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Flashback Article: "Toast of the Manunuri on 40th Year is Brilliant Actress and Unfading Star"

Butch Francisco, Manunuri Ng Pelikulang Pilipino, 2017

It Took her almost a decade to win her first acting trophy from the Gawad Urian from the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino (MPP) which was created in 1976. Vilma Santos got her first Urian best actress award in 1982 (for Relasyon) – when both Nora Aunor and Gina Alajar had already won two trophies each. Vilma was already a superstar and a much-awarded actress then. The long wait gave her the impression that she wasn’t a “Manunuri favorite.”

“But it was only after I got the award from the Manunuri that I felt na actor na ako,” reveals Vilma. “Totoo ‘yan!”

She never could have guessed then that after her initial victory she was going to set a record by winning the Urian best actress award three years in a row and now holds the distinction of having the most number of Urian trophies: 11 in all – eight as best actress, two as best actress of the decade and one as producer of the 1978 best picture, Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak.

And as the MPP turns 40, Vilma Santos is given the organization’s highest honor, the Natatanging Gawad Urian – a fitting tribute to an actress who has displayed unparalleled excellence in her movies.

She is not the first in her clan to make it big in show business. Forties and Fifties superstar Carmen Rosales, like her, a legendary movie queen, was a grand aunt on her father’s side (esteemed movie journalist Ronald Constantino is also an uncle).

Vilma fondly remembers how Ms. Rosales – a recluse in her late years – would visit her at her Magallanes village home in the ‘70’s. “Lola mo ‘ko, ha!” Carmen would remind Vilma, who was always all ears, listening to her grand aunt’s tales and tips on “how to choose the right men.”

Oddly enough, the two women were unable to trace familial roots while they were both in Sampaguita Pictures, and Carmen, then one of the most influential women in showbiz, had no hand in Vilma’s entry to the movies.

It was cinematographer Amaury Agra who was instrumental in bringing Vilma to Sampaguita. The ace lensman, noted for his expertise with the hand-held Agriflex camera, was a regular guest at the Santos home during the La Loma fiesta. He noticed Vilma’s eagerness to perform before her parents’ visitors. Would she care to come with him to Sampaguita and get an audience with star-builder Dr. Jose Perez? The studio was about to start another drama, Anak, ang Iyong Ina. Maybe Vilma, then nine, could get a part in the film.

Her parents initially weren’t receptive to the idea. They didn’t’ see Vilma working at such an early age. They weren’t rich, but they could provide for their children’s needs, especially since both of them were gainfully employed. Vilma’s father, Amado, was working for the GSIS, while her mother, the former Milagros Tuazon, had a stable job at Aguinaldo’s department store (today’s version of Rustan’s). Eventually, they agreed to indulge the daughter’s dream of joining show business.

As per Agra’s instruction, Vilma was simply to present herself to Dr. Perez, who was going to check her out for a possible part in Anak, ang Iyong Ina. When she and her mother reached the Sampaguita compound, there was a long line and Vilma joined the queue along with the other children, who were trying out for a small melodrama Trudis Liit.

She didn’t stay in the long line, though. Vilma even then already stood out from the rest of the crowd and was plucked from that long queue by the audition masters Bella Flores, Boy Alano and Dr. Perez himself. Vilma was made to cry and was instructed to memorize a dialogue. “Not only did I delivered the line. Nag-adlib pa ‘ko!”

For playing the title role in Trudis Liit, Vilma was paid P700. Part of the package included a whole fried chicken for lunch, plus an apple.

Vilma also shot Anak, ang Iyong Ina with Rita Gomez and, later, went to Premiere Productions to play another title role – Ging, with the studio’s resident villainess Carol Varga and comedians Aruray and Georgie Quizon.

While studying with the RVM nuns at St. Mary’s, Vilma appeared in the TV soap, Mga Batong Buhay, and co-starred with Katharine Ross and Doug McLure in the Hollywood B-movie The Longest Hundred Miles, which had principal location in Bicol.

In 1965, she was cast as First Daughter Imee Marcos in the Ferdinand Marcos biopic Iginuhit ng Tadhana and in 1969 the sequel, Pinagbuklod ng Langit.

In between, she appeared mostly as the teenage daughter of lead stars in dramatic movies and received a best supporting actress prize (for Kasalanan Kaya) in a film event organized by San Beda College.

By the late ‘60s, Nora Aunor had paved the way for a new generation of young female stars: petite and not necessarily of Castilian extraction. Nora was so popular that she was given two leading mean: Tirso Cruz III and Edgar Mortiz. Maybe because Nora and Tirso were truly in love with each other, Edgar was shut out from this love triangle. Edgar needed a new leading lady and it was Cornelia “Angge” Lee, a studio hanger-on back then, who suggested the name of Vilma.

Not quite 16, Vilma was chubby, had baby fat, but was gifted with translucent fair skin. More importantly, she had charisma. She was then doing radio with teen partner Jay Ilagan. “Nagtampo pa nga si Jay nu'n. He said: ‘Di ba tayo ang mag-partner? Bakit ka sasama du'n?’” Vilma recalls their parting.

The Vilma-Edgar tandem developed its own following and was pitted against Nora and Tirso. The rivalry was so intense between the two love teams that during the staging of one Mr. & Miss RP Movies tilt (the forerunner of today’s Box-Office Awards) at the Araneta Coliseum, Vilma was horrified to see fans hurling chairs and empty bottles at one another. At one premier night, she was pricked with a pin by a fan, obviously from the rival camp.

Although Vilma admittedly was behind Nora in terms of popularity, the people running her career made sure she stayed in the race. Nora’s obvious edge over Vilma then was in the field of singing and singing was never Vilma’s forte. But she was made to wax records anyway – which all sold! “Never underestimate this voice! Naka-gold record ‘to!” Vilma says, laughing at herself.

After a string of Vilma-Edgar movie hits, producers tried pairing her with other leading men – with equal success. Her FAMAS win as best actress for the 1972 film Dama de Noche helped boost her stock even further. It wasn’t long before she reached Nora’s level of popularity.

Vilma started attracting moviegoers who did not necessarily belong to the so-called “bakya crowd” (hoi polloi). The Filipino middle class who otherwise would not be caught dead watching Tagalog pictures patronized her Takbo, Vilma series, Dyesebel, and several editions of her Darna, movies. At an early age, she was a master of reinvention.

Viewers admits intrigued with Nakakahiya 1 & 2 (where she romances with an older, married man) and Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw (about kissing cousins) signaled a fully grownup mature actress who appealed strongly to Filipino women who were still tradition-bound in spite of the women’s liberation movement that was sweeping western countries.

She was then ready for the most daring role of her career – that of a burlesque dancer and stripteaser in Celso Ad. Castillo’s Burlesk Queen. “That was the most difficult movie I ever did,” says Vilma.

The finale, re-shot four times and using multiple cameras, showed her gyrating on stage in a bikini for several agonizing minutes until she bleeds to death. It is a delicate scene that has her dancing half-naked in front of an all-male audience. The location was a theater in Cubao that featured real stripteasers.

That scene caused delays in production. Vilma kept begging off. Her mother mediated on her behalf: “Maybe my daughter is still young to do that!” The producer promised her everything – the moon, the stars, plus a brand-new Mercedes Benz – just for her to do the scene. The answer was still no. She relented when she was threatened with a lawsuit.

In the end, the film turned out to be the turning point of her career. It was box-office bonanza and she won as best actress at the 1977 Metro Manila Film Festival and gained the reputation of a serious performer. As for the Mercedes Benz, it was never delivered, prompting her to buy a blue Benz for herself.

The following year, she hoped for a two-in-a-row win as film fest best actress. Her entry was Lino Brocka’s Rubia Servios, where she plays a rape victim.

Everyone said she was a shoo-in for best actress. Even fortune tellers were unanimous in saying this at a gossip show on television. Her producer, Marichu Maceda, was so sure of her victory that she gifted the actress with a P10,000 dress to wear during the Gabi ng Parangal, an amount that could cover an entire bridal entourage.

But come awards night, Mrs. Maceda got hold of a copy of the winners before the show and broke to her the news: “Talo ka.” At the moment, she still had the option to leave, but graciously stayed on to watch arch rival Nora Aunor ascend the stage as the winner (for Atsay). After the show, she and Mrs. Maceda proceeded to the actress’ Makati condo and got drunk on champagne.

Things went downhill from there. Her career was rocked with a Betamax scandal which wouldn’t raise eyebrows in the more jaded early 21st century. Supposedly the video was in wide circulation but nobody really saw it. No copy ever surfaced because there was never one. Ironically, years later, Vilma truly became a Betamax Queen when videos of her Viva and Regal movies became the best sellers in video shops here and in Filipino communities in the US.

After the Betamax issue, she went through another trial: she found herself buried in debt. Vilma always had faith in real estate and had invested well in choice properties but dipping her hands into movie producing was a faux pas. While proud of her movie venture Pagputi, the production cost of the film wiped out her finances. For one, it took the director, Celso Ad. Castillo, three years to finish the project. “First time kong nagkaroon ng kaaway – at nabato ko pa si Celso,” grimaces Vilma.

And then, an aide she thought could trust mishandled her finances. Bills that were supposed to be settled remained unpaid – until the interest started accumulating. And in the meantime, BIR duties were neglected. She mortgaged properties, only later to be repossessed. Her posh Dasma residence, house in Marikina and Tahanan Village, plus a three-hectare lot in Tanay that had 52 mango trees – were all taken away from her. The Magallanes Village home where she lived that time was saved – “pero may utang pa rin du’n.” She lost even her blue Mercedes.

It was Mrs. Maceda and he late Atty. Espiridion Laxa who helped fix her money mess. First, the P80,000 monthly household was trimmed down to P5,000. “I practically measured even the patis (fish sauce) she used in the kitchen,” volunteers Mrs. Maceda, who also trafficked all talent fees from Vilma’s projects. “Many Ichu would only show me my cheques: ‘O, this was what you earned from making this movie.’ And then derecho pambayad na ng utang ‘yun. Never ko na-enjoy ‘yung kinita ko doing those films,” recalls Vilma of that dark period that went on for years.

