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Remembering Aruray

Aruray ni Dolphy - "...Aruray pala ang binansag ni Mang Dolphy kay Pokwang. Ito ay ikinuwento ni Pokwang sa preskon ng The Healing kung saan si Governor Vilma Santos ang bida. Aru kung tawagin ni Mang Dolphy si Pokwang. Sino nga ba si Aruray? Siya po ang komedyante noong araw na matagal na ring namayapa. Kahawig nga ni Pokwang si Aruray pero siyempre mas maganda si Pokwang, in all fairness. Bumunghalit ng tawa si Governor Vi nang marinig ang kuwento ni Pokwang na binansagan siyang Aru ni Mang Dolphy. Hindi naman makapag-react si Kim Chiu dahil hindi niya kilala si Aruray. Hindi pa yata siya ipinanganak nang mamatay si Aruray..." - Joe Barrameda (READ MORE)

"...In 1998 while she was working in Abu Dhabi, Pokwang received the sad news that her son died of a congenital brain ailment. “Of course, I felt guilty na wala man lang ako sa tabi ng anak ko nang kailangang-kailangan niya ako,” admitted Pokwang, the wacky comedienne (suspected to be the “reincarnation” of Aruray) who in real life is a serious mother. She changed moods from sadly reflective to hilariously comedic. “Shin was made in the Philippines, pero assembled by a Japanese. I met his father here before I went to Japan. Magulo ang relasyon namin. Away kami nang away, nagbabatuhan kami ng kung anu-ano, nagsasakitan kami talaga, that’s why the baby inside me was badly affected. Kawawa naman siya. When the baby was born, kami ng ama niya nagbabatuhan kami ng crib.” Ria Mae was also sired by a Japanese whom Pokwang met in Japan where she worked as a dancer. “I never lived with my children’s fathers,” Pokwang said. “Nabuntis lang nila ako..." - Ricardo F. Lo (READ MORE)

Sa Kabukiran - "...I did several shows before I was given my first regular show on ABS-CBN in 1961, Sa Kabukiran, produced by Atty. Narciso Pimentel," Luz continues. "It was one of the top 10 shows in the ratings during the ’60s. It was a musical comedy where I was paired with Luis Gonzales and we had Bentot, Cachupoy and Aruray with us. We were dressed in Filipiniana costumes singing Tagalog songs, doing comedy skits, and dancing local folk dances. It ran for 12 years until martial law was declared and ABS-CBN was closed, so we moved to GMA 7, which was allowed to continue airing. The show became Basta Ikaw Mahal which ran for seven years. At the same time, I had a noontime show, Kuwentong Kutsero, also on GMA, that ran for four years. For a while, I also co-hosted another noontime variety show, Darigold Jamboree. I had the chance to work with the late Ading Fernando in the sitcom, Apartment 153-A, which ran for four years at ABS-CBN. I am really so blessed because I was never ran out of TV shows. For a while, I retired and went to the US. But then, I got another call from GMA 7, asking me to come back to play the role of Bong Revilla’s mother in the sitcom, Idol Ko Si Kap, which is now going on for three years and rating very well..." - Mario E. Bautista (READ MORE)

Pamosong Komedyante - "...Samantala sa entablado naman ng mga eskuwelahan at sa mga syudad, ipinalabas din ang dulang New Yorker in Tondo, isang komedya tungkol sa isang balikbayan na mas Amerikano pa kaysa Amerikano pero kayumanggi naman. Nauso rin sa radyo ang komedya tulad ng Sebya Mahal Kita na pinalabasan nina Sylvia Guerrero at Eddie San Jose. Ang iba pang pamosong mga komedyante ay sina Oscar Obligacion, Chichay at Aruray atbp...Sa larangan ng pelikula, si Ai-Ai pa rin ang bida sa mga komedya, na marahil ay namana ang kanyang pagiging komedyante sa mga "greats" tulad ni Chichay at Aruray na sumikat noong mga 50's at hanggang 60's. Bandang 70's o 80's ginawang katatawanan ang isang artista na sobra ang dunong daw..." - Wilhelmina S. Orozco (READ MORE)

Faux Ballet Dances - "...The field of comedy is basically dominated by men. To my surprise, however, I had difficulty paring down my list of best comediennes to just 10. Maybe woman empowerment encouraged female comic talents to shine starting in the ’80s and this continues to the present day. But who gets on the list? Below is the first installment...Thin like a stick, I don’t know where she got all that energy performing on stage (I never got to see that though), on TV and in the movies. But her faux ballet dances (she had classical ballet training if I’m not mistaken) were very funny. Always cast as the impertinent atsay (she was supposed to have played Virgin Mary in a Lenten play once though), my favorite among her films was when she played aspiring movie star in Sampaguita Pictures’ mega production of The Big Broadcast. In the story, Aruray and Chichay are sisters and they have a stage mother in Patsy who believes her two daughters are the loveliest in the world and that they should be cast in a picture in lieu of Susan Roces and Amalia Fuentes. Although everyone turned in a hilarious performance, I liked Aruray best and I will always put her on my best comediennes list. Unfortunately, after she died in the early ’90s, who remembers Aruray now?..." - Butch Francisco (READ MORE)

