Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vilmanians and Noranians Surveyed

Fans from each camp were recently invited to a survey. Dr. Rubia Servios, now a respectable doctor (yes, she was pardoned, went back to school and now based in the United States) and Sister Elsa, now a non denomination religious coach (yes, thanks to the doctor she was revived and resurrected and now based in Europe).

Together these two women started a research about two groups of fans who have demostrated their loyalty, love and devotion to their idols: Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor. They came up with a survey that they distributed to both camps. Studying all the information both Dr. Servios and Sister Elsa made sure that all is fair and unbiased. Hiring an independent agency to figure out how to measure its findings, It all boils down to three categories: basic demographic; longevity & loyalty, and lastly activities and future endeavours. Dr. Servios and Sister Elsa were present in the formal conference held at Manila Hotel and attended by both camps attended in full “regallia”. Black ties for men and formal gown for women. An example of the survey were exhibited in wide big screen. One survey participants on each side answered the same question, in a intertwined scene and with an excellent editing the segment went like this:

Who do u think is better Nora or Vilma?
Participant A: “definitely Vilma!”
Participant B: “Sino pa po, si Ate Guy po”

When did it start your being a Vilmanian/Noranian?
Participant A: “when I was in young kid my mom will always brings me to the movies… and we always watch Ate Vi”
Participant B: “Nuon po sa Bicol po, lagi akong nanonood ng pa-kontest… tandang-tanda ko po nuong nanalo si Ate Guy sa Darigold Singing Contest… duon po nag-umpisa…at tv…kay Guy & Pip po..”

What do you remember most in the 70s?
Participant A: “I remember seeing Vilma in Lipad Darna Lipad also her transformation from sweet teenage sensation to a mature actress… I love it, it was very daring…no one has done that before…its like seeing Madonna and Meryl Streep molded into one… this decase has not been very good to Ate Vi but she has proven to all of us that she is a fighter…this decade also reminded me of such a wide variety of films…from musical, comedy, action to drama she has done it! The most critically acclaimed was Burlesk Queen, Rubia Servios and Pagputi Ng Uwak, PagItim Ng Tagak…how I can’t forget these films?! They’re all embeded to my memory…it was a roller coaster ride with so many highs, Heaven!”
Participant B: “Si Maria Leonora Theresa po… natatandaan mo po ba siya? Siya yung manika ni Ate Guy…Isa pa po yung pong mga movies ni Ate Guy po na lahat magaganda at magagaling ang arte niya… pati na rin po ang kanyang tv show na number one. Lahat po ng ginagawa niya siya ang number one, plaka, telebisyon, at pelikula, siya ang numero uno, kaya nga po siyang tinawag na superstar dahil siya ang pinaka-sikat….at isa pa sa pinakamemorable nuon ay nuong nanalo si Ate Guys sa pelikulang Atsay… tandang tanda ko pa ang speech nya po…”mamay mali ang hula nila (aarte at gagayahin si Nora)… nagtatalon po ako sa galak…talagang parang nasa alapaap po ako sa tagumpay ni Ate Guy…”

How about the 80s and 90s?
Participant A: “the 80s and 90s were definitely Vilma’s decades…I remember all of her films were both critically acclaimed and box office hits…Also in each decade Vilma got grandslam wins so, it proves that her grandslam win in Relasyon were not a fluke… It also reminded me of her number one show, Vilma!… How can I forget the line: “I love you Lucky!!!”…Vilma also started to settle down in terms of her family life. It was a very fruitful decades for Vilma and the Vilmanians!”
Participant B: “Maganda rin ang ala-ala sa aking ng 80s dahil po sa maraming magagandang pelikula ang nagawa ni Ate Guy…at ang tutuo unang naging grandslam winner si Ate Guy kaysa kay Aling Velma… pero ang pinaka-importanteng pelikula ng dekada eh ang “himala” kahit na sinong kritiko ang tanungin ito ang pinaka-importanteng pelikulang ginawa ng dekada 80… Nuong dekada 90, ang pinaka-importanteng pelikula rin ay ginawa ni Ate Guy po.. eto ang Flor Contemplacion… tandang tanda ko po ito dahil bukod sa humakot ng awards ito, malaki po ang kinita nito sa takilya… at nanalo pa po ito sa mga festival sa abroad…pagpapatunay lamang na malayong malayo ang agwat ni Ate Guy kay Aling Velma…”

