction of female (and maternal) strength. Ate Vi gets away with the many times she repeats herself (her approach and sentiment) from her previous movies, and this showcase of recognizable maternal roles makes her iconic in this regard. But Everything About Her does not find its soul in her but in Angel Locsin, delivering what could be one of the best Star Cinema characters in years..." - Richard Bolisay, Lilok Pelikula, 08 February 2016 (READ MORE)

Uber-Bitch - "...Vilma Santos has fun with her role, and she looks terrific. We do take issue with the scenes in which her character telegraphs to the audience that she's not as bitchy as they think she is. As one who is extremely familiar with the species, a bitch does not care whether you like her or not. In fact an uber-bitch would prefer to be loathed so that she doesn't waste time pandering to the tender feelings of people she doesn't give a shit about. You know what words a bitch finds irritating? "You're nice naman pala." "Hugot" lines do nothing for us, but there is one line in the movie we especially like. In one scene, Vivian gets nauseous and starts to throw up on her bed. Jaica grabs Vivian's designer bag and dives across the bed to catch it. "Kunin mo na rin yung Balenciaga bag ko," Vivian says, deadpan, "Doon ko gustong sumuka uli." Bitch, that's a bitch..." - Jessica Zafra, Interaksyon, 05 February 2016 (READ MORE)

The Heart of the Story - "... Speaking of Albert, Xian Lim’s character was the central source of drama in the movie. The scenes of Vivian and Jaica were mostly comedic and amusing, but it was the introduction of Albert that brought more heart to the plot. Albert’s character is what drives the conflict - with Vivian struggling to re-establish ties with her son, and how Jaica’s job seemed to get more complicated with her feelings for Albert. Xian was definitely revelatory in this film, and my initial doubts of having him as the leading man faded with my impression that he’s only good for rom-coms. Surprisingly, he had great chemistry with Vilma Santos an Angel Locsin, and he was able to add more dimension to his otherwise uptight character by being emotional when needed. This and the fact that he had similarities with the features of Vilma Santos made it hard for me to think of anybody else more perfect for the role...Vilma Santos still has her charm and her performance was nothing short of remarkable. She was able to fuse the two sides of Vivian seamlessly together – one was this terror business magnate who’d go out of her way and ride a chopper to Tagaytay just so she could fire someone personally, and the other was this loving mother who longs for the forgiveness and embrace of her son. The role allowed her to once again showcase her versatility as an actress, and the heart and dedication that she gives out to every scene transcends effortlessly to the audience...Angel’s role was what brought comic relief and lightness to the story. She no doubt demonstrated her flexibility as an actress in the film however, there were several unnecessary comical moments from her character..." - Geoffrey Ledesma, GeoffReview, 03 February 2016 (READ MORE)

Biggest revelation - "...The iconic actress (Vilma Santos) embraces her character’s flaws and fortitude with affecting clarity in a superlative portrayal that is passionate but never coercive. Her meticulous insistence on honesty guarantees that no tear is unearned—and no emotion manipulated...Angel also comes up with a focused performance that, for the most part, benefits from the film’s propulsive dramatic proceedings...Xian may not have Angel’s earnestness or Vilma’s finely calibrated bravado, but he is the movie’s biggest revelation. He figures in some of the film’s most gripping dramatic sequences—and delivers his moving moments with aplomb. It doesn’t hurt that Xian is cast in a role that fits him to a T: Albert is distant, guarded and spiteful, and is armed with an emotional axe to grind! Bernal makes clever use of those elements to thrust the heretofore phlegmatic performer outside his self-limiting comfort zone. Result: Xian’s finest portrayal to date!..." - Rito P. Asilo, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 30 January 2016 (READ MORE)

Affectionate Charm - "...Whereas the film’s proceedings come across as yet another orchestration of a familiar film cliché, it strikes a chord by remaining adherent to a formula, that maybe too predictable at times, but nonetheless works because of its relatability. There is an affectionate charm in its humor and subtle comic attempts, and it massively works when injected on the film’s emotional moments. It is barely a surprise how Santos pulled off Vivian with undeniable credibility here. She delivers her character and its layers with profound depth, believability, and artistry that probaly only someone with her caliber, could do. On her character’s most heartbreaking moments, Santos delivers exactly what a woman faced with the wrath of death, while also struggling to reach out for a son she might probably don’t have enough time to spend together with, would feel and look like, an act she easily carried out with searing capacity. Locsin, on the other hand, has an equally impressive maneuver of Jaica, who on most occasions, is presented as the film’s comic effort, acting as one of the narrative’s heart and its very symbol of hope. The character is commendably pulled by Locsin with irresistible charm and affection, a capacity she maintains even on the character’s very own moments of breakdown. But the biggest commendation, perhaps, should go for Lim, who emerges here, with an unfamiliar but convincing versatility. This is probably the actor’s strongest performance yet, having gotten across with the necessary power required by his character, whose wounds and struggles are equally as deep and excruciating as his mother’s...Rating: 3.5 out of 4..." - LionhearTV, 27 January 2016 (READ MORE)

Most Effective Actress - "...The film highlights the importance of family during hard times and how these obstacles bring forth understanding and forgiveness. I find myself crying at times and relate to scenarios that, we somehow deny or refuse to accept...Vilma Santos kept her promise and profile. She remains one of the most effective actress for all season. Her execution brought tears to every single scene. Bernal successfully defined her character at the beginning of the movie. They approach Vivian as a figure in a time-honored character template in which a convenient plot mechanism allows the bitch to revisit sad chapters in her life so that we can understand that it was quite a life, indeed. But she failed to understand motherhood that her son suffered from missed opportunities being with her because of her profession. It is a fundamental truth that the responsibilities of motherhood cannot be successfully delegated. No, not to day-care centers, not to schools, not to nurseries, not to babysitters...9/10..." - Rod Magaru, Rod Magaru Show, 28 January 2016 (READ MORE)

Familial Attachment - "...Innate to Bernal as a filmmaker is her unmistakable grasp in comedy. On crucial points where comic relief might not be necessary, her cast carries out effectively—not just to call for laughter but to keep the audience drawn to these characters, their motivations as well as their individual dilemmas. It is just nice to laugh it all off and see how these characters react and clash with one another. Aside from the kinky Balenciaga scene (“Kunin mo na rin ang Balenciaga bag ko. Do’n ko gustong sumuka ulit”), notable is that one where Jaica, after getting confused with the text message from the hospital head doctor, mistakenly sends a hate text message to Vivian. “Di mo naman sinabing impakta ang potah!” is such a winning line (or at least a memorable one at that)...In spite of the predictability of the story right from the very beginning, the entire ride is memorable, granted how the story is weaved without compromise—without fear that the audience would not stay put. As it wants to stir up sadness towards its ends, it controls itself by giving into the tested formula of the outlet. True enough, it works fine on that note. There is a stinging sensation at the end of the line but happy thoughts prevail and make use of its impact. Before the last frame, Vivian cries, “But in the end, even if we die alone, we need other people.” As we hold onto her last words, there is really much to relate to in her story as there is much to believe in ourselves. Familial attachment is everything about her. And we are more than familiar with that..." - J Bestillore, Cinemabravo, 27 January 2016 (READ MORE)

Final Title - "...Everything About Her ang final title ng pelikula nina Batangas Governor Vilma Santos at Angel Locsin. Hindi natuloy ang balak ng Star Cinema na lagyan ng salitang “life” ang pamagat ng pelikula dahil sa paniniwala na masuwerte kay Vilma ang mga project na may title na “life..." - Nitz Miralles, Pilipino Star Ngayon, 07 January 2016 (READ MORE)

Theme Song - "...Ayan, may playdate na ang All of My Life movie ni Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos sa Star Cinema at kung hindi magbabago, pang-opening salvo raw ng Star Cinema ang nasabing pelikula for 2016. Mula sa hit song ni Diana Ross ang All of My Life na ang theme song ay kakantahin ni Kyla. Teka, parang si Kyla na ang favorite ng Star Cinema at ABS-CBN na kumanta ng theme songs ng kanilang movies at teleserye. Anyway, marami na ang excited sa All of My Life dahil for the first time ay magkasama ang future magbiyenan na sina Gov. Vi at Angel Locsin. Wise decision ang pagba-backout ni Luis Manzano sa movie, iwas kontrobersya dahil tiyak na uusisain sila ni Angel sa kanilang relasyon..." - Nitz Miralles, Pilipino Star Ngayon, 21 October 2015 (READ MORE)

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Everything About Her (Videos)

Basic Information - Direction: Joyce Bernal; Cast: Angel Locsin, Xian Lim, Vilma Santos, Michael De Mesa, Noni Buencamino, Khalil Ramos, Alexa Ilacad, Robert Villar, Nor Domingo, Vangie Labalan, Niña Dolino, Devon Seron, Bart Guingona; Executive Producers: Malou N. Santos, Charo Santos-Concio; Production Company: Star Cinema; Language: Tagalog, English; Release Date: 27 January 2016; Country: Philippines; Also Known As: All of My Life

Plot Description - Powerful but ill-stricken business woman, Vivian Rabaya (Vilma Santos) navigates her complicated relationship with her caregiver, Jaica Domingo (Angel Locsin) and her estranged son, Albert Mitra (Xian Lim) in this story about acceptance, love and forgiveness. - IMDB (READ MORE)

#EverythingAboutHer, #AngelLocsin, #JoyceBernal, #VilmaSantos, #XiamLim

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News Clippings 2015 2/2

Pinigil na Tadhana - "...Sinabi ni Ernesto Maceda, abugado ng 777 Productions, na ang pagpigil sa "Press Preview" o hayagang pagtatanghal ng "Iginuhit ng Tadhana" ay ilegal at labag sa saligang batas. Ayon kay Maceda, ang pelikula sinuri na ng BCMP, at dahil doon ay itinatanghal na iyon sa walong lalawigan...Sa isang dako, sinabi ni Gng. Olympia Lozano, kalihim-tagapagpaganap ng BCMP na pinigil ang pagtatanghal ng "Iginuhit ng Tadhana" dahil sa pagtanggi ng 777 Productions na iharap sa lupon ang pelikula upang surrin...Nagharap kagabi ng pagbibitiw sa Pangulong Macapagal si Jose L. Guevara bilang tagapangulo ng Board of Censors for Moving Pictures. Ginawa ni Guevara ang ganitong aksiyon kasunod ng pagpigil ng pelikulang "Iginuhit ng Tadhana" na naglalarawan sa buhay ni Sen. Ferdinand Marcos, kandidato sa pagka-pangulo ng NP. Ipinaliwanag ni Maceda na marami nang nakapanood ng "Iginuhit ng Tadhana"at nagkakaisa ng palagay ang lahat na walang batayan upang pigilin ang pagtatanghal nito. Upang masubhan kahit kaunti ang pagkayamot ng mga inayayahan sa "gala premiere" kagabi sa Rizal Theatre, ipinasiya ang pagtatanghal ng pelikulang Ingles, ang "The Thin Red Line..." - Leonardo P. Reyes, Taliba, 3 & 16 September 1965 (READ MORE)

