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Collection of Brief Articles 2/3

Vilma is the first Filipino actress to be featured in Time Magazine - The Philippines: Let Them See Films. When politics became pretty much a one-man show in the Philippines, the people lost a prime source of entetainment. Part of the gap has been filled by a burgeoning home-grown film industry, which displayed nine of its new productions at the Manila Film Festival last month. Some 2 million moviegoers saw the films. Some of the movies were historical dramas pointing up the search for a Filipino identity during the long years of Spanish rule. But the most acclaimed were contemporary stories with a heavy populist touch. The festival’s smash hit was Burlesk Queen, starring Filipino Superstar Vilma Santos. It tells the syrupy tale of a poor girl who turns to burlesque dancing to support a crippled father. She falls in love with the son of a politician, elopes with him, and then tragically loses him back to his possessive mother. The treacle is supplemented with some gritty argument about the rights and wrongs of burlesque, with a lefthanded dig at censors. Huffs the burlesque impresario at one point: “Who are they to dictate what the people should see?” Time Magazine Feb. 13, 1978 Vol. 111 No. 7

Hibiscus Rosasinensis - Vilma Santos, acclaimed as moviedom's "Star for All Seasons," has been immortalized in "another world". It is the world of floriculture, or the art and science of growing and propagating flowers and other ornamentals. Not long ago, a hybrid gumamela (scientific name: Hibiscus Rosasinensis) was launched by the University of the Philippines-Institute of Plant Breeding (UPLB-IPB) in honor of the talented, multi-awarded actress. Named "Hibiscus rosasinensis:Star for All Seasons," the Vilma gumamela is the first in IPB's new batch of Hibiscus hybrids, the Celebrity Star series, to be named after veteran and accomplished Filipino actresses. A hybrid is the product of crossing of two plants with superior qualities. These superior qualities of both parents are passed on to the seed and results in a phenomenon called "hybrid vigor" or "heterosis." The Hibiscus hybrids in the celebrity star series were selected from the 3,000 progeny seedlings from the mass hybridization conducted in 1998, reported Dr. Candida Adalla, the first woman to become dean of the UPLB College of Agriculture since it was founded on the foothills of legendary Mt. Makiling in 1909. Dr. Adalla and noted plant breeder, Reynold Pimentel presented Hibiscus rosasinensis;Star for All Seasons plant to Mayor Vilma Santos during the Lipa City (Batangas) 56th Foundation Day celebration last Aug. 25. The actress-mayor was ecstatic in thanking UP Los Banos for giving her that honor and privilege. In her extemporaneous speech, the petite actress-politician, in jest, cited the plant's "semi-dwarf" character, saying that she would be eternally grateful for UPLB's gesture of naming a gumamela hybrid after her.

Charito Solis: “Vilma is a better actress than Nora” - OOPS! Keep your cool, dear Noranians, and listen to Charito Solis’ explanation before you accuse her of being, uh, “maka-Vilma.” “Vilma has a wider range as an actress while Nora is limited and typecast in certain roles,” Charito said in a tone devoid of intrigue, answering our question in a straightforward, matter-of-fact manner. “Si Vilma, puede kahit anong role, kahit bold. You can’t imagine Nora doing a bold role, can you?” But, and that’s the big but, “Nora has more depth than Vilma,” Charito added, “and it’s because of her expressive eyes. Nora is very effective in scenes where she doesn’t say anything, just act with her eyes, at ‘yan ang kulang ni Vilma. Vilma has to say something to be effective.” Charito has worked with Vilma twice (in “Mga Tigre ng SierraCruz” and “Modelong Tanso”) and with Nora once (“Minsan May Isang Ina”). Speaking in general now, said Charito, “Vilma is the better actress.” We asked Charito that ticklish question during the lunch presscon for her latest movie, the star-studded Mother’s Day offering of Regal Films titled “Dear Mama”, which also stars Gloria Romero, Laurice Guillen, Snooky, Janice de Belen, Julie Vega, Manilyn Reynes, Jaypee de Guzman, Rey “PJ” Abellana and Alicia Alonzo in the title role. Our own personal opinion somehow jibes with that of Charito whose “throne”, I suppose, will be inherited by Vilma (while Nora will inherit the “throne” of the other drama queen, Lolita Rodriguez). Written by Ricardo F. Lo, The Phil. Star, April 03, 1984