What are the things you don’t like about Nora/Vilma?
Participant A: “Personally…I can’t say that I don’t like Nora because I don’t know her. I guess its a preference, some of us like apple, some oranges… I think its the choices and decision she made over the years, I must say Nora’s movies doesn’t fit my taste…and her lifestyle…I don’t consider it as bad choices it just doesn’t appeal to me…unlike Ate Vi’s films are more to my liking…they’re all have some social relevance that at that time agreed to what was going on to my life…I guess I am a feminist and don’t realized it until later…looking back to all of those films of Ate Vi that I have seen, it feels like I became part of all those roles…it was very revealing, liberating and fullfilling!”
Participant B: “Ang ayoko po kay Aling Velma eh ang kaplastikan po niya… hindi ko gusto ang mga pelikula niya… nagbobomba po siya nuon mabuti na lang tinigilan na niya ito…si Ate Guy hindi po niya ginawa iyan para sumikat lang…at kung ano-ano pa ang ginawa niya para lang malagpasan si Ate Guy, pilit kumanta pero boses ipis naman tapos yun nga po, nagpumilit umarte pero kahit si Lino Brocka sinabi talagang mas magaling umarte si Ate Guy… tapos hanggang mag-burlesk at maghubad na po siya hindi pa rin niya mahigitan si Ate Guy po… yung ang ayoko sa kanya!”

What are the things you don’t like about the fans of Vilma/Nora?
Participant A: “I don’t hate them…lets be clear on that because I definitely know in my heart that whatever they’re doing is just protecting their idol… the only irritating thing is they don’t have “open mind”…they still have the fan mentality…they can’t accept the fact that their idol no longer have the status they embedded in their brain since the late 70s…also, they have the tendency to attacked us below the belt…I mean everything is personal… they’ll swear, cursed and verbally abuse you… sometimes physically too… So I have to be on guard all the time…”
Participant B: “Hay naku po…mga ilusyonada po ang mga Velmaniacs… siguro po dahil mahilig sila sa mga bomba films kaya po love na love po nila ang mga bomba films ni Aleng Velma…ang hindi ko pa maintindihan kung bakit po hindi nila matanggap na hindi talaga marunong umarte and kanilang idolo, walang ginawa po kundi magkandalabas-labas ang litid nito sa leeg kapag umaarte at lagi sumisigaw at histerikal hindi katulad ng aming mahal na idolo, gamitin lamang nito ang kanyang mga mata wala na pong binatbat ang idolo nila…siguro po talagang mahina po ang utak nila para hindi nila ito makita…”

Tell me about yourself…
Participant A: “I’m 34, I manage this up-scale hotel in Makati…I got my Marketing degree from LaSalle. I love collecting vintage Vilma films, newspaper and magazine articles, I love anything about Vilma…I love collecting movie memorabilia, posters, still pictures…I love to cook, I do gardening and also love to read books…”
Participant B: “34 anyos na po ako… negosyate po ako, merong akong tindahan ng mga px goods sa Makati at Quezon City, balak ko pong magtayo ng branch diyan sa Caloocan at Baclaran… nagtapos po ako sa FEU…una pong kursong kinuha ko nurse kaya lang dahil gusto ng mga magulang ko na magtayo ako ng negosyo kaya naiba, nagtapos ako ng Commerce… Mahilig po akong mangulekta ng mga pelikula ni Ate Guy…dvd, vcd, vhs at pati na rin mga artikulo at poster niya…bata pa po ako madalas na akong makipag-away maipagtanggol ko lang po si Ate Guy…kapag naririnig ko ang boses niya kapag kumakanta, lagi po akong naiiyak…”

What are the things Vilma/Nora influenced you?
Participant A: “her being a fighter, her kind words and positive actions and decision… when she decided to leave her tv show, Vilma! to settled down and get serious in having another baby, I admired her more…then when she started her political career and saw all the good things she has done for her constituents…I started to think also about my own career and also started helping out…I now do volunteer work…masarap pala ang pakiramdam kapag nakakatulong ka sa kapwa mo…”
Participant B: “Katulad po ni Ate Guy, natuto po akong makipaglaban… kahit ano pong pagsubok hindi ako sumusuko… kahit anong mga intriga, laban lang po ako… natuto rin po akong maging matapang. Iyan po ang mga bagay na hinahangaan ko kay Ate Guy… Mabait po si Ate Guy at hindi po siya balimbing na katulad ng mga sinasabi ng mga Velmaniacs… matapat po siya at tunay na kaibigan… pero huwag po n’yo siyang gagalitin dahil masama po siyang magalit katulad ko rin po… iyan po ang impluwensiya niya sa akin…”