Tadhana sa Korte Suprema - "...Malamang makarating ngayon sa Korte Suprema ang hidwaan ng prodyuser ng Iginuhit ng Tadhana at ng lupon ng sensor na pumigil sa pagtatanghal sa publiko ng nasabing pelikula. Nakatakdang dumulog ngayon sa mataas ns hukuman ang mga abugado ng prodyuser ng pelikula matapos na pigilin ng hukuman sa paghahabol kahapon ang pagpapatupad sa utos ng mababang hukuman na nagpapahintulot sa pagtatanghal ng pelikula...Sa naunang hatol ni Hukom Edilberto Soriano ng hukumang unang dulugan ng Maynila ay ipinahintulot niya ang pagtatanghal sa masuliraning pelikula bagay na salungat sa pasiya ng lupon ng sensor na pumipigil sa nasabing pagtatanghal. Ang hatol ni Soriano ay idinulog ng mga abugado ng pamahalaan sa hukumang sa paghahabol sa kanilang matwid na walang huridiksiyon sa usapin ang mababang hukuman...Sinabi ni Abugado Claudio Teehankee, isa sa mga abugado ng prodyuser ng pelikula sa buhay ng Pangulong Ferdinand E. Marcos ng Senado na idudulog nila sa Korte Suprema ang desisyon inilagda kahapon ng Hukuman sa Paghahabol. Ipinaliwanag niyang ang dalawang sumusunod na matwid ang knailang ihaharap sa mataas na hukuman sa paghahabol: 2 Katwiran na Inilahad - 1. Na walang bisa ang kontrata na maaaring bawiin ang permiso sa isang pelikula upang maitanghal anumang oras. 2. Na hindi nagmalabis si Hukom Soriano sa pagpapasiya sa usapin..." - C. de Guzman, Taliba, 3 & 16 September 1965 (READ MORE)

Young Ones - "...Walang makapaniwala na magiging gayon kalakas takilya sina Nora at Tirso. Nagimbal ang mga taga-pelikula. Bakit daw gayon kalaki ang kinikita ng unang dalawang pelikula nina Nora at Tirso? Tsamba lamang daw kaya iyon o biglang nagbago ng panlasa ng mga manonood? Hindi tsamba. Ang mga sumunod pang pelikula nina Nora at Tirso ay mas malaki ang kinita. Daang-libo ang kinita ng "Teenage Excapades" at "Halina, Neneng Ko." Itinambal ng Towers si Nora sa iba pang kabataang artista, malaki rin ang kinita. Katunayan na malaki ang hukbo ng mga tagahanga ni Nora. Sinubok naman ng Barangay Productions na itambal si Tirso kay Gemma Suzara, hindi gaanong kinagat ng mga fans. Nag-produce ng pelikula ang mag-anak na Cruz, pinagsama sina Ricky Belmonte at Tirso sa "Ricky na, Tirso Pa" isinama naman sa magpinsan si Pilar Pilapil. Tinapatan ng Tower ng isang pelikula ni Nora ang pelikula ng mga Cruz. Resulta: mas maraming nanood sa pelikula ni Nora. Ano ang ibig sabihin nito? Gusto ng mga fans na maging magkatambal sina Nora at Tirso. Sinagot ng VP Pictures ang kahilingang ito sa pamamagitan ng "Young Love." Bukod kina Tirso at Nora ay isinama pa ang mga young ones na sina Vilma Santos at Edgar Mortiz. Patok sa takilya!..." - Romy Galang, Pilipino Magazine, 18 February 1970 (READ MORE)

Stoned Remembrance - "...It was a wild, wild parade but the fans and the superstars enjoyed every minute of it. For the Pilipino movie fan, it was more than just an outing. He saw his favorite movie celebrity at the closest range possible. For the movie star, the wild response was more than a gauge of his popularity. A crowd close to 500,000 people bucked the hot afternoon sun to watch their movie personalities in a parade ushering in the seventh Manila Film Festival. The crowd paralyzed traffic in the downtown areas up to the late last night...The parade started at 3 p.m. and ended past 8 p.m. at the foot of the Quezon bridge...The biggest response was given to Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III. Wearing pink ang black kimonos, the two superstars threw sampaguita flowers along the way as their fans, yelling friendship, waved their pointed thumbs wildly...The other float with the wildest applause was that carrying Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz, who will appear in "Remembrance," a Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Presentation. However, the float was stoned twice and it left the parade before it reached the Jones Bridge..." - Romeo J. Arceo, Philippines Sunday Express, 18 June 1972 (READ MORE)

Vice presidential choices - "...Nationwide, Poe emerged as the preferred choice for vice president, obtaining an approval rating of 24%, followed by Escudero with 20%. Roxas was a distant 3rd with 8%, followed by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV with 7%, and Cayetano with 6%. The 6th spot was a tie among 4 who included Marcos Jr, Kris Aquino, Lacson, and Batangas Governor and actress Vilma Santos Recto, who each got 5%. Senator Jinggoy Estrada, the second senator embroiled in the pork barrel scam, obtained a 4% rating. In the lower bracket were 4 other legislators – Senators Benigno “Bam” Aquino and Revilla who each got 3%, Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito who got 2%, and Camarines Sur Representative Leni Robredo who obtained 1%. In the National Capital Region, perceived to be home to the most critical and politically aware voters, Poe (25%) and Escudero (24%) were favorite vice presidential bets. Poe rated better than Escudero in the balance of Luzon, getting a 27% approval rating compared to Escudero’s 21%. The difference between the two top contenders was also more pronounced in Mindanao, with Poe getting 21% compared to Escudero’s 16%. Visayas respondents were almost evenly split, with 22% going for Poe and 20% going for Escudero..." - Chay F. Hofileña, Rappler, 29 Apr 2014 (READ MORE)

A Different "Grand Slam" (Ate Vi Scores A Victory But in a Different Arena) - When President Benigno Aquino III conferred the Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award on actress politician Vilma Santos-Recto, the Batangas Governor likened it in winning a "Grand Slam"- a showbiz citations given out by major award-giving bodies for a single movie. The last time she achieved that feat was in 2002, when she did Chito S. Roño helmed "Dekada '70." The two-term governor indicated that the Lingkod Bayan Award is just as special, maybe even more so than the Best Actress trophies she has collected over the years. "It recognized my hard work in public service. I think I am the only governor in the line-up. This is a different world from showbiz. This is not just a best actress-award. I've received other award awards fro government service in the past, but this is my first national recognition. Plus it was handed out by President Auino at Malacañang." The Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award is handed out yesterday by the Civil Service Commission and is the highest honor a public servant can receive in the Philippines. Governor Vi was one of many awardees this year, for her effort to end the persistent overcrowding in Taal Lake and reduce fish kills. After the awarding ceremony, which was held at the Rizal Hall in Malacañang on September 19, she said she was eager to show her award to her constituents, calling the achievements "team effort." I couldn't have achieved all this on my own. I'm excited to show the plaque and medal to the people in the capitol. They worked side by side with me in pursuing my different programs in the province. Our secret in Batangas is teamwork." Among this year's other awardees was the late Department of Interior Jesse Robredo, who died in a plane crash on August 18 2012. His daughter, Aida was on hand to receive his award. Governor Vi also had her lovedones there - her husband, Senator Ralph Recto, and sons, Luis Manzano and Ryan Christian Recto. After the ceremony, Governor Vi head back home to Batangas, there to resume work again. For her, it's just another work day, much like the one she has when doing a movie, but delivering a different kind of satisfaction. - Roldan Mauricio, Star Studio Magazine, November 2012

Focus on Burlesk Queen - Celso Ad Castillo's "Burlesk Queen"surpasses past attempts to integrate cinematic qualities in a firlm and Castillo's own previous experiments, which critics found bombastic and purely commercial, like no other film by Castillo or other directors. "Burlesk Queen"with synchronized techniques and the significance of its messagfe successfully gives substance to the trendy subject of sex-for-sale. Castillo's creativity is seen in the use of radio drama and music, meaningful gestures, and visual metaphors to dramatic situations. Lucid exposition and delineation of the conflict are carried out through particular techniques like ensemble acting to reveal the individual characters' needs, emphasis on visual details rather than talky dialogues to drive home a point, and active camera movements (cuts) to suggests the passage of time in the burlesque dance's career. The tragic ending is prepared for a logical presentation of what happens eventually to all characters. - Ananymous

Vilma Santos to team-up with Christopher de Leon? - "...They've been perennial love-team partners in countless movies, and now Ms. Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon are speculated to be teaming up once more, and this is for their political ambitions. Mayor Vi was reported to be running for a congressional seat, but if she's partnering with Boyet, it must only be as governor and vice governor of Batangas. So what will happen to acting Governor Ricky Recto, brother of Senator Ralph Recto who's Mayor Vi's husband? Will Mayor Vi run against her brother in-law?..." - Manila Bulletin, 11 Feb 2007

Mowelfund pays tribute to Filipino Movie Greats - "...The Movie Workers Welfare Foundation (Mowelfund) presents a grand production to pay tribute to Filipino movie greats and at the same time increase awareness about and raise funds for Mowelfund. Slated on Feb 23, the Mowelfund Tribute to Filipino Mopvie Greats, will honor stars from today and yesteryears who have made tremendous contribution to the Filipino movie industry. Comedians Nanette Inventor and Leo Martinez will be the hosts for the night. Confirmed presentors and participants include Vilma Santos, Sen. Bong Revilla, Christopher de Leon, Rudy Fernandez, Sunshine Cruz, Cesar Montano, Jericho Rosales, Heart Evangelista, Philip Salvador, Toni Gonzaga, and many more. To be honored with grand production numbers by today's top stars are: Don Jose Nepomuceno, producer of the first Filipino silent film; National Artist Atang de la Rama, the queen of zarzuela and kundiman; legendary screen loveteam Rogelio de la Rosa and Carmen Rosales; Rosa del Rosario, the very first Darna of Philippine Cinema. Movie starwarts will also pay homage to the immortal memory of the King of Philippine Movies and National Artist for Film Fernando Poe Jr., the King of Philippine comedy Dolphy; and former President Joseph Estrada, founder of Mowelfund. Mowefund aims to ensure that marginalized movie workers can still enjoy social security despite tough times in the business. Affirming the invaluable contributions of various art forms in the crucial beginnings of local cinema in teh country - from literature to music to theater and even fasion design, the Mowelfund fundraising tribute to movie greats highlights the crossing over of these defining cultural elements in the history of Philippine movies. An exhibit of the Ani Awardees will be held at the Aliw Theater Lobby from Feb 17-23..." - Manila Bulletin, 11 Feb 2007

Ani Awards - "...The Awards celebrates a bountiful harvest in the unifying spirit that wold hold the industry together. It is a glittering testimonial to a lifetime dedication, hardwork, and perseverance in the pursuit of excellence by the Filipino public of a revered Filipino film artist," shares Mowefund executive-director Boots Anson-Roa. Mowefund aims to ensure that marginalized movie workers can still enjoy social security despite tough times in the business..." - Crispina Martinez-Belen, Manila Bulletin, 20 February 2007

From Fashion to Films and Back - "...Audrey Hepburn's little black dress in "Breakfast in Tiffany's (1961) did not just stay on the silver screen. It went on to become a classic shift dress that is still being worn today in varying styles all over the world. It si the other way around for "The Devil Wears Prada" where Miranda Priestly played by Meryl Streep took the best creations of international designers to the screen. Needless to say, television and movies dictate fashion, through in a subtle way. "Even from the early days of fashion, what people see on the movie have really played a big influence on what people want to wear in real life. Even with us designers, when clients come to us, they always ask us the popular artists that we have dressed up," says designer Edgar San Diego, FDAP chairman. To show the synergy between film and fashion, the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines will stage a fashion revue in music and dance showing the glamour era of Philippine movies at the first ever Ani Awards, Mowelfund (Movie Workers Welfare Foundation) Tribute to Filipino Movie Greats...desiners will present their creations inspired by the likes of the personalities and roles portrayed by Rosa Rosal, Rogelio de la Rosa, Carmen Rosales, Ric Rodrigo, Susan Roces, Amalia Fuentes, Vilma Santos, Nora Aunor, and Sharon Cuneta...The era of stellar actresses like Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor showcased a more down-to-earth fashion..." - Manila Bulletin, 20 February 2007