By God’s grace, she remained a bankable star all throughout. There was even a bright light in this chapter of her life: She met her first husband and father of her first child.

It was the height of the disco craze when she was introduced to Edu Manzano. She and director Elwood Perez had gone discoing that night and had repaired to the Manila Pen for an early breakfast. Edu, a top model then, asked Elwood to introduce him to Vilma.

A short courtship followed until Edu, then already an actor, followed Vilma to the US (where she was doing two movies) and proposed marriage. “Edu arrived in LA, rented a car and off we went to Las Vegas to get married.”

While honeymooning in the US, they did one movie together (Romansa) before returning to Manila where Edu bade the movies goodbye in favor of office work. While Edu did not exactly expect Vilma to quit showbiz, he expressed his wish for her to at least slow down a bit. But how could she when she still had to settle her debts that by then had ballooned to about P8-M due to compounded interest?

To her relief, she never lost her fans in spite of the fact that she was already married with one kid (Luis, currently the busiest host on TV). She did Relasyon not only because she liked the story (about the sacrficies of a mistress), but also because – “pambayad din ng utang ‘yun.”

“And I won my first Urian there,” Vilma says with pride.

Although it was a grand-slam win for her, “pinaka-precious sa akin ‘yung Urian.” To her frustration, she wasn’t even able to deliver an acceptance speech. She had come from Celebrity Sports Plaza where she was crowned Box-office Queen. Hosts Behn Cervantes and Tessie Tomas were already wrapping up the show by the time her car pulled over at the Manila Film Center where the Urian was held. As soon as she entered the hall, the earth shook – literally – from some minor tremors. She was unfazed by the earthquake and as she charged in, she kept crying: “Bernie! Bernie!” (her director in Relasyon) sand cried on his shoulder.

Her marriage to Manzano had already totally collapsed by the time she worked on Broken Marriage, which gave her her second Urian. Vilma was still deep in debt that time and had to continue working. There was no time for domestic bliss, except to attend to the needs of her child, Luis.

To be fair to Edu, he offered to help settle her debts, but his income from office work was not enough to solve his wife’s financial problems. (He only returned to the movies in 1984, finally tasting showbiz success via Bernal’s Working Girls).

By the mid-‘80s, Vilma could already command a salary of P700,000 per film. For Mayro J. de Los Reyes’ Tagos ng Dugo, she was paid a million pesos.

Although her financial recovery was already in sight, she still smarted from her broken marriage – until she decided to snap out of it. While getting ready for her VIP variety show one Sunday, she waited for Luis to come home from a father-son bonding with Edu. Rushing into her arms, Luis reported to his mother his pizza date with his father – “and some tita.” “Hmm, so there is already a tita,” Vilma muttered to herself.

After her show that evening, she decided “to have some fun” – clean fun, actually, since her dates were Charito Solis, long-time confidante Chit Guerrero and her VIP staff. They met up at the King Kong disco of Marilou Abaya and Ishmael Bernal, probably the most wholesome watering place that time since it was right across St. Paul College at Doña Hemady corner Aurora Boulevard.

Early in the night, a 21-year old La Salle college student approached Vilma and introduced himself as Ralph Recto. May he dance her? Vilma gave her a curt “later.”

Ralph kept coming back to her table every hour, but her answer was the same. At 4 a.m., a sleepy and exasperated Charito told Vilma: “Isayaw mo na nga para makauwi na tayo!” Ralph lost no time wooing her after.

All throughout the courtship, Ralph would watch over Vilma during shoots that lasted till the wee hours of the morning. They waited till Ralph had finished school and had himself elected as Batangas congressman before they got married – in grand fashion at the Lipa Cathedral in 1992.

The year after, she did The Dolzura Cortez Story and the experience was a bittersweet one for her. Sweet because she got the Urian one more time and eventually ended up with another grand-slam. It was bitter because she lost a baby (a case of ectopic pregnancy) while doing the movie.

The next time she got pregnant, she gave up all her work including her award-winning Vilma show, and stayed in bed for five months. That sacrifice gave her and her husband a very healthy boy they named Ryan Christian, now 21 and graduating from college.

In 1998, she entered politics, first as Lipa mayor, a job that kept her away from the movies and even posed a threat to her life. When the 2nd Urian anthology (with her on the cover) was launched in 2002, Vilma was all set to grace the event. But shortly before the affair, she had a shabu laboratory raided (with the help of the DILG). It was a major drug bust that yielded P1.5-B worth of shabu. She received a death threat and was not allowed to go out in public for quite some time and, was in fact, forbidden to talk about the incident.

After three terms as mayor, she completed another three terms as Batangas governor. In 2016, she was elected congresswoman representing the 6th district of the province. She humbly admits, “It was only when I was already a politician that I began to fully appreciate my lines in Sister Stella L.” In the Mike de Leon film, she played the role of a timid nun who grows into a militant labor activist.

As a public official, her name has remained untainted. In the movies, she is forever admired and respected for her artistry and her immeasurable contribution to the industry.

Screenwriter Ricardo Lee, a staunch Noranian, once shared how Vilma would hand him a cheque, telling him: “Ricky, para sa (writing) workshop mo.”

As a superstar, she lent her clout in the industry to make it possible for local directors to attain their dream projects, a lot of which turned out to be among cinema’s best. In fact, seven of her films were Urian best picture winners.

And even while at the throes of financial distress, she risked essaying roles that were not necessarily viable at the box-office, but gave her the chance to create fresh and strong characters, mostly championing the rights of women.

She agreed to do Sister Stella L, a film with strong anti-establishment sentiments, even while Marcos was still in power. Vilma also agreed to do something that was a-no-no in star vehicles – die in Pahiram ng Isang Umaga and in Dolzura Cortez, two films about death and illnesses, subjects that never appealed to moviegoers. Playing the mother of an autistic child in Ipagpatawad Mo was also a gamble given its depressing story.

During the few and rare times she had the opportunity to make movies, given her punishing schedule as a public servant, instead of choosing surefire box-office formulas, she experimented with sociopolitical films like, Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa and Deka 70, both of which earned her more Urian best actress awards.

For the acting brilliance she displayed in all those films – from Relasyon, Tagos Ng Dugo, and Sister Stella L, to Deka 70 and the more recent Ekstra – she enjoys the Manunuri accolade as best actress both officially and unofficially, raising the level of film acting to unprecedented heights. (READ MORE)

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Video credit: VSSI Global

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O, Ikaw Na!

Maraming pumupuna nuon na hindi raw pang-masa si Ate Vi at ang kalaban raw niya ang pangmasa. Eto na, matagal nang lumabas ang tutoo. Pero mas lalong lumutang ang katotohanan sa nakaraang dalawang dekada (2000-2020). Bakit hindi ito Tutoo? Dahil sa dami ng ginawa ng pelikula ng karibal, hindi ito tinangkilik ng masa, maging ang mga art house na pestibal o panatiko sa CCP, hindi pa rin ito kasing lakas kumpara sa ibang pelikula at nanood rito. At kung suwertihin naman na mapanood sa malaking sinehan ang pelikula ng karibal ni Vi, nakikiusap pa ang mga prodyuser at direktor na huwag tangalin agad.

Kung ang karibal ni Vi ay pangmasa, bakit pahirapan pa, na hiyakating panoorin ang pelikula niya? Samantala ng umuwi si Josie mula sa Hongkong para makapiling ang mga Anak nuong 2000, nabulabog ang mga sinehan sa haba ng pila, nagpatuloy at nagpatunay ang pagiging Reyna ng Masa ni Vi - sa pelikula man o sa politika. Lahat ng pelikula niya mula kay Josie hanggang kay Vivienne, tinangkilik ng masa, sa kanyang mga di pangkaraniwang papel sa puting tabing. Milyon-milyon ang kinita sa takilya. Maraming nabigyan ng trabaho sa industriya at maraming maliliit na taong pilipinong pinasaya niya sa panonood ng kanyang mga pelikula.

Dahil sa karangalang binigay ng PEP bilang numero unong pinakamahusay na pangunahing aktress ng taon 2000 hanggang 2020. Oh ikaw na! Si Vi na nga! At wala ng iba! Siyempre naman, maraming nagbunyi ngunit mayroon din namang nag-iingay. Patulan ko ba?

Maingay na director - May isang nagiingay na direktor na pilit pinagtatanggol ang karibal ni Vi. Hindi kaya niya nakita na ganuon pa rin ang pagarte nito -na niluma na ng panahon? Kung kaya wala ng nagkakainteres sa masa na panoorin ito? Katulad ng huling pelikula nito na hindi nakitaan ng bahaghari dahil sobrang pilit na drama at nakakatakot na pang-horror na mga mata ng nilumang aktres. Kung kaya naman maging ang mga baguhang starlets ay tinalo siya sa pangdisyembreng online na pestibal at sa kakatapos na Eddys.

Ang sasabihin ng ilan, nagbigay raw by karangalan sa ating bansa, sa mga pestibal sa labas ng bansa, ang pambato ng nag-iingay na direktor. Ang tanong ko lang naman may nakapanood ba ng mga pelikula nito? Anong naging halaga nito kung hindi naibalik ang puhunan mga prodyuser? Sampu-samperang pang-art house daw ang mga pelikulang ito, na aminin man nila o hindi, sila sila lang ang nakapanood.

Hindi ba puwedeng pagsabayin ang komersiyalismo at matinong obra tulad ng pelikula tungkol kay Loida, ang dakilang ekstra na naglakbay sa Amerika at Kanada at kumita ng husto? Kailangang bang paramihan ng pelikulang indie o mas mainam ang may maraming klaseng pelikula na inihahain sa masa at tumatabo sa takilya? Hindi ba nakikita ng direktor na ito na halos pare-parehong tema at pagarte ng kanyang pambato kung kaya walang interes na ang masa rito?

