Friday, December 18, 2015

Vilma Santos faces movie camera anew (Throwback Article)

"Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa" was a tough act to follow for Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos, but she delivers another powerful performance in Star Cinema's seventh anniversary presentation, "Anak."

Single parent - She plays a single parent in conflict with her three children who can't accept the reality that she has to sacrifice the family to work as a domestic helper in Hong Kong. When she comes home 10 years later, she finds her family in shambles.

Vilma's character here is completely different from Lea Bustamante in "Bata, Bata." She does not have a succession of lovers, and the movie concentrates more on the sacrifices of a mother who seeks a better future for her children. Specifically, the film focuses on Vilma's relationship with her daughter (Claudine Barretto).

Uncomfortable - This is the first time for Vilma to work with Rory Quintos and admits feeling uncomfortable for the first two weeks of shooting. "Parang there was no rapport between us dahil pinababayaan lang niya akong umarte. I decided to talk to her to break the ice and after that, okay na ang aming naging samahan."

Vilma gave some inputs on how a grieving mother feels. "I may not have a daughter in real life but I am a daughter and I know how my Mama felt during those years when I rebelled. I am also a mother of two boys, and that enables me to relate to the character of Josie."

What would be Vilma's greatest joy and biggest fear? - "Being a mother is my greatest joy. My fear would be the day they would marry at malalayo na sila sa piling ko. Luis never gives me a headache at hindi sila spoiled. I am a liberal mother but there are limitations. I won't meddle when they have their own lives. Nahawakan ako noon sa leeg ni Mama kaya ako natutong mag-rebelde."

Fitting finale - For authenticity, Star Cinema went on location for a week in Hong Kong to shoot with our OFWs there. All work and no rest is how Vilma describes their Hong Kong schedule. For a fitting finale, she was photographed in the company of 10,000 domestic helpers at Statue Square in a long crane shot.

Cherrie Pie Picache and Amy Austria co-star with Vilma as domestic helpers who became victims of cruelty. Vilma's role in "Anak" is predicted to be "pang-grand slam," but she says she never thinks about winning an award everytime she makes a movie.

Vilma's three screen children are played by Barretto, Baron Geisler and Sheila Mae Alvero. Vilma says she's impressed with Claudine's acting, particularly in their confrontation scene where she pours out all the hurt and resentment in her heart to her mother. - Remy M. Umerez, Inquirer, April 15,2000 (READ MORE)


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