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International Film Festival Recognition 1/2

21st Festival Internationale Du Film Independant in Brussels, Belgium (Nov. 09-14, 1999)

1999 Brussels International Festival of Independent Films Best Actress – Vilma Santos; Best Director – Chito S. Roño - "...21st Festival Internationale Du Film Independant in Brussels, Belgium unanimously voted Ms. Santos as Best Actress for the movie "Bata, Bata... Paano ka Ginawa?". The movie also won the Best Director award for Mr. Chito Rono. Its just to bad that Ms. Santos was not able to attend the said festival. The Jurors were: Aung Ko (Myanmar), Jacqueline Pierriex (Belgium), Mel Tobias (Philippines), Larissa Delcourt (Belgium), Xie Fie (China), Steve Montal (USA). The festival director is Mr. Robert Malengreau...." - Eric Nadurata (READ MORE)

Brussels International Film Festival Best Actress - "...Here is a much-deserved birthday gift for Lipa City Mayor Vilma Santos: she has just won the Best Actress award at the just-concluded Brussels International Film Festival for her portrayal as a single mother in Star Cinema's Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa. The film’s director, Chito Roño, was named Best Director in the same event. “Bata, Bata” was Vilma's only movie for 1998. It was shown four months after she was elected Lipa City Mayor. Before it went to Brussels, Bata, Bata won for Vilma the Best Actress trophy at the Urian Awards, the Star Awards and the Film Academy Awards. She could have also won the FAMAS award, but as a member of the FAMAS Hall of Fame, Vilma is disqualified from competing in the FAMAS Best Actress category. The story was written by Lualhati Bautista, also the author of the controversial “Sutla,” starring Priscilla Almeda..." - Sol Jose Vanzi, Nov. 16, 1999 (READ MORE)

Bata, Bata…Paano Ka Ginawa? (Lea's Story) (1998): - "...This long narrative also became a film, where the Philippine actress Vilma Santos (who went on to become the first female governor of Batangas) took the role of the character Lea in 1998, together with Filipino actor Raymond Bagatsing. The transformation of the story from novel to film was under the direction of Chito S. Roño. After winning recognition by the Filipino Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Director) in the Philippines, Lea’s Story – the film version of Bata, Bata… Pa’no Ka Ginawa? – was shown in Manhattan in 2000 as a part of a “bi-monthly series of Asian and Asian American film screenings at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City..." - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

5th CineManila International Film Festival (Aug. 07-24, 2003)

"......Two Filipino films will have their world premiere in international film festival this year. Chito Rono's "Dekada '70" will be featured at the Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFf) this month, according to the filmmaker himself. Maryo J. de los Reyes' "Magnifico" will be showcased at the Montreal World Film Festival in August, according to production designer and line producer Tatus Aldana..."Dekada '70" is the story of a family caught in the middle of the tumultous Seventies. At the 26th Gawad Urian awards last May 17, it tied with Gil Portes' "Mga Munting Tinig" for best picture. It earlier won the best picture award, too, from the Star Awards. "Dekada '70" also won for Piolo Pascaula all the best supporting actor awards from the award-giving bodies. The grand slam put him in the same league as "Dekada" costar Vilma Santos, who swept all the best actress awards in 1982 for her performance in "Relasyon," and Sharon Cuneta, who achieved the same feat in 1996 for Madrasta..." - Marinel R. Cruz, Philippine Daily Inquirer, June 2, 2003 (READ MORE)

2003 CineManila International Film Festival Best Actress - "...Vilma Santos won the Best Actress award for her portrayal of the timid mother empowered by the death of her son in Chito Rono's period drama, "Dekada '70." She acknowledged the film's producer, Star Cinema, for continuously producing "non-traditional" films like "Dekada '70," and Lualhati Bautista, who wrote the screenplay..." - Marinel R. Cruz, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Aug 24 2003 (READ MORE)

2003 CineManila International Film Festival Life-time Achievement Award - "...With a screen career spanning five decades, Vilma outshines her peers. She has proven herself not only as a consummate actress but also more importantly, a role model and enduring inspiration. The Gawad Plaridel is just the latest in the string of lifetime achievement awards Vilma has received in the course of her stellar career. It was the Film Academy of the Philippines that first extended Vilma such great honor in the early 1990s followed by the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences later in the decade and then the Cinemanila International Film Festival a couple of years back..." - Nonoy L. Lauzon (READ MORE)

"...As an actress, I am also constrained to my fans, who have stood by me through the years," said Santos. "That's why I choose my movies very carefully. I make sure the movies I make have social relevance." Her best actress win for "Dekada '70" is her second international acting trophy. She was also the best actress at teh 1999 Brussels International Film Festival in Belgium, for "Bata Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa?" which Rono also directed. "I'm very thankful that people appreciate my work, even if I only make one movie a year, by honoring me with awards like this," Santos said of her triumph in the Cinemanila film fest. She said that a new movie, which is not as "heavy" as "Dekada '70" and "Bata, Bata," is now being planned for her..." - Marinel R. Cruz, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Aug 24 2003 (READ MORE)