Mini LP Fad - "...The mini-LP fad is fast catching fire for love duets. For Alpha, there is a mini by Nora Aunor and Manny de Leon; for Wilear's minis are by Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz, Ed Finlan and Hilda Koronel; and for Vicor, mini is by Perla Adea and Tirso Cruz III. The mini has four selections and plays at 33 1/2. The retail price is now 6 peso (US $1)..." - Oscar Salasar, Billboard, 04 July 1970

Film Premiere Draws 28 Philippines Record Artists - "...Twenty eight of the Philippines' young recording artists singing in English presented one song at the gala premiere night of the locally produced film "Haydee" at the Rizal Theater in suburban Makati. The impressive convergence was a first in the Philippine entertainment history. But because it was for charity, local producers and artists gave all-out cooperation. Proceeds of the "Haydee" premiere were earmarked for the 1970 Awit Awards, the Philippine's versions of the U.S. Grammys. Five record companies were represented in the two-hour on-stage attractions - Alpha Recording System, D'Swan Recording System, Vicor Recording, Villar Records, and Willears Records. The Alpha artist were Eva Vivar, Baby Alcaraz, Geraldine and Jay Ilagan. The D'Swan artists were Ernie Garcia, Jonathan Potenciano, Linda Alcid, and Eddie Peregrina. Singer-pianist Baby de Jesus guested under the label. The Vicor artists were Eric Dimson, Boy Mondragon, Freddie Esguerra, Sonny Cortez, Millie Mercado, Victor Wood, Perla Adea and Tirso Cruz III. Villar was represented by Roggie Nieto. The Willear's artists were Alice Cerrudo, Raul Aragon, Raquel Montessa, Elizabeth Ledesma, Romy Mallari, Esperanza Fabon, Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz and Ed Finlan. The back-up group was the Blinkers..." - Oscar Salasar, Billboard, 06 June 1970

Nobo Bono Jr. - "...There is a scramble among record companies to sign "Tawag Ng Tanghalan" national champion Nobo Bono Jr. The singer is contracted with the Talent Center of ABS-CBN which acts as his agent and personal manager. Bono is appearing weekly with Willear's artists Edgar Mortiz and Vilma Santos in the new live TV series titled "The Young Ones" on Channel 2..." - Oscar Salasar, Billboard, 08 Aug 1970

Hawaiian LP - "...Willear's issued a Hawaiian LP titled "Aloha My Love" by Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz. It is a soundtrack of the film of the same title which is scheduled for exhibition here..." - Oscar Salasar, Billboard, 11 March 1972

Wilear's Top Company in Phlippine Awards - "...The third annual presentation of the Awit Awards was held at the Manila Hotel with Senator Doy Laurel of the Philippine Congress as guest of honor and principal speaker. The sponsoring group was the Philippine Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (PARAS). The event criticized in the local circle because of its unpopular results and deglamourized presentation, gave posthumous awards of merit to Frankie Martin, a juror last year, and Santiago Suarez, one of Filipino musical starwarts. The founder of the Awit Awards, Billboard correspondence Oskar Salazar, was also honored. Wilear's Records scored heavily in the awards this year. The foreign division was permanently scrapped. Two major companies, Villar Records and Dyna Products, Incl did not submit nominations this year. The 1970 winners are...Record Company of the Year - Wilear's Records; Song of the Year - "Forever Loving You" by Bert Dominic (Billboard); Best Single - "Sixteen" by Vilma Santos (Wilear's)..." - Oscar Salasar, Billboard, 14 August 1971

The Wonderful World of Music - "...The Wonderful World of Music," produced by Tagalog Ilang-Ilang, was judged best musical in the Manila Film Festival. The picture stars Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz, both artists of Wilear's..." - Oscar Salasar, Billboard, 24 July 1971

Internation Talent Directory - "...Vilma Santos (Vocalist, Wilear's Records: The Sensations (LP); Sixteen (single & LP); Sweethearts (LP); Sweet Sweet Vilma (LP). PA: Cebu City, Ilo-ilo City, Olongapo City. TV: Edgar Loves Vilma, Oh My Love, The Sensations; Films: Angelica, Love Letters, My Pledge of Love, Our Love Affair, The Sensations, The Wonderful World of Music. Awards: Loveteam of the Year, Queen of Philippine Movies. PM: William C. Leary..." - Oscar Salasar, Billboard, 04 July 1970

Second Album - "...Wilear's Records will come with the second LP of Vilma Santos to be titled "Sweet Sweet Vilma..." - Oscar Salasar, Billboard, 26 September 1970

Remembrance - "...Film artist Walter Navarro (Vicor) will have his first LP, "King of Balladeers," this month. He is a contract star of Lea Productions and principal mainstay of the El Bodegon Club. Navarro is doing a film musical with Vilma Santos (Wilear's) with Mirick Productions...Remembrance, another film musical, was chosen "best musical" in the Manila Film Festival. The film stars Vilma Santos (Wilear's) and Edgar Mortiz (Wilear's). The film also won in the categories of best film editing, best sound, and best script..." - Oscar Salasar, Billboard, 29 July 1972

Vilma Santos-Edgar Mortiz Tutungo sa Zamboanga - Pagkatapos na maging guest sa programa nina Jun Alva at Freddie Webb sa KBS noong nakaraang linggo, sinabi nina Vi at Bobot na, "lilipad kami sa Zamboanga sa sanlinggo. Tatlong araw kaming magpe-personal appearance doon." Si Vilma ay may bagong studio program na sa DWWW ang "From Me To You"na madidinig tuwing hapon, mula Lunes hanggang Sabado. Inihahanda di ang madaliang pagkakaroon ni Edgar ng kanyang studio program sa DWWW. Kung sabagay ay Enero pa naman ang siyuting nila, pero inihayag na ni Neddie na ang pelikulang una niyang lalabasan ay ang pamamagatang "Bakya Mo Neneng"ng Mirick Productions at pangungunahan ni Vilma Santos. Wala pa raw napipiling leading man para kay Vilma, pero ang magdidirehe ay si Maning Songco. Ipinahayag naman ni Maning Songco na nabili nila sa may katha ng awiting Bakya Mo Neneng, ang karapatan para magamit ang kantang iyan sa pelikulang gagawin nila sa Mirick sa mga unang linggo ng Enero. - Anonymous

Pang-award or pang-box-office - "...Nanaig pa rin ang box-office ang mga popular stars, like Dolphy, Ronnie Poe, Vilma Santos, Joseph Estrada, Nora Aunor, Alma Moreno, Rudy Fernandez and Christopher de Leon in that order...Three years ago ay naging top ang "Burlesk Queen" ni Vilma at nanalo pa siya bilang "Best Actress." Last year, hindi man siya nanalo for "Rubia Servios," in the long run ay tinalo pa nito and "Atsay" ni Nora sa laki ng kinita. This year, nanalo man si Aunor as "Best Actress" for "Ina Ka ng Anak Mo" hindi naman nito nalagpasan ang kita ng "Modelong Tanso" ni Vilma. Lumilitaw lang ang pang-award si Aunor, pang-box office naman si Vilma. Iyan ang sinasabi naming choose between being an actress and a box-office star! You can't win 'em all, neither have your cake and eat it too!..." - Alfie Lorenzo, Jingle Extra Hot Magazine, 14 January 1980

Kailan Kaya Mangyayari na Dadalo si Nora sa Birthday Party ni Vilma...and Vice-Versa - "Yearly, November 3rd is one red-lettered day for Vilma Santos. Natal day niya ito at ngayong taon, ginanap ang pagdiriwang ng kanyang kaarawan sa plushy Coral Ballroom of the Manila Hilton. Mga sikat na artista, people from the movie press, movie producers, hangers-on and what-nots ay nagsidalo upang makiisa kay Vilma. Successful ang pagdiriwang. Sa entrance fronting Hilton, matiyagang nagmamatyag ang magkumpol na movie fans. Pero, would you believe na karamihan sa kanila'y pabulong na itinatanong kung si Nora'y dadalo? Ito rin ang supposition ng maraming guest. Ano raw daya't dumalo si Nora. Ba't daw kaya sa mula't mula, never na narinig nilang dumalo si Nora sa birthday bash ni Vilma? gayundin si Vilma sa party naman ni Nora? Sana naman daw, on special occassion tulad ng birthday nila, magkabigayan sila. All in sportive gestures, that is. At sa recent bash nga ni Vilma, naging kapuna-puna rin ang non-attendance of the more known drumbeaters of Nora. Natanong tuloy ng ilang nakaaalam, napagkaisahan kaya ang pagbo-boycot? Anyway, since time immemorial, naging forgone possibility na ang dalawa'y magkaibigayan sa ganitong mga pagkakataon. Perrenial ang rivalry na imposible na mangyari na magkaimibitahan ang dalawa. And from neutral observer ang basihan nila ay ang sweetness nina Nora at Vilma kapag rin lang nagkakatagpo in public. naroroon sila'y maghalikan at magyakapan nang mahigpiut. Ba't daw, kaya di mangyaring magbigayan sila at dumalo sa birthday party ng isa't isa? lahat daw ay for the sake of professionalism? Kami tulad ninyo ay nagtatanong - kailan kaya ito mangyayari? Well..." - Kislap Magazine, 23 November 1978

Konti Nga, Worth Remembering Naman - "Tapos na ang pelikulang "Himala" at wala ni isang sour note na bitinan, pa-mood-mood, o anuman na nakapag-high blood. And for a Nora Aunor starrer, talaga raw itong isang Himala! "Ano ba naman ang mga tao iyan? Mambitin ka, mamimintasa. Huwag kang mambitin, magtataka! Aba, sala sa lamig, sala sa init na yata iyan, " wika ni Nora looking relaxed and in the pink of health sa kanyang "Superstar" show. Then, she got serious.

"Alam mo, iyon namang mga bitinang nangyayari noon, hindi ko naman kailanman ginusto iyon. No, ayokong magkawrite-up ako na isang indyanera o bitinera kaya. May tao bang gugustuhin na masulat lang siya, sa ganoong angle pa, o meron ba?" tanong pa niya. "Iyon panahon, minsan talaga siyang hindi nagko-cooperate. Minsan, nasa isang set ako at supposedly ay may time limit para nga ako makailangan doon sa isa pa. E kaso, hindin naman ako lang ang umeeksena doon. If ever na magkaulit-ulit ang rehearsal o mag-take three na lang, di bulilyaso na ang oras. Ngayon, nandiyan na ang pakiusapan na tapusin ko ang eksena dahil naka-set up na namang lahat ang kamera't mga tao... na mag-have a heart naman ako...di ako na ang ipit. Hindin naman puwedeng pangdalawahin ang katawan ng isang tao dahil kung puwede, matagal ko nang ginawa 'yon para ma-please lang ang lahatm," at pabuntong hininga siya. "Sa ngayon, ayoko na ng mga ganoon eksena na kadalasan ay sa akin napupunta ang bleme. Graduate na ako dyan. Ang pormula ko ay maging choosy na sa offers, hindi iyong grab na lang ng grab. Hindi bale nang kakaunti ang pelikula, worht remembering naman. Saka, maiiwasan pa ang hassle with producers? Minsan kasi, isu-sweet talk ka na tanggapin ang offer nila na para bang okey lang sa kanila na maghintay sa 'yong availability dahil alam na alam naman nila kung gaano ka-deep ang commitment mo. Pag nakapirma ka na ng kontrata, nariyan na ang gulo. Magdi-demand na ng shooting days. May mga booking schedule na, may mga rented unti na ang araw ay parang mga taksing de metro. Ngayon, kung buhol-buhol na ang lahat, nandiyan na ang mga write-ups. ako na naman ang gumi-gimik...ang nangi-indiyan...ang nambi-bitin," at napangiti na siya.

