Monday, December 9, 2013

Filmography: Payaso (1986)

Basic Information: Directed: Celso Ad. Castillo; Story & Screenplay: Celso Ad. Castillo; Cast: German Moreno (Payaso); Gene Palomo, Monique Castillo, Strawberry, Cris Castillo, Bong Agustin, Jograd de la Torre, Mon Alvir, Gary Lising, Julie Ann Juco, Troy Castillo, Dino Castillo, Darling Sumayao, Ruthie Ann Talplacido, Marife Montilla, Divine Grace Gallardo, Jaycee Castillo, Dave Bronson Tolentino, Myra Rigs Rinion, Wynette Bernardo, Arrizon Matienzo, Dania De Jesus; Guest Roles: (listed alphabetically): Jestoni Alarcon, Jojo Alejar, Nora Aunor, Inday Badiday, Ramon Christopher, Sheryl Cruz, Ricky Davao, Janice de Belen, Pops Fernandez, Rudy Fernandez, Eddie Garcia, Janno Gibbs, Eddie Gutierrez, Michael Locsin, Ike Lozada, William Martinez, Jovit Moya, Arlene Muhlach, Martin Nievera, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Kristina Paner, Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr., Manilyn Reynes, Ronnie Ricketts, Susan Roces, Miguel Rodriguez, Gloria Romero, Vilma Santos, Snooky Serna, Maricel Soriano, Mely Tagasa, Gary Valenciano, Helen Vela, Ronel Victor, Ivy Violan; Original Music: Vehnee Saturno; Cinematography: Romeo Vitug; Film Editing: Abelardo Hulleza; Production Design: Rod Feleo; Sound: Gaudencio Barredo; Visual Effects: Bobbit Pascual, Boy Quilatan; Stunts: Rod Francisco (IMDB)

Plot Description: "...St. Peter inadvertently lost his heavenly keys that the Almighty sends his jester (German Moreno) on planet earth of all places to search for the misplaced keys. Wandering the streets, the petulant clown is greatly grieved by poverty and the moral degradation of man. Worse, the melancholy clown meets his adversary the red devil armed with supernatural powers. Vulnerable and dejected, the harlequin loses his faith and begrudges his master for flaunting his ministration and faithfulness. He demands to see his master and even dares Him to make his presence felt..." - TFC Now (READ MORE)

Film Accomplishments: 1986 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Cinematography - Romeo Vitug; All-Star Cast

Film Reviews: "...The 1986 Metro Manila Film Festival was considered the worst in the 12-year history of the annual 10-day festival of local films, but it set a precedent; it did not give out the traditional first and second best picture awards. Only a third best picture was cited...Romy Vitug won the best cinematography award for Celso Ad Castillo's Payaso...No awards were given in two other categories, best story and best screenplay. According to Tingting Cojuangco, one of the jurors, the board decided that not one of this year's seven official entries deserved these awards. The unprecedented move, according to another juror, Nick Deocampo, was arrived at after a heated discussion. An insider said it was spearheaded by Deocampo and another juror, Justino Dormiendo of the Manunuri. In a prepared statement read by Cojuangco during the ceremonies, the board of jurrors announced: "We, the members of the Board of Jurors of the 1986 Metro Manila Film Festival, would like to express our concern over the current state of the Philippine movie industry as reflected in the entries to this year's MMFF. It added that the entries "failed to reinforce and inculcate positive Filipino values by portraying negative stereotypes, imitating foreign films and perpetuating commercially-oriented movies. "It is in this light that we, therefore, appeal to the Filipino filmmakers to explore other directions of this powerful medium to entertain, enlighten, educate and become a potent force in social change," the jurors said..." - J C Nigado (READ MORE)


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