Give three Nora/Vilma films that you considered the best of all time…
Participant A: “Burlesk Queen, Relasyon and Sister Stella L”
Participant B: “Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, Himala at Flor Contemplacion”

Give three roles that you want Vilma/Nora plays in the future…
Participant A: “I want her to play a leader of a crime sindicate just like God Father type…also, a comedy role — a mother of four sons like the mother in Malcolm In The Middle… and maybe an offbeat role like the mother in Six Feet Under.
Participant B: “halos lahat na po yata nagampanan na ni Ate Guy po… pero siguro po eh yung hostes katulad ni Elizabeth Oropesa sa Bulaklak Ng Maynila, o kaya po yung katulad ng role ni Hillary Swank sa Million Dollar Baby po, yung boksingero… bagay po sa kanya iyon… at saka po yung role ni Charlise Theron sa Monster… tiyak na makikita po ruon ang lalim ng galing ni Ate Guy sa pag-arte…”

What are the activities you have been involved with together with your fellow Noranians/ Vilmanians?
Participant A: “We are very active in raising funds to help other less fortunate Vilmanians and also others who may not be a fan of Vilma but who are also in need… we are very much active in making sure all Vilmanians are updated with the latest about Ate Vi… we also have other means of communicating creatively… we are more proactive when it comes to organizing events…which means most of the time we seek opinions of our leaders and also Ate Vi…”
Participant B: “Naku marami po…kakatapos lang po naming magfundraising with our Nora Aunor book… tapos po patuloy pong dumarami ang mga organization ng mga Noranians sa buong mundo po… Patuloy pong sumusubaybay ang mga Noranians sa Amerika para po masuportahan namin si Ate Guy sa Amerika…”

What are the project(s) you wish your fan club will do in the future?
Participant A: “We wanted to register our organization to have a foundation status so we can have more fundraising events…we like to eventually have a Vilma Santos Museum like Dolly Partons’ Dollywood or Elvis’ Graceland museum… we like to have a complete collection of all Vilma Santos films for preservation…”
Participant B: “Naku marami po… sana po magkaroon ng headquarter office po ang mga Noranians…tapos po magkaroon po sana ng concert si Ate Guy na talagang para sa mga Noranians na maliit lang po ang venue pero merong malaking orkestra parang katulad ng ginawa ni Lea Salonga… sana po magkaroon ng isang malaking lugar para ma-exhibit ang mga pelikula ni Ate Guy, parang The Nora Aunor Film Festival at ipapalabas rito ang mga pelikula niyang magaganda katulad ng Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, Minsay Isang Gamu-gamo, Atsay, Himala, Merika, Bona at marami pa pong iba…”

Is there any chance that Vilmanians and Noranians will get along?
Participant A: “Funny you mentioned that because I have some friends who are Noranians and yes we can get along… I guess were all getting old and we mellowed down… we all respect each other… well, some of us do…”
Participant B: “Puede rin naman kaya lang masyadong pong magsalita ang mga Velmaniacs kung minsan talagang nakaka-irita po…”

If you will speak to a Noranian/Vilmanian what would you say to them?
Participant A:
“I’ll say that we should respect each other and we should stop arguing and move on with our lives…”
Participant B: “Sasabihin ko po na tigilan na po nila ang pang-aapi kay Ate Guy at tanggapin po nila na si Ate Guy pa rin ang numero uno at Superstar…”

Both Sister Elsa and Dr Servios took the podium after the clips and started explaining the result from the independent survey.

Here are the result:
  • Basic Demographic – Noranians and Vilmanians are now in their early 40s. Mostly in stable financial position and career.
  • Longevity and Loyalty – Vilmanians have an edge with longevity while Noranians have an edge with loyalty.
  • Activities and Future endeavours – Both have been very proactive with the future.

Common Traits:
  • Vilmanians: Open-minded, kind, humble, creative, spiritual, action oriented, intellectual, practical, sexy, liberal, contemporary, balance.
  • Noranians: Opinionated, Strong-willed, vocal, militant, fighter, detail oriented, creative, conservative, religious, ritualist, traditional, caring.

This result doesn’t cound their true devotion and love for their idol. It just showed the characters and few differences between two set of fans, the Phillippines have for decades now. Dr. Servios a closeted Nora Aunor fan and Sister Elsa now a vocal Vilma Santos admirer ended the conference with a hug and a speech encouraging both camps to reconcile, respect each other and accept the fact that both can co-exist. The End. - RV, Aug 28, 2005


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