"Sa ngayon, alam ko, may mga nagsasabi nanaman na iba ang tinitingana sa tinititigan, dahil nagkataon ngang ECP projectito at can't afford daw ako kuno to take it for granted. Sa tutuo lang lahat ng alok sa akin, never naman na tini-take for granted ko. Bread and butter ko na ang pagganap sa pelikula, paano naman magiging ganoon ang attitude ko doon gayong dapat lang na mahalin ko ito dahil anumang bagay na mahal mo mamahalin ka rin. So, okay lang kung naniniwala silang nag-change ako for the better. Lalo yatang mahirap sa isang tao ang tumatanda nang pauron!" pagtatapos niya." - AHM, Kislap Magazine, 11 October 1982

Nora bounce back via Annie B - "Actress and superstar Nora Aunor has just acquitted herself from some premature judgement na down and out na siya as one of the country's top two superstars, the other being Vilma Santos. Hindi maitatauwang malaki ang nagawa ng kanyang pelikulang Annie Batungbakal sa panibagong lakas na kanyang ipinakita sa publiko. Kaugnay nito, tinatayang lalong iinit ang laban nila ni Vilma for Vilma herself is now enjoying the peak success as a box office drawer. Mahirap talagang bigyan ng final conclusion ang laban ng dalawang ito pagka't sa kabila ng tagumpay ni Vilma, maaaring panandaliang isispin na iba na naiwan na si Nora. But this Guy is one supersptars who knows how to bounce back into contention during critical moment of her career. Maraming beses na niyang napatunayan ang bagay na ito and we only have to review our history of the local movie industry to find out for ourself how strong really is her staying power. Meanwhile, marami rin naman ang kahit paano ay umaagapay sa dalawang ito, kina Nora at Vilma, ang ibig naming sabihin, pero sa ngayon, we have yet to see anybody, and we mean anybody who could possibly cope up with the pace and power of these two superstars who are concededly the country's top public idols..." - Eddie O. Roque, Kislap Magazine, 18 October 1979

Parada Ng Mga Bituin Sa Metro Manila Filmfest - "...Isang simple at makulay na parada sa pagsisimula ng Ika-3 Metro Manila Film Festival, na sinaksihan ng maraming tagahanga sa kahabaan ng Roxas Blvd. Ang parada ay nagsimula sa Folk Arts Theatre, dumaan sa Roxas Blvd. papuntang Baclaran, nagbalik sa Rotonda patungong Luneta Park. Ang karosa ng siyam na pelikulang kalahok ay dinumog ng marami habang sila ay parang langgam na umusad..."- Berlidas, Modern Romances & True Confession Magazine, 09 January 1978

Binagyo ang King Khayam And I - "...Naging very successful ang unang pagtatambal nina Vilma Santos at Joseph Estrada sa pelikulang King Khayam And I ng TIIP. Kahit bumabagyo ay hugos pa rin ang tao upang mapanood lang ang napabalitang pelikulang ito. Subalit nitong mga huling araw ng pagtatanghal ng nasabing pelikula, medyo naging mahina ang pasok ng tao. may nagsasabing talagang ganito lang ang panahon kapag magpapasko, sa halip na manood ýung iba, ipinamimili muna ng kanilang pamasko ang mga mahal nila sa buhay. At least, ang kaunting salaping gugugulin nila sa entertainment ay ipinagdaragdag nila sa kanilang Christmas savings..." - Levi, Modern Romances and True Confessions Magazine, 16 December 1974

Mga Pelikula ni Vilma - "...Tungkol naman sa Vilma-Edgar loveteam, wala pang development na nangyayari. Patuloy na lumalamig ang paksang ito na wala pang nangyayari sa ikababalik ng kanilang magandang pagtitinginan. Samantalaý patuloy ang di ikinakailang pamimintuho kay Vilma ni Jojit Paredes. Ngayon, kung nasaan si Vilma, malamang na makita nýo rin doon si Jojit. Tungkol kay Meng Fei, ayon sa latest report from Hongkong, minamadali ng guwapong Chinese actor ang kanyang pelikulang ginagawa sa Warner Bros. upang makadalaw na agad dito sa Pilipinas...and of course, si Vilma ang pangunahin niyang dahilan. Tungkol sa latest picture ni Vilma, ang "Mga Tigre Sa Sierra Cruz," marami ang humuhulang itoý another box office hit dahil sa napakagandang casting na pinagsama-sama rito ng Lea Productions. May nagsasabi pang kung ito lang ang napalaban sa Manila Filmfest, malamang kumuha ng award dito si Vilma. Natapos na rin niya ang pelikulang "Gumagapang Na Kamay"sa Sampaguita Pictures at ngayoý nasa color processing na lang. Kasalukuyang busy pa rin siya sa sunod-sunod na taping ng kanyang TV show na Ayan Eh. Tungkol naman sa isang pelikula pang pagtatambalan nina Vilma at Ronnie Poe, kasalukuyan na iyang inihahanda at anytime this coming month, maaaring simulan na nila iyan. Tinatapos na lamang ni Vilma ang "Tok-Tok Palatok" para sa new movie outfit ni Baby Kay and BK Productions. Sa pelikulang Volta, hindi pa tiyak kung si Edgar pa rin ang kanyang makakatambal dito. Maaaring masabay na rin ang shooting nila sa pagtatapos naman ng "Tok-Tok Palatok..." - Levi, Modern Romances and True Confessions Magazine, 15 July 1974

2015 Yes Magazine Most Beautiful Issue Icon: Vilma Santos - Vilma Santos is the epitome of a star. She oozes with charisma, looking radiant when she smiles and waves to people as she passes by. She gamely introduces herself to new acquaintances, looks them in the eye, shakes hands with them, and warmly asks how they are doing. If she is tired or vexed, she succeeds in keeping that for her private time, leaving her public excursions pleasant experiences. The 61-year-old star, an actress since aga nine and a public servant for the last 18 years (first as mayor f Lipa City, Batangas, and then as governor of Batangas province) talks glowingly about her accomplishments, but she doesn't sound at all like she's gloating, because she's so down-to-earth and quite sincere. She even blushes when told that she's looked up to as an idol by her younger colleagues. "I appreciate people na hinahangaan 'yong work mo or ginagawa kang idolo," says Ate Vi, aka Gov Vi. "And I also appreciate people na kritiko, kasi ayaw ko laging masabihan nang maganda. Dapat sabihin di kung may mali sa akin." And that's why there's only one Vilma Santos. That's why there's only one Star for All Seasons.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

News Clippings 2015 1/2

Fan Club Rivalries - "...Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos, giants of the Philippine movie industry, are both just about five feet tall. But height is their only common denominator physically. As far as their other physical features go, the two petite award-winning actresses are as different as night and day. The Superstar was the little brown girl of androgynous build who broke the mold of the typical movie star, back in the time when stardom was equated with strikingly fine mestiza features. The Star For All Seasons, on the other hand, while she was not the willowy type, had fair skin and curves in the right places, which she would later show to great advantage in movies such as Burlesque Queen and Darna. Back in the days when they were young stars, Guy and Vi were also the reigning monarchs of two empires that were perpetually at war- the empires of their fanatical followers. So intense was the fanaticism of those fans that it spawned two new words in the Pinoy vocabulary: Noranians and Vilmanians. "Pati mga reporter noon talagang polarised," veteran talent manager Lolit Solis recalls. "Talagang may distinction. Pag Nora ka, Nora. Pag Vilma ka, Vilma e, di ba, gaga-gaga ako? Noong una, maka-Nora, so write ko siya lagi. Nakakatanggap ako ng tawag sa telepono mula sa Vilmanians: "Alam namin kung saan nag-aarawl ang anak mo! Mag-ingat ka!" later, naging kay Vilma na ako. Nagalit sa 'kin ang mga Noranians! "Balimbing ka! Ang bait-bait sa iyo ni Ate Guy! Wala kang utang na loob" Grabe, maloloka ka talaga!..." - 100 Most Beautiful Issue, YES! Magazine 2007

Faces Immortalized on Screen - "...Though she has become a successful politician, recently moving up from city mayor to provincial governor, Vilma Santos remains one of the country's best actresses. In Mike de Leon's Sister Stella L, she portrays a nun who experiences a political awakening. This is one of Vilma's most important, says indi filmmaker Seymour Barros Sanchez: "Nag-transform kasi siya from a bold star sa Burlesk Queen, Alyas Baby Tsina, et cetera, to a serious actress sa pelikulang me political na tema, gaya ng Sister Stella L." Vilma would later tell screenwriter Pete Lacaba that she was already in politica when she really understood some of the dialogue she delivered in the film. Yet, consummate actress that she is, she made her words ring with utmost conviction on screen, and the line she utters at a climatic moment in Sister Stella L. continue to reverberate to this day: "Kung hindi tayo kikilos, sino ang kikilos? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?..." - 100 Most Beautiful Issue, YES! Magazine 2007

1981 MMFF Parade - "...Hindi talaga mapapantayan sa kasayahan at kaguluhan ang tradisyunal na parada ng mga artista na ginaganap tuwing ilulunsad ang Metro Manila Film Festival. Tulad na lamang noong December 24, nasaksihan muli ng publiko ang karangyaan ng mga karosa na pumarada sa kahabaan ng Roxas Blvd. bilang hudyat sa pagsisimula ng 1981 Metro Manila Filmfest. Sampung makukulay na karosa na simbulo ng kani-kanilang kinatawanang pelikula, and ipinagbunyi ng libu-libong movie fans mula sa lahat ng antas ng buhay; ang iba ay nanggaling pa sa malalayong lalawigan na nagsadya sa Roxas blvd upang saksihan ang kani-kanilang paboritong artista..." - Exclusive Photos by Min Rosales and Mar Salabit

Best Filipino Actress of All Time - "...Celso Ad. Castillo transformed this former child star and box-office teen star into his Burlesk Queen, and Vilma Santos never looked back. Emotionally open, physical, and articulate, she has an acting style that is diametrically opposed to that of Aunor, her contemporary and competitor. Memorable in Bernalès Relasyon, Broken Marriage, and Ikaw ay Akin; Gil Portes' Miss X; and Mike de Leon's Sister Stella L., she was underrated but spectacular as the small-town mayor (actually, the wife of small town mayor, played by Eric Quizon) in Brocka's Hahamakin ang Lahat, as the Aids victim in Laurice Guillen's Dolzura Cortez Story, and as a conflicted mother in two Chito Roño films, Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa and Dekada '70..." - Yes! Magazine, September 2004

Golden Screen Nominee - "...Pahuhuli ba naman ang nag-iisang Star For All Seasons na si Vilma Santos sa kanyang pagganap bilang Lilia Chiong Yang sa "Mano Po 3: My Love?" Wala na ngang dapat pagtalunan kung husay din lang sa pag-arte ang pag-uusapan. Inaasahan na natin ang di rin mapapantayang galing ni Vilma. Sa Mano Po3..., kinain nang buuong buo ni Vilma ang kanyang kaeksena. Wala ngang maitatapon sa mga ipinakita niyang pagganap. Lalo ang eksena niya kasama sina Boots Anson-Roa sa loob ng kanyang opisina, napakahusay niya dito. Ganun din ang eksenang mamimili kung kanino siya sasakay; kay Michael (Christopher de Leon) o sa asawa niyang si Paul (Jay Manalo). Tulad ng karibal niyang si Nora, palaging may kakaibang ipinakikita si Vilma sa bawat pelikula niya. Kaya naman talagang kaabang-abang ang bawat character na kanyang ipo-portray. Kahit na maraming mga mahuhusay na aktres pa ang magsidatingan, mahihirapan pa rin silang pantayan ang kahusayan ni Vilma, na patuloy na nagniningning sa anumang panahon..." - Golden Screen 2005 Awards Night Souvenir