Vilma Santos ranked 86th in BizNewsAsia Magazines’ 100 Most Powerful Filipinos - Education: Crash course on local governance, primary health care, human resource development and fiscal administration, UP. The Star for all season has proved cynics wrong that movie people have little between their ears, aside from a beautiful face or a handsome profile. As mayor of burgeoning Lipa, she has been chosen “most outstanding city mayor” in 2000 by the Civil Service Commission. Her popularity helped her husband Ralph Recto win a senate seat in 2001, and she can easily win a senate seat for herself if she gets tired of running Lipa city. The mayor with an ageless face received the Ten Young Achievers award in 1992. - BizNewsAsia Magazine, June 2004

Vi - Vilmanians, diehard fans of Vilma Santos, 45, the renowned actress-politician and the longest-reigning box-office queen in the Philippines. Last year, hundreds of screaming Vilmanians jammed the Quezon City tax office as Santos showed up to pay delinquent taxes. Many of them had come to seek her authograph. Santos, whose full name is Rosa Vilma Tuazon Santos-Recto, began her career as an award-winning child actress and singer in 1963. In 1992, she married Ralph Gonzalez Recto, scion of a famous political clan in Batangas province, just south of Manila. Recto, then only 28, parlayed his wife’s name to win a congressional seat in Batangas. He ran as “Mr. Vilma Santos.” Last year, Santos herself contested and won the elections for mayor of Lipa City in Batangas. She has denied accusations that her family is trying to build a political dynasty. People vote for the Recto clan, she said in a television interview before the elections, because “they had done a good job in the province.” Vilmanians would unhesitatingly agree. - June 25, 1999 Asiaweek

A real Roman holiday - When Sen. Ralph Recto went to Rome for the first time a few years ago, he threw a coin in the fountain (Fontana D Trevi) believing that, according to tradition, if you do so your wish will be granted. You know, the song: Three coins in the fountain, which one will the fountain bless? Thrown by three hopeful lovers, each one seeking happiness… Ralph threw only one coin and his wish to be back in the Holy City was granted. Last March 24, Ralph was back in Rome, not alone but with his wife, Lipa City Mayor Vilma Santos, and their son Ryan Christian, along with Vilma’s sister Emelyn, Vilma’s brother Sonny Boy, Ryan’s yaya Fely and Vilma’s Girl Friday/accountant Aida Fandialan. They were there purposely as guest in the ordination of Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales, formerly Archbishop of Lipa and now Archbishop of Manila. It was one event the Rectos will remember for a long, long time. The formal invitation to the ordination read: Prefettura Della Casa Pontificia Consistoro Ordinario Publico tenulo dal Santo Padre Benedetto XVI per la creazione di 15 nuovi Cardinali Venerdi 24 Marzo 2006 piaza San Pietro – ore 10,30. The footnote in the card read: L’ingresso sara consentito Dalle ore 8,30. Cardinal Rosales was No. 5 on the list of 15 new cardinals who were given the red hat. The day before the ordination, the entourage went around as if they were wearing a halo all because they saw Pope Benedict XVI in person. Because they were with the foreign dignitaries, Vilma, Ralph and Ryan got close to The Pope, together with First Daughter Luli Arroyo, Cristina Ponce Enrile, Bea Zobel and the family of Cardinal Rosales. Because Ralph knew his way around, he acted as the entourage’s tour guide, even as the photographer (along with Sonny Boy). When they visited the Fontana D Trevi, Ryan threw plenty of coins because, he said, he wanted to be back in Rome as many times as possible. The rest of the group did the same. On March 29, Ryan turned 10. To mark his birthday, Papa Ralph gifted his boy with 11 toys, the extra toy as “bonus” for the celebrator’s having gotten good grades at La Salle where he made it to the Top 5. Bright boy! Ryan also got a few medals last year during the oratorical contest. By this time, the entourage should be in Los Angeles to be with other members of the Santos family (including Winnie Santos). On weekend, the birthday celebration continued for Ryan who was brought to Disneyland for yet another visit. From April 13 to 17, they will go on a Royal Caribbean tour, with Mexico as kick-off point. They will be back in time for the birthday on April 21 of Vilma’s son Luis who must be hitting his head on the wall for begging off from the trip. It was, indeed, a real Roman holiday. Asked by Funfare during a brief phone chat if she wanted to go back to Rome, Vilma said, “Yes, of course. By all means!” Thank God, she threw not just one but a handful of coins to the Fontana D Trevi. Written By Ricardo F. Lo, The Philippine Star, 04/03/2006

