Friday, June 22, 2012

8 PMPC Star Awards for TV - Best Musical Variety Show

Musical Variety Genre - "...Vilma Santos long successful television career started with musical variety show, The Sensations with love team, Edgar Mortiz and other teen singing sensations like Perla Adea, Esperanza Fabon, Rommy Mallari and Eddie Perigrina. She followed this up, with a drama anthology in Dalambuhay ni Rosa Vilma. The mid to late 70s, Vilma ventured again into the musical variety genre with a string of shows like, Ayan Eh, Vilma Santos Special Engagements and Vilma In Person until settling down with her top rated long-running show, Vilma! Vilma! became one of the most successful TV show in Philippines television history. Armed with its lavish opening production number, it became the highest rated and advertisement haven from early to late 1990s. Vilma's decision to settled down with her marriage to Senator Ralph Recto and her pregnancy with her youngest son, Ryan Christian halted the success of Vilma! and eventually resulted to the shows ending..." - RV (READ MORE)

From Luzon to Mindanao, and even in the U.S. "...The Madonna Material Girl number, which would make Madonna proud. She sashays, gyrates and pirouettes ala Tina Turner for Vilma’s version of Private Dancer.? (“I’m your private dancer, a dancer for money, do what you want me to do?” Talbog ang Burlesk Queen! My most memorable Maribeth B. and Vilma Santos sexy number was when they showed their legs and swing those hips as the Swing Out Sisters belt out their number one hit Breakout… The “A Chorus Line” ensemble, “On Broadway” with Queen Vilma leading the group with a hat, gloves, a cane and a glossy costume. Who would ever forget her swing number with then sweetheart Ralph Recto? Or a dance number with the late Nida Blanca? Or a naughty, haughty dance number La Conga, sung by Gloria Stefan? And many, many more production numbers that were shot from Luzon to Mindanao, and even in the U.S., like The Raging Waters in California..." - Mar Garces, V Magazin, Volume1, Issue 2 2006 (READ MORE)

Vilma Santos’ PMPC Star for TV Recognition: 1987 - 88 - Best Musical Variety Show Host – Vilma Santos; 1988 -1992, 1994 - Best Musical Variety Show – Vilma! - RV (READ MORE)

Vilma! is a Friday Primetime musical variety show formerly aired by GMA Network from 1986 to 1995 hosted by Vilma Santos. Formerly known as Vilma In Person, Vilma! (also known as Vilma on Seven) was debuted on August 8, 1986, the pilot episode is shown from the Metropolitan Theater as a temporary studio where Vilma Santos and the VIP Dancers are performed there. Until 1987, the Friday Primetime musical variety show moved to Broadway Studios as a new location and it is shown on the first StereoVision format which features dance and love song performances. Vilma! was competed by two other variety shows Loveli-Ness and Dance-2-Nite of ABS-CBN (originally debuted in 1987) as rivals, but the variety show maintained its ratings. Vilma! received four nominations in the PMPC Star Awards for TV from 1988 to 1990, 1992 and 1994, as well as Best Female Musical Variety Show Host from 1987 to 1988, they also produced anniversary and birthday specials from 1987 to 1994 as well. After nine years, Vilma! produced the 479th and the last episode on September 29, 1995, brought many fans and supporters bade farewell to the Star for all seasons, and made as the longest-running Musical Variety Show. Truly, Vilma! was ended on September 29, 1995 and it was replaced by Bubble Gang. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)

PMPC Star Awards for TV is annual award giving body recognizing the outstanding programming produced by the several TV networks every year. It was founded by the association of the Philippine Movie Press Club in 1987. These are the award categories to be given away yearly. - Wikipedia (READ MORE)


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