Aruray was a famous Filipina comedian of the Philippines. She made many movies produced by her home studio Sampaguita Pictures. Born in 1920, she is one of the most successful comedians of the 1950s and 1960s. She was once nominated as Best Supporting Actress in the movie Torkwata. - Wikipilipinas (READ MORE)

Aruray and Vilma Santos

Aruray and Vilma Santos' first movie together was King and Queen for A Day (which was also Vilma's first film with Dolphy and Chichay) in 1963. This was Vi's first year in show business and as a child star. She followed this up with Ging the following year. Then after almost six year, now a teen star, Vilma joined Aruray and another comedian, Dely Atay-atayan in Mga Batang Bangketa. After this film, the two did three films as guest star.  There is no detail Information about Aruray's exact date and cause of death, only the year - 1988.

Candy (1980) - "...Sheryl Cruz has appeared with Vilma before in Candy (Vilma in a cameo role) and Good Morning Sunshine (1980) directed by Ishmael Bernal. Mano Po 3 is their third film together..." - The 28th (READ MORE)

Mga Mata ni Angelita (1978) - "...Julie Vega was only 10 years old when she was launched to full stardom in the 1978 movie, “Mga mata ni Angelita.” She appeared in previous movie outings as Darling Postigo. The young Vega was ably supported by an all super star cast headed by the King of Philippine Movies, Fernando Poe, Jr. (in the role of Conrado, the ex-convict) and Comedy King Dolphy (as Tacio, the taho vendor). Also appearing in cameo roles were Joseph Estrada (as himself as Mayor); Nora Aunor (a metro-aide sweeper); Vilma Santos ( as a worried wife); Ramon Revilla (as barrio captain); Alma Moreno (as a jealous sweetheart); Christopher de Leon (as the lover) and many more..." - Simon Santos (READ MORE)

Big Ike's Happening (1976) - "...Enrique “Big Ike” Lozada (August 13, 1940-March 8, 1995) was a Filipino comedian, actor and TV host. He was born on August 13, 1940 in Iloilo City. He started acting at the age of 11 on the movie Mga Bituin ng Kinabukasan with the younger Susan Roces. He died on March 10, 1995 in Manila, of heart attack. He was 54. His had lain at Manila Memorial Park in ParaƱaque City..." - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Mga Batang Bangketa (1970) - "...By late 1969, movie producers had been tapping a Vilma Santos-Edgar Mortiz love team. Edgar was a Tawag ng Tanghalan winner. They started to be together in the movies, My Darling Eddie (1969) and The Jukebox King (1969)…In 1970, the love team of Vilma Santos and Edgar “Bobot” Mortiz was officially launched in the movie Young Love, together with the another popular love team during that time, Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III. The Vi and Bot love team went on to do 14 more movies in 1970—The Young Idols, Songs and Lovers, Sweethearts, Sixteen, Love Letters, Love is for the Two of Us, Mga Batang Bangketa, My Pledge of Love, Renee Rose, Baby Vi, Because You Are Mine, Edgar Loves Vilma, From the Bottom of My Heart, and I Love You Honey. All did well at the box-office..." - Rommel R. Llanes (READ MORE)

Ging (1964) - "...Listang-lista at ang husay ni Vilma rito. Naroong kumanta siya (the voice over seemed like her singing voice), sumayaw at nagdrama. Luma si Madonna doon sa isang parang La Isla Bonita number niya. One memorable scene was when she was singing her signature song to the audience of her longing to see her mother and her father – the camera captures her pain and agony and the deep wound she suffers from her abusers – a poignant scene, complete with tears and and a well-internalized acting..." - Mario Garces (READ MORE)

King and Queen For A Day (1963) - "...Batangas Governor Vilma Santos, who’s now identified with ABS-CBN, told the Inquirer: “The whole country is saddened by the news. He was simple but someone with a big heart for Filipinos. He entertained us for over 60 years.” The actress-politician recalled that she first shared the screen with Dolphy when she was a child star. “I worked with him and the late comedians Panchito and Chichay when I was 11 years old in the Sampaguita movie ‘King and Queen for a Day.’ That was 1963..." - Bayani San Diego Jr (READ MORE)


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