Lifetime Achievement Award - At the opening last night of the 5th Makati Cinemanila International Film Festival at the Greenbelt Cinemas, Vilma Santos, best actress winner of seven URIAN awards, FAMAS Hall of Famer (five trophies), and various STAR and Film Academy of the Philippines awards, was given a Lifetime Achievement Award. Vilma Santos film career spans several decades starting with Trudis Liit at age nine for Sampaguita Pictures. She metamorphosed into a popular star in the 70s, rivaled only by the superstar, Ms. Nora Aunor, and went on to become a highly respected multi-awarded actress. Some of Vilma's memorable films include Relasyon, Broken Marriage, Ikaw ay Akin, Pahiram ng Isang Umaga, directed by Ishmael Bernal; Sister Stella L, directed by Mike de Leon; Rubia Serbios, directed by Lino Brocka; Ipagpatawad Mo, directed by Laurice Guillen; Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak, directed by Celso Ad Castillo who also megged her milestone film Burlesk Queen; Bata Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa; and Dekada 70, directed by Chito Rono which will be reshown at the Cinemanila filmfest. Ms. Santos has also appeared in films by Eddie Garcia, Elwood Perez, Emmanuel Borlaza, Rory Quintos, and Marilou Diaz Abaya. Ate Vi to her fans, she is also a popular television personality with one of the longest running musical variety shows, and a TV drama series to her name. Married to Senator Ralph Recto, she has two sons, and is on her second term as mayor of Lipa City, Batangas. She will be joined at the opening rites of Fil-Am actors from Hollywood Tia Carrere and Lou Diamond Phillips, and Indonesian actress Christine Hakim, the first Indonesian to sit on the jury of the Cannes Film Festival. They will all be awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards. - Manila Bulletin (READ MORE)

From Billboard (Manila) - TV artist Mari-Len Martinez' single debut on Villar is "If You Could Read My Mind." her signing fee is one fo the highest here....Jean Young, another TV artist whose national breakout years ago was "Nikki Hoeki," also was signed by Villar. Formerly, she was recording artist of Jonal, now in the verge of closing up...The new male contractees of Villar are the Two of Us (Jojit Paredes and Ronnie Henares) and balladeer Jun Polistico. Single debut of the Two of Us is "Snow Queen of Texas" while Polistico's is "Theme from "Godfather." Alice Mendez, grand national champion of the institurional "Tawag ng Tanghalan" radio-TV amateur program, debuted in the release of a "A House is Not a Home" on Pioneer, a label of Vicor Music. The song was her winning piece last year...Vicor is preparing the album debut on Badjaoof TV host and columnist Justo C. Justo. The LP will be in the Visayas-Mindanao region of the Philippines. Film artist Walter Navarro (Vicor) will have his first LP, "King of Balladeer," this month. He is a contract star of Lea Productions and principal mainstay of the El Bodegon Club. Navarro is doing a film musical with Vilma Santos (Wilear's) with Mirick Productions...the film musical "Winter Holiday," which stars Nora Aunor (Alpha) and Tirso Cruz III (Vicor) was second top grosser in the recently concluded Manila Film Festival. The team's movie musical "Guy and Pip" was the top grosser last year..."Remembrance," another film musical, was chosen "best musical" in the Manila Film Festival. The film stars Vilma Santos (Wilear') and Edgar Mortiz (Wilear's). The film also won in the categories of best film editing, best sound and best script...Vicor artist Victor Laurel will do a film with Lea Productions opposite Hilda Koronel. - Oskar Salazar, Billboard July 29 1972


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