Saturday, November 19, 2011

Discography: The Sensations (1971)

Side A
1. Good Morning Starshine (Vi)
2. Spinnig Wheel (Bot)
3. To Love Again (Vi&Bot)
4. A Love Unspoken
5. Anywhere I Wonder
6. I Wonder Why (Vi&Bot)

Side B
1. You Don’t Love Me Any More (D. Subido/ T. Soriano)
2. How I Wish I Were A Model (F. Lozano/O. Salazar)
3. Do Re Mi Fa Sol I Love You (Freddie Lozano)
4. Better Than All
5. Your Kisses Are Losing Their Sweetness (R Medina)
6. My First Kiss (Freddie Lozano)

Photos and Text courtesy of Nar Santander


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