Sunday, May 26, 2013


"Wala akong kamalay-malay na ang daratnan ko ruon ay isang halimaw na uhaw sa laman...ngayon ay dumating na ang pagkakataon para magkaharap kami ng taong dumurog ng aking puri... Ang rapist! Ang manyak! Ang hinahangan n'yo! Ang tinitingala n'yo! Ang iginagalang n'yo! Ang maginoong palsipikado! Si Eduardo Gomez!" - Mrs. Jones

Basic Information: Direction: Cirio H. Santiago; Story: Toto Belano; Screenplay: Ruben Rustia; Cast: Vilma Santos, Al Tantay, Marck Gil, Anna Gonzales, Vic Silayan, Josephine Manuel, Anita Linda, Ruben Rustia, Richard Romualdez, Tintoy, Rodolfo Boy Garcia, Don Pepot, Ruben Tizon, Pons De Guzman, Angie Salinas, Lito Calzado, Luis Benedicto, Marie Gonzales, Marites Cayado, Rita Bernales, Edna Valeriano, Sonny De Guzman, Monching Acuesta, Johnny Rito, Cesar Villa, Eddie Samorit, Nestor Brillantes, Nene Varga, Erwin Gasas, Manuel Horromeo; Asst. Director: Ruben Rustia; Soundman: Vic Salonga; Recordist: Pedro Nicolas; Asst Cameraman: Rene Pacheco; Asst Film Editor: Jess Aning, Totoy Vinarao, Ben Tala; Setting Director: Pepe Cruz; Sound Effects: Boy Calayog; Make-up Artist: Edna Valeriano; Vilma's Make-up Artist: Dading Ravella; Stills: Olympio Geronimo; Sound Mixer: Juanito Perinion; Production Numbers: Lito Calzado & Associates; Cinematography: Sonny De Guzman; Vilma's Costumes: Eddie Valeriano's Hair and Dress Shop; Sound: Willie De Santos; Editing: Rene Tala; Music: A.S. Verdin; Color Processing: LVN Color Laboratory; Title Art: Cinema Artists; Post Production: Premiere Studio; Sales Manager: Tony L. Caringal; Publicity and Promotion: Billy Balbastro, Rod Samson, Lolita Solis; Production Manager: Bebot R. Perez; Film Administration: Mrs. Leticia M. Santiago; Executive Producer: Hermogenes P. Santiago; Production Company: HPS Film Production

Plot Description: No Available Data

Film Achievement: No Available Data

Film Reviews: "...Cirio H. Santiago had grown up in the studio owned by his parents and in 1957, aged only 21, had enough business acumen to forsee the grim future for the Big Three studios. Of particular interest to Santiago were the opportunities to be made in the lucrative and ever-expanding American drive-in circuit. With dreams of taking his films to the world's screens, and with the American drive-in circuit firmly in his sights, Santiago took a huge financial risk for Premiere: along with Eddie Romero, he set up the Philippines' first production, The Day Of The Trumpet (1957), for the international market. Santiago himself continued to pursue a career in the international whilst keeping Premiere Productions afloat. By the early Seventies Premiere began seeking out co-production deals with countries including the United States; Premiere, one of the Big Three studios of the Fifties, was rapidly evolving to become primarily, though not exclusively, a production unit for international features and co-productions including those of Roger Corman. In Corman, Santiago found the perfect partner in crime, and would continue a working relationship and close friendship from their first meeting in 1970 until Cirio passed away in 2008..." - Andrew Leavold (READ MORE)

"Victor Payumo Silayan (popularly known as Vic Silayan) is a veteran movie-stage Filipino actor. He was born in Manila on January 31, 1929 and died on August 30, 1987 due to heart attack. His acting prowess has been higlighted in the movie, Kisapmata where he played a man who had an incestuous attraction to his daughter, traumatizing everyone around them. Silayan's sterling portrayals have earned him four awards..." - Wikipilipinas (READ MORE)


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