RP's Ten Best Dressed Actresses! - "...After that controversial survey of La Solis regarding the ten most beautiful actresses and the ten sexiest actors in local flickerville, now comes another hard-earned survey of our very own Erlinda Rapadas T. The RP's Ten Best Dressed Actresses! Whaddayaknow? Poor Lindy, she had gher sympathy of her day running and persuading these beautiful people in haute couture! Kuwento nga niya: "D'yos ko, mahigit na dalawang linggo kong pinaghahabol ang mga 'yan. Naranasan ko pang maisnab-isnab d'yan!" Poor Lindy, (sigh) roses for you for a job well done! -that's all we could utter. Oh before we give you the survey, here's an end note of a bitchy scribe who refused (dahling, refused with capital R) and sent a noe in an accent the Germans would be scandalized to read. Say ng dallink namin: " requirement for a best dressed person is he or she must have a natural flair. Also, elan, imagination, style, someone with a built-in glamour. And who (she's howing now) among our so-called stars have these attributes?" The question remain unaswered. German-nuts or not, here's an exciting venture to see through the lenses of the chosen people who scribbled their choices. Comments n'yo na lang ang hihintayin namin sa Letters to the editor. Happy scrutinizing! (-editor)..." - Erlinda Rapadas T., Modern Romances and True Confessions 18 Aug 1980

Pictorial: Once Upon a Time...Noong Silaý Bata Pa! - "Maaaring hindi nínyo paniwalaan, nguni't ang mga larawang matutunghayan ninyo sa pahinang ito ay tunay na kaanyuan ng inyong ilang paboritong bituin noong silaý bata pa. Sa katunayan kund hindi namin ilalathala rito ang kani-kanilang pangalan at pababayaan namin kayong hulaang isa-isa kung sinu-sino ang mga ito, natitiyak namin na mga isa o dalawa lamang ang inyong mahuhulaan sa dahilang silaý pawang mga bata pa noon. Katunayan pa rin ang karamihan sa mga itoý mga isang taong gulang lamang nang sila'y kunan ng mga ganitong larawan. Ang pinaka-dahilan ng paglalathala namin ng Special Feature na ito na aming itinuturing ay madulutan kayo ng kasiyahan at kalugurang mamalas ang inyong ilang paboritong bituin upand pagkatapos ay mawika ninyo sa inyong sarili na "Ganito pala ang paborito kong bituin noong maliit pa" kung sinuman ang bituing inyong paborito nalalathatla rito. Ngayon pa lamang, sa pagtunghay ninyong isa-isa sa mga paborito ninyong bituing ito, inaasahan namin na nakapagdulot kami sa inyo ng ganap na kasiyahan. Narito ang mga sumusunod..." - Julio F. Silverio, Kislap Magazine April 20 1978

Most Awarded Actresses - "...These icons and their incomparable contributions to cinema continue to inspire and endure as the benchmarks for the ultimate achievement in the craft of acting...The "Star for All Seasons" has defined generations and has consistently come out on top. When tasked to come up with a number of the most awarded actresses, Vilma Santos' name is sure to be on it. With nearly a hundred acting awards for both TV and film, she is not only the star for all seasons but all generations. Her most iconic films include Sister Stell L, Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa? and Relasyon for which she won the grand slam for Best Actress in 1982..." - The Pulse, October 2014

Tirso Jump to First Place! Vilma Retains Second Lead! Nora Slumps Down to Third! - "...Speaking of Vilma's fans, they also deserve a pat on the shoulder. Imagine to maintain the second lead is quite a record kaya we wont be surprised if in the coming bilangan kayo naman ang manalo...that is kung hindi gaganti ang maka-Nora at kung hindi dodoblihin ng maka-Pip ang efforts nila..." - Baby K. Jimenez, TSS Magazine, June 19, 1970

Vilma Santos, Darling of the Press Nominee - "...Sa pagdaan ng mga panahon, nananatiling mahal ng press si Vilma Santos, ang box-office queen. Patunay nito, sa kasalukuyang, tuwing may kontrobersiya o intrigang kinasasangkutan si Vi, hindi na ito pinalalaking gaano ng mga reporter. Ito ay dahil na rin sa magpahanggang ngayon, isa pa rin siya sa most likeable personalities in showbiz..." - Star Awards 1984

Lino Brocka, Movie Director of the Year Nominee (Aida Macaraed: Adultery Case No. 7892, Regal Films) - "...Sa aspektong teknikal, superor ang pelikulang ito, ebidensiya ng mabusising pagkahawak ni Brocka ng renda niya bilang direktor. Ang akting ng mga pangunahing tauhan ay kapansinan din ng tatak Brocka. Tulad ng nangingislap na mata ni Phlip habang nagbibitiw ng mga mabibigat na linya, ng sinukat sa tiyempong pagpatak ng luha sa kaliwang gilid ng kaliwang mata ni Vilma Santos, ng masusing pagkaka-orkestrang komprontasyon ng dalawa mula sa salas hanggang kuwarto at maraming maliliit na tagpong dramatiko ang lapat..." - Star Awards 1984

Vilma Santos, Movie Actress of the Year Nominee - "...Kasabay ng kanyang pag-alsa bilang reyna ng takilya, ay ang nakakakumbinse niyang pagganap sa no mang tauhang binibigyan niya ng buhay sa sinema. Sa hanay ng mga pelikulang ginawa niya sa nakaraang taon, namumukod ang kinang niyang iyon sa "Sister Stella L," kung saan siya gumanap bilang isang simpleng madre na unti-unting nagising sa dahas ng isang mapang-uring lipunan, at sa "Adultery," kung saan siya naging biktima ng isang materyalistikong kapaligiran..." - Star Awards 1984

Mike De Leon, Movie Director of the Year Nominee (Sister Stella L., Regal Films) - "...Sa pelikulang Sister Stell L napanagumpayan ni Mike de Leon na ipakita ang mga tunggaliang namamahay sa damdamin at isipan ng isang alagad ng Diyos sa katauhan ng isang madreng napagitna sa isang marahas na kapaligiran. Makatotohanan ang tunggali ng ipinakita ng pelikula, tunggaliang higit na mas malawak, ang tunggalian ng manggagawa at ng kapitalista..." - Star Awards 1984

"Sister Stella L.,"Movie of the Year Nominee (Regal Films) - "...Biglang lumawak ang daigdig ng isang madre nang mamulat ang kanyang mata sa tunay na daloy ng buhay sa mga manggagawang nagwewelga. Mapuwersa ang istoryang ito ukol sa pag-aalsa ng maliliit laban sa kapitalista at kung paano masangkot sa kanila ang isang madreng datiý kuntento na sa kanyang dating gawaing itinalaga lamang ng kanilang kongregasyon. Tunay na nakaaantig damdamin ang Sister Stella L at ang teknikal na bahagi nito ay totoong mataas na uri, pati na ang pagbibigay buhay na mga artista sa kani-kanilang mga papel..." - Star Awards 1984

"Aida Macaraeg: Adultery Case No. 7892,"Movie of the Year Nominee (Regal Films) - "...Malalaking komplikasyon ang kinasuotan sa buhay ng isang babaeng nabilanggo ang asawa at naging kerida ng isang mayaman at may edad na lalaki. Ang tinamasang seguridad ni Aida Macaraeg, ang pangunahing tauhan sa istorya sa piling ng kanyang pangalawang "asawa" ay biglang naglaho ng lumabas sa piitan ang kanyang tunay na asawa. Humantong sa hukuman ang kaso, hanggang sa di-inaasahang masayang pagtatapos ng istorya, na lubhang taliwas sa mga naunang obra ni Brocka..." - Star Awards 1984

"Alyas Baby Tsina,"Movie of the Year Nominee (Viva Films) - "...Isa pang kasaysayan hango sa tunay na buhay, ang pelikulang ito ni Marilou Abaya. Bawat tagpo ay pinalabukan ng mabusising sinematograpiya at detalyadong disenyong pampelikula..." - Star Awards 1984

Those Uncertain Years - "...Vilma Santos, Everyone passes through a phase in life where one is neither a grow-up, yet not a child, any longer and it is usually during these uncertain years that parents have their difficult moments bringing up children to adulthood. Fortunately, however, Vilma Santos has not given her parents this problem at all. Even as a child, she seemed far so advanced for her age, her capacity for understanding people and situations often astounded movie folks. She was first discovered as a child actress in a dramatic series on television, Larawan Ng Buhay, and has eversince appeared in almost all the movie-making outfits in the country. Her latest dramatic portrayal in De Colores garnered for her the most coveted nomination as a finalist in the Best Supporting Actress category. It is predicted that the lovely teener will emerge a dramatic star along the caliber of a Lolita Rodriguez or a Marlene Dauden. She appears as Imee (President and Mrs. Marcos eldest daughter in the films Pinagbuklod ng Langit..." - Movielife Magazine, July1969

Alin Ang Mauuna? Nora-Edgar Pictorial o Vilma-Tirso Pictorial? - "...War ngayon sina Guy & Pip. Kaya marami ang nagsasabi, tiyak daw na gagawa ng paraan ang dalawa ngayon para mai-pictorial sila na iba ang kapareha. Pasakitan, ang sabi nga. At mas magaling daw kung si Pip ay mai-pictorial kay Vilma Santos. At si Nora naman kay Edgar Mortiz. At dahil nga dito, according to some realible sources, naguunahan daw ngayon sina Guy & Pip sa kung sino sa kanila ang mauuna na mai-pictorial na kasama nga si Vi at Edgar. Balitang ang mas gumagawa raw bng paraan ngayon ay ang kampo ng mga Tirsonians. Lagi raw pumupunta ngayon ang ilang Tirsonians sa bahay nina Vil sa may Project 6 para himukin daw si Vilma na makipag-pictorial kay Pip. Sang-ayon naman sa ilang source na maka-Vilma-Edgar, hindi raw kumporme ang kanilang mga idolo sa bagay na ito. Kung nagkakagalit man daw sina Tirso at Nora, bakit daw kailangang isali pa sila sa gulo nila? Sa tinuran nilang ito, naisip namin...ito kaya ang dahilan kung bakit parang nilayuan nina Vilma at Edgar si Nora nang minsang magkita-kita sila sa FLAME? Sumama raw ng husto ang loob ni Nora dahil dito. Ini-snob daw siya ng dalawa gayong siya na nga ang lumapit. Ito ang sumbong niya sa ilang taong close sa kanya. Pero ayon naman sa panig nina Vilma, hindi naman daw nila ini-snob si Nora nang gabing iyon. Binati naman daw nila si Nora. Hindi nga lang daw sila nakipag-usap dito nang matagal dahil may kasama itong reporter nuon at may daw raw si Norang dalawang kamera. Kaya para raw hindi sila makunan ng larawan naglaro na lang daw ang dalawa ng slot machine. Dahil daw kasi, may usapan sina Vilma at Edgar na kung papayag si Edgar na mai-pictorial kay Nora ay papayag na rin daw si Vilma na mai-pictorial kay Tirso. Ang question nga lang ay kung sino sa kanila ang mauuna. Tsk-tsk-tsk, ang labo!..." - Mercy Lejarde