Ang tunay na dahilan - Bakit ba nagiingay ang director na ito? Hindi nga ba't siya rin ang bumatikos kay Vi ng bumoto ito ng "yes with reservation" sa isang bill na pinasa sa kongreso? Alam n'yo ba na hindi si Vi ang unang bumoto ng ganito? Matagal na panahon na, pangkaraniwang gamit ito ng mga politiko upang magkaroon ng kooperasyon sa ibang partido. Ang pinakamakahulugang dahilan ay kung isa kang miyembro ng menor na partido, kailangang makipagkooperasyon ka upang maihangon mo ang iyong mga minimithi o isinusugod na pakay para sa ikabubuti ng iyong kapuluan na nirerepresenta mo sa kongreso. Kung hindi mo ito gagawin, wala kang maipapasang batas na magpapabuti sa mga mamamayan na iyong kapuluan. Ang mga mahahasang politiko nuon at bumoto na rin ng ganito upang makipagkooperasyon at magkaroon ng solusyong pangkalahatan.

Bagama't may katapangan sa kanyang desisyon tumayo si Vi, sa kanyang posisyon, katulad ng pagtayo niya kontra sa death penalty o sa pagtutol niya sa pagputol ng prangkisa ng ABS-CBN. Ang tanong ko lang, kung hindi ba siya babae, at hindi siya si Vi magrereklamo ba ang mga reklamador? Ilang taon na rin ang nakakaraan may nangyari bang masama sa naging boto ni Vi? At kung nagkamali ba siya sa pagboto nito, wala na bang halaga ang mga daan-daang kabutihan nitong nagawa sa ating mga kababayang Pilipino, na patuloy na naghihirap? Ano ba ang nagawa ng mga maiingay na reklamador katulad ng bungangerong direktor na ito -na nagpupumilit na magkaroon ng boses ngunit wala namang entablado? Ano ba ang naiambag nila sa masa para magkuwestiyon?

Ganito na nuon, Ganito pa ba ngayon? - Tulad noon, ganito pa rin ngayon. Binigay na, magrereklamo pa. Hindi naman hiningi ni Vi ito, kusang binigay ngunit pinipilit pa nilang kuwesyunin. Tulad ng pang-masang karangalan, ilang ulit nang nilaglag ang bata nila, pinipilit pa rin. Naranasan mo bang lunukin ang sarili mong suka? Kasuklam naman sa panlasa di ba? Kung ipipilit pa rin hindi ba parang binabalahura na nila ang mga Tao sa likod into?

Kung ang masa na ang nagsasabi. Lagpas sampung obra man o hindi kung inayawan at hindi nila gustong panoorin ang mga pelikula ng karibal ni Vi, ano pa bang patunay ang gusto nila? Naluma na, kung kaya naman -tapos na ang laban.

Sa huli, sa haba na ng panahon, makikita sa "record book" ang marka ng kasikatan ni Vi. Hindi ito sa paramihan ng pelikula, kundi ang iba-ibang putahe na nagpasaya ang masang pilipino. Si Vi ang tunay na Reyna ng pelikulang Pilipino. Salamat sa PEP sa pagpapahalaga sa kanyang ambag sa masang Pilipino. Ito ay patunay na siya ang Nasyonal na Alagad ng Sining, Ng Masang Pilipino. - FRV, 06 May 2021

*** Ilang linya ng kanyang obrang pelikula (2000-2020) ***

“Sana sa tuwing umiinom ka ng alak…habang hinihitit mo ang sigarilyo mo at habang nilulustay mo ang perang pinapadala ko! Sana maisip mo rin kung ilang pagkain ang tiniis kong hindi kainin para lang makapagpadala ako ng malaking pera rito. Sana habang nakahiga ka diyan sa kutson mo, natutulog, maisip mo rin kung ilang taon akong natulog mag-isa nabang nangungulila ako sa yakap ng mga mahal ko. Sana maisip mo kahit kaunti kung gaano kasakit sa akin ang mag-alaga ng mga batang hindi ko kaanoano samantalang kayo, kayong mga anak ko hindi ko man lang maalagaan. Alam mo ba kung gaano kasakit iyon sa isang ina? Alam mo bang gaano kasakit iyon? Kung hindi mo ako kayang ituring bilang isang ina. Respetuhin mo man lang ako bilang isang tao. Yung lang Carla…yun man lang.” – Josie Agbisit (2000)

“Buong buhay ko yan na lang lagi ang sinasabi nila sa akin…wala kang magagawa eto ang gusto ng asawa mo…wala kang magagawa eto ang kapalaran mo…wala kang magagawa dahil dapat…putris naman, dapat hindi ganuon…tapos sasabihin ng daddy n’yo hindi lang ang anak ko ang pinatay hindi lang ang anak ko ang dinukot…lalo akong nanggigigil, lalo akong nagagalit dahil kung nanay ka talaga, hindi ka lang dapat nanganganak kundi naipaglaban mo rin ang anak mo dapat kaya mong pumatay para sa anak mo…gusto ko lang malaman bakit nila pinatay ang anak ko…hindi masamang tao ang anak ko, kahit sa oras na ito humarap ako sa diyos kahit sa dimonyo hindi masamang tao ang anak ko…hindi masamang tao ang anak ko!” – Amanda Bartolome (2002)

“Pinuntahan n’yo ba ako rito para awayin?…silang dalawa,,,mahal ko silang dalawa, bago ko pa man naging boyfriend si Michael, naging asawa si Paul, magkakasama na kami, kaya mahal ko silang dalawa, mahirap bang intindihin ‘yon?…walang batas na nagsasabing bawal magmahal ng dalawa….” – Lilia Chiong Yang (2004)

“Kung ang tawag sa mga namamatayan ng asawa ay byudo o biyuda at ang mga anak na nawawalan ng mga magulang ay ulila, ano ang tawag sa mga magulang na namamatayan ng anak?” – Daisy Hernandez (2006)

“Pag nagkakamali ba ang nanay, di mo na siya nanay? Pag binigo ka niya, nababawasan ba ang pagkananay niya? Nanay pa rin kami. Nanay niya pa rin ako.” – Vivian Rabaya (2016)

"...Itaga n'yo sa bato, sisikat din tayo!" "...okay lang po, it's part of the job!" - Loida Malabanan (2013)

News Links 2020

Kapatid at Kapamilya - "...Sa totoo lang, ako mismo ay hindi lumalabas ng bahay. Iyong fans nga na gusto pang mag-party, kasi taun-taon naman talaga may Christmas party sila, teenager pa lang yata ako noon, sabi ko nga this time huwag na. Una hindi ko rin naman sila mapupuntahan dahil hindi ako lumalabas ng bahay at saka aminin natin na ang marami sa kanila mga senior citizen na rin. Aba eh kung ngayon pa sila magkakasakit, problema pa iyon. Mayroon naman akong Vilma Santos Foundation, para sa fans ko iyon, pero gugustuhin pa ba naming may magkasakit sa kanila? Eh ang mga fans ko, sa totoo lang parang kapatid ko na ang mga iyan. Sila ang lagi kong kasama eh. Hindi lang sila nanonood ng sine, shooting ko pa lang nakabantay na iyang mga iyan. Kaya lahat sila kilala ko na, at ang tu­ring ko pamilya na talaga. Kung may magkakasakit diyan iintindihin ko rin kaya sabi ko nga sa kanila mag-ingat at ayokong madagdagan pa ang problema namin. Nagkakasama-sama naman kami sa video calls, maganda nga dahil pati iyong mga nasa abroad nakakasama namin....kayo rin, lalo na ikaw. Huwag kang labas nang labas. Nami-miss ko na kayo pero tiis na lang muna. Mahirap nang magkasakit..." - Honourable Representative of Lipa City, Batangas Vilma Santos-Recto, reported by Ed de Leon, Pilipino Star Ngayon, 31 Dec 2020

The Best Mother-in-law - "...The best one! Seriously, I will definitely not be a meddlesome mother-in-law. What I can assure Jessy is that I will just be a call or text away, and will always be ready, willing and able to extend a helping hand should she need any advice or assistance. But one thing’s sure though, I will be the most excited mother-in-law who will probably be nagging her and Luis for grandkids. Yes! Mas marami, mas mabuti!..." - Honourable Representative of Lipa City, Batangas Vilma Santos-Recto, Reported by Dolly Anne Carvajal, Philippine Daily Inquirer

Beyond Sweet Sixteen - "...At Money Asia, he wrote a column three times a week, I think, with this writer as his editor. He turned in good copies, editing him (if at all) was a breeze and he was not offended if I would tweak a sentence or two, which was a pleasant shock to me knowing that the guy made Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz a movie star as screenwriter of “Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa.” The movie, I recall, was a huge critical and commercial success in 1974 because Iskho and his co-scriptwriter Rafael Ma. Guerrero apparently tested the limits of martial law that then-President Ferdinand Marcos declared in 1972. By pioneering the “wet look,” without really making Miss Diaz show any skin of sufficient expanse, the movie raised the hackles of the censors in the early 1970s. Perhaps, the film was “true, good and beautiful” in the book of then-First Lady Imelda Romualdez-Marcos under the “New Society,” which probably was in search of a titillating medium to finesse military rule. In 1979, Iskho was behind another blockbuster, the equally critical and commercial success “Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak,” which garnered majority of the Famas awards in the same year. The movie seemed to have turned Vilma Santos into a “serious” actress beyond “I’m Only Sweet Sixteen.” Iskho and I parted ways in 1998 and we saw each other again at The Manila Times whose new owner was Dr. Ang..." - Romy P. Mariñas, The Manila Times, 06 December 2020

Birthday Wish - “My birthday wish is for this pandemic to end. Ito lang ang gusto kong pa-birthday sa akin. Sana, wala nang pandemic dahil sobra nang naapektuhan ang mga buhay natin (This is what I wish for a birthday gift. I wish there’s no pandemic anymore because our lives are affected so much).” - Honourable Representative of Lipa City, Batangas Vilma Santos-Recto, reported by Boy Villasanta, Opinyon, 03 November 2020

