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On Edu, Ralph, and Luis

It's been over five year since Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano have gone their separate ways and a little over years that Vilma had lived-in with current flame Ralph Recto, but still, Vi and Doods have remained the closest of friends. "It's better this way, no more constant bickering. May respeto pa rin naman kami sa isa't-isa, so all is well between us." says Ms. Santos. Edu was rumored to have had an affair and that triggered the break-up. "We really didn't know why and how we parted ways. We could not pinpoint the problem. It just happened. We gradually drifted apart and before we knew it, we were so far away from each other that any holding on proved to be futile," said Edu. "Hindi namin talaga alam kung ano ang nangyari, because had we known the root, we would not be apart from each other now." Vilma no longer makes as many movies as she did before. A lot of showbiz insiders said that the timing of Edu's marriage to Vi was all wrong. Vi was then making a lot more dough than her husband was and this fact contributed much to the strain in their relationship.

Vilma's romance with Ralph Recto started tongues wagging and a lot of speculations cropped up, especially so, since Edu, after the break-up had remained unattached for a long time. Talks circulated that Edu left Vilma because she was first to fall-out of the bonds of marriage. "Hindi totoo iyan," Vilma was quoted in an interview "nauna si Eduardo at alam niya iyon." But the past is past and Vilma can now look back with a smile on her lips. "Mas maganda ang relasyon namin ni Eduardo ngayon. We are friends. I know I can count on him kung mayroong malaking problema. We understand each other, kaya nga may ganitong arrangement." Vilma says she is happy now for Doods who has found his right girl. "Naiintindihan ko naman si Edu and I'm happy for him. If he thinks Maricel is right for him, I know Edu when he makes a decision, then, I am happy for them both. Wala naman akong hinangad kundi matagpuan na ni Doods ang babaeng para sa kanya. Ako naman, I'm very happy and contented with my personal life kaya I wish him all the best." Asked if she is against Edu having a child with another woman, Vi replied: "Bakit naman? We now lead separate lives at sa mga ganung sitwasyon, hindi na pinagtatalunan pa. I'm not against Edu having a child with any woman, basta ba alam kong nagmamahalan sila and having a baby will make their happiness complete, bakit naman ako magagalit? Siguro naman, If I decide that I too would want to have a baby with the man I am living with, Doods will not make it difficult for me.

Hindi siya hahadlang dahil he also has my happiness at heart. Like I said before, mayroon na kaming arrangement and we're both contented with the ways things have turned out, so walang problema." Talks are spreading like wildfire that Vilma is about to move out of her Magallanes digs and that she has bought a house for her current hearthrob. "Unfair naman iyon. I wanted to buy this house for my family, kay Lucky. Just because Ralph is not visible in the movie scene, eh pagiisipan na siya ng hindi maganda. I intend to keep this phase of my life private and hindi naman siya showbiz personality so why can't we spare him from the intrigues? Iba naman ang mundo niya." Vilma has other plans aside from just staying as an actress all her life. "I plan to go into production and television, ibabalik ko rin ang VS Films. I have plans pero hindi pa naka-set. There are so many factors to consider at hindi bigla-bigla ang ganitong desisyon. Sabi nga ng marami, I'm not getting any younger daw and many people would like to see me retire from film making. Sabi ko nga, as long as there are people who still watch me on the screen, as long as there are fans supportive of my career, nandito pa rin ako. When that time comes na aalis ako sa showbiz, hindi naman totally na mawawala ako. Siguro, behind the cameras na lang ako. Directing maybe. Producing, why not? But that wuold still be a long time. I'm enjoying my profession and no one can stop me from enjoying what I want most." Not even having a baby? "I know I'm not getting any younger and I'd like to have another baby after Lucky. Sino ang makapagsasabi, maybe this year, bakit nama hindi?" - Lulubelle Lam, Manila Standard, Mar 29, 1989 (READ MORE)

Luis knows his limitations - "...Lipa City Mayor Vilma Santos-Recto denies reports that she is having problems with her 17-year-old son Luis, the boy TV fans remember as Lucky, who is the offspring of Vilma and her first husband, actor Edu Manzano, now Vice Mayor of Makati City. Luis, who is a high school student at the San Agustin College in Makati, lives with Edu in the Vice Mayor's Ecology Village residence during weekdays while Vilma stays in Lipa City attending to her constituents. On weekends, both Vilma and Lucky move to her Green Meadows residence where the actress- politician relaxes and plays Mom before going back to Lipa on Monday. Luis was reported to be so in love with his Filipino-American girl friend Nicole that he is allegedly neglecting his studies. Vilma, who is married to Batangas Congressman Ralph Recto, reacted sharply to these reports. "Luis knows his limitations," Vilma is quoted by Malaya's Ethel Ramos. "While Edu and I do not stop him from falling in love, for that is but natural among boys his age, we keep reminding him that he is too young to get involved seriously. Edu an I want him to finish his studies first before he becomes involved seriously with any girl..." - Sol Jose Vanzi, Oct. 21, 1998 (READ MORE)

Family is First Priority - "...A prominent resident of Lipa has told Manila Standard columnist Isah Red that his city's mayor, actress Vilma Santos, spends only three days of each week in Lipa, and the rest of the week in her Metro Manila residence. "For the past weeks, she's been working only for three days a week: Monday to Wednesday," Isah quotes his source. The writer adds that "the multi-awarded actress might have been overwhelmed by the scope of her duties as a local government official, plus the numerous problems in the city that need to be addressed." Vilma had told everyone from the very beginning that she's going to divide her time between her family and her duties and obligations to Lipa City as mayor. Her supporters claim that even when she's not in Lipa, she is in constant touch with her Lipa-based staff, monitoring activities from wherever she happens to be. But Isah's source says that is not enough. "She has to make herself visible to her constituents. Nothing is decided upon (at the City Mayor's office) after Wednesday. People who want to do business in the city have to wait until the following Monday to get things done, especially those whose documents need the approval or signature of the mayor," he complained. Vilma claims that "It's already a sacrifice for me to be away from my kids for three days." The actress tries to make up by staying in the mayor's office beyond the regular office hours. "Now I also need to be with my children and my husband for the weekend," Mayor Vilma Santos- Recto said. Her husband, Batangas Congressman Ralph Recto, holds office in Metro Manila because he reports for work at the Batasang Pambansa complex which houses the House of Representatives..." - Sol Jose Vanzi, Nov. 21, 1998 (READ MORE)

Luis Manzano is a better actor than dad Edu Manzano - "...Yung movie na ginawa naman namin ni Eduardo (Edu) eh romance. Bagong kasal lang kami noon, hindi ko pa siya nakita at naka-eksena talaga na really heavy. That time nung [kasama] kami nina Dina (Bonnevie) sa Palimos ng Pag-ibig, mas nataon si Eduardo sa action eh so hindi ko talaga na-pick up ‘yung dramang-drama na acting [sa kanya]. But dito kasi, first time with my son meron siyang moment dito na isang eksena na nadala ako bilang nanay. But kung sino ang mas magaling, magaling naman si Eduardo, pero mas magaling si Lucky (Luis)..." - Bernie Franco (READ MORE)

"...Ralph. “He is the most secure man I have known. I want to grow old with him.” Luis. “Who he is today, he worked hard for. I am proud of him.” Ryan Christian. “He is very passionate. One time he told me he wanted to get into politics and showbiz. And I told him, ‘It’s hard anak’ and he shot back ‘Bakit ikaw mommy?...” - Boy Abunda, The Philippine Star, July 31, 2009 (READ MORE)


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