Faces Immortalized on Screen - "...Though she has become a successful politician, recently moving up from city mayor to provincial governor, Vilma Santos remains one of the country's best actresses. In Mike de Leon's Sister Stella L, she portrays a nun who experiences a political awakening. This is one of Vilma's most important, says indi filmmaker Seymour Barros Sanchez: "Nag-transform kasi siya from a bold star sa Burlesk Queen, Alyas Baby Tsina, et cetera, to a serious actress sa pelikulang me political na tema, gaya ng Sister Stella L." Vilma would later tell screenwriter Pete Lacaba that she was already in politica when she really understood some of the dialogue she delivered in the film. Yet, consummate actress that she is, she made her words ring with utmost conviction on screen, and the line she utters at a climatic moment in Sister Stella L. continue to reverberate to this day: "Kung hindi tayo kikilos, sino ang kikilos? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?..." - YES! 100 Most Beautiful 2007

One on One for Number 1 - "...Mahalagang Balita: Tinatawagang pansin ng Kislap Magasin ang lahat ng Noranian at Vilmanians!!! Ito na ang inyong pagkakataon upang patunayan kung sino ang no. 1 - si Nora o si Vilma? Ang lahat ng ito ay sasagutin ng "One on One for No. 1 (Round One)." Isang malaking hamon sa bawat panig ang patimpalak na ito. Itaguyod ang inyong bituin at manalo ng mga sorpresang gamtimpala na ipinagkakaloob sa mapapalad ng fans na magtataguyod ng kanilang kandidata!!! Ang patimpalak ay sinimulan noong Mayo 5 at tatagal hanggang Hulyo 15, 1980. Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, basahin ang Kislap Magasin!!!..." - Pilipino Reporter

Young Superstars & Money Makers - "...Never in the history of RP Movies is there so many young superstars and money makers than in the late sixties and early seventies. Superstar Nora Aunor, the reigning movie queen started her showbiz career at the age of 14 wayback in 1967 and has since then hold on the crown. Another superstar Vilma Santos was a child actress and begun her big time movies at the age of 16 in 1969 along with her screen sweetheart Edgar Mortiz, a fifteener in 1969. Their loveteam blossomed into the most durable loveteam of RP movies. Another child actor, Jay Ilagan hit the big time in 1969 while he was only 14. Still, another would-be superstar and a box-office draw is beauteous Hilda Koronel who entered the movies in 1969 at the tender age of 13. And of course, there is Tirso Cruz III or simply TC III or Pip who crashed into the showbiz world in 1967 when he was just 17. Today, these yound superstars are raking in money not only in the box-office but also in their recordings, TV-Radio shows and personal shows, which is unheard off sa kanilang older counterparts kahit noong heydays ng mga ito..." - Pilipino Movie Alamanac, Showbiz Reporter Magazine

Darna and Super Gee - "...The first of the legendary comic characters created by Mars Ravelo na binigyan buhay ng iba't ibang glamorous stars in the late '50s up to the '60s Rosa Del Rosario, Liza Moreno, Eva Montes to name a few. The Darna series, Darna at ang Babaing Lawin, Darna at ang Impakto, Darna at ang Babaing Tuod, at iba pa, were all box office hits. The series catapulted the stars towards stardom. Then, in mid 1973, Vilma Santos, staged a Darna comeback in Lipad, Darna, Lipad na naging biggest box office draw, now her home studio Tagalog ilang-ilang Productions is planning a series of Darna flick beginning with their Christmas offering Darna and the Giants. On the heels of the fantastic success at the box offcie of Lipad Darna Lipad, the reigning queen of R.P. Movies, Nora Aunor, The Superstar decided on breathing life to Super Gee, another comic character created by Zoila in the celluloid. At the beginning of the productions, there were skeptics and critics that the superstar was hitching on a wrond bandwagon...yet, Guy proved to all that she could very well carry the character to box-office success when Super Gee with the second offering tentatively titled Super Gee is Back and hopes to continue the sequel not only for the country's cinema houses but also for television..." - Pilipino Movie Alamanac, Showbiz Reporter Magazine

Ang Favorite Christmas Date ni Tirso - Hindi mapapasubalian sa ngayon, ang pinakatanyag sa ating mga kabataang bituin ay si Tirso Cruz III. Halos kabi-kabila ang kanyang mga pelikula. Hindi pa niya natatapos ang Fiesta Extravaganza '71, New Year's at Anniversary offering ng Sampaguita Pictures, ay nakatakda na siyang gumanap uli sa Valentine offering ng nasabing kompanya, ang My Heart Belongs to Daddy. Katulad ng alam na ninyo, makakapareha niya dito ang pinakabata sa ating mga superstars. Ang ibig naming sabihin, si Snooky. Pip, besides has also contacted by Lea Productions to do a movie with their favorite protege, Hilda Koronel. Indeed, what more can a guy like him ask for? Surprisingly, maraming baga na minimithi si Pip na hindi niya naisasakatuparan sa dahilang isa siyang tanyag na bituin. Mga simpleng bagay. Katulad, halimbawa ng pakikipag-date. Ibigin man niyang makasama ang isang babae na kanyang nagugustuhan sa mga pagtitipon ay hindi maaari. At ang dahilan, tiyak na saan man siya pumunta ay tiyak na magkakaroon ng commotion. At hindi ba, kung ikaw ay nakikipag-date, ibig mong magkaroon ng privacy? Ang mangyayari ay magiging quire embarassing sa kanyang date. Isang bagay na ayaw na ayaw niyang mangyari. Sa paskong ito, ibig ni Pip na magkaroon ng date. "Its high time na I go out with a girl in a public place, hindi ba?" sabi niyang pakindat-kindat pa. "Binata yata ako. Puwedeng puwede nang manligaw."

This early, mayroon siyang alam na lugar na disente na pupuntahan. Dalhin man niya doon ang kanyang date, maging ito man ang kanyang nilalangit, ay tiyak na walang makikialam sa kanila. Kasi ba naman, exclusive and place. And they come out with real fun music something which Pipp really likes. Tiyak na puwede siyang makipagsayaw sa kanyang date without anyone bothering them. Nguni't may problema siya. Hinsi niya alam kung sino sa kanyang mga kakilalang babae and kanyang aanyayahang lumabas sa Pasko...Si Hilda kaya...Si Sahlee about Aurora Salve...Eh, si Vilma Santos? "Gusto mo bang magkagalit kami ni Bobot. Ang Ibig kong sabihin si Edgar Mortiz. Alam naman ninyo ang dalawang iyang. Sparing partner." saad ni Pip. Sino? Tiyak na hindi si Nora. Nasa Hollywood siya hindi ba? "Si Nora sana, kung nandito siya," sagot niya. "On second thought, hindi na lang yata ako lalabas. Sa bahay na lang ako magce-celebrate ng Pasko. This way, I'll make my family happy. I'll invite na lang girls in my life na makipamasko sa amin. Kung ibig nila. Isa pa, this way, I'll be able to celebrate Christmas with my family. At sila ang talagang mahal ko." - Movielife, December 1970

Takot sa Ahas - Sa paggawa ng pelikula, kung maringgan man ng pagdaing si Vilma Santos ay bihirang-bihira. Nangyayari lang ito kung ipagpalagay nating siya'y may dinaramdam, hapong-hapo at talagang hindi na makakaya ng katawang humarap sa kamera kahit ibigin niya. Gayon man, kung nagkataong napakahalaga ng eksena at kinakailangang gawin niya, kahit anong sama ng pakiramdam niya'y humaharap siay sa kamera. At sa pagtungo niya sa set o location, lagi siyang nasa oras. Kung maatraso ma'y saglit lang. Ganyan ka-professinal si Vilma Santos. Ngunit sa Lipad, Darna, Lipad ay dumaraing siya. Hindi sa hindi niya enjoy gawin ito. Ang totoo'y sa pelikulang ito lang siya na-involved. Ibig na niyang matapos na ito't makita ang pinagpaguran niya. Talaga palang mahirap gumawa ng costumes picture. Lalo pa't kung tulad nito! Una ang naging suliranin namin ay ang Darna costumes ko. Kasi kinakailangan maging maliksi ang kilos ko bilang Darna, kaya kailangang alisin na ang padding. Kaso nga lilitaw naman ang malaking bahagi ng aking katawan. Mabuti na lang at sumang-ayon ang aking fans. "Pangalawa, nag-aalala ako sa mga eksenang bakbakan namin nina Gloria Romero, Celia Rodriguez at Liza Lorena. Kasi baka masaktan ko sila nang di sinasadya. Ang pangatlo ay ang likas ng pagkatakot mga ahas. Kasi may bahagi roong tungkol sa Babaing Ahas, si Valentina. Dito, laging kailangan ang ahas sa mga eksena. Mga sari-saring ahas. Maliliit at malalaki. At makamandag! Ang pinakamahirap sa lahat ay ang pag-su-shooting. Kailangan naming tapusin ito anuman ang mangyari. Kaya nasasagap ko ang lamig ng gabi at init ng araw. At ang suot ko nga'y labas ang malaking bahagi ng katawan! At alam n'yo namang kailang lang ay naospital ako dahil sa respiratory defects!" Ito ang daing ni Vilma Santos sa pinakamahirap niyang pelikula, ang Lipad, Darna, Lipad. Ngunit mahihinuha naman ninyo na ang pagdaing niya'y parang paglalambing lang. Dinaraan pa nga niyang lahat sa biro. Pagka't ang tutoo, mahal na mahal niya ang pelikulang ito. Dahil ito nga ang pinakamahirap. At sa isang artista, kung alin ang pinakamahirap ay siya namang pinakamasarap! - Cleo Cruz, Love Story Magazine, 1973

Makulay Ang FAMAS Awards Night sa MET! - "...Tears and joy ang kabuuan ng FAMAS Awards Night last November 21 sa MET. Halos sumabog ang said theaters sa dami ng tao, may involvement o wala sa showbiz ay naroroon that memorable night. Surprisingly, ang daming mukhang hindi dumadalo sa nakaraang FAMAS Awards ay nagsulputan! They expected a lot sa mga nagbabagong magaganap dito. At hindi naman sila nabigo sa kanilang expectations. Tunay na iba ang naganap sa FAMAS ngayon, compared sa mga nakaraan. The simplest ito. Puro madarama ang katapatan ng layunin ng mga taong nagpapagalaw ngayon. Kahit paano ay umabot pa sa ganoon ang FAMAS, kahit sakat sa kagarbuhan ay buhay pa rin ito. Pampadagdag sigla sa local movie industry. Iyan ay dapat ipagpasalamat! Makikia sa mga photos na naririto ang hindi maipaliwanag na kaligayahan para msa nagwagi. Deserving naman ang kanilang pagkapanalo. Iyan ang bunga ng kanilang pagsisikap at pagtitiyaga at pagbibigay kulay...ang FAMAS trophy! Nanalo si Mat Ranillo bilang Best Actor, Susan Roces as Best Actress. Sina George Estregan at Angie Ferro naman as Best Supporting Actor/Actress. Tinanggap ng VS Films ni Vilma Santos ang karangalan para sa Best Picture category sa pelikulang "Pagputi ng Uwak, Pagitim ng Tagak" at Best Director si Celso Ad. Castillo. Best Child Performer naman sina Niño Muhlach at Julie Vega. Iyan ay para sa year '78 ng FAMAS. Para duon sa mga hindi nagwagi, sabi ngaý better luck next time. Alam ng lahat na nagsikap din sila, at iya'y isa nang magandang pahiwatig na may malaking pag-asa sila para sa FAMAS ay darating na panahon. At paghahandaan na nila ng dobleng sikap. Congratulation para sa lahat at inaasahan naman magtatagpo pang muli sa next FAMAS Awards Night!..." - Nards Sangalang, 3 December 1979