The Lobbyists - "...Even moviefolk favored the place. Armida Siguion-Reyna used to hold court at the lobby every Wednesday. Richard Gomez was a regular. The actress Chanda Romero once told me she used to hang out here with the director Mike de Leon and a few friends. Romero would recite monologues from her younger days in Cebu, which would inspire de Leon to incorporate them as part of the actress' character Jenny Estrada, a call girl, in Batch '81. Through the years, the lobby has become the preferred venue for post-awards celebration. “Ate Vi," HR manager Noel Silva says, referring to Vilma Santos, "every time she wins best actress, whether ifs MMFF or FAMAS, would even call—well, not her personally but her assistant—would alert us that her group will be coming.” And so a number of the square tables would be pulled together in anticipation of the party's arrival. Groups would meet there regularly, for years, earning the tag, “The Lobbyists.” Like this team of Swiss nationals, among them the jeweler Hans Brumann. They had luncheon sessions every Thursday. “There was this guy, the one with the fake MMDA ID—his son grew up here in the lobby," offers Silva, unwilling to divulge names. “He would bring his son here every day. From school, he picks him up, brings him here, in his school uniform—for years!..." - Jerome B. Gomez, ANCX, 18 Oct 2020

Second Mother - "I am deeply saddened by the loss of Manay Ichu. She’s my second mother, she treats me as part of her family. I am very grateful for all her care, love and support to me. I will surely miss you Manay and will continue to pray for the repose of your soul. My heartfelt condolences to her family and the Vera Perez-Maceda family. Rest in peace Manay. I love you." - Honourable Congresswoman, Lipa City Representative Vilma Santos-Recto, reported by PEP, 07 September 2020

Thumbs-up - “She’s such a sweet girl who is turning into a sweet woman, I can see that they are happy together at parang nag-ma-mature na rin ang relationship nila. Sana tuluy-tuloy na para magka-apo na ako, hahaha!!! I don’t want to pressure them. At the end of the day, sila pa ring dalawa ang may hawak ng kanilang relationship. I’m just here to guide and support them kung ano’t-ano man.” - Honourable Congresswoman, Lipa City Representative Vilma Santos-Recto, reported by Ricky Lo, The Philippine Star, 7 Sep 2020

Bakit kumonti - "...Alam niyo sa totoo lang, pareho ninyo, ako'y nagulat...Kasi initially, maski sa mga pagdinig, alam ko kahit paano, maraming sumusuporta sa bill na ito na inilalaban namin...Biglang, bakit kami kumonti ng ganito na lang? Very significant naman na bigla na lang kami naging 11. May mga ganyang palakad na kung minsan ay hindi natin basta matatanong o makikuwestiyon. Maski ako, hanggang ngayon, hindi ko ma-absorb, nahihirapan ako...Kaya tayo naninindigan — nakita naman po natin na 'yung mga iniisyu na violations, napatunayan din naman po ng national agencies na wala naman po talagang nalabag, Kung meron mang mga administratibong pagkukulang, ito naman po ay nako-correct. Meron naman po tayong proseso sa batas... Ang point ko, not to the extent na magsasara...Sabi nila, ginagawang shield iyong 11,000 employees...Let's face the truth: more than 11,000 ang mawawalan na naman ng trabaho... With the present situation na hinaharap natin ngayon, ang dagok ng pandemyang COVID-19...I truly believe... I'm still very optimistic, we can refile. Puwede naman po 'yan later on. Sabi ko nga, hindi dito magsasara 'yan..." - Hon. Congresswoman Vilma Santos-Recto, reported by Miguel Dumaual, ABS-CBN News, 10 July 2020

Hindi Panahon Para Maging Heartless - "...I believe, hindi ito ginagawang shield, but we really...harapin po natin ang katotohanan. Sino po ang nag-iisip na darating ang pandemyang ito? Sino po ang mag-iisip na ilan na po ngayong tao ang wala na pong trabaho? So, ang point ko lang po sana, mabalanse man lang, mabalanse man lang sana yung ini-expect ko na magiging desisyon at mapag-aaralan. Yung hindi ginagawang shield, but we state the truth—11,000... more than 11,000 muli ang mawalawalan na naman po ng trabaho. At haharap na naman po sa... hindi natin alam kung paano ang susunod sa buhay nila with the present situation sa hinaharap ngayon sa pandemya ng COVID-19. Maski ako, hindi ko alam kung saan pupulutin ito ngayon, itong bansa natin. With the economy natin ngayon na naghihirap, walang trabaho, hindi ho ito madaling isipin. Yung sa akin lang po siguro, yung nasa isip ko lang po, yung mga kapwa ko artista, kahit papa'no makaka-survive 'yan.Maraming opportunities ang pupuwedeng dumating sa kanila. Pero ang iniisip ko lang din po, yun talagang mga utility men, cameramen, yung mga make-up artists, yung mga ordinaryong empleyado. Hindi ganun kadali na sabihin na, ‘Wala ka nang trabaho ngayon, maghanap ka na bukas.’ Hindi po ganun kadali yun. Again, let me reiterate, iba ang panahon ngayon. Hindi ngayon ang panahon na ang tao ay maging heartless. Iba ang buhay ngayon, mahirap ang buhay, ang daming walang trabaho. Ang daming nagsarang kumpanya..." - Hon. Congresswoman Vilma Santos-Recto, reported by Arniel C. Serato, PEP, 10 July 2020

Walang Iba - "It was fine for family bonding during the first several days but after three weeks iba na. I started to suffer from anxiety, especially after watching the news about people dying and getting infected, people losing their jobs at ang pagbagsak ng economy. I was scared of everything. I’ve been working from home (WFH) at puro Zoom meetings. I am ‘high risk’ because of my age. Sabi ni Ralph (Sen. Recto), health should be the priority. Oh, by the way, na-control na ang anxiety ko. For protection, I take multi-vitamins and Vitamin C with zinc, and drink water with lemon and salabat. With my family (Ralph, Luis, Ryan and my siblings), including kasambahay, we exercise together every other day after my Zoom meetings. Mahigpit sa protocols sa mga lumalabas ng bahay. Ako man, sunod sa health protocols...frequent washing of hands and wiping with alcohol. This pandemic has made me realize na wala tayong ibang kakapitan at tatawagan kung hindi ang Diyos. Let’s continue praying to God." - Hon. Rep. Congresswoman Vilma Santos-Recto, reported by Ricky Lo, The Philippine Star, 03 June 2020

The Most Prolific and Popular Darna - "Gifted with flight, super strength and invulnerability, Darna is the definitive Filipino superhero, the true Pinoy pop culture icon — and she just turned 70 on May 13. That makes her younger than America’s Superman (1938) but older than Japan’s Godzilla (1954). Created by Mars Ravelo, Darna first appeared in print in Pilipino Komiks #77, published by Ace Publications, on May 13, 1950. But like any great superhero, her origin story goes deeper than that. Ravelo, born in 1916, had begun thinking up the character who would become Darna long before she first saw print...The most prolific and popular Darna actress is Vilma Santos, who appeared in four Darna films: “Lipad, Darna, Lipad!” (1973), “Darna and the Giants” (1974), “Darna vs. the Planetwomen” (1975) and “Darna and Ding” (1980)..." - Ruel S. De Vera, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 24 May2020

Urgent Action - “While we take strong exceptions to NTC’s trickery and the OSG’s interventionist action we firmly believe the House now has the primary duty and responsibility to put an end to the uncertainties and confusion brought by the pendency of the application of renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise...equally important given the impact, economically and politically, of its continued shutdown in this time of crisis.” - Hon. Lipa City Representative, Congresswoman Vilma Santos-Recto, Politiko, 12 May 2020

Hndi Nagdamot - "Thankful ako sa pagtanggap niya sa akin na anak niya. Malaking malaking bagay iyon. Hindi siya nagdamot kahit isa na siyang Vilma Santos noon...Tinanggap niya ako, inalagaan niya kami ni Serena (Dalrymple) kaya sobrang thankful ako mommy na hanggang ngayon mahal mo ako...Malakas eh (ang sampal). Naging adult ako bigla...Iba rin 'yung pakiramdam nung time na 'yun na ang kaeksena mo si Vilma Santos. 'Yung hinihingi nga ni direk Chito (Roño) sa akin noon, pagkasampal, humarap ako kaagad. Hindi ako makaharap. Sobrang lakas pero kailangan mo humarap kaagad. Ang daming nangyayari, ang dami kong iniisip...Never nila pinaramdam na superior sila. Talagang kapag kailangan ko ng tulong or ni Serena ng tulong, nandiyan sila...” - Carlo Aquino, ABS-CBS News, 18 May 2020

Vilmanian na Anak - "I am really honored to be able to be a part of ‘Anak.’ Kung hindi niyo alam, Vilmanian talaga ako bata pa lang. For me, yun na ang ultimate dream come true ko. Sabi ko nga noon kay tita Malou (Santos) nung inoffer ang ‘Anak,’ okay na akong hindi mag-artista basta makasama si Ate Vi...I had the support of Ate Vi throughout the shooting. She never told me na, ‘Ito ang gagawin mo.’ Yung preparation ko is I had to step up and I really had to focus. Naintindihan ko sobra na kapag nanay ka, kahit ano talaga gagawin mo para sa anak mo. Especially si Ate Vi, kung hindi niyo alam is one of my mentors talaga. When I [was] going through my lowest talaga, nandoon siya..." - Claudine Barretto, ABS-CBN News, 17 May 2020

