Sunday, February 24, 2013


Basic Information: Story and Direction Maning Songco; Cast: Vilma Santos, Walter Navarro and Ike Lozada, Lillian Laing, Ricky Valencia, Lirio Vital, Kiti-Kiti, Rene Ordonez, Eddie Mercado, Roger Mariscal; Cinematography Felizardo Bailen; Music Wilears; Production Company: Mirick Productions, Inc.; Release Date: July 16, 1972; Film poster: Video48

Plot Description: No Available Data

Film Achievement: Film title, "Sweet Sweet Vilma" is also one of Vilma Santos' album.

Film Reviews: "...Besides teaming up with Edgar Mortiz during her teen years, Vilma Santos also starred and appeared in many movies opposite other leading men..." - Simon Santos (READ MORE)

"...Walter Navarro---fans called him "Pogi" and rightly so. In the 1970s, Walter was known as the most handsome face in the movie industry. Well mannered, tall, slim and mestizo, he embodied the "Prince Charming" of every Filipina girl..." - Wikepedia (READ MORE)

"...Film artist Walter Navarro (Vicor) will have his first LP, “King of Balladeer,” this month. He is a contract star of Lea Productions and principal mainstay of the El Bodegon Club. Navarro is doing a film musical with Vilma Santos (Wilear’s) with Mirick Productions..." - Oskar Salazar (READ MORE)

"...I was fortunate to do a hit movie with Vilma Santos, “Sweet Sweet Love.” I played her cousin in the movie, with Walter Navarro as her leading man. Vilma was a people person, always smiling. Later, I remember, I bumped into her in a studio, at the time she was making “Darna.” She was in costume. She was so sweet; she said hello..." - Ruben V. Nepales, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 8 August 2013 (READ MORE)


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