Hindi Kami Close - "...Nakakataba sa puso ko nung sabihin niya sa akin na sia ako sa mga hinahangaan niyang artista noong nagsisimula pa lang ako. Ilang beses daw niyang pinanood ang Trudis Liit. Kahit pa sabihing kami ang tunay na magkaribal talaga sa showbiz, the fact remains pa rin na magkumare kami. Hindi namin hinahaluan ng ka-showbiz0an ang aming friendship. Pinag-aaway man kami, e sa pelikula lang 'yon. Hindi naman pinaabot ito sa ulo. Kung close friends kami, ang totoo niyan, magkaibigan kami, pero hindi talaga kami ganun ka-close. Ang mga maituturing kong close friends, e sina Coney, Helen at Tina. Yes, dati-rati, e madalas kaming magtawagan sa telepono, lalo na kapag may problema siya. Kaya lang ngayon, e hindi na. Masyado na kamign busy pareho! Nami-miss ko na nga yung time na madalas pa kaming nagki-keep in touch eh. Pero overall, wala akong masasabi sa kumare ko. Tagahanga rin niya ako sa kanyang pag-arte. That's true! Hindi showbiz 'yon. Kami ba naman e maglolokohan pa?" pabirong wika ng Star For All Seasons..." - Monti C. Tirasol, Bandera Magazine, November 1991

Hindi Naiinggit - Naiinggit siya kay Vilma ngayon dahil mas sikat ito sa kanya. "...Bakit naman ako maiinggit? Kahit papaano, e, pinaggaaman kami niyan. Kumare ko pa siay. No. Hindi totoo yon. Siguro noon, e pumapasok sa isip namin yung mga ganoong bagay, dala na rin ng aming kabataan at that time na the height ng aming kasikatan. Pero ngayon e, hindi ko masasabing naiinggit ako sa kanya. Ang totoo pa nga niyan e masayang masaya ako para sa kanya! Sa aming pagkakaibigan lalo na ngayon, yung pagnanais na magtagumpay ang sinuman sa aming dalawa ang nangingibabaw. Walang halong kaplastikan ito. Sinasabi nila na naiinggit ako dahil may weekly show siya, tapos e mas madalas siyang gumawa ng pelikula sa akin. Wala 'yon sa akin e. Pana-panahon naman yun e di ba? Basta ako, kung sakaling manalo man siya ng awards, magkaroon siya ng bagong show, matuloy na yung kasal niya, basta everything na positive at good news, kahit na hindi mangyayari pa sa akin, I am very happy para sa kanya! Matatanda na kami para magkainggitan huh!..." - Monti Tirasol, Bandera Magazine, November 1991

Vi Likes Meng Fei - "...Si Vi likes Meng Fei, but she emphasize that liking is very much different from loving. Biniro namin siya na para sa kanya'y maaaring ganoon. But how about Bot? "Ang Mommy Cleo naman! Parang di na kabisado si Bot! Oo, noo'y halos type niya noon. Pero, hindi na ngayon. Ang Tutoo, like ni Bot si Meng Fei! Mukhang okey naman daw ito't isang maginoo. Gagalangin daw ako. He considers Meng Fei na any other na manliligaw sa akin. Pagka't binata raw si Meng Fei, there is nothing wrong kung lumigaw siya sa akin. Na, isang dalaga naman. Kaya bakit naman daw siya magagalit?" then she laughed mischiviously...Batay sa mga balita, inevitable na dumating ang "pangyayari" ang lumigaw na si Meng Fei sa kanya. What then? Kunwa'y napahumindig si Vi. "Aba di hayaan natin siyang dumiga! Para didiga lang? Saka wowi si Meng Fei yata yan! Pero kidding aside, I wouldn't think too much about it. Di pa naman nangyayari. Sabi nga burn your bridges after crossing them. Bakit ko poproblemahin ang bagay na hindi pa dumarating?...Pero it would be nice kung tulad ni Meng Fei ang manligaw sa isang dalaga, ano Mommy?" Tapos, kinurot ako ng superstar at nagbibiro lang daw siya. Tumawa nang tumawa pagkatapos. - Cleo Cruz, Showbiz Reporter Magazine, 25 August 1973

Sportsmanship Among Movie Stars - Naging masigla ang opening ceremonies ng liga ng basketball sa KBS, na kinabibilangan ng media and tv talent teams. Ang palarong ito ay lumalayon sa magandang sense of sportmanship among entertainment players at sa pagpapanatili ng magandang samahan ng mga taga-KBS. Ilan sa mga plyars ng Radio Talents Team sina Tirso Cruz III, Edgar Mortiz, Lito Legaspi, Eddie Gutierrez, Bert Leroy Jr, Pepot at ang kanilang muse ay si Vilma Santos. Sa mga larawan, mapapasayon ang magandang kahulugan ng cooperation and camaraderie ng mga artista at kanilang kasamahan through the number one sport in the Philippines - basketball. - Ric S. Aquino, Pilipino Reporter Magazine, 1973

Superstar na si Vi - Tulad ng dati, humble pa sin si Vilma Santos. Hindi pa rin niya na maamin na siya'y isa nang superstar. Sa katunayan kapag sinasabi mo sa kanyang sikat na sikat na siya ay iiling lamang si Vi at magalang na magwiwikang "hindi ho naman." Talagang superstar na si Vilma Santos pagkatapos patunayang ng kanyang mga pelikulang "Lipad, Darna, Lipad" at "Dyesebel." Biruin ninyo, nang itanghal ang "Lipad, Darna, Lipad" ay kasabay ng pelikula nina Joseph Estrada at Nora Aunor subali't mahigpit na nakipagtunggali ang nasabing pelikula. Sa nakaraang Pista Ng Pelikulang Tagalog, ang pelikula ni Vilma na "Dyesebel" ay sumunod naman sa lakas ng kita sa pelikula nina Fernando Poe Jr at Joseph Estrada. Iyan ay pagpapatunay lamang na superstar na si Vilma Santos. Napakaraming pelikulang gagampanan ngayon si Vilma Santos. Isa na sa ginagawa niya ngayon ay ang "Anak Ng Asuwang" para sa Roma Films. Sa pelikulang ito na pinamamahalaan ni Romy Susara, si Vilma ay gumaganap bilang anak ni Gloria Romero. Hindi batid ni Vi na ang kanyang ina ay isang vampira at asuwang. Kaya lamang niya natuklasan ang katotohanan ay nang mapatay ng mga tao ang kanyang ina datapuwa't matapos iyong mailibing at masaksihan ng kanyang mga mata ay muli niyang nakita na kanyang ina na buhay na buhay. Iyon pala, kampon ng dilim ang inaakala niyang patay na ina... - Amelia Arcega, Movie Queen Magazine, 1973

Recording Superstar - Basta't araw ng Huwebes, makakaasa kayong nasa Cinema Audio si Vilma Santos at nagsasaplaka ng kanyang pinakabagong awitin para sa Vicor. Ito ang araw na inilalalaan niya sa recording upang sa gayon ay mapabilis ang pagtatapos ng kanyang unang plakang LP para sa Vicor, ang "Sing Vilma Sing." Ilnag mga awiting na lamang ang dapat niyang maisaplaka. Natutuwa naman si Vilma sapagka't halos karamihan sa kanyang mga inaawit ay katugon ng kanyang panlasa. "Mahusay talagang pumili ng mga selections si Kuya Orly. Alam niya ang mga kantang babagay sa akin at iyong mga hindi." Isa lamang sa mga selection na kinalugdan ni Vilma ay ang "Tweedle Dee." "Okay sa aking ito sapagka't mabilis at madaling tandaan. Isa pa paborito ko na ang awiting ito kahit noon pa man." Kung hindi nagre-recording si Vilma, lubha siyang abala sa kanyang mga assignments sa pelikula. Marami siyang alok na tinatanggap at masusu niyang pinag-aaralan kung alin ang dapat tanggapin. Malapit ng matapos ang "Wonder Vi" at "Anak ng Aswang." Isusunod na niya ang pelikulang pagtatambalan nila ni Meng Fei. Anupa't mapa-recording at mapa-pelikula, mawiwikang superstar ngang talaga si Vilma Santos. - Movie Queen Magazine, 1973

Ang Hirap Ni Vi sa Anak ng Asuwang - Nang ginagawa ni Vilma ang Lipad, Darna, Lipad sinasabi niyang marahil iyon na ang pinakamahirap at challenging pic niyang nagawa. Kasi, dito'y nabilad siya ng husto sa init ng araw. Nalubog pa sa putik. Alam naman ninyo ang balat ng top superstar...manipis, maputi at sensitive. Tinubuan siya tuloy ng skin rashes. Sa Lipad, muntik na rin magkaroon ng nervous collapse si Vi. Dahil sa pakikipaglaban niya sa maliit na sawa. Heaven knows na gaano na lang ang takot ni Vi sa tulad nito and other slimy, crawling things. And so, akala nga ni Vi ay ang Lipad na ang pinakamahirap niyang pic na nagawa. But she was wrong. Pagkat, sa Dyesebel ay lalong hirap ang inabot niya. Nabilad siya rito sa init ng araw, nababad pa siya nang todo sa tubig. Ang God! ang difficulties niya sa paglipat-lipat sa sets. Paano siya makakakilos e, naka-buntot siya? At matatandaan pa ba ninyo na ilang ulit na naospital ang top superstar pagka't nanganib na mapulmonya? Kaya minsan pa'y nasabi ni Vi na ang Dyesebel na ang pinakamahirap na pic niyang nagawa. Nguni't sa paggawa niya ng Anak ng Asuwang para sa Roma Films, tambak na hirap na naman ang inabot niya. Masasabi ninyong hindi naman gaano marahil. Pagka't dito'y hindi naman naka-costume ang superstar di tulad sa Lipad at Dyesebel. - Cleo Cruz, Bulaklak Magazine, 1973

Dramatic Actresses Sa Quezon City Filmfest - "...Matunog ang bulungan na maaaring maglaban daw sina Vi at Guy sa Best Dramatic Actress category sa Q.C. Filmfest. Si Guy sa kanyang "And God Smiled At Me" at si Vi sa "Dama de Noche." Sabagay, tops si Vi basta't drama. Pero isa na ako sa nagsasabing si Guy ay hindi patatalbog sa kanya sa linyang ito. Nakita ko na itong gumagawa ng drama scene (And God) at tutoo pa namang susmaryosep! Ang galing! But then, talagang heavy ang role ni Vi sa drama. Dual pa which makes it doubly mahirap. Magkapatid na ang isaý luka-luka..." - Cleo Cruz, Superstar Magazine, 16 October 1972

The Third FAP Best Actress Nominees - "...Vilma Santos has already set two records in the history of Philippine cinema. In 1983, she be the grand slam where she was proclaimed best actress by all the local award-giving bodies that year for her performance in "Relasyon (The Affair)," Recently, she became the first actress to have collected three Urian trophies for three consecutive years (Relasyon 1982, Broken Marriage 1983 and Sister Stella L (1984). Aside from her three Urian Awards, she also won the FAMAS best actress thrice (Dama De Noche 1972, Pakawalan Mo Ako 1981, and Relasyon 1982), the Metro Manila Filmfest trophy twice (Burlesk Queen 1977 and Karma 1981) and the Catholic Mass Media Awards (also for Relasyon). We must not forget, of course, that Vilma was also the first FAP best actress awardee. This year, she is again in the running for her performance in Sister Stella L. where she plays a non-partisan religious who later gets involved in a labour dispute. Vilma has played an assortment of roles on screen - from beautiful mermaid in Dyesebel to grotesque hunchback in Kampanerang Kuba. She also used to make half a dozen filma a year. In 1972 however, she churned out no less than 25 pictures under different production companies. Four things have kept her preoccupied lately, making films for rival camps Regal and Viva, appearing in her weekly TV show V.I.P., raising her son Lucky and collecting acting trophies yearly..." - The Third Academy Awards 1985 Souvenir Program