Maingat at Laging-handa - "...Alam naman ninyo, 37 na ako, at sinasabi nga ng DOH na hindi na dapat maglalabas ng bahay. Kailangang sundin ang home quarantine dahil mahirap na laban talaga ito. Isa pa, may lockdown na ngayon sa Lipa. Pero hindi ibig sabihin hindi ko monitored ang sitwasyon. Work from home ako. Alam naman ninyo ako hindi ako matatahimik nang walang ginagawa. Itong trabaho ngayon sa ilalim ng community quarantine, nasa executive iyan eh. Kaya ang kumikilos nang husto ay si mayor at saka iyong mga barangay namin. Pero alam naman nila na basta may mga problema nakahanda naman kaming tumulong ni senador. Tumutulong pa rin naman kami. Tuloy ang paghahanda at pagtulong sa relief operations, dahil nagsimula kami noon pang pumutok ang Taal. Iyon alam mo kung ano iiwasan, eh ito hindi eh. Kaya medyo nag-iingat lang..." - Honourable Representative, Congresswoman Vilma Santos-Recto, written and reported by Ed de Leon, Pang-masa, 31 March 2020

Ka Pete, MGS and Two Vilma Santos films - "...Next I heard about Pete was that he got incarcerated at Camp Crame. That was in April 1974, three years to the month he helped us form Kamao. Next time we talked was in the period I won the Best Screenplay Award for “Burlesk Queen” in 1977; he had been released from prison. In my acceptance speech for the award, I said, “I did want to say something with ‘Burlesk Queen,’ and it is that art rises or falls accordingly as those in control of political power allow art to rise or fall. I accept this award hoping the day will come when art is transformed from being an instrument for private gain to an instrument for social good.” A group seated at the back of the gallery broke in a resounding hurrah. Pete must have listened to my words, for when we met after that, he cautioned me, “Ingat.” Readers are advised to visit ABS-CBN News online and search the article: “Writer Pete Lacaba remembers martial law.” The article delineates his arrest in 1974, and here is a paragraph that explains why he should give me that caution: “As soon as I opened the door, the first man who came in shoved the barrel of his rifle into my stomach. Then somebody spun me around and forced me to lie face down on the floor. In that position, I was stepped on, kicked in the ribs, hit in the back and on the back of the head with rifle butts.” Pete and I had more frequent meetings after his release. We busied ourselves organizing the Screenwriters Guild of the Philippines — of which he was elected president, with me settling for the position of secretary. We collaborated on the screenplay of a Vilma Santos starrer, “Pakawalan Mo Ako.” When a portion of my property was landgrabbed by armed men some years back, Pete took the occasion of his acceptance of a Life Achievement Award from Gawad Urian as an opportunity for exposing the attack and calling on government agencies concerned to take action..." - Mauro Gia Samonte, Manila Times, 07 March 2020

