Thursday, February 21, 2013


Basic Information: Direction: Fely Crisostomo and Amalia Muhalch; Cast: Amalia Fuentes, Vilma Santos, Eddie Gutierrez, Robert Arevalo, Rudy Fernandez and Eddie Garcia/ Also Starring Rez Cortez, Greg Lozano and Mar F. Cornes; Story: Rino Fernan Silverio; Screenplay: Toto Belano; Cinematography: Hermo U. Santos; Production Company: AM Productions; Release Date: February 26, 1976; Serialized in Bondying Weekly Movie Specials - Video48

Plot Description: A story of two women who lived and reigned as queen in their own world. Dureza (Vilma Santos) a poor lass who got married to a rich man, Don Mauricio (Eddie Garcia) whom she does not love, but just to give comfort to her family. Amanda (Amalia Fuentez) a popular actress, whom people look up to, but due to unavoidable circumstances killed her husband. Both women end up in jail to pay for what they have done. Also stars, Rober Arevalo, Rex Cortez, Greg Lozano. Directed by Amalia Fuentes and Fely Crisostomo for AM Productions. - Trigon Video Distributor

Film Achievement: Film directed by two females - movie queen Amalia Fuentez and veteran director Fely Crisostomo; Originally written by Rico Fernan Silverio for Bondying Movie Special comics (1974-1975) and illustrated by Hal Santiago.

Film Reviews: "...By mid decades, Vilma Santos’ career was gradully moving into dramas catering the adult audience and films with social-adult issues. She did the sequel “Hindi Nakakahiya” and “Nagaapoy na Damdamin” about the affair of a young woman with an older man and “Mga Rosas Sa Putikan” about the lives of prostitutes. Aside from these films, she also did four light comedies and two notable ones: “Mga Reynang Walang Trono” a comedy with movie queen Amalia Fuentez and “Bato Sa Buhangin,” the box office hit that reunited her with the late Fernando Poe Jr. Bernal on the other hand, cemented his reputation as one of the most serious director with critically appreciated hit films, “Ligaw Na Bulaklak” staring the young sexy star, Alma Moreno and the drama film that featured two dramatic stars, Daria Ramirez and Elizabeth Oropeza in “Nunal Sa Tubig.” He also directed a light comedy, “Tisoy,” Christopher De Leon in title role..." - RV (READ MORE)

"...To recall, the senior and junior movie queens appeared in these movies: Bulaklak at Paru-paro (1970), Mga Reynang Walang Trono(1976) and Asawa Ko, Huwag Mong Agawin (1986). Amalia directed Vilma’s episode in Mga Reyna and agreed to second billing to Vilma in Asawa Ko. No doubt about it, Amalia Muhlach Sumilang Fuentes, is a Vilmanian. To seal their sisterhood and camaraderie, Vilma is Ninang to Liezl Martinez and to the latter’s son Alfonso. Why, Liezl even sang a song ’’Wind Beneath My Wings’ to her surprised mother that night which drove the strong-willed and still beautiful Amalia to tears. A Kodak moment, indeed. Priceless! While interviewing the three Muhlach generations, Fuentes, Liezl and young daughter Aliyanna, Amalia revealed to Vilma that she is protective of her ’unica hija’ Liezl. ”Ay naku, I think I also have become like my Mom, I’m also very protective of my children,” Liezl remarks..." - Mario O. Garces (READ MORE)


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