Dumalo Kaya si Guy sa Debut ni Vi - "...Nora Aunor arrived two days before the debut of Vilma Santos. Natural, the $64 question ay kung dadalo sila ni Pip. Here are her words: "Kung iimbitahan ako ni Vilma, tiyak na dadalo ako. Hindi maaaring hindi kahit na magkataong may ibang okasiyon pa para sa akin at ni Pip. We will do our best na dumalo, kung kami ay imbitado. I am glad like me, she is also a debuntante at alam kong this is a golden moment for any girl." Guy was frank. "Mahal ko si Vilma. Kaya kahit wala ako ruon kung sakali, nais kong ipaabot sa kanya ang warm greetings namin ni Pip." This should answer the question kung ang feeling ni Guy now that vi si turning 18..." - Ric S. Aquino, TSS Magazine 12 November 1971

Nagbago Na Ba Ang "Panahon" Sa Pelikula? - Like the unpredictable weather, pabagu-bago ang panahon sa pelikula....Hindi pa natatagalan, nagkasabay naman ang mga pelikula nina Nora Aunor at Vilma Santos, ang "Wanted: Ded or Alayb (Agad-Agad)!" at "Mapagbigay Ang Mister Ko" respectively. Ngunit hindi lamang sila ang naging 'magkalaban' sa pagbubukas ng kanilang pelikula. May isa pa - ang "Kahit Sino Ka man...Mahal Kita" na tinatampukan ng isa pang baguhan si Barbara Luna. At muli, naganap ang isang kagulat-gulat na pangyayari. Tinalo ng pelikula ni Barbara Luna ang mga pelikula nina Aunor at Santos! Dahil sa mga pangyayaring ito, naglabasan na naman ang maraming pala-palagay, tulad ng hindi na mabango sa takilya ang mga establisadong bituin; ang idustriya ay nangangailangan na ng mga bagong bituin (sic); iba na ngayon ang "panahon" sa pelikula! And so on...Wanted is an old Aunor quickie; Mapagbigay is a so-so comedy. Kahit is another pretentious drama...Isang malaking bagay ang pinaniniwalaan naming dahilan kung bakit tinalo nina Alma Moreno at Barbara Luna sina Fernando Poe Jr, Nora Aunor at Vilma Santos. The bold fever. Or in another sense the "Bomba" thing. Na siyang naging dahilan din ng pagiging matagumpay ng mga pelikula nina Gloria Diaz, Elizabeth Oropesa, Chanda Romero; kung bakit maraming pelikula sina Daria Ramirez at Carmen Ronda...while we are also happy for the discoveryof new stars like Alma Moreno and Barbara Luna, we also feel sad. Nalulunkot kami sa paraan ng kanilang pagsikat...No they are not yet "made" lalong hindi pa sila dapat tawaging superstar. Tig-isang pelikula pa lamang ito, huwang ntaing kalilimutan. Patunayan nila na ang kanilang mga susunod na pelikula ay kasimbigat sa takilya kundi man higit pa upang bumagay nga sa kanila ang taguring box office stars..." - Boy C. De Guia, Weekly Superstar Magazine, 07 June 1976

Matuloy Kaya Ang Guy-Boyet-Vi Pic? - Sa wakas, mapagsasamang muli sa isang pelikula sina Nora at Vilma, pero ayon sa mga natuklasan naming usap-usapan ay hindi na ito magiging katulad noong una na halos ay talaga namang hindi nagkakausap at hindi rin nagkikita sa malalaking eksena ang dalawang superstars. Natagpuan namin sa kanyang opisina sa Burke Bldg., Escolta si Atty. Esperidion Laxa, kaya naman naging malakas ang loob namin sa pagtatanong. Ang pagbubuklod ba uli ng dalawang malalaking pangalang ito ay tulad ng naganap sa Pinagbuklod Ng Pag-ibig? Sikreto raw muna, according to Atty. Laxa, but we cannot help being talkative dahil narito na ito. According to TIIP, ang pagsisikap nila na mapagsama muli sa isang higanting pelikula sina Guy at Vi ay hindi na tulad noong una. Samakatwid, sila ay hantarang magkikita at maghaharap sa malalaking eksena ng pelikula, tiyak ding mag-aagawan sila sa kanilang mga eksena at mahigit pa, sa acting. Lahat ito, kasama na ang tungkol sa pagkakasundo ng dalawa sa billing, ay kasama sa contract nila sa TIIP. So, believe na kami kay Atty. Laxa dahil napasang-ayon nila sina Guy at Vi, na handa nang magpaligsahan ng kanilang mga bertud sa acting, etc. "Si Ishmael Bernal ang direktor at screenplay ng pelikula, na ang titulo ay tentative pa lamang at saka na lamang ire-release sa pag-uumpisa ng siyuting. Si Christopher de Leon ang magiging leading man nina Guy at Vi sa movie, na ayon pa rin kay Atty. Laxa is the biggest project ng TIIP for '78 and much bigger than Pinagbuklod. Project din daw ito ni Ishmael Bernal, kaya naman pambihira talaga ang mangyayari kapag nagkataon. Ang shooting schedule nila ay sa first week of May at kahit daw ano ang mangyari ay tuloy na tuloy ito. A few days later ay hindi sinasadyang nagkita kami ni Bernal sa isang moviehouse sa Q.C. Ït's the biggest challenge for Guy and Vi," bulong ni Ishmael at dito raw niya ibubuhos lahat ang kanyang anting-anting sa pagdidirehe at kasama na ang paggawa ng istorya. Lamang..., huwag sanang magkaroon ng sakit sa ulo si Bernal at sana daw ay makipag-cooperate namang mabuti sa kanya ang dalawang superstars. Now, lets just wait and see how Nora and Vilma will do their thing sa pelikulang ito." - Ric S. Aquino, WOW Komiks-Magasin, 26 Mayo 1978

Ten Best Films of the '70s - "In a poll of the 10 best local films of the 70's, the Manunuri Ng Pelikulang Pilipino drew a list of 22 films out of which eight were made in 1976. Of these eight 1976 films, five actually made it to the top ten, the three others placing 11th, 12th and 13th positions. If the year 1976 proved to be a fruitful year for the Filipino film industry in terms of quantity and quality of films, that was also the year the critics organized themselves into the MPP. Nine MPP members participated in the poll, voting unanimously for Maynila Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag, and Ganito Kami Noon Paano Kayo Ngayon? with Nunal Sa Tubig and this year's Jagual getting eight votes each. With Insiang on the 5th slot, five films got five votes each, completing the list of 10 well-remembered films, and the five are Pagdating sa Dulo, Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang, Itim, Sakada and Pagputi ng Uwak Pag-itm ng Tagak. Ligaw Na Bulaklak and Minsa'y Isang Gamu-Gamo topped the next 12 films with four votes each, while Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos and Burlesk Queen garnered three votes each. Nympha and Dalawang Pugad Isang Ibon got two votes each to put them in the 15th and 16th places, with the last six getting one votes each. The 10 best films of the decade chosen by the Manunuri Ng Pelikulang Pilipino are the following (with the names of their directors and the particular years they were released): 1. Maynila Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag (Lino Brocka, 1975); 2. Ganito Kami Noon Paano Kayo Ngayon? (Eddie Romero, 1976); 3. Nunal Sa Tubig (Ishmael Bernal, 1976); 4. Jaguar (Lino Brocka, 1979); 5. Insiang (Lino Brocka, 1976); 6. Pagdating Sa Dulo (Ishmael Bernal, 1971); 7. Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang (Lino Brocka, 1974); 8. Itim (Mike de Leon, 1976); 9. Sakada (Behn Cervantes, 1976); 10. Pagputi Ng Uwak PagItim Ng Tagak (Celso Ad Castillo, 1978); 11. Ligaw Na Bulaklak (Ishmael Bernal, 1976); 12. Minsa'y Isang Gamu-Gamo (Mario O'Harra, 1976); 13. Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos (Mario O'Harra, 1976); 14. Burlesk Queen (Celso Ad Castillo, 1977); 15 Nympha (Celso Ad Castillo, 1970); 16. Dalawang Pugad Isang Ibon (Ishmael Bernal, 1977); 17. Stardoom (Lino Brocka, 1977); 18. Asedillo (Celso Ad Castillo, 1977); 19. Hubad Na Bayani (Robert Arevalo, 1977); 20. Ikaw Ay Akin (Ishmael Bernal, 1978); 21. Hindi Sa Iyo Ang Mundo Baby Porcuna (Danilo L. Zialcita, 1978); 22. Isang Gabi Tatlong Babae (episode of Elwood Perez, 1974)...

The nine members who voted were: Pio de Castro III, Mario Bautista, Justino Dormiendo, Bienvenido Lumbera, Clodualdo del Mundo Jr, Jun Cruz-Reyes, Hammy Sotto, Nicanor Tiongson, and this writer. Absent were Manuel Pichel and Petronilo Daroy with Ricardo Lee on leave. Isagani Cruz abstained from voting for the reason that he was out of the country during the middle part of the decade and therefore not able to see a good number of films. The voting was conducted early December, with the members agreeing to a possible inclusion to the list of any outstandiong films that may be released between that period and the current Metro Manila Film Festival. However, with teh festival in full blast now, none of the Manunuris considered any late film worthy of inclusiion to the earlier list. Some members limited their choices to less than 10 films each, while the others felt strongly that one or three films were good enough to add to the original 10. It should be noted that 1972 (an era of political turmoil in the country and the imposition of martial law) and 1973 were barren years in local filmmaking as far as creativity and vision were concerned. The same low quality of films prevailed during the entire decade, apparently because of the many problems of economics, censorship, and the lack of technical training and intellectual guidance of the film talents, among others. Despite such problems, however, a number of directors and their handpicked production crew and stars managed to transcend these difficulties and came up with films that say something about the human condition and exploit the various creative element of the art of film. The MPP members, therefore have preferred serious films that tackle, or give insight to, the problems of man and society. Fancy techniques and camera fireworks have been deliberately overlooked (not necessarily a strong political statement), and an honest depiction of authentic Filipino reality. That such films were made at all - as though to defy the purely profit-motivated concept of film production - is enough reason to look back into the 70's with fondness and adminration, and in turn that period into a source of hope for the coming 80's....10. Pagputi Ng Uwak, PagItim Ng Tagak is another ambitious epic movie that succeeds on many film levels. The story is about the love affair between a young woman belonging to a rich and powerful family, and a poor man whose mother is still bitter about having her land property snatched from her by the other family. This simple conflict develops into bigger, more significant ones, and they are all integrated within the framework of the story and the different elements of the film. It opens on a festive scene that seems to go on forever, but this gradually changes the mood of the story until it ends a bloody climax. Indulgent as the individual aspects of th film may be , they all fit director Castillo's granmd and elaborate design at story-telling, encompassing various Filipino seasons, holidays and range of experiences. Romy Vitug's cinematography is spectacular, and the cast, headed by Vilma Santos and Rafael Roco Jr are marvelous. - URIAN, Kolum ng mga Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino, Expressweek, 10 January 1980, re-posted by James DR, Pelikula Atbp (READ MORE)


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