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11-15-2020 Muling paglipad ng Ibong Adarna, kinalkal ni Jeff Canoy
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11-13-2020 'Kakayanin natin ito': Vilma Santos, nanawagan ng pagkakaisa
11-10-2020 Tribute: Mila del Sol shone bright during golden age of Philippine cinema
Leah C. Salterio, ABS-CBN News
11-10-2020 'Queen of Phils' Golden Age of Movies' na si Mila del Sol, pumanaw na
11-07-2020 What completes Vilma’s birthday celebration
Dolly Anne Carvajal, Philippine Daily Inquirer
11-05-2020 Nora, hinihintay kung makakalusot na sa national artist
Ed de Leon, Pilipino Star Ngayon
11-04-2020 Luis at Alex, binabantayan kung sino ang mauunang ikasal
Baby E, Pang-masa
11-03-2020 At whatever age, she will always be Ate Vi
Ricky Lo, The Philippine Star
11-03-2020 Ate Vi, aminadong nag-aaral pa rin ng ‘batas’
Gorgy Rula, Pilipino Star Ngayon
11-03-2020 Luis may sweet b-day message kay Ate Vi; ABS-CBN trending
Reggee Bonoan, Bandera
11-03-2020 Hiling ni Vilma kay Luis matutupad na
Aster Amoyo, Journal
11-03-2020 Vilma Santos’ B-Day Wish: An End To The Pandemic
Boy Villasanta, Opinyon
11-03-2020 Luis Manzano shares birthday message for mom Vilma Santos
10-30-2020 Vilma’s birthday wish depends on Luis
Mario Bautista, Journal
10-30-2020 Vi, Charo, at Judy Ann Santos magsasanib para sa isang special tsikahan
10-29-2020 Ate Vi, malungkot ang Undas!
Vir Gonzales, Pang-masa
10-25-2020 Luis super react: Jessy Mediola nagpatakam ng alindog sa IG
Abante Online
10-25-2020 Luis Manzano, Long Mejia host ‘Luckyng Tulong’ on YouTube
Neil Patrick Nepomuceno, Manila Bulletin
10-24-2020 Director and choreographer Al Quinn dies at 86
10-24-2020 Veteran director Al Quinn dies at 86
Katrina Hallare, Inquirer
10-23-2020 Luis M Talks about his showbiz firsts and lasts in Kapamilya Confessions
Mary Ann Bardinas, ABS-CBN News
10-23-2020 Luis Manzano praises looks of his parents, Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano
Showbiz Chika
10-23-2020 Luis at Billy, tuloy ang banggaan
Aster Amoyo, Pang-masa
10-21-2020 Luis M asked about readiness to marry Jessy Mendiola; he says; “Game na!”
10-21-2020 Luis M congratulates former ABS-CBN colleagues headlining TV5 shows
Arniel C. Serato, PEP
10-21-2020 After Cayetano ouster, Manny Villar holds online meeting with partymates Politiko
10-20-2020 Luis M congratulates shows on A2Z, TV5 with Kapamilya stars
Triz Pereña, Kami
10-18-2020 It happened at the Pen lobby
Jerome B. Gomez, ANCX
10-14-2020 Tignan ang kakaibang trip ng mag-amang Edu and Luis Manzano
10-14-2020 uis Manzano congratulates Piolo Pascual on TV5 transfer & jokes about it
Daniel Joseph Navalta, Kami
10-14-2020 Velasco ally: Deputy speakers from rival NUP, NP likely to keep posts
CNN Philippines
10-07-2020 Ai-Ai delas Alas shares conversation with Vi; netizens laud their friendship
Triz Pereña, Kami
10-07-2020 Maybe we all need a bit of Luis Manzano's GGSS posts
Emmy Burce, PEP
10-07-2020 House okays creation of Committee on Creative Industries
Manila Bulletin
10-03-2020 Quarantine facility sa Batangas binuksan
10-03-2020 House war for turf and budget
Rosario A. Garcellano, Philippine Daily Inquirer
10-01-2020 Ate Vi, gustong mag-produce ng pelikula
Baby E, Pang-masa
09-28-2020 Mga sinehan, magbubukas na
Ed de Leon, Pilipino Star Ngayon
09-26-2020 How films and art can help protect Martial Law memory from revisionism
Kristine Joy Patag, Philstar
09-23-2020 Online film festival aims to push back Marcos denialism
Krixia Subingsubing, Philippine Daily Inquirer
09-21-2020 Ate Vi, may prediksyon sa pagbangon ng movie industry
Ed de Leon, Pilipino Star Ngayon
09-19-2020 Angelica, Piolo, Vilma magtitipon vs Digong, Martial Law
09-17-2020 Ahead of ML anniversary, Vi, Piolo Pascual discuss 'film, tyranny, resistance'
09-17-2020 Lawmakers wants probe on implementation of Tropical Fabrics Law
Charissa Luci-Atienza, Manila Bulletin
09-16-2020 House opens debate on digital transactions’ value added tax
Ben Rosario, Manila Bulletin
09-11-2020 Star-studded send-off set for departed film icon Marichu Maceda
Mario Dumaual, ABS-CBN News
09-08-2020 Ate Vi, handa na sa apo!
Baby E, Pang-masa
09-07-2020 Rep. Vi at iba pa, nagluluksa sa pagpanaw ni Manay Ichu
09-07-2020 Film icon Marichu Vera-Perez Maceda dies at 77
Mario Dumaual, ABS-CBN News
09-07-2020 Film producer Marichu Vera-Perez Maceda dies
09-07-2020 Movie pioneer ‘Manay Ichu’ passes away at 77
Krissy Aguilar, Inquirer
09-07-2020 Manay Ichu Maceda, PH cinema pioneer, 77
Neil Ramos, Manila Bulletin
09-07-2020 Jessy is fit for life, fit for love
Ricky Lo, The Philippine Star
09-05-2020 Jessy happy with TV5, Luis soon to follow
Mario Bautista, Journal
09-05-2020 Luis at Jessy, nu’ng 2017 pa pinag-usapan ang kasal
Baby E, Pang-masa
09-03-2020 Actor-director Cloyd Robinson passes away at 71
Jerry Olea, PEP
09-02-2020 Luis at Billy, bubulaga sa noontime show?!
Salve V. Asis, Pilipino Star Ngayon
09-01-2020 ‘Hanggang sa muli’: ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra
08-31-2020 ‘Tinig ng Mga Nawalan,’ theme song amid loss of lives and livelihood
08-31-2020 Solons seek to protect PH music industry
Manila Bulletin
08-30-2020 Cong. Vi walang maisip na tulong sa mga nawalan ng trabaho sa ABS-CBN
Ed de Leon, Pilipino Star Ngayon
08-19-2020 ‘Eddie Garcia Bill’ gets approved on House subcommittee level
Rossane Ramos, Latest Chika
08-13-2020 We celebrate these famous Filipino lefties on International Left Handers Day
The Good News Pilipinas
08-12-2020 Luis, may ‘tulong’ na gagawin!
Baby E, Pang-masa
08-09-2020 Ate Vi nag-react sa mga papuri ng frontliners
Jun Nardo, Pang-masa
08-08-2020 Susunod kina Vilma, Lucy: Heart naghahanda na sa politika?
Abante News Online
08-08-2020 Kapamilya Foundation, halos 900K ang nabigyan
Pilipino Star Ngayon
08-07-2020 ABS-CBN franchise denial linked to House speakership
Edu Punay, The Philippine Star
08-07-2020 Ate Vi muling napasayaw sa gitna ng pandemya; alay para sa frontliners
Reggee Bonoan, Bandera
08-07-2020 Sayaw sa mga frontliner Nora makikipag-showdown Kay Vilma
Vinia Vivar, Abante Tonite
08-07-2020 Cong. Vilma Santos dedicates dance video to frontliners
Jojo Panaligan, Manila Bulletin
08-07-2020 Napakasakit, Kuya Eddie!
Ricky Lo, The Philippine Star
08-06-2020 Remembering Kuya Eddie
Aster Amoyo, People's Journal
08-06-2020 Goodbye, Kuya Eddie
Mario Bautista, People's Journal
08-06-2020 Nai-cremate na Eddie Ilarde, huling orig host ng Student Canteen na namatay
Ed de Leon, Pilipino Star Ngayon
08-04-2020 Ate Vi, tuwang-tuwa sa MECQ
Ed de Leon, Pilipino Star Ngayon
08-03-2020 ‘COVID-19 is the enemy’: Stars defend medical frontliners against Duterte
08-03-2020 Vilma Santos sympathizes with COVID-19 frontliners
08-02-2020 Kapamilya Chat: Yes or No Challenge with Cherry Pie Picache
Liezel dela Cruz
08-02-2020 Vilma Santos nakiusap sa pamahalaan na dinggin ang hinaing ng frontliners
PEP Troika
07-28-2020 Ate Vi ayaw maging presidente ng Pilipinas
Ed de Leon, Pang-masa
07-28-2020 Here’s What the Stylish Attendees Wore to This Year’s SONA
Nicole Cruz, Preview
07-28-2020 House leadership asked to allow plenary vote on ABS-CBN
Edu Punay, The Philippine Star
07-27-2020 Here’s what politicians wore to SONA 2020
John Legaspi, Manila Bulletin
07-27-2020 How ABS-CBN shutdown alters PH media landscape
Camille Elemia, Rappler
07-27-2020 3 solons join Makabayan push to bring ABS-CBN to plenary
Jovee Marie de la Cruz, Business Mirror
07-27-2020 75% ng mga Pinoy suportado ang pagbabalik-ere ng ABS-CBN
Pilipino Star Ngayon
07-26-2020 Google, binigyan ng tribute si Mang Dolphy
Ruel Mendoza, Pilipino Star Ngayon
07-26-2020 Ate Vi for vice-president sa 2022: No political ambition po…
Reggee Bonoan, Bandera
07-25-2020 Gozon-Valdes: Significant ratings increase for GMA shows
Dolly Anne Carvajal, Philippine Daily Inquirer
07-24-2020 Fashion protest and advocacy to be showcased at SONA
Mario Dumaual, ABS-CBN News
07-24-2020 They played Darna onscreen but they're also Darnas in real life
07-23-2020 ‘Franchise bid may reach plenary’
Maricel Cruz, Manila Standard
07-23-2020 World Broadcasting Unions appeals to Duterte to reconsider franchise
07-23-2020 Luis Manzano shown organizing job fair for retrenched ABS-CBN staff
Jan Milo Severo, Philstar
07-23-2020 ‘Franchise bid may reach plenary’
Maricel Cruz, Manila Standard
07-23-2020 More lawmakers want full House vote on ABS-CBN franchise
RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News
07-22-2020 Luis hindi sa rally tumutulong
Aster Amoyo, People's Journal
07-22-2020 13 of the longest celebrity marriages, compiled!
Patricia Matalog, Star Cinema ABS-CBN News
07-21-2020 In praise of Abaya, Ad. Castillo
Ronald Constantino, Tempo
07-19-2020 Christine Bersola-Babao tinawag na "Mga Demonyo" ang mga kongresista
Jojo Gabinete, PEP
07-19-2020 Angelica speaks again
Mario Bautista, People's Journal
07-19-2020 'Hindi niyo kami mapapatahimik': Maja may pahayag sa shutdown
07-19-2020 Judy Ann turns emotional in closing spiel of 'Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan'
07-19-2020 'Mahal ko ang ABS-CBN': Sarah Geronimo rallies behind home network
07-19-2020 Final cut: Film ‘rescue’ unit among casualties of ABS-CBN shutdown
Christine O. Avendaño, Philippine Daily Inquirer
07-19-2020 Sarah Geronimo breaks silence on ABS-CBN shutdown: ‘Magkaisa po tayo’
Niña V. Guno, Philippine Daily Inquirer
07-17-2020 National Artist Virgilio Almario pens poem for 11 solons
GMA News Online
07-17-2020 For Ate Vi, ABS-CBN clearly answered issues
Ricky Calderon, The Freeman
07-16-2020 Mga artistang sikat natutong lumuhod at humingi ng awa sa diyos