2003 CineManila International Film Festival NETPAC Award for Best Asian Film - Chito S. Roño - "...Roño gave Vilma Santos her first international recognition winning the best actress in 1999 Brussels International Festival of Independent Films. At the same time, he was recognized as the festival’s Best Director both for Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa. The film also gave Vilma Santos her third grand slam winning all the best actress awards from several local award giving bodies. In 2003, Vilma received another international recognition, this time from Cinemanila International Film Festival winning the Best Actress for Dekada 70. The film was screen in the international film festival circuit and was the official entry of the Philippines in the 76th Academy Awards (OSCAR) for the best foreign language film category..." - RV (READ MORE)

Dekada 70 (2002) - "...Santos’ Amanda effortlessly and movingly chronicles the changed consciousness of the family and the country, with understatement her most reliable tool. Pic begins and ends with images of Santos at the forefront of a political demonstration, and nothing, from first image to last, for 128 minutes, is allowed to spontaneously or slyly deviate from the logic of her consciousness-raising..." - Ronnie Scheib, Variety Magazine (READ MORE)

13th Dhaka International Film Festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh (January 10-18, 2014)

13th Dhaka International Film Festival Best Actress - Vilma Santos "...The jury this year also failed to select the best film out of 23 entries of the main competition section of the 13th Dhaka International Film Festival that ended in the National Museum auditorium on Saturday. Like the previous edition held in 2012, the organisers remained satisfied giving awards in rest of the five categories of the Australasian competition. The jury composed of three foreigners and two Bangladeshis selected the Iranian filmmaker Parviz Shahbazi as the best director for his film Trapped. The Iranian actor Levon Hafevan and the Philippino actor Vilma Santos won the best actor and best actress awards for their performances in Parviz and Ekstra. Hiroyuki Tanaka won the best screenplay writer award for the Japanese film Miss Zombie while Geoffrey Simpson got the best cinematographer award for the Australian entry Satellite Boy..." - Ershad Kamol (READ MORE)

"...The unshakable optimism of a middle-aged extra is the warm heart driving “The Bit Player,” an appealing dramedy that pokes plenty of good-natured fun at TV soap operas. Anchored by a glowing central performance by Filipino screen queen Vilma Santos as the single mother who smiles her way through work-related indignities in order to pay for her daughter’s education, the pic reps a fine feather in the cap of veteran helmer Jeffrey Jeturian. Winner of the audience award for best film in its category at Cinemalaya and a hit in domestic release in August, this crowdpleaser launches on limited North American screens on Sept. 13...Constant chuckles and a fair supply of big belly laughs are the order of the day as Loida, Venus and a lovable collection of fellow nameless wannabees are herded like cattle by Josie, acid-tongued assistant director Vincent (Vincent de Jesus, hilarious) and the super-stressed-out director (Marlon Rivera) of “You Were Mine First.” As expected, much of the fun derives from scenes being shot for the wildly melodramatic “You Were Mine First.” To that end, Jeturian gets great value from guest appearances by a host of big-name local stars including hunky matinee idol Piolo Pascual as troubled groom-in-waiting Brando, Pilar Pilapil as severe matriarch Dona Esmerelda and a wonderfully over-the-top Cherie Gil as gun-toting super-bitch Dona Beatriz. For all the merriment on display, the screenplay never loses sight of the economic and emotional imperatives propelling Loida’s uncomplaining acceptance of her place at the bottom of the entertainment-industry food chain. It’s no surprise when Loida finally gets a chance to make a mark with big speaking role in “You Were Mine First,” but the manner in which this plays out is surprising and genuinely touching..." - Richard Kuipers, Variety Magazine, 11 Sep 2013 (READ MORE)

"...I am aware of the Filipino culture and their language which could be one of the reasons why I happened to be amused by Jeffrey Jeturian's "EKSTRA (The Bit Player)" when I caught it at the 6th Bengaluru Film Festival. But, that is not entirely the reason why the movie works big time! The prime reasons in that order would be...Vilma Santos, a sensational performer. She lives the character of an extra artiste in television soaps. Flawless, compelling and award-worthy, is her turn...To sum it up, Ekstra - The Bit Player is a poignant film which is certainly worth your time..." - Tusshar Sasi, Romancing Cinema, 27 Dec 2013 (READ MORE)

"...Ekstra, which means bit player is a tribute to the nameless characters in Philippines cinemas who are paid a measly sum per day, and less often than not, graduates with “supporting” roles. Dhaka’s is Vilma’s third international Best Actress award. She first won at the Brussels International Film Festival with ‘Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa?’, followed by her popular film, Dekada ’70 at the Manila-based CineManila International Film festival. This year’s DIFF is the 13th edition of the annual festival held at the National Museum Auditorium in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Six of the twenty awards (including Best Director and Best Actor) went to the entry from Iran. There was no Best Picture winner since, according to the jurors as quoted in the Dhaka Tribune story, “no film stood out...” - Ely's Planet, January 21, 2014 (READ MORE)



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