Vir Gonzales, Pang-masa
07-16-2020 Eyes wide shut
Ma. Ceres P. Doyo, Philippine Daily Inquirer
07-15-2020 Ate Vi may pinaglalaban, nawalan na dati ng chairmanship
Ed de Leon, Pang-masa
07-15-2020 Vi prepared to face "consequences" for voting in favor of ABS-CBN
Rachelle Siazon, PEP
07-13-2020 Vilma Santos sa ABS-CBN franchise vote: Walang conflict of interest
07-13-2020 Why Vilma Santos wondered over ’70-11’
Herbert Vego, Daily Guardian Philippines
07-13-2020 De Lima lauds ‘Brave-11’ who supported ABS CBN franchise bid
Hannah Torregoza, Manila Bulletin
07-13-2020 Vi ready to face 'consequences' of voting for ABS-CBN franchise renewal
Jan Milo Severo, Philstar
07-13-2020 Vi on ABS-CBN franchise death: This is not the time to be heartless
Jamaine Punzalan, ABS-CBN News
07-13-2020 Vilma Santos says ready for 'consequences' of vote for ABS-CBN franchise
07-13-2020 Vi sees no ‘conflict of interest’ in ABS-CBN franchise vote
Christia Marie Ramos, Inquirer
07-13-2020 Carlo Lopez Katigbak's voice cracks as he speaks to ABS-CBN family
Rachelle Siazon , PEP
07-13-2020 Pagbaliktad ng desisyon, malabong isyu
Ed de Leon, Pang-masa
07-13-2020 Pusong showbiz pinairal nina Ate Vi, Edward at Topher
Lolit Solis, Pilipino Star Ngayon
07-13-2020 Ate Vi nagtataka
AL G. Pederoche, Pilipino Star Ngayon
07-13-2020 ABS-CBN defenders grapple with loss: ‘Why only 11?’
DJ Yap, Tina G. Santos, Philippine Daily Inquirer
07-12-2020 Cong. Vi ipinakita ang pagiging solid Kapamilya
Joey Aquino, People's Journal
07-12-2020 Coco Martin, iwas-pusoy, Vi pinasalamatan
Rowena Agilada, Tempo
07-12-2020 'TWG report sa ABS-CBN franchise posibleng matagal nang ginawa'
07-12-2020 Does ABS-CBN Still Have A Recourse?
Vince Nonato, One News
07-12-2020 Senator Recto: ABS-CBN does not deserve death penalty
Rambo Talabong, Rappler
07-11-2020 Big question stumps Vilma Santos
Jester P. Manalastas, People's Journal
07-12-2020 Ate Vi nag-trend, nagulat sa ‘11’
Salve Asis, Pilipino Star Ngayon
07-11-2020 Diokno: People’s initiative a feasible option in ABS-CBN’s franchise bid
07-11-2020 Pagpapasara sa ABS-CBN magiging bahagi ng kasaysayan
Aster Amoyo, People's Journal
07-11-2020 Ex-Kapamilya Legarda, Vargas explain their silence
Mara Cepeda, Rappler
07-11-2020 Big question stumps Vilma Santos
Jester P. Manalastas, People's Journal
07-11-2020 Mistrial? Ilang taga-Kamara nabulaga sa resulta ng botohan sa ABS-CBN
07-11-2020 Kapamilya celebs nadurog ang puso sa desisyon ng Kamara vs ABS-CBN
MJ Felipe, ABS-CBN News
07-11-2020 ‘I’m sorry they aren’t sorry,’ Liza Soberano tells ABS-CBN workers
07-11-2020 ‘I am lost for words’: Anne Curtis speaks out, as ABS-CBN franchise killed
07-11-2020 ABS-CBN executives thank employees and supporters
Gigie Cruz, ABS-CBN News
07-11-2020 ABS-CBN franchise death part of admin's 'kill, kill, kill' legacy
Jamaine Punzalan, ABS-CBN News
07-11-2020 Luis proud kay Ate Vi
Abante News Online
07-11-2020 Sigaw ng mga Kapamilya sa desisyon ng Kongreso: Pinatay n’yo kami!
Reggee Bonoan, Bandera
07-11-2020 Lungkot at galit bumuhos!
Vinia Vivar, Pang-masa
07-11-2020 Ate Vi hindi nakatanggap ng kahit anong suhol
Ed de Leon, Pang-masa
07-11-2020 Legarda explains why she didn’t participate in ABS-CBN franchise vote
07-10-2020 ABS-CBN bill sponsors remain firm: All queries were answered
Gabriel Pabico Lalu, Inquirer
07-10-2020 ‘You’re cruel’: Jennylyn Mercado calls out those celebrating
07-10-2020 Lagman: 'conscience vote' all pretend
07-10-2020 Robredo: Denial of ABS-CBN franchise has 'chilling effect
07-10-2020 Who were the 11 congressmen who voted for the ABS-CBN franchise?
07-10-2020 ‘Bakit kami kumonti?’ Vi surprised by 70-11 vote to junk franchise
Miguel Dumaual, ABS-CBN News
07-10-2020 Vi: "Bakit naman kami naging labing-isa?"
Arniel C. Serato, PEP
07-10-2020 List of lawmakers who voted for and against ABS-CBN franchise renewal
Bella Perez-Rubio, Philstar
07-10-2020 Vilma Santos weighs in on House vote for ABS-CBN franchise
Filipino Times News
07-10-2020 Jessy sasabak sa cooking show
Salve V. Asis, Pilipino Star Ngayon
07-08-2020 Congresswoman Vilma Santos-Recto appeals to fellow lawmakers
Jet Hitosis, PEP
07-08-2020 Ate Vi pinasalamatan
Vinia Vivar, Pang-masa
07-07-2020 Cong.Vilma Santos nanawagan ng franchise renewal para sa ABS-CBN
Nitz Miralles, Balita Online
07-07-2020 ‘Not cringing’: Lualhati Bautista’s take on online comparisons '
Jeline Malasig, Interaksyon
07-05-2020 Self regulation ng mga pelikula, lumang isyu na
Ed de Leon, Pang-masa
07-04-2020 MMK “Regalo” showcases impeccable acting talent, authentic storytelling
Gerry Plaza, ABS-CBN
07-03-2020 Maja Salvador Reveals Number One Acting Tip From Vilma Santos
Liezel dela Cruz, ABS-CBN Entertainment
07-03-2020 Who are the congressmen who will decide the fate of ABS-CBN?
Erwin Santiago, PEP
07-02-2020 Kapamilya couples with the sweetest "pa-kiss nga" photos
Rachelle Siazon, PEP
07-02-2020 Luis, cute bumanat
Lolit Solis, Pilipino Star Ngayon
06-30-2020 'Congratulations!': Luis Manzano reacts to Harry Roque's statement
Jan Milo Severo, Philstar
06-30-2020 Vilma Santos, nagpasalamat sa Vilmanians
Jojo Gabinete, PEP
06-30-2020 Ate Vi nagsalita… pagbubukas ng mga sinehan malabo pa!
Ed de Leon, Pilipino Star Ngayon
06-18-2020 The legacy of Lilia Dizon
Ricky Lo, The Philippine Star
06-17-2020 A Star on the Rise: Getting up close and personal with Robic Villanueva
Manila Standard
06-15-2020 Her name was Alice: Celebs remember Anita Linda with fondness
Dolly Anne Carvajal, Philippine Daily Inquirer
06-15-2020 Christopher de Leon's mother, veteran actress Lilia Dizon, passes away
GMA News Online
06-12-2020 Eye-opening Filipino films to inspire you to take action
Jules Vivas, Manila Bulletin
06-12-2020 Notes on acting as artifice and politics as lies
Tito Genova Valiente, Business Mirror
06-12-2020 Anita Linda: Truly a legend
The Philippine Star
06-11-2020 Anita Linda, 95, saw PH cinema through 3 golden ages
Marinel Cruz, Philippine Daily Inquirer
06-11-2020 PH Cinema’s oldest, Anita Linda, passes away at 95
Bea Kirstein T. Manalaysay, Philippine Canadian Inquirer
06-09-2020 Ate Vi walang interes sa national artist award
Ed de Leon, Pilipino Star Ngayon
06-08-2020 Celebrate pride month with iWant’s diverse collection of queer stories
06-07-2020 Lagman requests House secretariat to disclose voting on Anti-Terror Bill
Katrina Hallare, Inquirer
06-06-2020 Find out Vilma Santos’ health regimen for protection vs. COVID-19
06-05-2020 Janine Gutierrez slams solons who voted ‘yes with reservations’
Gabriel Pabico Lalu, Inquirer
06-05-2020 Pero pabor... Cong. Vi nalalabuan sa Anti-Terrorism Bill!
Ed de Leon, Pang-masa
06-05-2020 Janine nalait sa parinig kay Ate Vi
Salve Asis, Pilipino Star Ngayon
06-05-2020 Luis nilinaw ang pagpabor ng kanyang mommy sa ATB!
Vinia Vivar, Pang-masa
06-04-2020 Vi stand on Anti-Terror Bill, ‘in favor with reservations,’ draws flak
Cha Lino, Inquirer
06-04-2020 Luis Manzano clarifies stance of mom Vilma Santos on Anti-Terror Bill
06-04-2020 Reserved for all season: Vi clarifies position on Anti-Terror Bill
06-04-2020 Anyare kay Sister Stella? Vi binatikos sa pag-akda, pagboto
Angela Gaborne, Abante
06-04-2020 Vilma binanatan sa pagboto ng ‘yes’ sa Anti-Terror Bill; Luis nadamay
Reggee Bonoan, Bandera
06-04-2020 'Yes with reservations?' Stars, fans criticize Vi over anti-terror bill vote
06-04-2020 Lawmakers deny co-authoring anti-terrorism bill
Glee Jalea, CNN Philippines
06-04-2020 Legarda, Santos-Recto deny authorship of Anti-Terror Bill
Neil Arwin Mercado, Inquirer
06-03-2020 Ate Vi nilapitan ng mga fashion designers
Ed de Leon, Pang-masa
06-03-2020 Kapamilya stars nagpasalamat kay Ate Vi!
Vinia Vivar, Pang-masa
06-03-2020 Ate Vi, umaasang magbubukas pa rin ang ABS-CBN
Boy Abunda, Pilipino Star Ngayon
06-03-2020 Life On Lockdown (LOL!!!) seniors edition.
Ricky Lo, The Philippine Star
06-02-2020 Former Kapamilya personalities turned representatives defend ABS-CBN
Manila Standard
06-02-2020 Celebs single out their fave shows, movies to watch while in quarantine
Dolly Anne Carvajal, Philippine Daily Inquirer
06-02-2020 Vilma nag-alala sa mga alalay ng artista
Dondon Sermino, Abante
06-01-2020 Ate Vi, Loren nababahala para sa 11K empleyado ng ABS-CBN
Alex Brosas, Bandera
06-01-2020 Rep Vi, Legarda: ABS-CBN: Network ‘went above and beyond’ duty
Mara Cepeda, Rappler
06-01-2020 ABS-CBN personalities-turned-lawmakers rally behind franchise renewal
CNN Philippines
06-01-2020 'Shutdown of ABS-CBN will affect not only its employees, also dependents'
06-01-2020 Lawmaker tells Cayetano: Don't wash your hands off ABS-CBN shutdown
06-01-2020 ABS-CBN shutdown hurts not just 11,000 staff but also PAs, dependents
Shiela Reyes, ABS-CBN News
06-01-2020 Vilma Santos, Loren Legarda defend ABS-CBN franchise renewal anew
Jan Milo Severo, Philstar
05-25-2020 Mga beteranong aktor, biglang gustong iitsapwera
Ed de Leon, Pang-masa
05-25-2020 House opens hearings on 13 pending ABS-CBN bills on Tuesday
DJ Yap, Philippine Daily Inquirer
05-24-2020 Darna: Ageless, all-media at 70
Ruel S. De Vera, Philippine Daily Inquirer
05-22-2020 Ate Vi tahimik lang sa pag-ayuda
Vir Gonzales, Pang-masa
05-18-2020 Rep. Recto touts P30-B supplemental budget for Taal
Charissa Luci-Atienza, Manila Bulletin
05-18-2020 Why Vi found it hard to work with son Luis Manzano in 'In My Life'
05-18-2020 Sotto rejects request for senators to inhibit from ABS-CBN franchise inquiry
Katrina Domingo, ABS-CBN News
05-18-2020 Carlo Aquino reminisces about filming 'Bata, Bata… Pa'no Ka Ginawa?'
05-18-2020 Why Tommy Abuel needs to be immortalized in a book
Rito P. Asilo, Philippine Daily Inquirer
05-17-2020 ‘I Feel U’ Episode 2: Claudine Barretto and Vilma Santos reunite!
Patricia Matalog, ABS-CBN Star Cinema
05-17-2020 Two decades later, Claudine Barretto recalls working with Vi
05-13-2020 Cayetano: ‘There are still other concerns that need to be resolved’
Ritchel Mendiola, Asian Journal
05-12-2020 Nakakahiya, tayo sinisisi! Vi leads House urging ABS-CBN debate
05-10-2020 4 movies about moms to watch on Mother's Day
05-09-2020 Luis Manzano on why he posts jokes on
Rhea Manila-Santos, Push
05-09-2020 Top 10 Star Cinema moms we love and admire!
Patricia Matalog, Star Cinema ABS-CBN
05-09-2020 Iconic Peque Gallaga bade friends goodbye 2 weeks before his death
Marinel Cruz, Philippine Daily Inquirer
05-08-2020 Legendary director Peque Gallaga dies
Nika Roque, The Manila Times
05-08-2020 Showbiz veterans, pillars, National Artists salute ABS-CBN
Mario Dumaual, ABS-CBN News
05-08-2020 Mga batikan sa showbiz nagpakita ng suporta sa ABS-CBN
05-07-2020 Ate Vi damang babalik ang ABS-CBN!
Jun Nardo, Pang-masa
05-07-2020 Peque Gallaga's movies are made in the teeth of madness
Jessica Zafra, CNN Philippines
05-07-2020 Peque Gallaga, 76
Carla Gomez, Inquirer
05-06-2020 'Legends only' Nora, Vi, Maricel, Sharon confront ABS-CBN shutdown
Ratziel San Juan, Philstar
05-06-2020 Vilma Santos expresses support for ABS-CBN
05-06-2020 Nora A, Vilma S back ABS-CBN, express hope closure will end soon
05-04-2020 Lawmakers hopeful ABS-CBN won’t be shut down during crisis
Neil Arwin Mercado, Inquirer
04-30-2020 Luis ‘di nakiuso sa mga ermitanyo habang quarantine
Salve V. Asis, Pilipino Star Ngayon
04-30-2020 It’s Osang!
Ronnie Carrasco III, The Manila Times
04-29-2020 Shaving heads, growing beards: Leading men surprise with lockdown looks
04-29-2020 Luis Manzano shaves head while in lockdown
04-29-2020 Luis Manzano flaunts semi-kalbo look after shaving his head!
Patricia Matalog, Star Cinema ABS-CBN News
04-29-2020 Ate Vi birthday wish kay Luis ang apo
Baby E, Pang-masa
04-27-2020 Luis nakatuwalya lang sa ASAP
Salve V. Asis, Pilipino Star Ngayon
04-26-2020 Utol ni Luis pang-matinee idol; Ate Vi pinaiyak ng anak
Ervin Santiago, Bandera
04-25-2020 Prayers for Lilia Dizon
Mario Bautista, People's Journal
04-24-2020 Fans ni ate Vi nagbukas ng ‘kitchen’
Ed de Leon, Pang-masa
04-22-2020 Luis rare breed, Jessy tinawag na monkey!
Jun Nardo, Pang-masa
04-22-2020 Jessy nagpasalamat sa “wonderful heart” ni Luis
Salve V. Asis, Pilipino Star Ngayon
04-21-2020 Vilma Santos’ birthday message for son Luis Manzano
Push Team
04-21-2020 Birthday boy Luis Manzano shares how he adjusts to ‘new normal’
04-21-2020 Luis Manzano’s birthday gift from Anne Curtis: Meeting baby Dahlia
Niña V. Guno, Inquirer
04-21-2020 Luis Manzano shares mom Vilma Santos’ Meal-in-One recipe
04-21-2020 Vilma Santos shares birthday message for son Luis Manzano
04-12-2020 Ate Vi naghahanap ng donors sa ventilators
Ed de Leon, Pang-masa
04-12-2020 The life and times of Leila Benitez
Aster Amoyo, People's Journal
04-09-2020 Leila Benitez, original 'Student Canteen' host, dies
04-07-2020 Ate Vi, Nagsumamo sa langit
People's Tonight
04-06-2020 Luis malapit nang maging 40 pero di pa nag-aasawa
Aster Amoyo, People's Journal
04-05-2020 Luis nag-throwback ng hubad na katawan, followers pumalag!
Vinia Vivar, Pang-masa
04-04-2020 Luis M to netizen calling him "bayot"
Arniel C. Serato, PEP
04-04-2020 Luis nangangamoy ‘bayot’ rumesbak
Rommel, Rodel, Ronaline, Mildred, Abante Tonite
04-04-2020 Singing idol na naging komedyante at direktor
Aster Amoyo, People's Journal
04-02-2020 Luis Manzano minura ni @vilmaSRecto sa Twitter
Dondon Sermino, Abante
03-31-2020 Ate Vi work from home rin!
Ed de Leon, Pang-masa
03-26-2020 Veteran actor Menggie Cobarrubias dies
CNN Philippines
03-26-2020 Actor Menggie Cobarrubias dies of suspected COVID-19
Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo, Philstar
03-19-2020 What was Liberty’s biggest regret?
Ricky Lo, The Philippine Star
03-18-2020 Liberty Ilagan, nilinaw na hindi COVID-19 ang ikinamatay ng ina
Mario Dumaual, ABS-CBN News
03-17-2020 Former Sampaguita actress Liberty Ilagan dies at 76
03-17-2020 Ate Vi, walang balak sumikat noon
Baby E, Pilipino Star Ngayon
03-16-2020 The ladies take control of the House
Ricky Lo, The Philippine Star
03-16-2020 12 movies and shows on iWant this women's month
03-13-2020 Gerald Anderson appointed Youth Kasama ambassador
Manila Standard
03-13-2020 Jane de Leon salutes past ‘Darna’ stars: ‘Symbol of a strong Filipina’
Ryan Arcadio, Inquirer
03-12-2020 Gerald ginawang ambassador of goodwill sa Congress!
Ed de Leon, Pilipino Star Ngayon
03-12-2020 Ate Vi Namigay ng ligtas bags
Salve V. Asis, Pilipino Star Ngayon
03-12-2020 ABS-CBN conducts clean-up drives, gives away safety bags
Manila Standard
03-10-2020 7 local films you can stream this Women’s Month
03-11-2020 'Everything About Her' screening in Rizal Park’s Open-Air Cinema
Doreen Penilla, Star Cinema
03-10-2020 Jane de Leon salutes past ‘Darna’ actresses in time for Int’l Women’s Day
Regina Mae Parungao, Manila Bulletin
03-07-2020 For Pete’s sake, help!
Mauro Gia Samonte, Manila Times
03-07-2020 Coco pwedeng karirin ang pagdidirek o sumosyo sa negosyo ni Luis
Ronnie Carrasco III, Bandera
03-05-2020 Finally, House to tackle ABS-CBN franchise bills
DJ Yap, Philippine Daily Inquirer
03-04-2020 House sets ABS-CBN franchise hearing
Jester P. Manalastas, People's Journal
03-03-2020 Who run the world? Women ‘take over’ the House of Representatives
Mara Cepeda, Rappler
03-01-2020 Lady solons take over House today
Ryan Ponce Pacpaco, People's Journal
03-01-2020 Women take over House for a day
Manila Standard
02-27-2020 Theater review: Rousing 'Dekada '70' continues fight against oppression
Fred Hawson, ABS-CBN News
02-22-2020 Mga kongresista nagsuot ng protest buttons para kay Batocabe
IS, Ababte TNT
02-22-2020 Back to her roots! Vilma Santos opens satellite office at Lipa city hall
02-22-2020 The day Marcos shattered the dream that Geny Lopez built
Raul Rodrigo, ABS-CBN News
02-18-2020 Cayetano ignores calls for ABS-CBN franchise hearings
Ben Rosario, Manila Bulletin
02-17-2020 Senate hearing on ABS-CBN to proceed without House action: Poe
Katrina Domingo, ABS-CBN News
02-17-2020 Ate Vi ayaw nang ibitin ang franchise ng ABS-CBN
Ed de Leon, Pilipino Star Ngayon
02-16-2020 Filinvest assists Batangas gov’t with evacuees
Roy Tomandao, Manila Standard
02-16-2020 Vilma Santos on ABS-CBN franchise renewal: ‘It’s about time’
Trisha Tan, Filipino Times
02-15-2020 Senate to give ABS-CBN fair hearing - Go
Paolo Romero, The Philippine Star
02-13-2020 Ate Vi, entertainment workers urge passage of ‘Eddie Garcia Act’
Tcel Maramag, Philippine Daily Inquirer
02-13-2020 Ate Vi, iba pa sa industriya, nanawagan sa pagpasa ng ‘Eddie Garcia Act’
Remate News
02-12-2020 Signature ploy
Philippine Daily Inquirer
02-10-2020 Lawmakers confident of votes to renew ABS-CBN franchise
CNN Philippines
02-06-2020 Progressive solons urge committee to tackle ABS-CBN renewal bills
Charissa Luci-Atienza, Manila Bulletin
02-03-2020 Solons sound alarm as House ‘sits’ on ABS-CBN franchise renewal
DJ Yap, Melvin Gascon, Philippine Daily Inquirer
02-03-2020 Coney umaasang ma-renew ang ABS-CBN franchise
02-03-2020 Solons sound alarm as House ‘sits’ on ABS-CBN franchise renewal
DJ Yap, Melvin Gascon, Philippine Daily Inquirer
01-30-2020 Rita Daniela, di makapaniwala sa natanggap na papuri mula kay Vi
Cherry Sun, GMA News
01-28-2020 Willie R. donates ₱1M for Taal Volcano eruption evacuees on his b-day
Stephanie Marie Bernardino, Manila Bulletin
01-28-2020 Vilma binigyan ng P1M ni Willie
Jun Nardo, Abante
01-28-2020 Rita Daniela meets Vilma Santos and gets starstruck
GMA News
01-27-2020 Capitol to send P5 million for Taal victims
Rosalie O. Abatayo, CDN
01-27-2020 Willie Revillame, inabot kay Vi ang P1M donation para sa Taal evacuees
Jojo Gabinete, PEP
01-27-2020 Lucky with Ryan! Vilma proud of son for helping Taal Volcano evacuees
01-25-2020 Taal Volcano unrest
The Philippine Star
01-25-2020 Ate Vi nanawagan pa ng dagdag na tulong sa mga taga-Batangas
Ed de Leon, Pilipino Star Ngayon
01-24-2020 Dina Bonnevie reveals Vilma Santos is convincing her to enter politics
Bernie V. Franco, PEP
01-23-2020 House conducts session in Batangas, approves measures for disaster relief
Ben Rosario, Manila Bulletin
01-20-2020 Vilma Santos proposes creation of Taal Commission
Patricia Lourdes Viray, Philstar
01-20-2020 Ate Vi awang-awa sa sinapit ng mga biktima ng Taal
Vir Gonzales, Pang-masa
01-19-2020 Piolo Pascual, tumulong kay Vilma Santos sa relief operations
01-19-2020 Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano warn public of fake account posing as her
Ryan Arcadio, Inquirer
01-19-2020 Piolo, Vilma magkatuwang sa pagpapasaya ng mga nasalanta
Dondon Sermino, Abante
01-18-2020 'Awitin Mo at Isasayaw Ko' turns 40 and VST & Co. are holding a concert
Leah C. Salterio, ABS-CBN News
01-17-2020 Bautista: Taal tales
Peter Rey Bautista, Sunstar
01-15-2020 Vilma, Luis magkatuwang sa pagtulong sa Batangas
Dondon Sermino, Abante
01-14-2020 Oh, Taal: This week's outlook
Glenda M. Gloria, Rappler
01-10-2020 Ate Vi tumangging gumanap na Mother Lily
Baby E, Pang-masa
01-08-2020 Techie for all seasons! Check out Vilma Santos singing as memoji
01-05-2020 The Face of 2020
Ricky Lo, The Philippine Star
01-04-2020 Duterte allies, House leaders back ABS-CBN franchise renewal
Edu Punay, The Philippine Star
01-03-2020 Solon says issue of ABS-CBN franchise a matter of press freedom
Ben Rosario, Manila Bulletin


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